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In Pursuit of JusticeThe World's Greatest Super-Heroes are about to face the deadliest alliance of super-villains the world has ever seen. It's the ultimate face-off of good vs. evil in a battle for the fate of the planet. And in order for the members of the fabled Justice League of America to have a chance of defeating their adversaries, they must make a radical change inIn Pursuit of JusticeThe World's Greatest Super-Heroes are about to face the deadliest alliance of super-villains the world has ever seen. It's the ultimate face-off of good vs. evil in a battle for the fate of the planet. And in order for the members of the fabled Justice League of America to have a chance of defeating their adversaries, they must make a radical change in their appearance. But will it be enough?DC's pantheon of heroes is reimagined by fan-favorite painter Alex Ross (THE WORLD'S GREATEST SUPER-HEROES, KINGDOM COME) and writer Jim Krueger (Earth X, Universe X), with pencil art by Doug Braithwaite (Paradise X) painted by Ross in this fantastic new hardcover collecting the final four issues of the best-selling maxiseries, plus expansive character bios, sketches, and more....

Title : Justice, Volume 3
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ISBN : 9781401214678
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 160 Pages
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Justice, Volume 3 Reviews

  • Sesana
    2019-06-06 21:51

    Well... It looks great. But the ending was choppy, rushed, convoluted, and forced by necessity to push a reset button on the whole thing to the point where it doesn't even matter if this is in continuity or not. Disappointing, but pretty.

  • Garrett
    2019-05-29 02:51

    An ok conclusion to an ok series

  • Scott
    2019-06-12 01:59

    This review is for the entire Justice Maxi-SeriesAs it went along I became aware that justice was nothing short of a big, stinky turd, which may be a bit crass, but seems the only phrase befitting it. What promised to be a superhero epic that examined true heroism and villainy continually became more and more predictable and disappointing. The writing was often times cheesy and/or muddy, leaving me scratching my head as to what was going on or laughing at the utter stupidity of what I did understand. Some of this was due to my lack of knowledge/interest in the DC characters. But I'm not a total Marvel snob. Batman is generally incredible. And identity crisis is on of the best things I've ever read. On top of that there are far too many characters and storylines leaving most to get short changed and ultimately leaving the reader with only the shallowest of plot and character development. This is just bad story telling. I shouldn't have to move from one panel to the next felling like I have somehow missed pages of information. Oh and while we are on the subject, can we please stop praising Alex Ross's overhyped, laughably bad artwork and call it what it is, the work of a hack who is making way too much money and wining far too many accolades for something any 3rd rate art student would be laughed at for doing. This is the kind of cruddy artwork that gives comics a bad name.Now after so much time bashing, I will say Doug Braithwaite penciling is pretty outstanding, even if it is covered up by Alex Ross. Chapter 4 was also very good and may have raised my hopes a little high for the rest of the series. And I will say, for all Alex Ross does wrong Solomon Grundy, Parasite, Scarecrow, and Bizarro are terrifying villains who look as cool as they do scary. But again they are underutilized or lost in the cluster-fracas of this nearly unreadable mess.

  • Justyn Rampa
    2019-05-20 21:56

    I don't really have much to add to this particular volume's review other than a re-iteration of some previous thoughts. Ultimately, the series as whole (this being the final volume) did not live up to the promise and potential of the first volume for me. It was a series set to explore villainy and heroism by asking some really interesting questions and presenting some challenging situations. I feel like we did not really explore the most unique aspect of this story nearly enough as the series became much closer to a re-hashing of two landmark Justice League stories, "Identity Crisis" and "Tower of Babel". Alex Ross wrote the intro notes to the final volume and I found it to be the least engaging of the three author notes. The series ended with what I felt to be a completely inappropriate monologue from Batman that sounds more akin to something Superman would say. The resolution to the conflict seemed cool but everything was so convoluted and poorly explained that I feel like the reader is presented with a bit of a struggle to really grasp everything that is going on. Also, Jim Krueger completely wasted Joker. I don't even understand why he was featured so prominently on the cover because he did absolutely nothing to further the plot.Ultimately, this series was a big disappointment with one bright spot of amazing pencil work by Doug Braithwaite!

  • Susan
    2019-06-12 05:02

    It's kind of clever the way the plan came together at the end, although I feel like this was more a series of cool moments than a unified story. I am going to have to single out Captain Marvel crushing Kryptonite in his fist so Superman doesn't have to be afraid of it ever again. That isn't going to work. It can still hurt him even if it's in little bitty pieces and now it's harder to clean up. Wisdom of Solomon my ass.

  • Octavi
    2019-05-21 00:35

    Maravilloso. Un buen guiĆ³n y el acojonante arte de Alex Ross.

  • Owais
    2019-05-21 21:58

    The only way to describe the conclusion to this story is to call it spectacular.

  • Joseph
    2019-06-08 21:58

    Now this was good and I think better than the past two volumes, especially the first one that I wasn't a huge fan. The story was good and the art was good. This brought the conclusion for the League going against their enemies and Brainic, who was the leader (don't tell that to Lex).

  • Luiz Santiago
    2019-06-05 03:44


  • B. Rule
    2019-05-17 23:50

    This was a disappointing end to the arc that started very strongly. As all stories like this must, this conclusion to the "Super Friends"-esque story centers largely on the big, all-hands-on-deck battle where the heroes right the wrongs and return things to the status quo. Unfortunately, that means tons of splash pages and big battle scenes, which are my least favorite parts of comics. Despite providing nice opportunities for the artists to strut their stuff, those parts are largely boring because they often devolve into celebrations of physical violence and flatten out the personality differences between characters that make reading these stories so fun. This book definitely suffers from those weaknesses. Further, it loses a lot of the humor and winking references that made the first two volumes so entertaining. The bombast is dialed way up here, but the humor, heart, and sense are drowned out. I still don't really understand how the big plan worked, other than that Green Lantern apparently has an annulus ex machina that can somehow hit the reset button on all of the villains' machinations. Oh, and that kryptonite loses its efficacy if crushed into powder, I guess? Honestly, I don't know. This book made a hash of a lot of things and I lost interest in places. The end hints at some sort of higher-order resolution to the eternal return of comic book life, but it lacked punch and felt off using Batman as the mouthpiece. This was a big let-down as the earlier volumes were fantastic.

  • Gavin
    2019-06-04 20:33

    As with many trilogies, the third volume brought me the most enjoyment. Once they've all figured out what is going on, the JLA (the gigantic full roster) kicks into action with a plan from, who else, Batman. The art is again phenomenal, and the story is great too, featuring heroic actions from even those who don't get that much mainstream attention, and a masterplan from the evil forces (led by Brainiac and Luthor, but even they aren't quite getting along...) that keeps us guessing and on heels until the conclusion, and it even appears that the JLA might not win this battle...again, splendid artwork, as in, I would buy some of this and hang it in my home. Also, the fact that this exists outside of continuity gives some freedom to range with the story. Other pluses: Aquaman doesn't have to be the butt of the jokes, and the Joker puts a wild card into the whole thing...Strongly recommended.

  • Blair Conrad
    2019-05-26 01:50

    I've no interest in writing blurbs about each of the three books in the series, so this'll have to do for the bunch.Not bad. The art (which people tend to rave about) was pretty, although I noticed that some characters looked exactly the same, except for the colour of their costumes (Superman and Captain Marvel come to mind). Of course, maybe that's intentional, but when you're "shooting" someone from the face up, it doesn't help the reader very much.The premise was very interesting, and formed a good base for the arc. Not being familiar with most of the DC villains, I was sometimes a little confused, so I can't really comment on the execution.Ultimately, nothing particularly deep here, and I feel like the whole thing was written like a Simpson's episode - everything will be back to normal next week. Still, it was a good time-filler.

  • Trashy Dreams
    2019-06-12 00:54

    not a DC fan but this series was pretty good. all the villians wake up one day from a dream where the super-heroes aren't able to save the world---everyone dies. the villians, with brainiac and lex luthor in charge i guess, all ban together to create a new world(s)and new sings of hope--- by supposidly curing the sick, eliminating genetic imperfections, removing all 'crime', creating these utopian cities, etc... i don't know how to describe this i guess. the bad guys make themselves look like good guys. people fall for it, and the good guys have to come in and stop them. yeah, that works. i guess this is a new spin on the classic cartoon 'superfriends' too.

  • Ubalstecha
    2019-06-14 04:33

    The battle concludes in this third and final volume of the mini-series. The villains have succeed in taking over the world. Their plan to relocated humanity to spheres is well underway. Meanwhile, the Justice League calls in some allies to help them defeat the rogue's gallery. And the solution found to combat Brainiac's nanobots is unique. Meanwhile, they have to figure out how to free the heroes' loved ones who are not only being held hostage, but have somehow been turned against the Justice League.An action filled, and blessedly logical conclusion to the saga. It will leave the reader satisfied. Pick it up.

  • Caro
    2019-06-07 21:40

    Woo Hoo! That was fun and supremely awesome. Heart stopping, breath stealing, adrenaline pumping, emotionally involved, stomach knotting, action packed, and finger gripping til the end. A great ending to a great 'maxiseries'. I would definitely say this would be something worth shelf space. Just to read again. It's like a classic action movie that wouldn't get old. There were even more twists and Joker was perfectly himself in this. Definitely brought out the humor. :) This had me gripped and wouldn't let me go until the end. Worth the read and more. Enjoy Heroically!

  • Joseph
    2019-06-09 22:59

    Alex Ross' art is so stately and beautiful, that while his stories can leave you a little cold, you're willing to forgive him. I guess it's fitting then, that Justice wraps up its story by wrapping up its heroes in metal suits. I enjoyed some of the switcheroos he pulled at the end, but with such a huge cast of characters, it just kind of turns into a mish-mash. The good guys fight the bad guys and I just don't care all that much.

  • Deborah Ideiosepius
    2019-06-05 23:59

    This review is for all three. The premise was good and the core concept is consistent with the current trend for anti-heroes. I think the trilogy failed to completely deliver on the promise though and I found the classic Marvel ending anticlimactic. I am rateing the series high because the story is more sophisticated than a lot of the original JLA were, the artwork is great and at times even stunning and it made me want to go back a re-visit some of the original stories.

  • Adam Fisher
    2019-06-11 23:02

    Volume 3 ends as many crossover or multi-character books end: giant, beat 'em up, all out war.... where the heroes win. All in all, that isn't a bad thing. BUT, when you start the first volume with a strong philosophical concept like this story did.... why did it have to go to mindless fighting?Overall, good book. I wish they had stuck to a deeper story throughout it all, and..... why don't the metal men enhance their costumes all the time? Those looked amazing!

  • Mike
    2019-05-18 04:49

    Absolutely amazing art... great story-telling! There are a few gaps in the narrative, and I have trouble tracking the interlocking sub-plots, especially as the purpose for some of the scenes are set-up for later twists, schemes and reveals. But that was also part of the fun -- how WILL our HEROES survive?

  • Spencer Koch
    2019-06-09 22:49

    Pretty good, but not as compelling an ending as I was hoping. The guide in the back of the book is good for people who do not know all of the justice league characters. Wlll probably pick another book off the best graphic novel list for my next.

  • logankstewart
    2019-05-19 20:43

    Volume 3 of Justice ended the series. I felt that things wrapped up too quickly, too nicely, for anything substantial to have happened. Volume 1 offered so much potential, but the conclusion was less than satisfactory and very predictable.The art, still, is amazing.

  • Travis
    2019-06-04 02:33

    The art in the three Justice volumes by Alex Ross is better than any I have ever seen in a comic. Each page is practically a masterpiece. The story isn't the best I've ever read, but it keeps the reader turning the page. Besides this comic is more about the visuals anyway.

  • Aron
    2019-06-08 22:45

    Good solid ending to a cool series.

  • Dshock99
    2019-06-16 02:40

    A fine ending to an interesting story line. I'd recommend this book series.

  • Nitasha
    2019-06-08 00:45

    My love for Aquaman slightly increased tbh.

  • Christine
    2019-06-10 02:42

    Hmmm. Interesting ending.

  • Michael
    2019-06-03 21:02

    This was a great conclusion to a pretty top notch story with some great art by Ross. IT had some great winks to geekdom such as a load of super friends references.just a lot of fun.

  • J.M.
    2019-06-09 21:46

    Choppy. Rushed. Confusing. Disappointing. Artwork by Braithwaite and Ross save this from one star. There are much better epic superhero storylines. Meh.

  • Mark
    2019-06-01 04:41

    The series starts off strong... but while the art remains gorgeous throughout, the storyline slows down & sputters to an end. (review of all three volumes)

  • Jacob
    2019-06-18 02:40

    Well Luthor's motives make a little more sense now. Still don't sympathize with him all that much