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New York, 1799: the future looks bright for the charming young book dealer William Lacy, until a raucous night of drinking lands him in shackles. He narrowly avoids the brutal prison system thanks to his mother, who negotiates with the judge to secure him a five year apprenticeship in lieu of a prison sentence. And so William finds himself in a carriage bound for the remotNew York, 1799: the future looks bright for the charming young book dealer William Lacy, until a raucous night of drinking lands him in shackles. He narrowly avoids the brutal prison system thanks to his mother, who negotiates with the judge to secure him a five year apprenticeship in lieu of a prison sentence. And so William finds himself in a carriage bound for the remote woods upstate, where he'll spend the next years of his life learning a new trade under some old master.When he first sees Merrick, William thinks he's been dropped into a medieval horror story. Tall and gruff, dressed in a hooded robe that completely conceals his features, and riding a black mare, Merrick might as well be the Grim Reaper.But appearances are deceiving. A skilled apothecary and healer, Merrick proves to be a generous host and a gentle teacher, and William soon finds himself surprisingly comfortable in his new surroundings. And yet troubling mysteries abound: Why does Merrick never show his face or hands? Why do his movements seem so young and sure beneath his robes? What lies within the cave behind the stone cottage? Something unnatural is afoot. But most alarming by far is William's own reaction to his new keeper. For Merrick's strange charms are bewitching enough by day; but by night, in the darkness of the room and the bed they share, William finds himself entirely overwhelmed by desires he never imagined...51561 words...

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Merrick Reviews

  • Julio Genao
    2019-07-08 18:01

    let me bathe you, and then go wait for me in my bed.despite a few structural flaws (the absence of a plot, a shockingly abrupt ending, at least five unresolved threads by my count), this book remains a spectacular example of paranormal diddle-porn with delicious bath-fetish other words, what it lacks in formality it makes up for in sheer loveliness and what i can only describe as an unnatural ability to make me horny as fuck. seriously.the woman knows how to write a sensual bathing/undressing/fondling scene, ok?add in a magic bathtub that never needs filling or emptying, an enormous bed to lie awake in gorgeously pining next to your suuuuuuuuper-hot and absurdly kind master, plus what had to have been the most incineratingly sexy necking scene i've read all year—well, what you have is a Julio Fap Incantation guaranteed to have me writhing in carnal discomfort until i can bear it no longer and where are the motherfucking tissues goddammit fuck the lube this is happening right now omg kitty i didn't mean to kick you off the bed i totally didn't see you sleeping there.*gathers self with visible effort*omg i wanna be a fucktoy renfield so. bad.but yeah, a friend describes it as more of a character study than a novel, and she's right, but...look at these sheets. look at them.*raises chin in challenge*i do not care, mes amis.bonus points for a fun homage to fop!lestat.

  • Sheziss
    2019-06-30 19:59

    This is my first book about homosexual vampires (if we don't include Blay and Qhuinn).But I had no idea it was about vampires. Or if I had, I totally forgot about it when I started this book. I just knew it was historical and I felt like reading something of this kind. Add that the prospect of a love story in a cabin far from the madding crowd and you have won me. The vampire issue was a little detail that ended up being the icing on the cake. I liked how the paranormal facet was treated, like it was just something natural, something intangible at first. And every time a mystery is answered, you only had more questions, because the initial interest turns into real attraction. A perfect example is the appearance in which Merrick is introduced. We wears a cloak that hides everything in him. He looks like Death herself. Not even his hands are at sight, but covered by globes. His face is never shown. He induces respect in his charismatic and imposing demeanor. But he is deferent and kind with the apprentice he takes under his wing, William. it's undeniable the enigmatic character arises William's curiosity. And the little discoveries only intensifies his need to know. For instance, Merrick doesn't feel under the cloak like the old man he fools everybody else into believing.William is not gay but he can't avoid feeling a pull towards his Master. His intern conflicts are well developed, and sometimes those same doubts and self-recriminations drives him to foolish decisions. He never made me roll my eyes and I even found him funny in those occasions, because he truly suffers at moments. Good thing Merrick is so patient, and so welcoming. But... is it as simple as it seems?There is lots of UST, teasing, bath scenes, walks in the woods, finger itchings, delicious bites and pain of being far away, or not close enough. This story was a surprise because I didn't expect it. The premise as simple as it's effective. No excess of characters or plots, only the necessary components and disregarding as many components every time it was possible. Love stories should be this way, the way in which all the focus is on the MCs. Because that's the real challenge.PS: If you want to see some funny gifs about vampires, go look my status updates :) .

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-07-08 00:00

    I really enjoyed this MM paranormal romance. It was my first time reading a MM paranormal and I really got into it! I'll be reading more of those in the future for sure. I'm already a paranormal lover but add in my MM fetish and i'm HOOKED! It could have been more steamy for my taste (but that's just me) and maybe a bit longer but overall it was a solid 4 stars. I would write a better review but its Christmas Eve and I just wanted to jot down my thoughts before I forgot!

  • Ingela
    2019-07-02 19:04

    Written September 9, 20153 1/2 Stars - A very sweet historical vampire taleI bought this historical M/M PNR on an impulse. Glad I did. Merrick is a sweet, unique feeling story and I really like the quiet phase, the romantic storyline and all over fairytale feeling. It will be more books written by Claire Cray in the future. *********************************************************When the judge decides that the young book dealer William Lacy must do a five year long apprenticeship in lieu of a prison sentence (drinking, a bar fight etc) there is just to leave Manhattan, NY for a far away small cottage and a life learning a new trade under an old master. Mr Merrick is tall and gruff, dressed in a hooded robe that completely conceals his features, and riding a odd black mare. Merrick is for sure a bit scary and William has much to learn and discover. ‘I felt like I’d been whisked out of 1799 and dropped into some medieval peasant’s nightmare.‘A moment of grim clarity hit me: I was bound hand and foot, being taken out of the city against my will by one vampire to be delivered to another, and I was trying to look for a bright side that involved Merrick opening his arms to me. Christ, I was pathetic.’*********************************************************It started great, dragged a bit and ended nice and good. Maybe I lost a bit of it's magic when I didn't read and finish it at once. Anyway, a good tale. Recommended for fans of historical PNR. — “But how long can a wolf and a lamb share a bed?” — Read and learn. I LIKE - fairytales - a hot blood-drinker add that extra

  • Vivian
    2019-06-22 02:11

    GFY historical romance with a frustrating amount of UST, like you UST up 'til the end with no resolution. That said the whole bored with immortality vampire and fresh ingenue apprentice was a sweet and fun read. I particularly liked the tie in with Seneca Indians even though it was merely a brief mention.

  • Тамрико
    2019-07-09 19:55

    For the first half of the story there are only two characters, stuck in a cabin in the woods. Not once did I feel bored or claustrophobic. Another, minor, character joins in the second part, bringing such a presence with him, that I immediately feel like I need to read his story, too. This is insta love for me. More, please! :D

  • Em
    2019-06-19 02:13

    My hand stayed at his neck, toying with a tendril of his hair. And then, impulsively, I climbed into the coffin and lay on top of him. One of the best paranormal romances I've read in a long time. This book was beautifully written and my only complaint is that it's too short. But hey, there is another book!Young William has been wrongly convicted of a crime and rather than be sent to jail he is sent to a remote destination to be the new apothecary apprentice to Master Merrick. For the first time in his life William is breathing in fresh air, living on the edge of the forest in the little cottage he shares with Merrick. He enjoys being the apprentice to such a generous and patient Master and doesn't find it a hardship at all. Merrick and William begin to hunger for each other and what follows is a breathtakingly beautiful slow burning romance. However all is not what it seems and Merrick soon trusts William enough to confide his startling secret!

  • Laura
    2019-07-08 01:55

    4.5 StarsClaire Cray’s Merrick completely swept me up into another world. I forgot the time, the day, and my worries and just read & read. Every moment between Silas Merrick and William Lacy held me captivated.The year was 1799. The New World—New York City. Instead of prison, young William Lacy is sentenced to servitude after a night of drunken behavior. He is sentenced to five years as an apothecary’s apprentice in the wilderness with a man shrouded in mystery--Merrick. A man that will change William’s life forever.”Nothing could have prepared me for how it felt to melt against him like this. It was as though my body had found its true purpose, and that was to be caught in Merrick’s arms and consumed.”I wish I could explain how caught up I was in this story. Charmed and bewitched by the emotions. From peace to desire to confusion. And curiosity! I loved William’s curiosity and questions. Haha…So many questions. The power of this tale truly surprised me though. Big tears hitting the kindle snapped me out of a reading trance and made me see just how captivated these men, words, and world had me. The woods and city moved with light and shadows, color and sounds. I could feel the dark eeriness of the woods and the warm, security of Merrick’s cabin and lean-to. William’s curiosity made every dandelion, mushroom, and emotion soar and shine. The emotions dazzled me! William’s heart especially. His warm blushes, openness, and fear of disappointing his Master coupled with Merrick’s air of secrecy, protectiveness, and belief in his “ghoulishness” created a powerful heat and aliveness on the page. It all felt so ALIVE to me. Every soft caress, “Sir”, whisper, nip and nibble made my own heart ache and hunger. The tension and desire between these two men is palpable. I savored every moment. I’ll shut up now. Just go read it! :)Thanks, Em for introducing me to Merrick and William. p.s. This line broke my heart…..(view spoiler)[“He could have kept me.” (hide spoiler)]

  • Sunny
    2019-07-06 01:59

    A few thoughts...Well written story with a strong sense of time and place, the writing style setting the mood perfectly. And so much showing! The hunger, the need, the pleasure. Appealing characters...the noble Merrick, the flustered but determined William, and Theo, the naughty rogue who worried about his friend.A pleasure to read :)

  • Steelwhisper
    2019-07-17 20:56

    This is more like 3.5*I wasn't aware this would be a book about vampires. I'd have preferred just the older master, younger apprentice scenario I envisioned when I bought this book. The story itself, or rather the story idea, was enchanting, though not written to its full capacity. Merrick and William were distinct and threedimensional characters I was and kept being interested in.I had quite a few quibbles with the writing, like lots of repetitions which intruded in the flow of reading, more telling than showing, all put together this read like a story in the first edit still. But then it also was far better than many I read in the past months, so my wavering fell to the positive side, rather than going with 3* only, and I am sure this author will become much better as time goes by. That's a lovely cover!I will be looking for more of that author.

  • ☙ percy ❧
    2019-07-05 21:48

    (4.25 stars) decidedly less tentacles (none, in fact) than the last story i read by this author, but the vampires made up for it.

  • Edina Rose
    2019-07-07 00:12

    3.5 starsThis book is on the verge of awesome but never quite reaches the best of its potential. The characters are interesting, original but they are as bold as the beginning as they are fade by the end. Also, in the first half of the book the plot is rich and tight but in the last third the conflict resolution is too slow and lacks the boldness I expected after such a bold start. The world building is interesting, and I don't mind that it's not more developed. However, I find that I don't like that there are many potential inconsistencies (potential because I want to believe that if the book had been longer, the author would have given an explanation that made sense). For example (view spoiler)[ if a vampire must turn a man for companionship when he tires of the thrill of eternity, then what happens to the person who turned him for companionship? Does he die? Is he discarded to give place to a new companion? Let's look at Theo, Merrick's friend: where is the companion we are told he took? Why do we never hear of him? How can we believe in the intensity of Merrick and William bond when Theo's bond seems forgettable? Another thing: if each time vampires feed they HAVE to kill their prey, how come Merrick or Theo didn't kill William? And if they can feed from animals, why does Merrick, who feels so much guilt at killing humans, not feed from animals only? Etc.(hide spoiler)]This book could have been a five stars, now it's just one good book among others. This author can clearly do wonders.

  • Macky
    2019-07-15 00:56

    I don't want to give any spoilers out about this story so it makes it a hard review to write but I will say this is a ' otherwordly ' tale as the synopsis hints at and for its price and for once decent length at 198 pages was surprisingly enjoyable and very well written in a style that suited its period - it is set in 1799 and the author captures its feel perfectly in the voice of its narrator and MC , William, a young 18 yr old ' Jack the Lad ' who manages to escape a jail sentence by being indentured to an apothecary and healer - Merrick - who lives out in the wilds and is himself a character of mystery and speculation. There is a Gothic feel about this book and its atmospheric but not too dark or dreary. The synopsis does a pretty good job of explaining the main premise so I'm not going to rehash the plot but it becomes pretty clear to both William and the reader that Merrick is not what he seems, some of his cures appear to be magical and the odd glimpses of him behind his hood and robes belie the age that William thinks he should be, all of this is part of the story's charm and attraction and keeps you glued to the book. I started a chapter in bed and ended up finishing it in the early hours as once started I couldn't put it down. Thank goodness it wasn't 390 pages!What I loved about this was that Claire Cray stretches out the unvavailing of who Merrick is so there's time to see the relationship grow between the two main characters. The ST starts from the moment they meet and grows as William finds himself drawn more and more to Merrick sexually. Before they meet he has only had experiences with women so he can't understand his body's reaction to this mysterious man.The best part of the story takes place when it is just the two of them ' discovering ' their feelings and Merricks secrets ( not hard to guess but she does have you wondering for a while! ) whilst they are at the cabin, afterwards it takes a slightly different turn - other characters are introduced and that is when I'm sure others will make comparisons to another well known set of paranormal books - the books title is a major clue. I did but personally I pushed that aside and just enjoyed this clever little tale and its paranormal twist, that was very nicely handled by a competent author who you can see put a lot of love into her characters and story and IMO it shows. I hope we get a sequel as I would love to read more about these two, there's definitely more to come and Theo - one of the other characters - has a lot of promise for his own book too. I'm definitely keeping this little gem. At .77p it's a must have!

  • Trix
    2019-07-17 20:56

    Well, the ending totally took me by surprise. I was so immersed in the story, I didn't expect it to end so soon. I wanted to know more about the two MC and how their story would unfold.(view spoiler)[The plot was predictable and not quite. There is the standard romance between a vampire and a human and the complications of such a relationship. But it was more than that. It was about a human somewhat reluctant to give up his mortality and weighing the good and bad aspects of being turned, instead of quickly accepting the change.William was harshly punished for innocent pranks and ended up working as an apprentice to Merrick. I enjoyed his first bashful forays into his attraction to Merrick and his intelligent way of looking at a situation from various points of view. There were only two things I found slightly annoying. One was the scene when he was sent back to the city. If he had truly wanted, he could have refused the carriage and waited for Merrick to return. The second was his protectiveness of his mother. That seemed just a tad too much.Merrick was such a kind soul. It kind of went against his killer nature. On the one hand, he was gentle and caring and patient with William, while at night he went out and killed people. Criminals, sure but people nonetheless.It was interesting to read the slow development between them as well as the misunderstandings that arose. William was more concerned with his sexual attraction to the apothecary, while the vampire was worried that William will hate his nature and not want to have anything to do with him. And if that wasn't enough, Theo, old time friend of Merrick's and vampire himself, was added in the plot, interfering with William and Merrick and also coming in contact with William's family. (hide spoiler)]What I disliked was the sudden finish (view spoiler)[without confirming whether William had been turned or not (hide spoiler)]. It makes for an interesting sequel but I would have liked to read more on them now. There was no adrenaline rush, no great mystery. And yet, you end up liking the characters and enjoying their story.2nd Read: 4th October 2015

  • Eve
    2019-06-30 01:14

    3.5 stars, rounded up for numerous sexy bathing scenes. :)William is an eighteen-year-old who is indentured to Merrick as a punishment for a night of destructive drunkenness. He is a very sweet boy and finds himself both attracted to Merrick and ashamed of the attraction. (It doesn't help that Merrick seems to insist on touching him and bathing him a lot!) There is a nice unraveling of the mystery of what Merrick is, as well as a nice long section of UST. I enjoyed this and will check out other books by the author.

  • Vanessa North
    2019-06-27 22:06

    This was fun--for someone with a biting fetish, I don't actually read much vampire fiction, but I enjoyed this. Had a good time. :)

  • Loederkoningin
    2019-07-10 20:10

    The quiet atmosphere and large spoonfuls of UST in Merrick were first. Then the writing slowly began to grate; it was overwrought and gave me a "grandmotherly" vibe. A small example, a peer the young Mary Sue of a narrator described like this: "she was an endearing little thing, and I was glad she'd come by". And the dialogue was endlessly repetitive and stilted ("what's the matter?", "please forgive me", "does this frighten you?", "my desire", "his desire", "my desire", "forgive me"(x 20)). These things made me become aware of the plot and characters lacking substance.Also, this has gotta be the most subdued and dull vampire I've ever read about. But I ought to be glad the dude at least didn't glitter in the sunshine.Still, I was willing to give this 3 stars. Right until a meddling 3rd character was introduced near the end of the story, quite obviously because the author was clueless how to otherwise let the - by then ridiculously spun-out - pining of her passive characters result in some sort of fruition. And so the quiet story turned into a melodramatic soap-opera, that I couldn't wait to be done with, but that simultaneously managed to startle me by ending so suddenly and unsatisfyingly. Huh!

  • Bookwatcher
    2019-07-06 23:03

    Oh my oh my... William and Merrick's story is fantastic!Don't miss it because:*it's a self published book, but the quality is superb. I got many books published by (in theory) professional publishers that was not good as this book! And the price! Smashwords price, now, December 2013: 0.99$. Oh fuckingg yeah. I'm not kidding! Less than one dollar!!!! . less than one dollar for a book with higher quality of many I got paying 9 or more dollars! Yeah! I kid you not!*It's a dark fantasy... I will not spoil it, but let's say it's not all fluffy bunnies walking around while people say "awwwwww". If there were fluffy bunnies probably Merrick would eat them. And don't feel guilt about it. At all. Get used to hear talks about killing someone as if it's the most normal and acceptable thing in the world. Merrick and Theo (Merrick's friend and VERY FUNNY secondary character) kill people... Many.. Countless. And... Yeah, it's ok in the story. Nothing gross or gore is show, but it's there in the plot. * It's VERY romantic. If you don't like sappy stay away from this story* In my view the historic facts are cool. I have no idea how precise they are, how historical correct is this book. I really don't care at all. It's a paranormal romance with incredible funny moments and a lot of weird stuff. That's what I know, and what I liked.* William never stop calling Merrick Sir. That was fucking hot :D(no, no BDSM subplot. Wiliam just like to call his lover Sir... And yeah, I like it)^_^A lot :o)* I loooooove the end.5 stars... And if someday more of their lives will be out I WILL get it. William and Merrick are a couple I will ALWAYS want to read more!

  • ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~
    2019-06-30 21:15

    ★★★★☆William is sentenced to indentured servitude after his friends went on a bout of vandalism and he was too drunk to run away. He's sent away and his mysterious employer wears a hood and is a bit scary.As time passes, he begins to learn Merrick's apothecary and healing skills and to enjoy his time with Merrick although Merrick is still a mystery. Until the day William cuts himself.Don't know if all the historical details were accurate but they were close enough for me, Theo was a good side character and the sexin' was pretty light although there was a sexy bathing scene (view spoiler)[no penetration (hide spoiler)].Still, I enjoyed the story and wouldn't mind reading more about William and Merrick.

  • MLE
    2019-06-19 18:59

    I liked it quite a bit for a vampire story, which usually do nothing for me. I think it helped that the vampire wasn't the typical arrogant ass, and William wasn't a complete doormat. They had an interesting relationship, and I appreciate the love and respect I could see between the two. An enjoyable read.

  • Elizabetta
    2019-07-16 20:16

    Such sensuality in the writing. When I read my first piece by this author, I had the same thought. You get the sense that the words are chosen carefully, shaping everything towards a sensual awareness… gentle touches likened to silk rasping over skin, steamy baths in a cedar lean-to with lavender salt scrubs, lips ghosting over a delicate vein… Gah, what a feast. Who knew life in the country could be so sweet.That’s where sweet William, nineteen, finds himself after being accused of a crime he didn’t commit. He’s indentured to Merrick, a mysteriously shrouded apothecary who works out of a country cottage. Quite a change from the bustling, hip streets of late-eighteenth century Manhattan.I so enjoyed this. I think what held it back just a bit was William’s immediate physical reaction to Merrick. It seemed a little too quick, too easy. But then… it did feed into the whole ‘falling under the spell’ kind of thing which is common in this type of story (view spoiler)[The type that involves fangs and blood letting. (hide spoiler)]. The seductive descent was wonderful. (A warning… it is a very slow burn.)The author manages to bring something new and fresh to this well-worn corner of the paranormal read. Merrick is hot and seductive, but William winds his own spell, too. His falling for Merrick is so delicious, relentless and almost obsessive, all-encompassing. And we get to witness his every step. These two are at odds, though, innocence and awakening on one-hand, cynical world-weariness on the other. You wonder how they can find a common ground for their passion. Then… there’s Theo, that foppish French fancy-boy who enters the scene to stir things up. Loved him and his pouting obnoxious meddling. And his championing of Merrick. He raised some interesting points in the story about keeping that spark burning in life and love. I’m hoping we get more of Theo in the next book in this series. And a deeper connection between Merrick and William; this story ends at their beginning.

  • ᴥ Irena ᴥ
    2019-06-20 23:00

    3.5The first half is wonderful, tender, hot and it manages to be all that without sex. William is 'booked for public intoxication, breaking and entering, trespassing, vandalism, and attempted burglary.' Actually, he was drunk in the bushes the whole time, but he was the only one they caught. A real jinx. In order to avoid prison he was bound to serve as Merrick's apprentice for five years.His reactions to Merrick are hilarious. William hasn't got a clue that he could be attracted to men until he meets Merrick. It is funny since William can't see the real Merrick under his robe and the hood. 'Something about the trace of his touch reminded me of a particularly scintillating morning with Miss Molly Wrigs a couple weeks before - and Lord, that was all shades of wrong! That wasn't the sort of memory that was meant to be associated with an old man's hands.' His inner turmoil and confusion is enough to feel sorry for the poor guy (and at the same time to laugh), especially when his unexpected feelings didn't just go away. The bathing scenes were particularly hot. Then, in the second half of the book and near the end, the story slows down. I loved the first part of the book while William is getting to know himself and Merrick.

  • Verity
    2019-07-06 22:51

    [image error]Thanks to Sheziss for putting this book all over my GR updates. As always, your book choice was spot on!This isn't my first MM vampire story, but it's certainly my favorite from the bunch. Set at the dust of the 18th century in New England, Cray creates a beautiful, intimate, and oddly believable, story about Merrick, a tortured centuries-old vampire ready to check out and his adorably pragmatic apprentice William who gives him a new lease on life. Cohabiting such close quarters, the mentor- apprentice paradigm quickly shifts as William is embarrassed by the obvious attraction he feels towards the enigmatic what? witch? ghoul? devil? He finds it hard to explain his body's reaction to another man, other than a mere question of 'circulation'. GFY galore!Think less "Seattle vampires that glitter in the sunlight" and more "The tortured soulless undead who mourn their lack of mortality, Rice style". I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs something a little different from their usual MM read.

  • Bitchie
    2019-06-30 22:58

    This was quite good! It wasn't like most of the M/M vampire romances I've come across, it wasn't overly sappy and fluffy, it was atmospheric and a bit moody. The writing reminded me a bit of a certain other famous vampire author's (who I will NOT be mentioning here, thank you very much!) earlier work, in the tone and the style, with a bit of Meyer's self sacrificing vampire lead thrown into the mix.Set in 1799 in New York, William is found guilty of drunk and disorderly and a few other things (most of which he didn't actually do!) and is sentenced to 5 years as an indentured servant. He is sent off to work for Merrick, a mysterious, elderly healer, who keeps his entire body and face covered at all times. He finds himself drawn to (and frightened of) his new master, who is very kind and patient with William.I really enjoyed the world that Cray created here. It wasn't overly detailed, but descriptive enough that I could actually see the cabin that they lived in, and the foggy paths that they walked while picking herbs and helping people.Slow and easy, I definitely recommend this to readers who enjoy a good vampire story, especially a historical set one.

  • Vivian ♪(┌・。・)┌
    2019-06-19 22:06

    I feel like I just ate this wonderfully filling (but not overly so) meal, and I just want to sigh and sink into a comfortable, worn chair.Reading this was like taking a long, relaxing stroll . It was just such a pleasant read.The cover had me completely fooled.Though the blurb didn't sound too bad, I was actually quite worried. And imagine how surprised I was. There's no angst, but never, not at even one tiny point, does it become boring. And the romance was such a gradual, heart-warming process. Not to mention the goddamn sexual tension.-sigh-I feel so satisfied.Such a wonderful read!

  • Smith Barney
    2019-07-12 22:47

    Reminders: 1. To-do-list add coffin fetish. -Tasty morsel to sink some bucky-beavers into-“I thought my love was a com­fort to you, sir,” I whis­pered, for­get­ting not to call him that. Slowly, I reached into the cof­fin and brushed a shin­ing lock of hair from his smooth brow.When he did not re­spond, I dropped my head with a sigh. My hand stayed at his neck, toy­ing with a ten­dril of his hair. And then, im­pul­sively, I climbed into the cof­fin and lay on top of him.He shifted, star­tled, and put his hands to my waist.“William.”In a true act of bold­ness, I pulled the lid shut.Then, catch­ing his chin with my hand, I pressed my lips to his.He soft­ened be­neath me for a mo­ment, even mov­ing his lips against mine, be­fore he put his hands on my cheeks and pulled me back. “What are you doing?” he whis­pered.I blinked in the per­fect dark­ness. “Sup­pose I might need a quiet place to think, my­self, sir.” I caught my­self again. “Mer­rick.” I licked my lips, search­ing for his taste, and felt his cool breath upon them.His hands moved down to my hips, squeez­ing gen­tly. “It isn’t over, William.”“What do you mean by that?” I shifted for a more com­fort­able po­si­tion. There was enough room for me to set­tle my knees on ei­ther side of his legs.One of his hands moved up be­neath my shirt to stroke my spine. The other moved fur­ther around my hip and took a slow squeeze. “I will not turn you as eas­ily as that. I will savor every mo­ment of your mor­tal life. I will not rush to turn you just be­cause of this ridicu­lous scheme.”“If you say so,” I whis­pered, and felt my lips graze his. In the dark, it was hard to tell how close our faces were…but it was im­pos­si­ble to ig­nore how tightly our bod­ies fit to­gether at the hip. My cheeks grew warm.He kissed me again, softly, and then brushed his lips over my cheek. “Are you blush­ing?”“Might be, sir.” Sir, again! That would be a hard habit to break, it seemed. And it wasn’t the only one. It seemed my body knew only one way to react when it met with his. In this po­si­tion, there was no hid­ing it.Nor was there rea­son to, it seemed. Mer­rick groaned softly be­neath his breath and caught my lips for an­other kiss, and this time his mouth was in­sis­tent.I melted against him as his hands roamed my body, squeez­ing and grasp­ing. They worked them­selves under my breeches and grabbed my but­tocks, squeez­ing and knead­ing and grind­ing me against him as he rocked be­neath me. I gasped against his mouth, and moaned when he plunged his tongue into mine and gave an­other slow, tor­tur­ous roll of his hips that sent a shud­der of need through my en­tire body.SO-Mad titillation. AND..Then.It.Stops..{hisssss-deflate}. -.- BUT-the best ride I've been on to date of the legendary Merrick. Just too short... William.William.William...makes a heart yearn.Theo.What.A.F'ing.Hoot.

  • Alex Akira
    2019-06-22 18:11

    What a lovely gem of a vampire story. Concise and alluring with a splendidly timed build up to a truly romantic story, I loved it. Claire Cray has a gift for creating atmospheric environments and uses a charming first person narrative in the voice of one William Lacy. Initially the sinister openings of chapters one and two are reminiscent of the traditional tale of Dracula. The heroic lead, William, appears in my mind's eye as the innocent Jonathan Harker, is enroute in a dark coach on a darker night to be left in the hands of a tall, ebony cloaked stranger on a black horse.The hooded giant of a figure turns out to be Merrick, the supposed doctor that William will call Master until his penance for breaking the windows of a judge's home is completed. It seems William and his friends were out drinking on the 18th century's equivalent of boy's night out and got caught up in horseplay, as boy's often do. While his friends had the presence of mind to flee the scene of the crime, the drunken William is caught and takes the brunt of the blame.And so the journey begins, a hooded master and his young charge in a lone stone cottage on isolated lands surrounded by a dank forest far from town. The story is slightly Gothic, with a sweet air of deeper mystery and is spiced with enchanting comic moments of youthful reasoning.For example when William expresses his fear that his new master may be of the "beds boys" ilk, like the old blacksmith whom his friend has shared horror stories about. When those fears prove incorrect, but his own attraction to the mysterious man grows… well, he begins to think himself insane in a most hilarious and delightful manner. Merrick is perfect as the tall, dark, mysterious stranger, revealing himself to be a caring, skilled and wise, gentle giant well before his cloak is removed to reveal his exquisite physical attributes. Other characters enter the story in a timely fashion, most notably Merrick's fly-by-night friend Theo, who perhaps deserves a book of his own. I found this book, sensual, sweet, romantic and yes, hot. I sure hope that the author is penning its sequel as I am eager to continue the extraordinary journey of Merrick and William. Very nice, totally caught me by surprise. Thank you, Claire, for your lovely writing.

  • Dreamer
    2019-07-14 17:55

    Another quick m/m read. The year is 1799 and 18 year old William is sent from New York to serve as apprentice to the mysterious so-called apothecary Merrick. This appears to be a book one, hopefully a sequel will follow..'Lord, he was a handsome man! What I would have given for looks like that! Not that I'd ever had any complaints, but I doubted the Devil himself could have come up with a more devastatingly magnetic visage than Merrick's.On the other hand, perhaps he was the Devil himself... for all I knew.''I was entirely lost by the time his forehead touched mine. Taking a long shuddering breath, I tried to steady myself even as his touch reduced me to a soft and needful thing.'

  • Nile Princess
    2019-06-26 18:50

    Absolutely LOVED! The perfect mix of vampire lore, historical fiction and sexual tension. I didn't want it to end. Speaking of the ending, I know some people had issues with it, but I found it very fitting. Not everything has to be tied up with a pretty bow, complete with epilogue.Read this if you're looking for something to curl up with and savor. It is not a sex scene filled romance, but something to enjoy at a slower pace. The language and subtle nuances will delight fans of historical romance.Off to read more by this author.

  • Da'ad
    2019-07-14 23:16

    Oh my GOD! Amazing book in every way. The slow but clear development, how amazingly the characters fit together and really felt like they belonged, the quiet intensity in every word...The characters themselves were lovable as hell! I could read about them again with relish. Magnificent read.