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For fans of Stephen King, Dean Koonz and Clive Cussler . . .Zeke Jackson's sister has gone missing in the jungles of Southeast Asia. His search for her takes him from the red light districts of Vietnam to the mean streets of New York.Finally he finds the help he needs in the back alleys of one of South Africa's most notorious shanty towns. The DreamWeaver. But the things ZFor fans of Stephen King, Dean Koonz and Clive Cussler . . .Zeke Jackson's sister has gone missing in the jungles of Southeast Asia. His search for her takes him from the red light districts of Vietnam to the mean streets of New York.Finally he finds the help he needs in the back alleys of one of South Africa's most notorious shanty towns. The DreamWeaver. But the things Zeke will have to do, and the price he'll have to pay to get Jane back are beyond anything he ever expected....

Title : DreamWeaver
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DreamWeaver Reviews

  • Brisa
    2019-05-24 22:09

    Have you ever really considered what extent you would go to save the life of someone you love? Most people would probably be quick to declare “Anything” without hesitation, but it is a question that deserves further thought. Perhaps this is something that most of us would rather not think about, but DreamWeaver applies the extremes in the story of a cold case entwined with an international twist. Zeke Jackson’s sister has disappeared from Southeast Asia, and he embarks upon a search to find her. His search leads him to South Africa where he seeks help from the DreamWeaver. Unbeknownst to him, the journey ahead is one that will test his ability to maintain endurance and perseverance. You see this young, risk-adverse man being thrust into situations of which he has no prior experience or former bearing. As he advances on his journey, he realizes the need to move past the hounding stereotypes and obstacles to focus on rescuing his sister.Before, it seems like Zeke has this stance of, “I am an outsider, I just want to blend in and be on my way”, but as you progress throughout the novel, it vehemently changes to “Yes, I am an outsider, I stand out, DON’T get in my way.” He starts to exhibit more animalistic behavior, with improved perception and enhanced senses, all of which are essential to his mission. I think this stance is particularly important because it exemplifies his persistence in the pursuit of his sister and her return to safety. Zeke even marvels at his sudden transformation, noting, “Some part of me is watching myself…almost not able to recognize myself."Along the way Zeke must make sacrifices – some of which are physical while others are emotional. It’s almost incredulous the things that he does (allows), because he actually has no solid evidence (or any evidence for that matter) on where Jane is, just information on where she was. You’re secretly wondering whether Zeke makes the sacrifices because he really believes it will help and/or he has fallen victim to desperation after no leads from an exhaustive initial search. Thus, he has to heavily rely on the guidance of the DreamWeaver to lead him to her. I received DreamWeaver as part of the “First Reads” program, and needless to say, I really loved the concept. It’s a quick read, but the reader instantly becomes a part of the action and the inner psyche of Zeke. I actually wish that it was longer, as it would have been enhanced with further character development and more elaboration on details regarding the secondary characters and the foreign lands. I love details, as it adds savory value for contemplative purposes! Overall, DreamWeaver is a tantalizing mix of danger, violence, mysticism and love - the ingredients that make an exciting journey from start to finish.

  • Susanna Mahoney
    2019-05-19 03:49

    This book is a provocative stimulating mind blowing story of what one would do to save someone they love. The character tries all avenues of seeking a resolution to locating his missing sister, who was kidnapped in a foreign land. After all of his attempts to find her are exhausted. He is about to surrender hope and abandoned the search. Then he receives a cryptic email that sends him on a surreal journey into the mysterious voodoo culture and mystics. This book is short but pack with details and at times should be almost rated x rated for mature audiences. It has graphic details, steamy lustful scenes and primitive trappings. He is stripped of all human essence to evolve to the primitive state of animal instinct. He has to prepare himself to journey into the deeper strange jungles at his last desperate attempt to join heart and soul with his sister. He sacrifices anything, "anything” to bond with his loved one again. This book is a powerful heart wrenching tale about human love and the boundaries which need to be broken to surrender to defeat or hope.It is worth the time to explore this author’s writings. 4 stars

  • Pat
    2019-05-20 02:50

    This was a fantastic novella.I'll be honest: as a rule I tend to avoid stories that tend toward the supernatural. However, I might be seriously tempted to change my mind about that, if more of these works were as well-crafted as DreamWeaver is. Giguere expertly maintains the atmosphere of menace in these pages, an atmosphere that is both created and sustained by his eye for evocative setting and detail, which escalates the level of peril from mere physical danger to something much more profound and disturbing.The novella begins with the news that the hero's sister has gone missing while teaching in VietNam. However, the plot quickly develops into something other than your basic search-and-rescue story, as he is forced to fall back on the intervention of a mystic. From there, the novella takes a much darker, and somewhat gruesome, turn...(view spoiler)[The ending was particularly thought-provoking, in my view. In order to defeat The Beast, the protagonist must become The Beast. As he embraced the supernatural powers of the DreamWeaver in order to save his sister, I couldn't help but wonder: Did he sacrifice his humanity in the process -- or did he discover it? (I love a story that makes me think!) (hide spoiler)]All in all, DreamWeaver was an exceptional story, by one of the most talented new writers I have encountered in years. Highly recommended... just don't read it right before bedtime!

  • Jordan
    2019-06-18 04:49

    This was in the first batch of books I bought for my new kindle. I thought it was great. I read it real fast. It is a story about a regular guy who gets involved with a bunch of bizarre voodoo adventure stuff and ends up going all over the planet.Zeke doesn't pretend to be some supercool superhero ninja guy, but the story rips right along as he goes from place to place and situation to bizarre situation while he follows a twisted trail to the end. At each step he has to decide how far he's willing to go, and how much shit he's willing to get into.I liked that it was written like it was happening right at that time, like you were right in the middle of everything, inside his head, and you never knew what was gonna happen next.

  • Mary Snell
    2019-06-17 03:50

    This is my first time reading a book by Rejean Giguere, and I will be reading more. I really enjoyed how fast paced the book was and how you felt like you were right there through the whole thing. Zeke is a great character, with just enough flaws to be real. You can really get into his head and understand why he makes the choices he does. It is a bit on the adult side with some language, and a bit of sex, but not too much. I can really recommend it, escpecially to guys, who I think could really get into the story.

  • Ken Milani
    2019-05-22 03:01

    An imaginative and gritty adventure about a man willing to do anything to rescue his sister. A great read for anyone who likes a good aadveture story.

  • Lalaynya
    2019-05-23 22:58

    amazing book. a must read

  • Christine Staeven
    2019-05-19 02:41

    This is a fast paced tale that is full of tension, graphic imagery (includes gore), and a fellow bent on locating the only remaining immediate family member he has left. This is, in some respects, a vision quest. His required faith in giving all he does shows the import he places on finding his missing sister. A missing sister and a brother desperate enough to enter worlds unfamiliar and make huge sacrifices in process. The tale is the journey inclusive of sacrifices, danger, threat to life and limb, expectation of self with regard to pushing beyond normal constraints placed by society and law, attempting the unbelievable under any other circumstances...This is really quite a vivid tale that shows author creativity in premise direction, plot development and fairly good character fleshing.Recommend author for creativity and I will try another work by same.Christine

  • Kim
    2019-06-05 21:57

    Touching on a subject that anyone with an ounce of compassion could relate to is what makes this story draw the reader in right away. In the beginning, Zeke has already begun the hard task of tracking down his sister after attempts by proper authorities have failed. He attempts to move Heaven and Earth himself in order to find the last bit of family left and is sent back home without so much as a clue to her whereabouts. Both the reader and Zeke are swept up in a very emotional adventure because Zeke's honest sibling love and desperation are not hidden from the reader's view. When he finally decides to answer the mysterious offer of help, it's readily apparent that he feels as though he has no other alternative. That resolve and love for his sister carry him through some of the grueling trials to deem him worthy of assistance.The story itself is a quick read as we are presented the background facts in the beginning and follow Zeke as he makes up his mind without a lot of thought on the matter. For him, the answer of what he must do is clear. There's quite a lot of action in a short span of time. With the areas Zeke must delve into, the mystical element is always present. Sometimes it's waiting on the outside of a scene but the reader can feel it there.In the end, I liked this story because it posed a question that anyone could relate to. The characters were easy for the reader to identify with once the story was underway and the action was well-crafted and not over-the-top in regard to the overall story. Definitely a great read. I'm hoping there's a sequel out there or will be soon. If you like a touch of horror with your emotional journeys, most definitely get this book.

  • Ally Atherton
    2019-06-07 03:08

    What do you do when your sister disappears and all your efforts to find her hit a brick wall?What about a bit of Voodoo?This is a mixed bag for me. I really like the hook of the book and it gets off to a blistering start and I was immediately taken on a whirlwind of adventure across several continents into one dark and unsavoury place after another. For a short book it definitely kept me turning the pages and there's lots of action, drama and gore. And you can't beat a bit of gore from time to time can you?Rejean writes with an imaginative quill, there's no doubt, with great chunks of humour weaved in along the way. This is what I like about the book but I think ultimately it's also it's main downfall. I found that towards the end the story kind of loses the plot and becomes a little bit unrealistic and over the top. At one point it felt like the main character was turning into Tarzan Lord of the Jungle and I was half expecting all the animals in the jungle to come to his rescue! And there were also one or two grammatical errors that made the book difficult to read at times.Overall this is a fast paced, high speed chase of a book that keeps the pages turning but ultimately it's a bit like a beautiful garden that is overrun with weeds. I can't help feeling that with some clever and careful editing this book could be a much stronger.I think maybe one of the main problems is that for a quick read there's just so much going on and the reader is taken to so many strange places, you don't really have time to settle into the book. And you are left feeling a little overwhelmed and disjointed.3/5

  • Pete
    2019-05-20 03:54

    The story is a quest where the protagonist, Zeke Jackson, goes in search of his twin sister who has been taken captive somewhere in Asian.After Zeke has exhausted all the “normal” channels to find his sister, he receives a mysterious email and through it makes connection with a mystic located in a rough area of the Bronx. From here on his journey becomes more strange and challenging. Taking him to Africa, and costing him dearly in pain and suffering. A fast read, the pacing and plot kept me engaged throughout, but once I’d finished, I felt a little like I do after eating Chinese food. It was enjoyable, but I was soon hungry again. I think because the story is purely plot driven and little time is spent giving the characters depth, or explaining the surroundings, or delving into why the strange things are taking place, or why they work, or how they work.I don’t read many short stories, so that may be the reason I was left feeling there was more that could have been told in this tale. Still. I did enjoy the few hours I spent in Mr. Giguere’s world.

  • Kristen N.
    2019-05-28 22:05

    Rejean Giguere has created an unforgettable page turner with DreamWeaver. DreamWeaver maintains an atmosphere of menace throughout its pages, bringing with it a high level of intensity. Most people will quickly answer "Anything" when asked how far they would go or what they would do to get a loved one back. The problem is even with that answer we still have our limits. Meet main character Zeke Jackson who is asked just that when his sister disappears from Vietnam without a trace. DreamWeaver follows Zeke Jackson on his journey to find his sister, a journey that will test his ability to maintain endurance and perseverance. This is a short book packed with so much you'll find it hard to put down. Rejean Giguere's DreamWeaver leaves readers stunned and wanting more at the end of the book.

  • Cheryl
    2019-05-23 03:42

    This was an interesting story. I always look for the theme of a story. I think this one was "watch using the word ANYTHING", because you just might find out what ANYTHING means! Zeke's twin sister goes missing and he can't find her. He posts online a message saying he would do anything to find her. Zeke finds out what anything means and is pushed to the limit and beyond.

  • Carol
    2019-06-08 02:40

    An OK supernatural tale of a man searching for his sister, lost somewhere in South East Asia. His search takes him to the worst neighborhoods of the South Bronx and S. Africa and the jungles of South East Asia. He gains powers to communicate with the Dream Weaver who guides him in his search. 3 1/5 stars.

  • Peggy
    2019-06-09 21:39

    I'm partial, but I though this was a great book. A fast romp from start to finish, with enough twists and turns to keep even a hard core suspense fan glued to the page.

  • Charlie Durell
    2019-06-12 23:03

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Fast paced a good page turner whilst an easy read I thought the end came a bit abrupt.. Recommend it.

  • Carla JFCL
    2019-06-07 22:08

    Kind of a fun read...a short story or novella, really, more than a book. It had some interesting twists and turns and wasn't as predictible as I expected. Clean writing; fast moving; worth the time.

  • Sue
    2019-05-25 01:43

    Badly written and stupid.

  • Rejean Giguere
    2019-06-09 20:42