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Two opponents must confront the cause of their obsessive fury in the latest Novel of the Elder Races…As a harpy, Sentinel Aryal is accustomed to dealing with hate, but Sentinel Quentin Caeravorn manages to inspire in her a burning ire unlike anything she’s ever known. Aryal believes the new Sentinel to be a criminal, and vows to take him out as soon as the opportunity arisTwo opponents must confront the cause of their obsessive fury in the latest Novel of the Elder Races…As a harpy, Sentinel Aryal is accustomed to dealing with hate, but Sentinel Quentin Caeravorn manages to inspire in her a burning ire unlike anything she’s ever known. Aryal believes the new Sentinel to be a criminal, and vows to take him out as soon as the opportunity arises. But the harpy’s incessant wrath has pushed Quentin to the limit, and forces him to make a deadly vow of his own.To put an end to the conflict, Dragos, Lord of the Wyr, sends them on a reconnaissance mission to the Elven land of Numenlaur. Forced to work together, Aryal and Quentin’s mutual antagonism escalates. Each fight draws forth more passion—culminating in an explosively sexual confrontation. But when their quest reveals real danger, Aryal and Quentin must resolve their differences in ways beyond the physical, before the entire Wyr is threatened....

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Kinked Reviews

  • XxTainaxX
    2019-05-29 01:17

    I've got to say that I wasn't a very big fan of Aryal going into this story. She was very much a harpy like her Wyr form. Always on the attack and fierce. Her obsession with Quentin's crimes was frustrating. This book allows us to get to know her. While she is those things I've mentioned, she is also loyal and determined. She is compassionate and selfless. We really got a shot at seeing her from a different perspective and underneath the layers. Quentin was fighting demons of his own. One of which was an inconceivable attraction to the woman wanting to see him go down. I must admit that reading all that sexual frustration between them including the big fight they had was sexy as hell. They were sent on mission to work it all out and boy did they. There was still danger and the big plot continues to grow. A great addition to the series. Safety: No OW/OM/Sharing after they get together. There is a OW encounter in the beginning of the story that might not sit well. No condoms. Neither is a V. No rape. There is fighting so yes to physical abuse.

  • Angela James
    2019-05-21 21:00

    I wasn't expecting to enjoy this book because I didn't like Aryal going into this book (I wonder how many people's reviews will start with this?) but this book shot right into my top three favorite in the series, along with Dragon Bound and Oracle Moon. This is one I'll definitely be re-reading. What particularly worked for me was the progression of the relationship that the author took us through, but also that she didn't make the hero so uber-likeable that the heroine became some unlikeable bitch. She made them both flawed and difficult and how they come to fall in love totally works. I also appreciated the slightly...different take on their relationship she took (I'm not telling!) And, last, Aryal went from someone I didn't care for to someone I was totally invested in, and I think that's a very hard task when you have a difficult heroine. Fans of this series should anticipate this one & pick it up right away, it's a great read and I'm looking forward to reading it again. Edited to add: I loved the last scene in this book. Loved.

  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    2019-06-04 02:17

    Kinked, book #6 in Thea Harrison's Elder Race Series actually turned out to be a surprise!!! A good surprise.........because I wasn't look forward to Aryal's story. She has not been a favorite of mine in the series. I found her surly, abrasive, domineering fact, totally unlikeable. By the end of the book....she had hooked her claws into me....and I actually liked her!!! Not that she became a "tamed" harpy Sentinel......not in a million years.......but somehow she just grows on you!!!She didn’t fit the concept of what a modern female should be like, and that made her even more annoying to a modern, entitled male such as he. She didn’t defer to his opinion or mask her own spiky personality to fit the concept of any modern behavior, because she wasn’t modern. So, here we have Aryal, ordered by Dragos, to go on a joint and secret reconnaissance mission to the Elven land of Numenlaur......with none other than someone she hates and distrusts............the winner of the Sentinel Games and new sentinel member, Quentin Caeravorn.What an intense and adventure filled journey these two go on. I loved watching the way their animosity and hatred and their attraction growing towards each other.....these are two forceful and controlling characters..........both are sexually aggressive and dominant..neither wanting to give in or submit......but wow...when they give in to each other.......She quieted that internal whip that drove him because she became the whip, her soul as sharp as a knife. He could cut himself on her, wrap her in his arms and be her buffer. Heal her from herself, bruise himself on her. Let her heal him. Let her be his buffer. They were so unapologetic, so kinked.He said, “We’re perfect.” Aryal and Quentin’s back story also made me understand them a bit more. In the end, I was happy that these two got their HEA!!!!This book had mystery, adventure, great characters and the BEST...........Peanut!!!!! OMG............Dragos and Pia's little Dragon has arrived..........and I am in love!!!!One of my favorite quotes in this book - Pia's comment about the effect her son "peanut" aka Liam had on the Wyr Sentinel, Aryal

  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    2019-05-20 21:59

    Two of Dragos' Sentinels tearing things up...aka Aryal and Quentin.Likes:• I loved the enemies to lovers theme. Aryal and Quentin were sooo funny when they were fighting!• I don't know why I'm always surprised at how TH can make her characters come alive and endear themselves to you...especially characters you didn't really care for before. • The bargaining was great!• The wings! Aww...that was sooo touching and heart breaking. I love how everyone came out at the end.• I loved how honest Aryal was....and her "promise". She really surprised me. • I like having the prior characters involved in the current book...especially when they are Dragos and Pia.• I'm really liking Grym and I'm hoping his book is next. A gargoyle...I know TH can do it. But I'm still waiting for Graydon's book.Dislikes:• I could really do without the cheesy sex lines:"pump his rocket engine and not let go until they both shot to the moon" and "incredibly lush prison of her inner flesh". Blah! • I really wanted to see more of Quentin's elf side and have more of his powers come out. • The BDSM...really wasn't anything. I was definitely expecting more because of the title. But I'm glad that Aryal and Quentin's relationship was different.• I didn't like Aryal "seeing" him with another woman.Overall:I really was surprised at how much I enjoyed Aryal and Quentin together. Maybe I wished they would've fought the mating a bit more but there was too much other stuff going on in Numenlaur. I can't wait to see what TH comes up with next! Favorite quotes:❥ "We all recognize something of our own wildness in you."❥ "He roared, “IF YOU STOP I WILL MURDER YOU!–"❥ “I will never betray my mate and never endanger his life with my carelessness or impetuosity. I will fight for and with him, and always have his back whenever he might need me. I will not leave him, and I will not lie to him, and if he will only be patient and forgiving, I will learn how to forgive too, because he will be the most important thing, ever, in the world to me. I will give everything I have to him, along with everything I can be, if he will only do the same for me.”❥ "As the panther found his peace, the harpy stroked his hair and discovered tenderness."❥ “I think you might be both my suicide and my salvation.” And he needed her for both. “I love you like a heart attack, woman.”❥ "You need reassurance now? You really are high maintenance, aren’t you?""You know everything’s always all about me."❥ "You really do poop sparkly rainbows."

  • Sophia Triad
    2019-06-14 05:02

    Aryal and Quentin"Can you control her?""Of course I can control her," said Quentin nastily. "Every time she lets me."Quentin Caeravorn is the winner of the Sentinel Games that took place during Lord's Fall. Dragos needed new sentinels after Rune and Diago abandoned him to ve with their mates and Quentin the panther will be the newest member of his little army. Aryal is a harpy and a Drago's sentinel for many many years. It is not easy for her to accept Quentin whom she also hates for her own reasons. Maybe because she knows that Quentin hinds secrets and maybe because she suspects that he is a bad guy.This is a 'haters to lovers' story for these two powerful dominant creatures, so you will get all the sexual tension, the animal magnetism and the building up, until they get together.For the main part of the book Aryal and Quentin are sent to a mission by the Dragos at the land of Elves, Nonmelaur in order to help any remaining Elves who survived Garvarel. They need to work together, so that they will survive. During this awesome adventure, they will learn so many things about themselves.Another amazing book with a happy ending that takes place in the fantasy world Thea Harrison has created.

  • Blacky *Romance Addict*
    2019-06-13 05:18

    Best non-Dragos book of the series. Those two were epic!!! The fights between them (physical and verbal), the chemistry, the dialogue... Perfect!!! Though, I wish we could've seen that last bargain, one day for him and one day for her *.* but oh well :D

  • Holly
    2019-05-22 05:16

    I was hesitant going into this novel because Aryal wasn't my favorite character in previous books (to be honest, I down right disliked her). I'm happy to say I worried for nothing. The book was phenomenal. This book is darker and more gritty than the previous ones, but it didn't feel forced or unnecessary. I would almost say I love this as much as Dragon Bound and Oracle's Moon (my favorites of the series to date).

  • Ferdy
    2019-06-02 21:55

    SpoilersI was so excited for this, I thought it would be brilliant because the heroine (Aryal) was a favourite of mine from earlier books. Unfortunately, the hero (Quentin) was rubbish and ruined the whole book. The plot wasn't all that great either.-What's what: Aryal (immortal harpy/Dragos's sentinel) and Quentin (wyr panther/one of Dragos's new sentinels/Pia's friend) hate each other. Their mutual hatred of each other turns into violence. As punishment they're banished, forced to work together, and given an ultimatum — they make peace or they lose their sentinel position. Naturally, sexy times ensue.-The plot mainly focused on the hate-to-love romance between Quentin and Aryal, everything else took a back seat. Like their assignment to protect some elven land (Numenlaur) of some sort. When they arrived in Numenlaur there was a mysterious bad guy but instead of focusing on that they spent most of their time fighting and lusting after each other, and then falling in love. Yea, the Numenlaur arc/the bad guy mostly seemed like an afterthought/forgettable background to Quentin and Aryal’s relationship. Which would have been fine if the romance had been amazing. Sadly, it wasn’t.-I loved Aryal, she had a lot more attitude and presence than other female characters in the series. She wasn’t a Mary Sue who was all powerful and beloved by all, she had a dominant and bitchy personality, worked hard, and wasn't coddled by all the alpha men around her. Aryal was definitely the best thing about Kinked, even though she fell in love, she never lost her personality — she’s definitely my favourite Elder Races heroine.-Quentin didn’t leave much of an impression on me in earlier books, and after reading this I still found him utterly unremarkable. I honestly didn’t know what Aryal saw in him.-I did initially enjoy Quentin and Aryal’s banter and chemistry, they were very entertaining together. I liked that Aryal and Quentin genuinely loathed each other and would have happily killed the other. Some of their banter was hilarious. Unfortunately, as soon as they fell in 'love' I lost interest in them as a couple. Also, I was put off by Quentin coming across as more concerned about himself than Aryal, every time they were fighting for their lives, it seemed like he cared more for his own safety than Aryal's… And whenever Aryal was hurt, Quentin was so meh about it. Yea, I really would have liked a more passionate and caring hero.-I wasn't convinced of Quentin's love for Aryal at all — he said he loved her but from his thoughts and actions it didn't ring true. Especially when she was dying, he didn't even seem that bothered, he was more bothered about himself. Ugh.-I was put off by Aryal/Quentin's violence towards each other, especially Quentin. He seemed far more violent towards Aryal, he started fights and provoked her whilst she was more reactionary and defensive.All in all, this was a bit of a mixed bag — the plot was rather weak, but I did adore Aryal’s character, the romance started off well but went down hill fast, and I didn’t like Quentin at all.

  • Amanda
    2019-06-10 21:08

    According to the reviews and ratings so far I'm the only one that hasn't loved this book. I hated it. The only reason I skimmed to the end was so that if anything actually happened I'd know about it for book 7. I have LOVED this series, but I hated this one. I didn't go into it hating Aryal, like so many others, and I don't hate her now. I wanted to be invested in this couple. But I wasn't. So here's my list of issues: 1. Nothing happens the first half of the book except one fight and lots of sex. Not my cup of tea. I think I read the first half of the book on about 45 mins because I skipped so many pages. 2. Here's yet another book that has decided to be a 50 shades knock off. I haven't read that for a reason. I don't want to have it thrown in my face in a series that I have otherwise loved. I don't read bdsm books on purpose. Either the author or publisher should let us know if a book in the middle of a series changes genres. 3. Nothing really happens during the book at all. Yes, there's a protagonist and a fight scene and a climax of the plot. But honestly, it was lame. In every other book the entire overarching story has been furthered. I didn't feel like this one did that. This should have just been a novella. There was about 30-50 pages of actual plot.

  • Mariana Zapata
    2019-06-14 23:12

    I'm not going to lie, I think a huge part of me didn't want to like this book (before I actually started reading it, of course). But Thea Harrison's writing gives me a lady boner... okay, Dragos and a couple of the other males in her novellas do the trick but you get my point.Because when I saw that this was Aryal's book... Blah. I wouldn't be surprised if that was everyone's reaction at first. And then I started reading it and here I am. I loved it. Ms. Harrison managed to turn a character that I was not a fan of into one that I really admired and grew to respect along the way. I'm now a part of Aryal's fan club.And then there's dirty Quentin. I think my ovaries went for a walk a couple of times. When he called her a dumb ass, I gave him one of the many keys to my heart. Their relationship totally worked for me. Anyway, I thought this was fantastic and I can't wait for another ER novel or novella, I'm not picky, I don't care. Anything. (But I'd really like a grown up baby white dragon at some point, I'm just going to throw that out there).

  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-06-09 21:51

    KINKED is an entertaining, aggression-filled ride!Read this review in its entirety at Fresh Fiction

  • Stacie
    2019-05-20 03:15

    3 1/2 Stars!It took me until about the 50% mark to really get into this one. But once I did, I enjoyed it. Happy reading!

  • Lisa Kay
    2019-06-02 01:52

    ★★★★½ (This is a review of the audiobook.) Sophie Eastlake’s narration is growing on me. She gets a little monotone sometimes, but she is improving with this series.Okay. I liked this installment of the Elder Races series. Enjoyed it, in fact. However, I sure waffled on it a bit before I got there. Some people are going to love these two Sentinels to Dragos, Lord of the Wyr. I mean, they really hated each other at the beginning. To the point where I thought they were quite mean to one another, in both thought and deed. Therefore, it is quite ironic when they start liking the things they hated about each other, find a common ground, and get together. But it isn’t a quick route to that HEA. Both extremes of their relationship - their physical fights and sexual tension - are both explosive. I didn’t enjoy some of the physicallity when Quentin & Aryal were fighting. But for their personalities, it definitly works. Things I loved most: 1) How deeply Quentin & Aryal ending up caring for one another and their willingness to show each other their hearts, thought thick & thin. 2)As always, TH writes great dialogue. 3) Dragos, Pia, & Peanut become part of the story! 4) The assignment come road trip to the Elven land of Numenlaur. I love a good road trip storyline and Numenlaur is well developed. (view spoiler)[Although, I could have done without all the dead babies. Still, that makes they desire for justice all the stronger. (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Megzy
    2019-06-02 01:00

    Aryal is a harpy and a Bitch but I liked her and really enjoyed seeing she didn't change! I loved Quen in previous books and liked him even more in his own book!

  • Laura the Highland Hussy
    2019-05-18 01:52

    Quentin has won a position as a Sentinel for Dracos fair and square, but Aryal knows he’s a criminal and he’s been doing bad things for a long time. Aryal never stops to think that she might be wrong. Unfortunately her vendetta against him has gotten to the point where she’s driving herself mad trying to figure out what he’s done. This leads her to peek in on him at home one night, and he isn’t alone. Quentin can scent that Aryal was at his place. And he can tell it was while he was with the woman who just left his apartment. This has become too much. Between the restlessness that’s been dogging him and Aryal’s unrelenting investigation, it’s the last straw. He hauls to the Tower and finds Aryal. When he sees her, he attacks. The two are brawling when Dragos separates them, and if you know Dragos, you know it’s not in a nice way. His solution to their mutual hatred for each other is to banish them from New York for 2 weeks. He gives them an assignment and tells them not to come back until they’ve worked out their issues. Their assignment is to check in on the Elven land of Numenlaur to make sure no one is looting or taking advantage of the decimated town. What they find when they arrive is so much more than they bargained for.I haven’t really liked Aryal before this book, and I wasn’t too sure I’d like her as the heroine. But Ms. Harrison brought me around. I will say that I love how true to themselves the characters were. Quentin and Aryal never deviate from who they are. In fact that’s why they’re so perfect for each other. When Quentin starts understanding who Aryal is, he begins to see more of why she is how she is. While Aryal embraces her darkness, Quentin keeps his on a short leash so no one will get hurt. Their differences actually show them how similar they are to one another.Aryal came into being with the universe. She’s ancient. She has seen it and done it all. Literally. So why is it that this criminal is never out of her mind? Aryal can’t get Quentin out of her mind, in fact at one point she suggest hate sex. And once she says it, Quentin can’t stop thinking about it.But that will have to wait since the empty land isn’t so empty. What happened to the guards posted at the entrance of Numenlaur? Why is there no sign of danger, but each Sentinel can’t kick the feeling that danger is all around?I love how Aryal and Quentin grow together, and I love how they are together. As Quentin put it, they’re kinked, and that’s perfect for them. Another more unusual trait of this story is that Aryal and Quentin are the only characters for the majority of the book. There are a few later on, but the two of them carry the whole book, and I find that is a difficult feat to pull off. It never felt monotonous and I never wanted a break from them. This book is expertly crafted and satisfying in delivery. Ms. Harrison takes the reader on a ride with this book and you don’t get a gentle let-down, you get slammed around and full-stop. The ride is intense, and sort of dark, but worth the read. ARC courtesy of Berkley

  • Shabby Girl ~ aka Lady Victoria
    2019-06-15 02:06

    Love, love, love this book. These Elder Race books, I think, are the ones I most look forward to a new book on. Unlike every other review I've seen, I had no problem whatsoever with Aryal being a heroine and have absolute trust that this author could pull it off. In fact when I found out, I rubbed my hands together and thought, oh, yeah, this'll be good, bring it on!So my trust was not misplaced and I adored this book. Made me laugh, cry, laugh and cry. I especially loved the ending. The hero was perfectly matched to Aryal and their romance was totally believable, which is pretty neat considering they hated each other at the start of the book.The book is very well named. I mean, in what other romance book would you find it acceptable that the hero punched the heroine in the face and you still liked him?! It’s okay, she punched him in the face too (different time) and if you’ve read the previous books in this series, you’ll know it’s all cool because the heroine is Aryal. And Aryal is a harpy and she definitely does not shit rainbows.I just hope there are more books coming in this series as I would be devastated if I found there weren't. I love this world and every creature in it.Can't wait for the next one - can't wait to see which couple is next.

  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    2019-05-20 04:19

    I was fully prepared to give this a 1 start rating until the last chapter. The last scene of the book bumped it up to 2. This book was slow. Really slow. Not a lot happened and what did happen was separate from the Wyr community and the other Sentinels, which bummed me out as they are my favorite aspect of the series.Also, I didn't feel that connected to Quentin and Aryal. I didn't dislike them or anything. In fact, I kind of just didn't care about them either way. Not a good way to feel about the main two characters.

  • Diana
    2019-05-27 00:13

    Audiobook narrated by Sophie Eastlake The series has proven to be uneven for me. Enemies-to-lovers isn't a favorite theme of mine and I knew I was in trouble when the h/h started physically assaulting each other with intent to kill. Gee, call me crazy, but not a promising setup for romance. The "I hate you" theme dominates the first half of the book and I hated it. Second half was decent but by that time I didn't find either one of them at all heroic or even interesting. And I don't believe that the next time they have a disagreement they won't start whaling on each other again. I'm hearing the "Cops" theme song in my head.

  • Ren
    2019-06-02 21:54

    4 stars Gosh! I don't believe the last time I read the latest instalment of Elder Races is like... 4 years ago! It's a wonder that I still remember the story, which I didn't. So I did a little bit re-read of Lord's Fall, just the last part tho, to refresh my memory. I remember one of the reason I hesitate to read the next book after Lord's Fall, Kinked, is because I didn't like Aryal, the harpy sentinel. It's because she always act hostile toward Pia. So full of hatred. And I'm not alone. Many readers see her as a bitchy characters that grated their nerves. A jerk hero sometimes can be acceptable because it's so sweet to read about his redemption and see his grovel (sometimes I don't enjoy it tho). But what if that character is a woman? Can Aryal be least, likable heroine?The answer...well, yes!Kinked give me a new perspective also a new side of Aryal. Sure she's crazy, and in Kinked her anger toward Quentin Caeravorn, another sentinel who can shapeshift into panther and a new addition to Dragos's sentinels, is barely tolerable. In the start, there were two people that Aryal hate the most. First is Pia, then Quentin. For Pia, I think Aryal despise her at first because she stole Dragos's penny and maybe because despite all their differences, Dragos become smitten with Pia and they mated. It seems like at first that can't be accepted by Aryal, those her hostile attitude toward Pia. Anyhow, the dislike is not for long. Harrison manage to write Aryal in a believable way to dampen her dislike to Pia, and start to accept Dragos's mate.Quentin is another matter for Aryal. Their quarrel become so annoying for their friends and comrades, and the last straw snapped when Quentin goes ballistic to Aryal, make Dragos banished them for 2 weeks, to go to a mission to Numenlaur, the deserted Elven land. Who knows, the trip that start with hate, anger, and violence, turn to be a life turning event for both Quentin and Aryal. Both are dominant, predator, unapologetic, know what they want, doesn't take shit from anyone. In theory, they must be battling for centuries, because their difference. Aryal didn't believe Quentin, she think he's a criminal and a danger to Dragos. Quentin can't accept Aryal acerbic words and tauntings. They're least likely become a couple and yet, their love to hate relationship is work. There was a saying in my country "don't hate a person too much, you don't know when you will end up love them". This saying is so true for Aryal and Quentin. Like Rihanna's song, they found love in the hopeless placeKinked is about Aryal and Quentin, so the event in this book is about how they work their differences. I come to accept and respect Aryal. She is what she is, and like I said before, unapologetic about her attitude. It's drive Quentin crazy at first, but then they start to accept each other. Like Quentin said, they're kinked, and nope, I don't said about those "kinky BDSM", even the BDSM element is there. What Quentin mean is...they are flawed, and because of that, even both are Elder, that make them humans. Aryal and Quentin didn't need to change themselves, they just need to accept what they are, negotiate, compromise and then commit to each other, understanding to each other. And..that's what a couple should do! While Kinked is my favorite book this year, I don't give this book full 5 stars because I don't like how Harrison write the villain. The villain seems so..lousy. They supposed to be a powerful foe, yet, the action somehow off and have plot hole too. Make me a little bit disappointed, tho. In the other side, I appreciated how Harrison use some Tolkien's work. Seems a little bit lazy at first, but I think she pay homage to Tolkien. Numenlaur is of course remind me of Numenor, and the name of the Elven resonated with Tolkien's Elves name. For Tolkien's purist, maybe this will be annoying, but for me, it's okay. Some readers may complaint about the BDSM aspect. I don't mind tho, since its just written lightly, and the Kinked title is not referred to Quentin's BDSM lifestyle, but about his and Aryal's flaws. What can I said? I amend my opinion about Aryal now. She become one of my favorite heroine and that's mean something. I'm glad that even she's harpy, she is rational, not like Gena Showalter's harpy that so immature and just crazy for being crazy it's so annoying. I like Quentin too, for his alpha tendencies, it's so hard to accept his obedience into Aryal, and yet...well you will get my meaning. I end up really love Kinked despite my disappointment for some aspect.He didn't want a safe word, and she didn't ask for one. They were both dominant, and he knew for a fact he wouldn't be a switch -someone who switched the dominant role with the submissive role - for anybody else but her. And he was almost certain she wouldn't either.She quieted that internal whip that drove him because she became the whip,her soul as sharp as a knife.He could cut himself on her, wrap her in his arms and be her buffer. Heal her from herself, bruise himself on her.Let her heal him. Let her be his buffer.They were so unapologetic, so kinked.He said, "We're perfect."

  • Kathy Davie
    2019-05-21 21:09

    Sixth in the Elder Races paranormal romance series and revolving around the Wyr based in New York City. The couple focus is on Quentin Caeravorn and Aryal.My TakeI do like Aryal, even if she obsesses way too much about Quentin.. She's primal, woman, and knows her own mind. She's tried everything—and I mean everything. I like Quentin too. I like the his regret, and that he's trying to make amends for what he set in motion. What I didn't care for was the attempt to drag in the readers with the BDSM angle. It felt half-baked.Behold the Power of the peanut.The funny part is the quick confession and immediate release that follows that angers Quentin. All that and this is all that happens?It's an odd courtship, betting against each other that they'll never last 15 minutes, half an hour, half a night, giving in, being submissive. I have to confess it was funny to read. And the BDSM is still pretty vanilla.The journey through Numenlaur to the city felt like a walk down memory lane. A little bit Hobbit, a little bit Anya Bast's Dark Magick, a touch Mercedes Lackey, and a little bit Tairen Soul.I absolutely loved their particular joke of it always being all about Quentin. Too, too funny.Oh, boy. Now Aryal's gonna have to accept Pia! After that particular miracle? LOL. Okay, the crop thing? I don't get it.It's an okay story and has its bright spots. I love Aryal's openness and Quentin's honesty. The exploration through Numenlaur and checking the houses was interesting, even if I did cry at some of what they found. The first encounter with Gayla and her wolves was dramatic and tense, and that was about it. There were a number of points when it could have gotten really tense, but Harrison kept it fairly low-key.The StoryShe's hated him forever, so much that she's invested years in investigating him, hours in trying to follow him. It's when she spies him playing bondage games with a woman that she starts to think of him in other terms.Caught brawling inside Cuelebre Tower by Dragos walking Liam, Dragos has had enough and banishes Aryal and Quentin until they work their issues out. Or they won't be Sentinels any longer.It's a pair of brawling, arguing children set loose to check on the abandoned Numenlaur lands. After events in Lord's Fall, 5, Dragos is concerned about looting and anything dangerous. He figures two Sentinels bent on violence are perfect for the job. Aid that Ferion appreciates as he hasn't heard from the guards he sent weeks ago.The CharactersAryal is a harpy and one of Dragos' Sentinels. And she is desperate to dig up the dirt on Quentin.Quentin Caeravorn is a new Sentinel who won his place by winning at the Games in Lord's Fall, 5. He's what Aryal calls a "triple threat": a mixed-breed who is part Wyr (he shifts into a panther), part Elven, and part Dark Fae. Aryal is positive he's also a thief. He also owns a popular bar, Elfie's, where Pia used to work.Dragos Cuelebre is a dragon and Lord of the Wyr. Pia is his mate and they've just had Liam, their baby dragon son in Lord's Fall. Pia is also a former employee of Quentin's. It was his idea for Pia to steal from Dragos in Dragon Bound, 1. Eva is one of Pia's new full-time bodyguards. Kris is Dragos' assistant.Dragos' other Sentinels include:Former Sentinels who re-won their places are the gryphons—Bayne, Constantine, and Graydon (he's the new First Sentinel); Grym, a gargoyle; and of course, Aryal. Quentin and Alexander Elysias, a pegasus, are the new Sentinels. Others within Cuelebre TowerTalia Aguilar is a Wyr selkie and the new head of PR for Cuelebre Enterprises. Kathryn Shaw is the Wyr falcon and physician Dragos keeps on retainer for all high-level staff.Ferion is the new Elven High Lord; it was his arrow in Dragon Bound that endangered Pia's life.Numenlaur is the first and oldest Elven land from which they all came. The guards Ferion sent are Linwe, a young firecracker with a love of teasing; Caerreth is shy and bookish; Cemalle; and, Aralorn.It's dangerous to meet Galya Andreyev of Russia. A very powerful witch with wolf shadows. Pyotr is the alpha shadow.Amras Gaeleveal was one of the ancient Guardians of Numenlaur who went mad and almost destroyed the Elves in Lord's Fall. The CoverThe cover is a collage of events within the story: a cliff-hugging fairyland city, a leather-clad Aryal standing slightly behind Quentin. It's a beautiful rune-like circle in a pale yellow against a more golden sky.The title is trying too hard. It's accurate enough, for they do have a Kinked relationship, but I wish Harrison had put a bit more effort in this.

  • Kate's Corner
    2019-06-05 22:12

    Keeping it short and sweet here.Is this book good? Yes.Did I like the MC together? Yes, they are highly amusing when they were antagonizing one another and after they put their vendetta’s aside and started to work together I loved it even more. What about the heroine? She is a crazy bitch who is always in on everything and does everything 100 %. Aryal is a harpy and she is loyal to a fault and loves to hold a grudge my kinda gal. What about the Hero? Holy smoke balls Quentin is fantastic and he put up with Aryal and is a complete alpha male. Was the plot surprising? Yes, and fantastic to read. Well done Ms. Harrison. Would I read it again? Yes. But need to take a genre break at the moment.

  • Angela (Angel's Guilty Pleasures)
    2019-06-16 21:12

    Amazing!I was not sure if I would like Aryal’s story. I hated her from the moment I meet her in Dragon Bound. She is such a bitch with a capital B and the way she treats Pia. Ahhh!Wow, Thea changed my mind on her character with this novel.Kinked blew me away! I loved the humor, action, adventure, and the massed up love/connection; between Quentin and Aryal. The main characters complement each other and it worked beautifully. I see Aryal in a new light now.The Elder Races series is one of my favorite paranormal romance series and I highly recommend it for paranormal romance lovers.Rated: 5 Kinked Stars Some of my favorite quotes from Kinked: "Her life was one eternal rampage. Maybe it was time someone turned the tables on her and went after her with the same kind of relentlessness with which she went after the entire world." "And maybe it was past time that someone took that harpy down a peg or two, and showed her who was boss.”“As the panther found peace, the harpy stroked his hair and discovered tenderness.” “You really do poop sparkly rainbows."

  • Melindeeloo
    2019-06-15 01:50

    Review to come but I really liked this and here's some random thoughts for now... I love enemies to lovers when the transition is done well, and for me it was. Lot's of good steamy stuff. I was a little worried about the 'kink' coming into this because BDSM is not my thing at all, but those elements were really on the outskirts of the story and could have easily been left out. The struggle between two dominant control freaks was the important part and didn't really need the 'trendy' label. I liked that even though both of the characters showed there mushy centers to each other, that they were still totally bad-A. All of the romances in this series have been different, because the leads have all been so different, the lustiness and the intensity between the pair and the fact that they ultimately 'get' each other and because "darkness can be beautiful" make this very sexy read.

  • Laura (Kyahgirl)
    2019-06-14 01:56

    4.5/5; 5 stars; AAryal has always been a raging hag throughout this series. Well, not a hag, a harpy. She has been portrayed as loyal to Dragos and very strong, worthy of the Sentinel position, but also hard to like. I went into this book wondering how Harrison was going to make a PNR story work with Aryal as the heroine. Well, she did it by teaming her up with an equally strongwilled and slightly twisted hero, Quentin! I really enjoyed this book. Every addition to the series has a fresh feel and the story contained in each book is engaging and fun. If its been a long time since you read book 1, it might be an idea to re-read it before reading this one so that the events that Quentin is referring to are fresh in your mind. Its not necessary, the book stands on its own but since I really enjoyed my re-read of book 1 I thought I'd push you in that direction too!

  • Laura (Kyahgirl)
    2019-05-18 02:16

    4/5; 4 stars; A-This review is for the audiobook. I read this book last year some time and recently listened to the audio version. Sophie Eastlake is again, an awesome narrator. However, the audio version of the book highlighted some issues with the pacing of the story. The first half is kind of boring and repetitive....Aryal hates Quentin...picks a fight, Quentin fights back. Quentin hates Aryal. Blah, blah. There was a lot of time devoted to them finding some kind of footing for a working relationship. Once they got to Numenlaur the book took off and the second half was a 5 star read. Good closure on some of the story lines started in book 5, Lord's Fall.

  • Ana
    2019-06-04 00:50

    From the GoodReads Q&A:Thea wrote:"I’ve just finished writing Aryal’s story, which is book six, and I’ve plotted stories through book nine."More can be found here.*******I'm actually looking forward to her book, she's such an awesome character.Can't wait!!! :D

  • Kelsie
    2019-05-28 03:01

    i want to read Graydon's story. will his be in the next few books?

  • Keri
    2019-06-14 00:04

    Although this wasn't one of fav couples of the series, we did get some moments with Dragos, Pia and Peanut which I never get enough of. I adore this series and can't wait for the next one.

  • Nicole
    2019-06-07 04:14

    Joint Review originally posted here: Thoughts on the HeroMinnChica: Oh man… Quentin. I think he might be one of my new favorite heroes in this series. If course, I think I say that about every hero Harrison has written. But seriously, Quentin was so amazing. I loved that he wasn’t afraid to fight with Aryal, even pound on her in the beginning. To go from literally wanting to kill her, to falling head over hells not even a week later was so great. Watching as his opinion of her changed and morphed. How they opened up to one another and were able to see so much more, it was just such a special treat! Plus, Quentin was wholly devoted to Aryal, even before they started their mating process, and that just melted my heart!E: Quentin, wow. I think he is up on my list with Dragos and Khalil for my favorite Harrison heroes. He was so complicated and has so many layers that I found discovering him fascinating. I also have to admit that ever since Harrison introduced him in Dragon Bound I have been curious about him. Like MinnChica, I loved how fierce he was, that he didn’t take crap from anyone and how truly calculating he could be. I got such a kick out of his plan to make Aryal disappear permanently without anyone blaming him. Yet, I also loved how deeply he cared and what he would do for those he cared about. Watching him soften and open up while retaining his deadly edge was a treat.Has: I am also firmly entrenched in Quentin’s fan club, but I always felt he would be an intriguing and interesting character. Kinked certainly illustrated the multi-faceted aspects of his character, and I really enjoyed learning more about his past and life, especially his conflicting emotions about Aryal which were beyond entertaining and fun to see play out. Their chemistry was amazing and definitely provided a different dynamic from Thea Harrison’s previous books in this series.2. Thoughts on the HeroineMinnChica: I was a little hesitant about reading Aryal in the heroine spotlight. She was so hard and cold and unattached as a supportive character. I was worried that she would come across just as difficult as a leading lady. Boy was I wrong. As we got to see the way Aryal’s mind works, she shocked me with how loyal and devoted and filled with emotion she really was. I just about died laughing when she realized how wrong she was about Quentin, and how fast she was to get over it when she found out that he wasn’t out to hurt anyone she cared for. I just loved the fact that Aryal was able to really blossom as not only a heroine, but also a person for me.E: I have also anticipated Aryal’s story since the beginning when she was so furious about what Pia did to catch Dragos’ attention. Her not really hidden opinion of Pia that was slowly changing. How devoted and single-minded she was towards Dragos. The fact that once she was pointed towards a target she never gave up made the work Harrison did to get me to believe in their relationship really impressive. I also loved her ferocity and her reaction when she finally got some information out of Quentin made me laugh so hard. As fascinating as I found her love for physical exertion I enjoyed seeing her softer side as well. There is a scene when Quentin is thinking as he watches Aryal as she was in her Wyr form and leapt into the sky that so perfectly captured my image of her. She was proud, confident, and comfortable with who she was without any thoughts about changing or confirming. I really enjoyed getting to know Aryal and seeing her come to some harsh realizations and decide to consciously spread her loyalty.Has: While I love Aryal’s character because she brings out interesting reactions from other characters and I really like how she can ruffle some feathers of other characters which can be fun, I did have some trepidation about her having her own book. However, Thea Harrison really delivered in this book and especially on the romance, which showed Aryal’s hidden depths such as her vulnerability from her usual snarky and cynical attitude. It was fantastic to see her grow and develop especially when she had to face up that her suspicions about Quentin may have been wrong and learning that he can be loyal and steadfast which blew away her preconceptions about him.3. Favorite SceneMinnChica: I think I would have to pick the scene at the very end as my favorite. Without giving too much away, Aryal and Quentin have been through literal hell together, and Aryal is about to find out if one very important aspect of her life is changed forever. I loved the support the Quentin gives her throughout the couple weeks leading up to the pivotal moment. How dedicated he was to supporting her in any and every way possible. Then seeing the joy from them both as Aryal accomplishes her goal. It was beautiful. Plus, we got the best line from a book ever. “You really do poop sparkly rainbows.”E: Ooh those were great scenes I agree. However, I think I am going for the scene when they talk about the possibility of mating and what it would mean from both sides. Aryal said some lines to Quentin which made me reach for tissues because what they meant and signified was so heartfelt I knew if she decided to take that step it would seem as if the world shifted on its axis.Has: Oh, that scene when she tells Quentin what it means to be mated and what she needed from her mate and what she would give in return was just beautiful. I absolutely agree there was many scenes in this book which were memorable and stood out for me, but since E picked out my favourite one – I will have to go for my second favourite scene which had the big confrontation and sparring scene with Quentin and Aryal working out their differences. It broke a barrier between them and became a catalyst which kick-started their romance and it was so true to their characters. I think it also illustrated that Quentin who held so much inside could let loose and be himself with Aryal which is something he can never be with anyone else and it also shows they were a perfect match which is a theme for them and it is oh so fitting.4. Dislike about bookMinnChica: I think for me, with the mainstream of BDSM, I was a little worried about what direction this book would take. Especially since the title is Kinked! While I tried to keep the faith early on, hoping that Harrison wouldn’t let me down, there were a few times I was desperately concerned that I wouldn’t like it. But, I was glad to see that both Quentin and Aryal stayed on a path that I was okay with, and didn’t venture into too kinky territory. :)E: I was also a little worried about this as well given the personalities of both Aryal and Quentin but I absolutely loved how Harrison handled the potential complication. Their discussions added some marvelous levity and acted as extended foreplay.Has: I also had similar feelings about the BDSM aspects but I do think Thea Harrison painted it perfectly for them because it was so true to their characters, and I liked how the themes of control and letting go played out in the book. I think the weakest aspect of the book, was the villain, I wished there was more information about them because they seemed interesting but a lot of it was glossed over although it is more of a minor quibble.5. Any other misc. thoughts along with gradeMinnChica: All in all I think this is one of my favorites in the Elder Races series. I adored getting to know both Aryal and Quentin better, especially as they opened up to each other and really let their fears and insecurities show. The romance was beautiful, although it was a horribly bumpy ride. The plot was fantastic, so imaginative and heartbreaking and wonderful. Harrison continues to impress me more and more with every book. I can’t wait until the next one!I give Kinked an A.E: So… there are some books that I can reread often and Kinked has certainly made the list. Watching Aryal and Quentin move from deadly enemies to so much more was wonderful. They had to fight not just for love but for the future of all of those they cared about. The fight scenes and the results of the final one really had me worried. I also enjoyed how Aryal and Quentin worked through their emotional issues. Besides their relationship, the threat they faced was a very real one that had some serious consequences. Harrison built on the actions that have occurred throughout the series to create a believable threat. I thought the way she pulled threads from the beginning and casual references that ended up being not so casual showed why she is an auto-buy. Harrison provided action, intensity, danger, love, fighting, character growth, magic, and wonderful continued world-building. I can’t wait for the next story set in this world!I give Kinked an A+Has: I was taken by surprise by how much I really enjoyed Kinked because it developed in an unexpected way. I loved their romance which was full of sparks and snark as well as real emotional depth that really developed their characters. The side plot was also full of fast-paced action that continued some of the on-going plot threads from the last book. Everything came together with a breathless climactic ending which had me on tenterhooks! Overall, Kinked was a fantastic installment that had one of the best romances in this series and I really hope we get to see more of Aryal and Quentin in the future because they’re firmly entrenched as one of my favourite couples!I give Kinked an A

  • Mareli
    2019-05-22 03:05

    When you think I read a book with a harpy and I loved it, I cannot believe it! ;)So, when I read that this story was about Quentin I was happy. Quentin has been a favorite of mine since the very start. But then I read that Aryal was in the same book and I thought "bleah". Aryal was not a favorite character of mine :( But as the story was developing I loved her more and more because of her integrity and her honesty, a hard core of goodness that made my heart melt.Quentin was a hero for me because of his love for Pia. And even if did something bad I could not forgive him. Because he really wanted to help Pia and he really couldn't stand Dragos.The story is so good! Please read it! :)