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Barry Eisler has been compared to Forsyth, Ludlum, le Carré, Ian Fleming, and Graham Greene. But his latest thriller brings Eisler into a league of his own. Even for an average citizen, a love triangle is dangerous business. For assassin John Rain--"one of the most compelling lead characters in the genre" (USA Today)--it's going to be downright deadly.When Rain learns thaBarry Eisler has been compared to Forsyth, Ludlum, le Carré, Ian Fleming, and Graham Greene. But his latest thriller brings Eisler into a league of his own.Even for an average citizen, a love triangle is dangerous business. For assassin John Rain--"one of the most compelling lead characters in the genre" (USA Today)--it's going to be downright deadly.When Rain learns that his former lover, Midori, has been raising their child in New York, Rain senses a chance for reconciliation, perhaps even for redemption.But Midori and the child are being watched by Rain's enemies, and Rain's sudden appearance puts them in terrible danger. To save them, Rain is forced to use the same deadly talents he had been hoping to leave behind. With the help of Tatsu, his one-time nemesis in the Japanese FBI; and Dox, the former Marine sniper whose good ol' boy persona masks a killer as deadly as Rain himself, Rain races against time to bring his enemies into the open and eliminate them forever. But to finish the job, he'll need one more ally: Mossad operative Delilah, a woman for whom Rain's hopes with Midori represent an altogether different kind of threat..."... a terrific, fun read, full of modern spy craft (Eisler worked for the CIA for a while), exotic locales, hot sex and violence. Not to mention an extremely well-defined character in John Rain, who seems like a pretty good guy, given his career." –San Jose Mercury News...

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extremis john rain 5 Reviews

  • Tulay
    2019-03-19 21:10

    Good storyDon't like this many killings, maybe I'm old female. But like the all the exotic place he goes and looking up those places and learning about them. Meantime learning little about the knifes characters using. He prepares in detail for what he's going to do, but every time something goes wrong, thankfully he has good friends around him to help. Melodrama, love triangle and sex are all in this book.

  • Andrew Smith
    2019-04-19 02:06

    I’d just finished a thriller featuring a character who put me in mind of John Rain. Maybe I should check out the next book in the Rain series, I thought. I’d last read a book from this set,The Detachment, about a year ago, though in truth I didn’t much enjoy it. In a mess of a plot, events just seemed random and jumbled to the extent I felt Eisler had maybe come to the end of the line with this character. But I do like the complexity of Rain: he’s conflicted about what he does (killing people) and the books spend quite a bit of time delving into the inner thoughts of the man – in this regard, it’s much richer than most action orientated thriller series I’ve invested time in.Anyway, as I checked the list of books in this series I realised I’d missed one along the way (not unusual for me – I often read series in random order) so I decided to give that one a go. Good decision! This episode turned out to be, in my view, the best one of the lot. The cast list comprises a whole gang of interesting people from earlier books, including two lovers: one current and one past. In short, Rain finds out that his former lover is living in New York with his child and that she is in danger. He must try to help. To do this decides he needs to concoct and execute a daring plan. As always, the detail here is meticulous, from the descriptions of how weapons are obtained (and the fine detail of the actual hardware) to the layout of key sites and a walk through of the plan itself. You know there will be problems along the way, but where’s the fun in following something that plays out exactly as expected? Just as importantly, we are inside Rain’s head as he calculates what actions he needs to take and why. It’s a complex, multi-site story but one that’s never so confusing that I lost the plot; Eisler keeps a tight rein on things and I was with him all the way.The tension is never less than fully cranked up here but events follow logically and the interaction between the key players is deftly and sympathetically handled. Whilst the story itself ties up a number of loose ends in this series the book also provides the best insight yet into the psyche of John Rain. In many ways it might have been a brilliant book in which to have ended the series, but instead the author gives a clear lead that there is (at least) one more adventure to come.I’ll no doubt go on to finish this series – after all, there’s only been one bad book so far – as I’ve had my appetite whetted anew. I’ll be surprised if I find anything there to beat this one though.AfternoteAt the end of this audio version, Barry Eisler – who’d competently competed the reading of the book – referenced his website and commented that here photos could be found of places featured in his books. On inspection, I was delighted to see that this was broken down by book and included not just broad street views but close ups of actual coffee houses and shops mentioned in this particular text. I wish more authors would do this, I know what I’m reading is fiction but what a great way of adding some additional colour and authentic texture to the tale. I loved it!

  • Jeanette
    2019-04-08 22:57

    I've placed myself on partial library restriction while I work through some of the books I have stacked at home. I've had this one sitting around for over a year. This was the only one that I hadn't yet read in the John Rain series. I agree with others who have said the books in this series got progressively better. Eisler's honing his craft for sure. I read them all jumbled up out of order, which I don't recommend. This book in particular would have been hard to grasp without knowing all the characters and their shared histories. I had forgotten how good Eisler is at writing dialogue. Very witty and on point. This was (bad pun ahead) a very well-executed (groan!) plot. By the time you get to the last 75 pages, you can't stop reading. The only thing that bugs me is the way Delilah thinks John Rain is some great catch. He's certainly a guy you'd want on your side. When it comes to his relationships with women, however, he really puts the "ass" in assassin!

  • William
    2019-04-01 00:53

    The "Iceman" is definitely back along with Dox and Delilah. Good action. He isn't going to retire.

  • Jim A
    2019-03-30 04:07

    I read this under its original title, The Last Assassin. The early John Rain novels were really great. The later work was very good. (Difference between 5 stars and 4 stars.)

  • Tracie Payne
    2019-03-25 02:13

    4.5 stars. This one was fantastic. Dox was once again brilliant. The relationship between Tatsu and Rain was so emotional. The action here was fun. I thought what Delilah did was sheisty, and she was pretty much an asshole. Midori was also quite the bitch and I'm not sad to see her go. On to the next.

  • Janine
    2019-03-26 22:56

    This was my first Barry Eisner and being #5 in the series there are some things I have missed but this was still an exciting read.

  • Julie
    2019-03-29 01:17

    John Rain has an unusual profession - he's a paid assassin. And he is very good at his job. But this assignment is a little different. Instead of being hired to kill some high-profile crime boss, he is out to protect his own family. Traveling from Barcelona to Tokyo to NYC, Rain sets out to outsmart some very powerful people in the Yakuza crime syndicate. The pacing of this book is fast and furious - very fun to listen to and hard to put down. I was especially amazed at the amount of realistic detail in the book about how Rain would scope out a location or plan a mission. So much detail that it made me wonder what about Barry Eisler's background. Sure enough, he used to work for the CIA. Great mystery!

  • ElaineY
    2019-04-06 01:59

    REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK; APRIL 2, 2017Narrator: Barry EislerI could do without Midori re-entering the scene but this installment still kept my interest despite my dislike of love triangles. I refuse to read them in Romances so there'd be no way I'd tolerate them in my non-romance genre. Two of the 3 always do something dumb and the 3rd (the guy, of course) is always clueless.What saved this from being a wallbanger (the only reason I miss paperbacks! My Samsung is too precious to take my irritations out on) is that Delilah is totally kickass and together with Dox, they saved the book. Rain is growing on me, finally, but I still have no desire to go back and relisten to the first three books. I peeked at my Kindle books to see how long Delilah lasts and (view spoiler)[Rain's broken up with by Book 7 - the Detachment. (hide spoiler)]I'm looking forward to listening toThe Detachment (#7) because Ben Treven and Larison join in. Woohoo!I love it when it's team action rather than just one lone guy. He's always carrying a ton of baggage and it gets a tad too heavy for me without some team members to help.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Anne
    2019-04-15 20:03

    At the end of the last John Rain book, Killing Rain, our half-Japanese hero discovered that an affair with the daughter of one of his victims resulted in a baby boy. At the beginning of installment #5, Rain learns that his son is living with his mother Midori in New York City, oblivious to the fact that Rain's yakuza enemies from Japan have her under constant surveillance. Rain, himself, has fallen in love (or as close to love as an emotionally detached trained killer can be) with a fellow assassin, the beautiful Israeli, Delilah. Torn between escaping his life of murder, and establishing a relationship with his son, Rain sets out to destroy the yakuza boss and regain his freedom. To do so, Rain must return to Japan to his dying mentor, and solicit the help of the irreverant and sometims obnoxious, but always loyal sniper, Dox. As with all the books in the Rain series, this one is filled with fight scenes, brutal murders, and tricky surveillance gadgets. But more so than the others, Rain really develops in this one as a human being - determined to remain dispassionate, but tormented by his conscience. The quote on the back of this one got it right - it truly is "the best one yet!"

  • GS Nathan
    2019-03-25 22:08

    I just stumbled onto this book in my local library and given the pressures on my time the last month, almost returned it unread. But I took to reading it over the last weekend, and boy, it turned out to be a surprisingly good read. Tight in its plotting, just about the right length, and populated with characters that can, perhaps, grow on you, this book was a happy experience. Indeed the only thing is that there is a bit too much of killing - some avoidable and some not - that sort of detracts from the overall effect.John Rain is a conflicted master of the black arts trying to get away from his mercenary past but tied down by too many strands that keep pulling him back in. In this story too, enemies from his past chase him. Using some ingenuity, some incredible contacts who give him all the firepower he needs, and a bit of luck, Rain comes out intact and successful. But he is faced with the bigger question of is this what he wants in life? A question that the author may resolve in his own way.In any event, I will read the earlier books and look forward to finding out how the story pans out.

  • Quinn
    2019-04-07 02:03

    A John Rain novel. John rain is an assassin. He discovers that he has a child that he did not know about. John goes to see his child and realizes that the Japanese mafia has hired the Chinese mafia to follow and watch John’s Ex girlfriend and child. The Japanese mafia has put a hit out on John. John decides that the only way to protect his son is to take out the head of the Japanese mafia. The writing style is great but the storyline drags a little bit.

  • Max
    2019-04-10 00:20

    Very nice, professional narration by the author himself. I always like listening to books narrated by their authors and Barry Eisler didn't disappoint. The narration was so good it's as if the book was read by a professional actor. I guess, working as a CIA operative in the past came in handy here. I mean to be a good intelligence operative you have to be a decent actor. Anyway, well done, Barry!

  • Paul Anderson
    2019-03-20 22:56

    I love Eisler's style. I usually don't care much for first-person narratives, but occasionally an author makes first-person work. Eisler was able to make 1st person work in this John Rain novel. But reading a Barry Eisler novel is a lot like Chicago weather: wait five minutes, and everything will change dramatically. Even the POV changes as Eisler switches seamlessly between first and third person. If you love a fun and fast read, this book is for you.

  • Tulsi
    2019-04-01 01:21

    best so far of Rain ones... Yup :)3rd read

  • Austin
    2019-04-18 03:17

    This is by far one of the best John Rain novels yet. Barry Eisler had created a very strong and dangerous team that Rain has assembled over the books, with Delilah and Dox each adding their own take to the situation at hand. Eisler has always been excellent at building suspense, but this book took that to a whole new level when John finds that Midori has been with a child without his knowing. John tries to go see them, only to realize that enemies have been watching him, and that is when things get interesting. The emotional complexities that build in this book with John's continued relationship with Delilah, and his wanting a normal life with his past love Midori certainly help build the suspense in this book, but it is John Rain knowing what he is, and knowing that he may never get out of that life that fuels this story's climax. The fact that a character such as John Rain would even mention suicide in this book shows how much he is willing to risk to save the ones he loves. That speaks volumes about the kind of character he has evolved into since first being introduced in "Killing Rain". John continues to grow as a character, but this book shows how much he wants to get out of his line of work, but cannot help but be drawn back in. These characters act very much the way humans would in certain situations, and Barry Eisler has always been excellent at showing the reader an unsuspecting side of his characters, but this series is essentially about the redemption of John Rain, and I look forward to seeing how his character evolves over the next book! Listened to this on audiobook, and I absolutely love it when authors read there own work. I feel like we can get a better sense of who these characters are because they are the ones who created them, and can show us a different side of them than another narrator could. Barry Eisler has always been one of my favorite authors, and he continues to impress with each book he puts out!

  • Patty Westfall
    2019-04-06 20:04

    While Spy mysteries are among my favorites, John Rain is just not one of my favorite characters. This one was better than the last in the series; but none the less isn't compelling me to listen to the whole series. I have one more downloaded to my iPod. Unless it really brings a little more to the story, it will be my last.

  • Ivan
    2019-03-20 20:52

    I listened to the audio book, my first one, and Barry Eisler made a good job reading this book. He plays with the intonation and pitch of his voice to play the different roles in the story. Dox is getting better and I would like to read THE KHMER KIL (a short story about him).

  • Jeannette
    2019-03-27 04:20

    Interesting story with ample action and suspense. One gratuitous sexual scene that seemed crass, demeaning of the strong female character and basically...unnecessary (bosomed woman has shirt off). Otherwise, it was one of the better international thrillers that I have read of late.

  • Bryan457
    2019-04-12 23:14

    Tatsu gets Rain mixed up with his Yakuza nemesis.I miss the little natural assassination vignettes.Rain is still overly sad and paranoid, unwilling to let anyone into his life. Dox is still the funny extrovert. Delilah is getting possessive.

  • Kerry Dillenburg
    2019-03-20 02:03

    Exceptional as usualIf I could get a stamp to place here I would because all of Barry's books are exceptional. I find myself impressed with numerous details as well as becoming attached to the main characters; which just happen to be murderers don't ya know.

  • Yogesh Sharma
    2019-04-18 22:59

    The writing is good and let's you read smoothly without much thinking.But the story gets quite guessable.

  • Jerry
    2019-03-30 23:04

    BarryWithout ruining it for everyone else, I love you and hate you Barry. Seriously, good book and great series so far.

  • Glenn
    2019-04-08 20:04

    First and last book by Barry Eisler that I will read - John Rain is nothing like Jack Reacher... Would not recommend this book...

  • Joseph J. Betasso
    2019-04-03 02:16

    Fantastic readBarry is an excellent writer and I ‘ve enjoyed all of his books. Now the only real question is which book I read next.

  • Randy Kennedy
    2019-03-31 04:11

    Slow to get started, and if you haven't read any previous books then it was hard to understand the interconnected relationships. Pretty good read overall though.

  • MikeB
    2019-04-11 23:06

    Wow - this is exceptional stuff! Great author and an even greater read.

  • David
    2019-03-20 19:52

    In my order of ranking books, this is worthy of a 4. A tad weak 4, but still.

  • Kathleen
    2019-04-19 00:16

    not an author I want to read more of. Violence just for the sake of violence?

  • Viola
    2019-03-28 01:03

    GreatWell written...mesmerizing. The plotting is outstanding. Such entertaining murder, it seems the gore is not there. Loving the style that has my heart going out yo the heroes.