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Title : The Great Brain Reforms
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The Great Brain Reforms Reviews

  • Matt
    2019-06-11 03:08

    All I can say is, I remember the moment when the Great Brain decides he's going to stop his manipulating ways and he tells his friend he feels "different, somehow...clean and warm and Christmasy." I've found myself quoting that quite a few times in my life and usually forgetting from whence it came.

  • Benb
    2019-05-25 22:26

    The Great Brain Reforms by John D. Fitzgerald is about a family of boys that like to make money especially Tom. Tom was the oldest and had a very talented brain. One day he decided to make a raft for the river across the street. The raft took tom a wile to built but he built it. Then toms great brain thought it was a good idea if he charged kids to go on the raft. One of the kids tom was taking down the river fell of in the rapids. Tom jumped in to save him and almost died from a bolder. This is a good action adventure story and is hard to put down. I recommend this book to others.

  • Nathaniel
    2019-06-04 01:07

    i liked it

  • Julie
    2019-05-20 04:18

    I would love this series reading it by myself, but reading them to my kids makes it that much greater.

  • Liam Murphy
    2019-06-04 02:20

    My faviorte

  • Heather Culley
    2019-06-01 01:16

    I don’t like that kid.

  • Lili Rucker
    2019-06-17 04:06

    It was great

  • Dylan Tyson
    2019-06-08 02:05

    Good readThe Great brain is better than everyone else at every thing so he uses that to his advantage Good Book

  • Sri
    2019-06-05 22:04

    Tom & Sweyn pulang karena liburan. Ga nyampe 24 jam, J.D. sudah berkali-kali kena tipu kakaknya wkwkw. Adik angkat mereka, Frankie, sampai kebingungan atas polah Tom yang berhasil membuatnya ragu, mana yang benar, mana yang salah?Tentu saja bukan hanya J.D. yang menjadi korban Tom. Teman-teman mereka sudah pasti kena jatah juga. Sweyn juga terpaksa merelakan pancing barunya karena dia kalah bertaruh. Tim tarik tambang Mormon yang selalu menang setiap tahunnya akhirnya kalah juga akibat trik The Great Brain.Isu-isu yang diangkat masih relevan sampai sekarang. Misalnya saja soal investasi bodong. Tom berhasil menyelamatkan seisi kota dari ulah penipu. Sedihnya, Tom ga dapat ganjaran apa pun dari hal itu hingga Tom bertekad tidak akan pernah lagi menyelamatkan mereka wkwk. Ada juga soal Frankie yang mendapatkan silent treatment pertamanya. Sedihnya karena menyangka Papa Mama tak sayang lagi padanya, Frankie minggat. Karena Tom dan J.D. mengira Frankie tak akan serius, mereka malah manas-manasin Frankie. Dan betapa paniknya mereka karena Frankie sampai malam tidak pulang-pulang T_T.Itu belum seberapa, Tom nyaris menghilangkan nyawa dua orang temannya di sungai yang sedang banjir T_T (tapi dia juga yang menyelamatkan mereka).Di akhir buku, J.D. menyelenggarakan sidang yang dihadiri empat puluhan anak. Sidang itu berhasil membuat Tom berjanji untuk tidak menjadi swindler lagi.

  • Taylor
    2019-05-29 23:30

    "The Great Brain Reforms" By: John D. Fitzgerald, Illustrated By: Mercer Mayer The Great Brain, Tom Fitzgerald, was very smart! He could do anything and usually could come up with answers if he put his mind to it. He lived in Utah back in the days when you could buy a lot of stuff for just 10¢. The author tells you this because he liked to get money to buy stuff. Tom had three brothers, two were his blood brothers John and Sweyn, and one was his adopted brother Frankie. He had a mama and a papa and an aunt, but she wasn't really their aunt, she just moved in when her husband died. Mr. Fitzgerald, printed the daily newspaper called the “Advocate”. Mamma and Aunt Bertha did the housekeeping. When they prepared dinner they always made sure to make one more meal because Papa always invited a guest for Sunday dinner and forgot to tell them. Sweyn and Tom just got back from the academy and it was summer vacation for all of them. Summer vacation time for Tom, meant time to get rich. I bet you’re probably asking yourself how does Tom get (not earn) money? He has a gift and knows how to outsmart every kid in town. If he tries hard enough, then he can even swindle every adult in town out of how ever much money he wanted. Tom could do anything if he thought about it and he refused to let his brain rest until he figured out a way to do what he wanted to do. If all of the sheriffs in town gave up on a crime Tom solved it only because he thought there was a reward. If he knew that there was no reward, he would have made it so that he would receive a reward or he just wouldn’t do it. Thats how big his money loving heart is. I think that this book is a good book for boys who like to get dirty and romp around. It is fun to learn about tricks others play on each other and get ahead. It is all harmless and fun and I like to sit for hours reading about these characters.

  • Jack Cheng
    2019-05-28 01:13

    This is the book that makes the rest of them complete. Only 4 stars because this is not a standalone read, but if you read one or more of the first three Great Brain books, this is the payoff. (The Great Brain at the Academy is fun, but we're talking Adenville issues here.) A lot of the charm of the Great Brain books is the contrast between the naive narration of J.D. and the shady dealings he recounts featuring his older brother, Tom Dennis, aka The Great Brain. It's funny for adults, but I found I had to coach my 6 year old a bit on the morality of the tales. Sometimes Tom uses his brain for good, and sometimes for selfish ends. That isn't always clear to young readers (or listeners). When adopted brother Frankie Pennyworth showed up, he added a new perspective of doubt -- Frankie didn't just fall for Tom's tricks and he suspected that Tom was cheating J.D. In this fifth book of the series, J.D. himself realizes that the Great Brain is not the hero he had thought he was. After all, Tom has enough money to buy a $1 baseball or a $2.50 glove but instead he chooses to trick the other kids into betting their birthday gifts on fixed games that Tom is sure to win. (And those kids get whippings from their parents for losing those gifts.) Tom doesn't seem to realize the impression he makes on others, but when he ignores J.D.'s common sense advice and puts kids in real danger, J.D. decides it's up to him to reform his brother. At the end of the book, Tom is contrite.Austin was thrilled by the adventures in this book and has a more nuanced view of the Great Brain because of J.D.'s awakening. Highly recommended.

  • Michael Emond
    2019-06-13 01:10

    Another wonderful book in this - my favourite children's series. As I have mentioned in my other reviews I love this series because it has wonderful characters, it is based in reality and does not have to rely on sci fi or fantasy for its thrills and it teaches children as they are entertained. One complaint I have with THIS book in the series is that the Great Brain (Tom) comes across as even more merciless than usual. Yes he often cons children but in this one he seems to be ruthless in how he targets his friends for their prized possessions and tricks his brother out of his possessions. One thing that pushed it too far was when he wants to charge friends to play with the basketball and hoop he conned from his brother JD. That was extreme even for Tom. However, the thing that redeems this book is the fact there is a point the author is building to - the Trial of the Great Brain. And like most of these books, even though each chapter is its own story (great for bedtime reading to my children), there is an overall arc to the book and a nice conclusion in the final chapter. This is the reason, I suspect, the Brain was extra cruel this time around so the Trial would have more weight and Tom's repentance would feel more real.I still prefer the books where the Brain has more of a heart BUT his (apparent) reformation at the end was an interesting conclusion to the book.

  • Peggy Scripter
    2019-06-12 20:20

    Great book! When the Jesuit Priests at the Salt Lake Academy can't reform Tom's swindling ways, Papa and Mama give it a try. Finally, younger brother John D. realizes he must take this burden upon himself. And what a great job he does, assisted by the 14 year old judge; he is pronounced guilty on all counts despite his cunning self-representation in "court." That "judge" is just too smart, having a trial lawyer for a dad. All the kids Tom has swindled get their stuff back, but in the end John D. knows that Tom cannot be reformed. Great read-aloud to 4th through 6th grades.

  • Ebookwormy1
    2019-05-21 02:31

    We just finished this for homeschool, and the series is still a hit, but Mom is swamped and I don't have time for the chapter breakouts. sorry. maybe next time through.A great book for boys! After being introduced to The Great Brain by a teacher reading it in class, I read this entire series a few times as a middle schooler. The stories are wonderfully funny.On caution: the family featured is Catholic. This does not play a large role in the plot or characters. However, parents should be prepared for questions if the child reading is not Catholic.

  • Melanie
    2019-06-05 00:16

    Our family is really enjoying this series and we are coming to know John and Tom Fitzgerald very well. Tom (a.k.a The Great Brain) is back home in Adenville, Utah after spending the school year at a Catholic school in Salt Lake. He jumps right back into life as a conniving, scheming terror. After he's threatened with losing the friendship of every boy in the community, will the Great Brain reform?

  • Matt456789
    2019-06-02 22:20

    These are children's/teen books, describing the antics and shenanigans of a group of brothers growing up in Utah in the 1800s. Although that may not seem very interesting, these are probably the best written and most entertaining books of the children/teen adventure genre. I highly recommend all the Great Brain books.

  • Scott
    2019-05-24 21:24

    One of my favorites. Almost the perfect book.The Great Brain is back from the Academy and up to his usual trouble...The Tin Can Swindle, The Tug of War, Tom Hooks a Fish Named Sweyn, Akali Flats, The Magnetic Stick, The Good Raft ExporerBut what happens when the kids of Adenville put Tom on trial for being a cheat & a swindler?Good stuff

  • Robb Christopherson
    2019-06-11 20:12

    This is a series that I read as a kid and loved them. I am reading them with my kids now. They are fun and based in a Mormon town. If you're looking for literary quality, you should check elsewhere; they are well-written, just not the highest of quality. The stories, however, are very fun!

  • Melissa
    2019-05-25 22:02

    Love the Great Brain...still read them now!

  • Christina
    2019-06-16 23:30

    We've read nearly all the Great Brain books with the kids. Some are better than others, but they never disappoint.

  • Carrine
    2019-05-21 20:02

    Part of a great series of books

  • Nathan
    2019-05-24 22:31

    Bedtime stories for the boys

  • Ms.
    2019-05-28 02:17

    The great Brain is back with more power than ever almost gets two people killed and is put on trial.

  • Garrett
    2019-06-03 00:31

    Not as good as the Academy, but still, DANG hilARIOUS.

  • Anthony Ventrello
    2019-05-20 02:15

    An exciting book and really entertaining like the others in the series. A must-read.

  • Maria Ryan
    2019-06-12 00:07

    You think he has reformed, think again.

  • Kathy Kenney
    2019-06-09 22:20

    Another wonderful Great Brain read.

  • Kkop12
    2019-05-20 23:15

    As usual, a favorite series to read with Abby

  • Heather
    2019-06-15 22:20

    More great misadventures. And it has an interesting court scene.G

  • Richard
    2019-05-24 21:04

    If you're going to get any of these books, make certain to read the ones that have the original Mercer Mayer pictures as they're incredible!