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The Adventure Continues... With fourth grade finally winding down, 10-year-old Nathan Rockledge is looking forward to a fun and relaxing summer at home with his friends. That is, until his mom decides he has to go to overnight camp with his annoying older sister. When his best friend, Tommy, decides to tag along, Nathan thinks maybe his summer won't actually be so bad. AftThe Adventure Continues... With fourth grade finally winding down, 10-year-old Nathan Rockledge is looking forward to a fun and relaxing summer at home with his friends. That is, until his mom decides he has to go to overnight camp with his annoying older sister. When his best friend, Tommy, decides to tag along, Nathan thinks maybe his summer won't actually be so bad. After all, he does get to be away from his mom's awful cooking for an entire six weeks. Amongst Color War competitions, a flaky counselor, and a bully named "No-Neck," Nathan turns to his trusty sketchpad, transforming himself into Nate Rocks: 10-year-old extraordinaire. His speedboat ready for action, Nate saves the day time and again from the perils of floods, snakes, ghosts, and even the most wanted criminals. Join Nathan, Tommy, Abby, and a whole new cast of characters as Nate Rocks once again proves nothing can hold him back. For more on the Nate Rocks Books, visit

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Nate Rocks the Boat Reviews

  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    2019-06-23 02:13

    Originally posted at: isn’t much that Nathan Rockledge, aka Nate Rocks, can’t do, as long as it’s on paper or in his imagination. Actually, Nathan is a pretty resourceful young man. Things may not always work out quite as spectacularly as they do in his daydreams but in a pinch Nate really does rock! But can he handle summer camp, No-Neck and worst of all, his older sister, Abby?In the sequel to Nate Rocks the World, Nathan is taking on a new adventure that is both exciting and pretty darn scary for someone who isn’t particularly fond of being stuck in the woods or being forced to compete against his annoying sister. But from reading book one I knew that Nathan wasn’t a quitter and having his best friend, Tommy, along was going to make this whole ordeal a whole lot of fun to watch. Ms. Toz did not disappoint. I did kinda miss the verbal sparing Nathan had with Lisa from book one but there are plenty of new characters introduced at Camp Spring Ridge to fill in the void.Readers who enjoy the narrative style of Judy Blume will appreciate the youthful voice that comes through in the dialogue. There aren’t just a whole lot of really good books out for middle grade boys that are written where they can relate to the worries and angst of 8 or 10 year old younger siblings. Something else I think young readers will appreciate is the descriptive details interwoven throughout the story. I had no trouble picturing the camp, the games or the final adventure.Speaking of the final adventure, I couldn’t have asked for a better ending. Ms. Toz weaves in a “moral to the story” sequence of events that will make parents happy to let their kids read these books.Nate Rocks the Boat is charming with quite a few laugh-out-loud moments, particularly when Nate drifts off into a daydream and wakes up to a mess. While fans of the Wimpy Kid and Dork Diary series will notice similarities in the character setup, Ms. Toz has penned a unique and clever tale that is sure to entertain young readers as well as the adults who like to follow what their kids read.

  • Fran
    2019-07-07 02:19

    Nate Rocks The BoatEvery ten year old should be like Nate Rockledge. He is smart, resourceful and has a great imagination. Even more he can create a whole world just by using his pens, markers and sketchpad entering a world of super heroes, criminals and even ghosts. Nate is really amazing but just how far will he go to get away from his mom’s really bad cooking? Nate is enterprising and smart as I said and with his sketchpad transforms the real world into Nate’s World willed with many adventures, wild and dangerous feats and of course saving the world from criminals and much more. Just think! He can even stop floods and capture criminals. But, first he has to agree to go to overnight camp even with his pain in the neck and whiney sister Abby along. Six weeks of camp food is a definite improvement over his mom’s cooking. But, poor Nate has to endure a huge party his mother decided to have right before they were leaving for camp and what happens at this party just might make things a little difficult for our super hero. Nate is on his way to the school bus when he sees two famous television stars that entice him to be in their show. The author draws the reader right into Nate’s imaginary world when he is cast in a role and is able to pull off these dangerous scenes and then wakes up in his bed as if the whole thing never happened. Or did it? But, like a said poor Nate tangles with Lisa Crane and is forced into a game of horseshoes and the end result: Ouch! That’s all I will give away.But, the family leaves for their road trip to deliver Nate, Tommy and Abby to summer camp but not before Nate saves the day when two teens come into the restaurant where they are eating lunch and hold up a kid for his video game. Just imagine our Nate capturing a jewel thief single-handed handing him over to the FBI. Nate more than Rocks! Nate’s adventures have just started as he enters the camp, meets the counselor, saves the camp from a terrible flood, patches up the boat and everyone arrives in one piece. But, when reality sets in Nate and his fellow Hawks, (that’s his group name) have the fun of kitchen duty. Serving is not that bad but his sister, Abby; well she can be a royal pain. But, Nate gets hurt playing kick ball but not before he saves someone from a getting bitten by a rattler. Each time Nate creates a drawing his imagination draws him into an adventure that most kids would love to be a part of and some grownups too. Color War is next and wait until you see what happens when the teams are chosen and the games begin with the Scavenger Hunt where Nate once again saves the day. I bet you want to know how! All I will say is something happens and there is danger in the water and I will say no more. You are going to have to join Nate to find out for yourself. Better yet you might offer to help him.Let’s find out what Nate is going to draw next and his next adventure after the hunt is completed. Winning and losing some games and let’s not forget the camp bully No Neck is right there to stir things up. Believe it or not they even have a Leaderboard just like Dancing with the Stars to see who is ahead. So, very cool at that. Now, where is Nate’s team? They are the WHITE Team and let’s see how they did. But, before the end of color war Nate would be embarrassed, save the camp from a bomb and hopefully not bomb when they said their cheer. Who wins Color War? Cannot tell you that or just why this team won but let’s just say that some people will be taught some great lessons in humility and fair play when all is tallied up and done on the Leaderboard. His Father arrives for visiting day but one more adventure is definitely in store as he helps his counselor Matt with a dangerous dinosaur situation. Yes, you heard me dinosaurs are invading the camp and only Nate Rocks can stop them. How? Well that is something only Nate knows and of course the hungry dinos. The fun has yet to begin with the overnight campout and the stories about the ghost of the camp. What happens next and the ending you have to read for yourself. Is there really someone named Bobino who is haunting the camp? What is the story behind his disappearance? What is story behind the camp and just who is Old Man Withers? Some stories are the property of the overnight camp owners and the secrets cannot be divulged because the new campers that come next year have to find out all about the camp, the ghosts the floods and much more when they sign up for the six weeks. What happens during the telling of the story you won’t believe and Nate once again uses his mind and imagination to save the camp from ghosts. The ending you really won’t expect and what his reward is will definitely make you smile. The friendships made and one young man who learns the true meaning of being a friend and much more. Nate certainly rocks more than just the boat in this story he proves that hard work, honestly fun and having a great sense of humor can often help you in many situations and of course keeping a cool head. Once again author Karen Pokras Toz keeps the reader glued to the printed page, engaged in every adventure that Nate encounters and hoping that he comes out on top because we all know not only does Nate Rock so does the author. This is great for kids of all ages to teach loyalty, friendship, dealing with bullies, teamwork and just plain how to have some real fun. I love the counselors because they treated the kids with respect, encouraged them to follow the rules and who would not love Mamma T. Cannot wait for the next one. Fran Lewis: Reviewer

  • Ritesh
    2019-07-07 23:27

    Welcome to a new adventure with Nate Rocks! In this book, we may get less of Nate Rocks’ adventures and more of Nate’s adventures, but, this does not make the book any less fun and interesting. I was really happy to see Nate in action. Seeing him living in the real world, and less in the adventures he creates was wonderful!This book is perfectly created for the MG reader. In this book, Nate is going to summer camp. I remember the time I dreaded to go on one sponsored by my school. I dreaded being away at a new place, among new kids, and having to adjust to a completely new environment. I dreaded the fact that I would not be accepted, would have to face bullies and I would end up doing something stupid or dangerous. Nate also has to face all these things. But, add to it the fact that is elder sister is going to the same camp, and it gets a whole lot worse. The only solace is that he has his best friend along with him. I can imagine, and somewhat remember going through the same problems that Nate does in this book. Every kid wants to be accepted in school and at camp. Most boys, including me, who have an elder sister feel that their sisters are out to get them. Also, we have all been bullied by someone at some point when we are that age (well almost everyone).I liked all the small details which the author adds to help create the perfect image of every scene in the book. The car ride to the camp, the arrival, the departure of the parents, meeting other boys in the camp, the really hyper camp supervisor, and all the activities at camp all seemed to come to life in the book. It was like I was right there, alongside Nate, experiencing each and every up and down he was going through. And, I enjoyed every minute!I did miss the consistent banter between Nate and Lisa. Wonder if I can call it that? That was a highlight of the first book for me, as it made me remember the times I had with my sister when I was that age. I have to say that I missed Lisa too, the haughty neighbour and Nate’s nemesis. I think Abby and Lisa made the first book so much more interesting! But, the new characters introduced in the book did make up for their absence. And, I have to say that there are some wonderful new characters in this book. Jerry and Tasha, the camp owners, Matt, the over-enthusiastic counsellor and No-Neck, the really burly kid who is Nate’s new nemesis in the absence of Lisa were all incredibly nice and at times funny. All the other kids introduced at camp made it come to life, and got it buzzing with activity. Like any good book about summer camps, there is a big event in the end in which all the camp bunks have to compete. As Nate goes up against his sister, there were bound to be fireworks and a well-fought and really close finish. I have to say that the way in which the event ended was something which I had expected all along, so it was a kind of let-down as I seemed to have known the twist which was coming. But, that is just me! I think the children at whom this book is targeted are going to love it.The ending of the book is perfect. As with the previous book, it ends on a happy note and with one of Nate’s real adventures. I really liked it that Nate’s parents thought things through before giving in to one of his demands, even though he may have deserved it due to his heroic deed. I really do hate it when parents are shown to have no backbone and just fall over each other to fulfil every demand of the kid. That reminds me so much of Dudley from Harry Potter. I also loved the fact that in the end, all the kids, whether they fought, or were mean to each other, or called each other names, became friends. That is simply a great message, that if you take the time to get to know someone, there is a chance you may change your initial impression and start liking that person, and even become their friend. This is exactly how I expect every great MG book to end. Definitely recommended for children or the child hidden in all adults.

  • Alicia Marietta
    2019-06-28 20:18

    This is my review copied from my blog, My Review - 4.5 starsIt has taken me a lot longer to write this blog post & review than it does most. Not because I did not like the book. Not because it was so-so, but instead I have found myself daydreaming and wandering with my thoughts just like Nate! Now, if I could only become a great hero like Nate and save the day! HMMM.......Karen has a done a delightful job with writing Nate Rocks the Boat. The creativity and imagination she has given Nate is wonderful. This is actually the second book in the Nate Rocks Series. I will be reviewing the first book, Nate Rocks the World next Tuesday, February 19th, so be sure to check back! There is a less than 3 weeks before the release for the third book in the series, Nate Rocks the School on March 4th. I will be hosting a review and giveaway on Match 7th that you won't want to miss!Nathan sure does endure a lot. From his evil older sister always giving him a hard time to his Mom's awful cooking to getting a black eye just before leaving for a new summer camp. And from no other than his Mom's best friends annoying daughter, Lisa. There is no way he can tell the kids at camp that he got a black eye from a girl. He has to come up with something, and it better be good. Luckily Abby will be tucked away on the other side of the lake. Nathan's best friend Tommy surely won't tell the truth. WHEW! All is well.....or is it?Poppy and I have both been reading the Nate Rocks series. Poppy says that she loves the way it blends so seemingly between reality and Nate's daydreaming. She especially liked during the Color Wars when the teams had to preform a skit in front of the entire camp. There are 6 teams, Red Boys, Blue Boys, White Boys, Red Girls, Blue Girls and White Girls. The teams are a mixture and are not based on their cabins. Nate is on the red team and Abby is on the white team. Abby's teams skit is based on how Nathan got his black eye. All of a sudden the Hawks are looking at Nathan, knowing that it is not a coincidence. Guess the cat is out of the bag on that one! OPSSS!!! What are older, evil sisters for after all?I do believe that regardless if you have a "tom-boy" or a "girly-girly", all children will definitely enjoying reading about Nate's daydreaming adventures. Next month I will begin reading Nate Rocks the World to Yang. Seeing as I have natural daydreamers I feel they are/will be able to relate with Nate, making it ever more enjoyable for them. Or did Karen just give them new things to daydream about? ;)DISCLAIMER: I received the aforementioned book for the sole purpose of providing an accurate and honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation and all words and opinions are my own.

  • Majanka
    2019-07-08 18:25

    Nate Rocks The Boat is another book in the MG Series “Nate Rocks”. I reviewed the other book in the series, Nate Rocks The World yesterday and very much enjoyed reading and reviewing it. In this new adventure, Nate is back for some fun, hilarious situations in a new setting – namely, summer camp.Nate is your regular, average ten-year-old except than whenever he starts daydreaming, or gets stuck in some peculiar situations, he begins draw comic books in which he doubles as Nate Rocks, a brave and intelligent superhero. Nate’s ideal summer holiday meant hanging out with his best friend Tommy and doing absolutely nothing, chilling out and relaxing all summer long. Unfortunately, his Mom has other plans. She’s convinced Nate should go with his sister Abby to overnight camp. Although that’s the last thing Nate wants, when his buddy Tommy shows up as well, he realizes overnight camp may not be as terrible as he first envisioned. Plus, at least summer camp means he won’t have to eat his Mom’s terrible food for six weeks.Summer camp has never been this exciting before. Imaginative and creative Nate ends up from one hilarious, sometimes even dangerous situation into another. Canoeing, scavenger hunts and kickball turns from ordinary sports into true adventures as Nate Rocks saves the camp from a flood, he saves another kid from being bitten by a rattler, and a lot more! Even camp bullies aren’t safe from Nate Rocks. Like the title of the book suggests, the water often proves to be the source of the danger Nate has to overcome, and every time he does, he does so in typical Nate Rocks fashion.This is a must-read book for all kids, especially boys, of around age ten. The Nate Rocks series shows how young reagers can use the imagination of their brain while still knowing it’s imagination – not real. The adventures happening to Nate are close to home for a lot of kids, and they’ll easily recognize themselves in the characters. I very much enjoyed reading this book, and am keeping my fingers crossed author Karen Pokras Toz decides to write more books in the Nate Rocks series.

  • Lissette
    2019-07-17 02:08

    Eager for the fourth grade to end, Nathan Rockledge is looking forward to spending time with his best friend, Tommy, for the summer. His parents, unfortunately, thwart his plans. They've decreed that Nate will be spending the summer at camp, but he's not going there alone. His older sister is going within him so that she can keep an eye on him in order to make sure he doesn't get into any trouble. Determined to make the most of the situation, Nate is glad he doesn't have to spend the summer catering to his sister's needs. His best friend, Tommy, will be joining him at camp and he's sure they'll have a blast together.Nate makes sure to take along his trusty sketch pad and his coloring pencils while also making his preparations for camp. The thought of not having to eat his mother's dreadful cooking for the next six weeks entices him and he begins to look forward to camp with each day that passes. The thought of making new friends and traipsing through the countryside peaks his interest further, but first he needs to get through the going-away party his mother has put together as well as spending time with the annoying Lisa Crane.Soon, Nate's adventures begin as they set off towards camp. Using whatever he can find along the way as a canvas, he opens up his imagination to paint vivid pictures of a world only he can see. From saving a kid, working for the FBI, and chasing ghosts away, Nate immerses himself in a myriad of adventures while making the most of his time at camp with every step he takes.This was such a delight to read - a great adventure that will keep the reader's attention riveted to every turn of the page. Children, and adults alike, will enjoy such a wonderful story. While this is the second book of such a great series, the book can certainly stand alone. I look forward to reading more of Nate's adventures as they become available. Kudos to Karen for continuing to write such intriguing books!

  • Rute Canhoto
    2019-07-14 21:14

    CríticaAcabei de ler “Nate Rocks the Boat” a 10 de Março de 2012 (pois, antes de ser colocado à venda. Fiz batota, lol!) e atribuo-lhe 4 estrelas.O que posso dizer? O Nate conseguiu outra vez! Mais uma vez, Nate provou que não importa o tamanho, mas o que conseguimos fazer quando nos empenhamos. A sua imaginação fértil serve-lhe certamente de inspiração. A autora continua a apresentar-nos o mundo do ponto de vista de uma criança de 10 anos, de uma forma muito bem conseguida. Tal não deixa de ser interessante, pois dá-nos igualmente oportunidade de voltar atrás no tempo e recordarmos situações similares. Quem não pegava num acontecimento, tornava-o miticamente problemático e depois criava soluções fantásticas? Esta é a essência de Nathan. E quanto ao herói que virá salvar o dia, não há dúvidas quanto a quem será. E porquê? Ora, porque é o grande Nate Rocks! Agora é só esperar pela próxima aventura.ReviewI finished reading "Nate Rocks the Boat" on March 10, 2012 - yep, before coming out for sale. I cheated, lol! I rate it 4 stars.What can I say? Nate has done it again! One more time, Nate proved that it doesn’t matter your size, but what you can do when you are committed to it. His imagination certainly inspires him.The author continues to show us the world from the viewpoint of a ten-year-old child, in a very well done way. This is interesting, because it gives us also the opportunity to go back in time and recall similar situations. Who would not pick an event, turn it into a mythically problem and then come up fantastic solutions? This is the essence of Nathan. And as for the hero who will save the day, there are no doubts. And why? Why because is Nate Rocks! Now we just have to wait for the next adventure.

  • Melanie
    2019-06-21 01:17

    10 year old Nathan is just an ordinary 4th grade boy, with a hugely extraordinary imagination! In book 2 of Nate Rocks, Nathan is headed to overnight summer camp. Dad is having to teach at a school for the summer and Mom has to keep an eye on Grandma so Nathan and sister Abby get to spend their summer in the great outdoors. Nathan doesn't think too highly of this idea until his alter ego, Nate Rock kicks it into high gear. As Nathan doodles, Nate Rocks transforms things around him to solve the toughest problems people find. All in Nathan's mind of course, but for us reading the book, adding fantastic tales to the already busy summer!Nate Rock pops up in the story at various times as Nathan wonders why he is called to help solve the problems and asks "Why me?" Each time the answer is "Why because you are Nate Rocks of course!"Summer Camp full of kickball, hiking, canoeing, ghost stories, new friends, sport, scavenger hunts, crafts, theater and more seems like it would be a fun read with just those elements. Add in Nate Rocks and his creative mind and the book is even more hilarious!Fantastic read for Elementary students who struggle to find 'interesting', 'funny' books. By using Nathan's imaginary counter part Nate Rocks, the reader is taken on adventures that ordinary 10 year olds aren't involved in. Quick paced and easy to read I think that this book will definitely Rock your Readers boat!I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

  • Phaedra Seabolt
    2019-07-12 20:15

    This young adult story is all about Nathan Rockledge. I was slightly confused when I started reading because this actually is the second book in the series. I didn't realize that until I got to the end. I am sure my initial confusion would never have existed if I had actually started with Nate Rocks the World.That said, this story focuses on Nathan's overnight summer camp experience. Normally he would attend a day camp with his two best friends, but this summer has some family issues (not 100% sure what) that has caused his parents to put him over night camp. Nathan is not happy about it, but at least is able to get one of his friends to go with him. Reading about their summer makes me think that Nathan doesn't really enjoy this camp very much. However at the end he indicates that he just might want to go the next year as well.What makes this story interesting, and at times confusing, is that any time you give Nathan a piece of paper and something to write with he becomes Nate Rocks. Nate Rocks is his super hero alter ego. The transition between the characters is so seamless when he becomes Nate Rocks that you actually think the events are really happening. Someone always comes around to shake him out of his daydreaming, until the one time they don't. Nathan and Nate are both capable of doing some amazing things that only a ten year old boy would dream of. It's a cute story.Read more reviews at Identity Discovery Blog.

  • Autumn
    2019-06-21 22:13

    So when I saw this book for free on Amazon I figured K would love to read it, it would be a good chapter book. I was wrong, I think this book was a bit much for K as he seemed like he would enjoy it then soon lose interest. I don't believe it to be the book but more of K not liking a book with no pictures, he would still like to read books with pictures in it. You have Nate who is going to Summer Camp and of course he is not too excited about that is until he gets there and starts pretty much drawing himself becoming Nate Rocks and saving the day time and time again. There are plenty of activities to keep him busy and enjoying camp.The author did a great job with Nate's imagination that I wish my own children had one like him, though I am sure after a while you could find yourself in trouble. There is humor within the story and some giggle moments involving one of the camp counselors which I think kids will like. The sibling rivalry between Nate and his older sister Abby had me think of how K and A annoy one another just like these two and I am sure as they both get older they will be doing almost the same things as both of these characters.I think children who will like adventure and daydreaming would enjoy this book. I plan on reading this to K when he is a bit older as I think he may enjoy it a bit more than he did now.

  • Carrie Ardoin
    2019-06-23 21:31

    Nate and his family return from their unconventional vacation, and his sister Abby is actually being nice to him...for about a week. Then she's back to her normal, bratty self. Things get worse when Nate's parents tell him he'll be going to a new, sleep-away camp this summer--and Abby is going too!Luckily, Nate has his best friend Tommy with him. Can they survive a summer full of kickball, ghost stories, and team competitions?I didn't enjoy this story as much as I did the first. Nate's imagination is back and more grandiose than ever--complete with tales of helping the FBI, defeating deadly snakes, and even saving fellow campers from sharks!But, I felt Nate was more whiny in this book than the first. He complained about everything they had to do--kickball, color wars, kitchen duty, WHATEVER. He was spending the summer away from home and with his best friend--I wish he could have been a little happier.I did have a few laugh-worthy moments though. Abby and Lisa are particularly nasty...even as an adult I think they deserve some comeuppance!Nate is a cool kid, he just needs to immerse himself in the world around him more :)

  • Susan
    2019-07-04 02:28

    Nate Rocks the Boat is the 2nd book in the Nate Rocks' series by author Karen Pokras Toz. Once again Nate is off on an adventure, only this time he's at Summer Camp! With is overactive imagination intact, Nate is off on more adventures, once again saving everyone from the imaginary and not so imaginary dangers at Camp Srping Ridge.Through all his adventures, kids can learn how much fun it can be to use your brain - imagination. I loved reading Nate Rocks the Boat. It was a fun and entertaining read even for an adult like me. I can definitely see how younger readers, especially boys will love reading all about Nate and his family and friends. Nate's adventures both in his mind and in his "real" life keep the reader interested from start to finish. I loved getting a glimpse into the life of a young boy with an aggravating big sister, struggles with sports, and normal kid issues. This is a great book for ages 7 and up - especially great for 10 year old boys like my son who are reluctant readers. *I received a free ebook copy for this review from the author. All reviews are my personal opinion.

  • Donna
    2019-07-01 01:15

    Karen has done it again! It's very difficult to find a book that boys will love. Nate fills the bill. My 11 year old son laughed all through Nate. This is the second installment in the Nate series. It's fantastic to read about a great kid who knows how to use his imagination. Nate's adventures from the first book were mostly imaginary. In this book, Nate gets to have actual, real life adventures. Don't be concerned, he uses his imagination plenty! Nate is at Overnight Camp with his friend and (gasp!!) his older, pain in the neck, sister. Karen pays attention to every detail of the story. When you read, you are at camp with Nate.There is a great ending which allows Nate to compete with his sister. I have to say, I never attended camp as a kid, I think I missed out on something. There is a great lesson about friendship in this book. The lesson is given in a fun to read manner. Kids, especially boys, will love this book. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for Nate's next adventure.

  • Becky Corwin-Adams
    2019-06-21 21:20

    The book is very interesting and entertaining. It would appeal to children of various ages, especially those who have attended a summer camp. I would recommend this book to parents who are trying to interest their child in attending camp. This book will show them what a fun filled experience camp is.I really liked the part where Boys White (Nate's team) won the challenge. I felt that Nate deserved this since he had been the underdog for most of the camp experience. It warmed my heart when his team won and especially the fact that he beat his annoying know-it-all sister's team.I was moved when Nate received a puppy for his valiant efforts to prevent the car from rolling in the lake with the puppy inside. It made me feel good to see him rewarded for his good deed.I would highly recommend this book to parents, grandparents, and teachers. I believe this book would interest my two school aged grandsons. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

  • Jane
    2019-06-23 00:30

    This is the second book in the ‘Nate Rocks’ series but as with the first it stands alone and doesn’t need to be read in order. Nathan is going to summer camp but is a little nervous because he is not the outdoorsy type, he much prefers his own company and sketch pad to entertain him. You would think that going to camp for the first time would be eased by the fact that an older sibling was going too….not the case for Nate! Abby tagging along is Nates worst nightmare and when one of the activities involves them being on apposing sides…well you’ll have to read it to see how that turns out! Although predictable from an adults point of view I think this has the perfect amount of excitement to keep the target age engaged (8-12 years). The terminology used, the voice and the little details are all age appropriate, if I was a parent of a child in this age group I would definitely be buying the whole series.Copy supplied for review.

  • Krazybooklady
    2019-06-23 22:22

    Nate Rocks is back and at it again. This time he is at summer camp, and he is experiencing a lot of new, real-life adventures along with his imaginary adventures.It is rare to find a book directed toward middle grade boys, and Karen Pokras Toz has done an excellent job bringing Nate to life once again. The trials and triumphs of summer camp are described perfectly and with a lot of humor. Kids will easily lose themselves in this book and feel like they are right there at camp with Nate. Along with all of the imagination and adventures, Karen also portrays a beautiful message of friendship. I would definitely recommend this book and this series, and I am looking forward to Nate's next adventure.Review reprinted from my blog Krazy Book Lady.

  • Melissa Garrett
    2019-07-18 22:05

    Author Karen Pokras Toz has managed to do it again with Nate Rocks the Boat, the follow-up to Nate Rocks the World. I read a digital version of this book to my 10-year-old son as an Advanced Reading Copy, and we laughed throughout. I even took it on my Kindle to the pediatrician's office and read ahead without my son, and I couldn't help but giggle out loud. Nate's voice stays true from one book to the other for the simple fact that Poz is able to accurately portray a day in the life of a 10-year-old boy. Trust me, if you've got a son, you'll likely relate to Nate's adventures. I'll definitely be buying a print version of this book. If you haven't read either Nate Rocks the World or Nate Rocks the Boat, you're seriously missing out! PS - Someone get this author an agent and publishing contract, 'cause she's the real deal!

  • Tammy Northrup
    2019-06-26 21:18

    Having not read Nate Rocks The World I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this book. I was also concerned that it would be difficult to follow without having read the previous book. However, I had no reason to be concerned as even though this is the second book it is more of a stand alone book. I decided to review this book with my youngest son who is ten. He thoroughly enjoyed this book and it even kept his attention which is no easy feat! As a parent I am a huge fan of any book which is interesting enough to hold the attention of our overactive youngest son. I had thought this book would be a snooze fest for me as the mom however I have to admit that I enjoyed it too! Both my son and me are looking forward to reading more about Nate's adventures in Nate Rocks The World, next. I recieved a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Carlie Cullen
    2019-07-05 00:20

    What an enjoyable read this was. The characterisation of Nathan Rockledge was great - so typical of a large number of ten-year-old boys. The author has made him so real; he's not sporty and lacks confidence, but he makes up for it with a fabulous imagination in which he becomes 'Nate Rocks', superhero. The story flows seemlessly between Nathan's real adventures and his imaginary superhero ones, where he always saves the day, and back again. Nathan is a very likeable character, but there's no love lost between him and his older teenage sister.This well-edited book is a treat for boys and girls (and young-at-heart adults). The storylines are engaging and imaginative, the writing is excellent, the dialogue realistic and the characters relateable.

  • Rachel
    2019-07-06 21:22

    I really like the Nate Rock stories. Nate Rocks The Boat is the 2nd in the series, although you can read this as a stand alone book too.In this book Nathan goes to Summer Camp with his friend Tommy and his Sister Abby. During his time at Summer Camp Nathan gets lost in a dream world while writing, drawing and ends up drawing cartoons but these cartoons come to life and it’s down to Nate to save the day.The age range of this book is 7 – 12 years and I think this is correctly aimed. Even though Nate is a boy and I thought this might be aimed more at boys I think girls would enjoy it just as much

  • Lorraine
    2019-07-07 20:28

    Thank you First Reads for my free copy of Nate Rocks the Boat! What a wonderful story for a young boy to read! There is a limited amount of literature that appeals to the youth today, Nate is sure to be a hit! It was reminiscent of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and will be a welcomed addition to my library for the young students that I work with!The characters are true to life, sibling rivalry, bullies, attempting to fit in,etc! The author most certainly appears to understand the minds and motivation of the boys in the story! An enjoyable read and one I am sure to share with my grandsons!

  • Judy Thomas
    2019-07-14 01:12

    As a children's librarian, I'm always looking for books that boys will enjoy reading--the Nate Rocks series fits the bill. Full of adventure (even if most of it is in his rich fantasy life), Nate Rocks the Boat takes us to summer camp with Nate where he encounters bullies, ghosts, and runaway vans. This book is easy to read and sure to be a hit with the boys and girls in my library. The book is intended for ages 8-12, but their parents will enjoy it as well. I'm looking forward to the next episode in the Nate Rocks series.

  • Roxanne
    2019-06-27 23:25

    I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway! I love the way that Nate's imagination turns regular life into an adventure where Nate Rocks is the hero! Book is set in a summer camp setting with Nate and his camp friends. Excellent summer read for school age kids. Recommend this book highly for young boys especially! The adventures, real and imagined, that Nate experiences at Camp Spring Ridge make this book such fun! Anyone reading this book will live these Nate Rocks adventures with him as he saves the day! Very refreshing read!

  • Stacey Rourke
    2019-06-24 00:33

    Nate Rocks is back and better than ever! Author Karen Pokras Toz sticks with a formula that works in her sequel Nate Rocks the Boat. With her flare for description Toz gives us the heebie jeebies at a slithering rattle snake about to strike, makes us laugh out loud at an over zealous camp counselor, and snicker behind our hand when Nate takes a horse shoe to the face in a backyard game gone wrong. But in the end we learn that thanks to his active imagination and clever thinking Nate truly does rock! This is a must have for the young readers in your life!

  • Heidi
    2019-06-20 18:13

    A delightful middle grade series perfect for children who enjoy the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries series. The main character is a fourth grader named Nate whose favorite activity is drawing comics and imagining himself saving the world in a variety of ways. I enjoyed following Nate as he deals with an annoying and obnoxious older sister, avoiding recess kickball, and in this book, overnight camp. This series is light and funny and I highly recommend it.

  • Amanda
    2019-06-22 19:15

    Is it weird that a grown woman can "become" an eleven-year-old boy so easily? Possibly, but Karen does it so well. My own eleven-year-old asked for Nate Rocks the Boat for Christmas and read the book in one evening. When I asked his thoughts on the second Nate Rocks book, he said, "I loved it. It's even better than the first one. The thing I like the most is that his sister isn't as annoying." We're both already looking forward to the third book!

  • Susan
    2019-07-13 00:20

    Once again Nate rocks in "Nate Rocks the Boat", the second book in the 'Nate Rocks' series. A truly fun and entertaining read for middle grade readers. As an adult I totally enjoyed this book and don't worry if you didn't read the first book "Nate Rocks the World"... the book can be read as a stand alone. A total must read, especially for boys around 8-10 years of age!This review is based on a complimentary copy from the author which was provided for an honest review.

  • Pam Torres
    2019-07-07 21:27

    You know what I love about Nate? His frank and honest tone. Jake's tween view of the world is exactly the right combination of sardonic spark and hopeful optimism. This is the perfect book for boys who need to have something happening on every page, either adventure or hilarious banter. See entire review at

  • Brittany
    2019-06-25 02:11

    I received this book through the First Reads giveaway program on Goodreads. I gave this to my 10 year old stepson who enjoys the Nate books. He said this one was just as good as the others he has read.

  • Candice
    2019-06-20 21:04

    Coming this week