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Nobody really believes in a curse. Until you know the people who disappear. Too much coincidence, you look for reason. Too much death, you grasp for something to blame. Carson pulled Delaney out and he died on the side of the road with her mouth pressed to his. Her air in his body. Troy. She told the cops it was suicide. Didn't matter. The lake released her and grabbed anoNobody really believes in a curse. Until you know the people who disappear. Too much coincidence, you look for reason. Too much death, you grasp for something to blame. Carson pulled Delaney out and he died on the side of the road with her mouth pressed to his. Her air in his body. Troy. She told the cops it was suicide. Didn't matter. The lake released her and grabbed another. But when Decker's father dies in a pool of spilled water on their kitchen floor, all Decker can feel is a slow burning rage. Because he knows that Delaney knew that his dad was going to die. She knew and backed out of his house and never said a word. Falcon Lake still has a hold on them both, and Decker can't forgive Delaney until he knows why....

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Vengeance Reviews

  • Emily (Book Jems)
    2019-06-11 03:23

    I just discovered that the sequel I've been longing for exists. My reaction:

  • Ferdy
    2019-06-06 10:42

    SpoilersA kind of engrossing yet also irritating read. It was better than the first book in that it wasn't as dull or dragged out, but that didn't make up for all the other things that bought the book down.-I initially didn't think it was all that necessary to have a sequel to the first book, but by the end I changed my mind… I was a lot more satisfied with where things left off story and character wise than I was with Fracture. Things were cleared up, the characters were more interesting, and the dynamics and relationships between the MC's made a little more sense (though they were still a tad nonsensical).-What's what: In the first book Delaney nearly died, (as a result she ended being able to sense the dead/dying), her so called friends were pissed that she survived under water for eleven minutes whilst their other friend (Carson) died of a seizure in a totally random unrelated incident. Delaney's BFF and love interest, Decker, half heartedly tried to help her by being a douche. In this one Decker's dad dropped dead, Decker was all emo, and blamed Delaney for sensing his dad's death and not telling him even though his dad didn't want him to know. Decker acted like a dick for most of the book, dumped Delaney, whined and bitched, and then realised that something sinister was messing with his group of friends.-I hated Decker. His attitude towards Delaney was out of order and way over the top. He was such a wanker. He had a right to be pissed at first for Delaney hiding the fact that she sensed his dad was dying, but he should have understood that she was honouring his dad's wishes. There was nothing Delaney or he could have done about it, if she'd told Decker earlier it wouldn't have helped anyone, and he would have still ended up treating her like rubbish.His shitty attitude was even worse because she forgave him easily in the past when he'd done far worse things. He should have realised his utter hypocrisy.I wasn't convinced of his love for Delaney at all, he was too cruel to her, especially when he was all touchy feely and flirty with other girls.The only reason he even got back with her in the end was because he was jealous if she so much as talked to another guy. He was a pathetic git.-What did Delaney ever see in Decker? He was never there for her when she needed him in the first book and he wasn't there for her in this one either. Everything was about him and his feelings, he was a rubbish boyfriend. He let her down and betrayed her over and over, so he had no right to be constantly righteous and angry at her. The dick.-I didn't buy Janna and Decker blaming and resenting Delaney for their loved ones dying… So what if she miraculously survived drowning, how did that make other people dying her fault? If the book was set in the 1800s I would have believed their backward superstitious attitude but yea, not so much in the present more supposedly enlightened days. The whole cursed lake thing was daft too, one person died in the lake and someone else almost died, that was hardly enough death/almost death to warrant the lake being called cursed and everyone being afraid of it. The whole thing was blown well out of proportion.-I found Janna's grief for her brother a little unrealistic, it had been eight months since he died of a seizure yet it was literally all she could talk or think about. I didn't believe her having such all consuming, irrational grief that many months after he died.-I rolled my eyes at Decker getting all hurt and annoyed at Maya when she was bitchy to him once, yet he thought it was perfectly fine to be a huge bitch to Delaney for weeks. He could be a douche to everyone else but they all had to be nice to him. Ugh.-Decker's group of friends were plain weird, they were meant to be really close and protective of each other but whenever something bad happened they were quick to blame each other and make one another feel like crap. How could they claim to be such good friends when they treated each other so appallingly?-I hated how Decker and Delaney were so self righteous about Maya and her situation. They were super judgmental and up themselves, they should have helped and supported Maya instead of acting all high and mighty.All in all, I quite liked it but I also hated it a little bit.

  • Cass -Words on Paper
    2019-06-22 09:27

    2014? MADNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! D:< I am not pleased!This better be in-your-pants freaking awesome.

  • Christen (GoldiloxReads and Whimsify)
    2019-06-12 05:37

    What!?!?!?!? There's going to be a sequel???

  • ISL
    2019-06-03 03:42

    Nothing really new in this sequel. Didn't really need to be written at all. Major disappointment!

  • Haley ~ YA-Aholic
    2019-06-25 07:34


  • Jessie(Ageless Pages Reviews)
    2019-06-03 10:52

    A companion/sequel to Fracture, told from Decker's POV? YES. I WANT.

  • Michele
    2019-05-26 09:26

    I listened to this in audio format- it is not listed as an option but it is available on Audible.

  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    2019-06-20 07:26

    I wouldn't recommend reading Vengeance without first having read Fracture, Megan Miranda's debut novel. Fracture introduces the primary protagonists, Delaney Maxwell and Decker Phillips, and provides vital back story that this story relies on. Vengeance is told from Decker's point of view (whereas Fracture was told from Delaney's perspective. It has been a few months since Delaney was trapped beneath the frozen surface of Falcon Lake but the events of the past winter linger for them both and it seems neither the Lake, nor death, has finished with them yet.Miranda is able to revive the tense and sinister atmosphere of Fracture in Vengeance. From the first pages, death seems to stalk Decker but you are never entirely sure where the threat is coming from. As he struggles with feelings of guilt for Delaney's accident and still mourning Carson's untimely death, Decker can't shake a feeling of foreboding, of worse things still to come.I loved the ambiguous nature of the threat. You are never quite sure who, or what, is stalking Decker and Delaney until the final scenes of the novel and that uncertainty generates the suspense that kept me turning the pages. I did think the story was diluted in places though, the vengeance angle wasn't pushed quite hard enough to suit me, and Decker's emotional angst/relations woe is given too much attention at times. Though not perfect, I really enjoyed Vengeance. It works well as sequel, and I think Miranda was true to the established characterisation and story. Though some questions may still remain unanswered, I hope the author doesn't attempt a third book but instead starts fresh, I really want to see what else she can do.

  • Taschima
    2019-06-04 09:49

    From the point of view of a fan of Megan Miranda's characters and writing style Vengeance was a spectacular read that let you explore even further the characters we had come to adore, though one might still wonder if the novel was just to please fans who wanted a little more of the world because otherwise it was rather *and I am cringing when writing this word* needless. It was a good book, it really was, but the first title didn't lend itself to another one so it gives you the feeling that you can either take or leave Vengeance. If I were in your shoes though I would definitely take it.For one it makes a lousy attempt at explaining why exactly Delaney has these "powers" of hers. It focuses more on Decker and his grief over losing a loved one, and while I love Decker I thought his character was a tad unfair in this title towards Delaney. He was being an ass, instead of talking things out he just flipped out and started throwing accusations. But I guess that is just how he reacts when confronted by grief... which is not at all flattering. Other than Decker acting like an ass my main problem was that I wanted some sort of definite explanation on how exactly Delaney survived and how she got her powers. Right now it's kind of not here nor there, is it a miracle, the will of God, a scientific anomaly or a supernatural cause? I don't know, and that drives me nuts. I would have thought that if Fracture got a sequel it would be to unravel this ONE mystery first and foremost.You may be thinking that I am being picky when it comes to Vengeance seeing as I said previously that I really liked the book, but that's just the thing, Vengeance had it's thing that bothered, but overall it was a fantastic read. I love getting to see Delaney and Decker again, and while I would have liked to be inside Delaney's head in some parts of the novel (two POVs would have been better than one) I still liked being inside Decker's head and seeing how he dealt with not only his new grief but the ghost of Delaney's death. He might have acted like a dick at times, but he was still Decker. You could tell he still cared.So what is this novel really about? Delaney, Decker, and all their friends. They all seem to think the lake is coming for them, that it's cursed. So there's that threat at the back of your head, plus it seems someone is actually gunning to hurt Delaney and everyone around her, but why? Because she is the one person who survived? Because she can sense things other people can't? In truth Vengeance is about a lot of things, but most of them have to deal with death and how people deal with it once is at their doorstep.I'd read it again.

  • Emily Bradley-dorman
    2019-06-09 10:49

    Can I start off by saying that Fracture didn't actually need a sequel, in fact I wasn't actually going to read this but it came up in a Buddy Read so I decided to give it a go. It's a lot more consistent that it's predecessor, as I found that Fracture was a little chopping in the first half and heartbreaking in the second. With Vengeance it was simple average the whole way through. Also, before you read on if you haven't read the first book yet then DO NOT read this review! It's impossible to review this without dropping some serious Fracture spoilers. The story is told from Decker's point of view - where are Fracture was told from Delaney's - as he struggles with a family death. He's angry at the whole, and Delaney and needs to find a way to live in this little town without being consumed by the so called 'curse' of Falcon Lake. Decker and his group of friends are still trying to come to terms with Carson's death and it eclipses they're whole life and with a new girl in town it becomes increasingly clear just how messed up their lives have become. I really liked Decker in book one, but I found him a little harsh and after a while just plain annoying in this one. I'm a constant grudge holder but even I thought he needed to give the girl a break! The whole book seems to centre around how Delaney betrayed Decker and how no one is really over the fact she couldn't safe Carson from dying - which again is really harsh. I didn't feel much for her in the beginning, but by the end I did. She was damned if she did and damned if she didn't. She just couldn't win. The story itself had some holes in it. It wasn't exactly a mystery what was going on, focusing on the paranormal to hide the completely human acts of vengeance behind the scenes. Don't get me wrong it wasn't all bad, and I did prefer it to the first book but the odd moments that made me smile and the times it caught me breath unfortunately didn't outweigh the fact that I just couldn't get into this book. Maybe it just wasn't for me. Maybe it was a case of right book but at the wrong time... I don't know. What I do know is that I think it should have ended with Fracture. Megan's an amazing writer, but I felt like this story just didn't need telling.

  • Sarah
    2019-06-20 04:37

    (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Bloomsbury Publishing Plc (UK & ANZ) and Netgalley.) This is book 2 in the ‘Fracture’ series.Delaney can still sense when people are sick or dying, but she really wishes she couldn’t. Decker meanwhile is starting to consider that the rumours about the lake being cursed might be true after all.Who will be the lake’s next victim? And is someone trying to kill Delaney?This book started off really good, but then dragged, and dragged, and dragged.I was surprised when I started reading this and realised that it was from Decker’s point of view, but I actually liked it, and it was interesting to see things from his perspective rather than Delaney’s.The storyline in this started off really good. For the first ~20% I was really loving this book. There was excitement, there was suspense, there were surprises, and I really didn’t want to put it down. Unfortunately though, from around the 20% mark it really started to drag. We did find out something interesting at the 26% point, but after that we didn’t find out anything interesting until the 66% mark, and then at the 86% mark. Between these points the book just dragged, and there was so much in there that didn’t need to be in there and didn’t move the story along at all. If this book had kept up the excitement of the first 20% throughout this would have been a five star book for me.The ending was okay, but I guessed really early on what was going on. Delaney said something that immediately made me think that a certain thing must have happened, but while I thought it obvious, Delaney didn’t consider it until right at the end of the book, which was pretty annoying.Overall, I did enjoy this book, but the way it dragged from the 20% mark really ruined it for me. If the book was cut down to things that actually moved the story along, this would have been much better.7 out of 10.

  • Yolanda Sfetsos
    2019-05-27 02:43

    After really enjoying FRACTURE, I was looking forward to reading the sequel. This book is told in the POV of Decker, Delaney's boyfriend. He's still haunted by what happened to her at the lake--how she died, but survived thanks to him--and can now sense when someone is dying. When the most unexpected horrible thing happens to him, and death personally touches Decker's life, he blames Delaney. For not warning him. For avoiding his calls when she could've made a difference. For lying. Then other strange things start to happen, creepy incidents that force Decker and his mother to actually move in with Delaney's family. It all points to the lake's curse, how it's come to claim them and has a vendetta on them because Delaney was supposed to die. But as everything slowly unravels, Decker discovers a much different plot. One that has nothing to do with any curse and everything to do with people hiding secrets. I was actually hooked at the beginning. It was nice to catch up with Delaney and see things through Decker's eyes. When the strange things started happening I was creeped out and was looking forward to finding out what was going on. But Decker's attitude towards Delaney overrode everything. I know he was grieving and couldn't get over a very personal loss, but the teenage angst was too much. And unfortunately, the mystery at the heart of it wasn't enough to make up for it.It's a shame because it started so well... Vengeance is an interesting, well written thriller that keeps you guessing, but it was nowhere near as good as the first book. :(

  • Ashley Brookfield
    2019-05-25 06:42

    What the hell, man! I was so excited to read the sequel to Fracture because I loved it so much, but this sucked! I'm kinda pissed that I spent the $11! First off, reading from Decker's POV the entire book was super lame. Decker was a whiny bitch THE ENTIRE BOOK. Repeating himself over and over and over and being as impulsive and indecisive as a child. The stupid "i love you, but no I hate you now" story.It was like I was reading a completely different series, that's how different Decker and Delaney were from Fracture. And I'm not saying that because they had problems, I'm saying that because they lacked all of the depth they did have before.There was no need for this book, the plot was stupid. There was no point to this book. The overdone angst was stupid. HOW REPETITIVE CAN YOU BE? LIKE THE ENTIRE BOOK WAS REPEATING THE SAME DARN SENTENCES OVER AND OVER ABOUT HOW "The lake is taking everything! It's like I'm drowning but I'm miles and miles away from it!" I CAN ONLY READ THAT SAME SENTENCE TWISTED SO MANY WAYS!! WAY TO TURN A POTENTIALLY COOL SERIES INTO A LOAD OF POOP! Ugh.

  • Polly Roth
    2019-05-30 03:36

    At page 62, I have no desire to continue. And why the hell should I? The writing is choppy and annoying. The plot is annoying. The characters are annoying. I'm annoyed. DNF

  • Erin Arkin
    2019-06-12 06:44

    Vengeance is the companion novel to Megan Miranda’s Fracture. If you enjoyed that book I definitely encourage you to read this one too. Heck, if you haven’t read Fracture yet, you should get on that so that when you finish, you can read this one too. People still believe that something is following Delaney Maxwell around…some sort of curse. Ever since she was pulled out of Falcon Lake, after being submerged for 11 minutes and then being in a coma for 6 days - yet she survived, the belief is that there is a curse involving the lake and she is central to it. Delaney was pulled out and lives but Carson, the boy who pulled her out, is dead. What people don’t know is that ever since Delaney woke up, she has had a special sense, one that allows her to sense when people are dying.Decker and Delaney are now boyfriend and girlfriend and the story picks up just before they start their senior year of high school. When Decker’s father unexpectedly dies, Decker is angry. He is mad at Delaney because she knew what was going to happen to his dad and he is mad at his parents for hiding things from him. A lot of the first half of the story is Decker dealing with this anger and trying to figure out whether he can forgive Delaney for hiding something so important from him. He does hold it against her and although it isn’t necessarily as black and white as he thinks, he feels like Delaney chose his father over him and ultimately let him die. In addition to this, there is a bit of a mystery to unravel. Odd things keep happening to Decker and Delaney and through the book; they work to figure out why strange things are going on. First, Decker’s house is destroyed by water, and then windows are busted out in Delaney’s house while Decker and his mom are staying with her family. Oddly enough, Kevin’s car is messed up because of water in the engine. Not wanting to believe that the Curse of Falcon Lake is at work, Decker begins digging into what is going on and he keeps coming back to the people around them. While Delaney and Decker’s relationship takes a hit, I did like how the characters grew through this book. It was an interesting transition (according to Decker) going from friends to more and now that they aren't either and Decker is living in Delaney’s house, things are definitely awkward. What I liked was that Delaney gets where Decker’s anger is coming from and she doesn't hold it against him. She actually allows him to be angry but she also stands up for herself and doesn't let him get away with treating her horribly. One of my favorite parts was after one of their run-ins while Decker was working on his math homework. “How long are we gonna keep doing this, Decker?” And I said, “Doing what?” like an asshole. “You’re being an asshole,“ she said. And then I laughed because I knew it. And that night, I found a note under my door. It said, “To clarify, I didn’t mean you ARE an asshole. Just that you’re acting like one. Also, #2 is wrong. Good night.” The secondary characters help move the story along. From Kevin and Tara to Maya and Janna. All play a critical part in the story and because I don’t want to give anything away, I won’t say a lot here. Just know that all of these characters are important to both the mystery of what is going on with all of the strange things as well as getting Decker to figure out what he wants in his relationship with Delaney. Just when I thought all Kevin cared about was having a good time, he comes through and tells Decker to get his crap figured out. “Decker,” Kevin said. “Whatever’s going on with Delaney, fix it already. You look like shit. It’s messing with my mood.”“Enough,” I said“No,” he said. “Enough from you. Break up, fine. But the moping and gloom and angry eyes, it stops. It’s awkward. Every lunch I get, like, a tension headache or something,” he said. He rolled his shoulders back. “I think it’s giving me neck pain.” I really liked being back in Decker and Delaney’s stories. I know this is listed as a companion novel but I really think it would be tough to read this book without reading Fracture as there are a number of things mentioned but not necessarily explained. I think it might be tough to just dive into this story if you don’t have the full story from Fracture. If you like a good mystery and interesting story I definitely recommend you read this series. I found myself unable to put this one down and applaud Megan Miranda on a great follow up story.Thank you to Netgalley and Bloomsbury for the review copy.

  • Jen (The Starry-Eyed Revue)
    2019-06-24 06:45

    An ARC of this title was provided by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.This review can also be found at The Starry-Eyed Revue.I loved Fracture when I read it in 2012, and I went on to love Megan Miranda's next book Hysteria, as well.  There were similar themes in both, but even so, each story stands apart and kept me guessing.  A good thriller is hard to come by, at least for someone like me, who is perpetually anticipating the outcome.In this sequel/companion to Fracture -- and I say companion since Decker has taken over narration duties, though the events in Vengeance do follow those in the first book -- I didn't worry so much about the ending. For once with a Megan Miranda novel, I guessed it early on.  But there were many bumps along the way and a lot that I didn't see coming, so even if I did predict the outcome, I still felt unsettled for much of the book.  And that's how I know this was a great story.I think what really helps this story along is the fact that yet again, we have a slightly unreliable narrator. Ever since Delaney was pulled from Falcon Lake a second time and survived, and since the death of their friend Carson, who was one of those who helped rescue Delaney, the people of this suburban Maine town believe the lake is cursed.  And it's taken six months, but Decker is finally starting to believe the rumors.  He's seeing things, feeling things, and he puts a lot of distance between himself and Delaney in the process.There were times when I just wanted to beat some sense into Decker, to tell him to stop believing in ghosts and see what was right in front of him.  He was just so infuriating, what with his being a hypocrite and all. Other times, I wanted to pull him into a hug and tell him to stop bottling up all of his grief, that he was only going to end up hurting worse if he kept down this path.It was interesting being inside Decker's head for this sequel, as opposed to the analytical, sometimes clinical-to-a-fault Delaney.  There was a marked difference between the two voices, and I'm glad Miranda decided to write Vengeance from Decker's perspective because it really does make you look at things differently. With Delaney, you were a part of the curse.  With Decker, you're an that the curse is coming after.Megan Miranda writes one heck of a psychological thriller, and she really puts her background in science to good use.  I also like that, though the romantic relationships in her books are important to the stories, they don't become all-encompassing.  After everything I've read from this author in the last couple of years, I am a huge fan, and I am very much looking forward to what else she has in store for us, including Afterlife and Soulprint, both of which sound as intriguing as everything that Miranda's written so far.  I just love an intelligent read that leaves me hoping for the best yet always fearing the worst.  If that sounds like your kind of story, then I'd definitely recommend this series to you.GIF it to me straight:

  • Jessica (Step Into Fiction)
    2019-06-25 07:30

    Full review to come closer to the release date!I'm a huge fan of Fracture so needless to say I've been dying for more Decker and Delaney. It wasn't easy, let me tell you. Especially reading the description of this book. I was afraid.Many times I wanted to smack Decker upside the head but I couldn't. Not because he's not read but because I understand what he's going through.The first half of this book was very depressing to those who fell hard for these characters. I was on the verge of tears at one point because I just had so many emotions going through me. I'm still sitting here thinking about this book even after having been finished it for hours. It sticks with you.Add this to your TBR list - you'll want to read this one!Review originally posted at Step Into FictionActual rating: 4.5If you have NOT read Fracture, please read with caution. There are some spoilers that were unavoidable. Proceed with caution . . .I'm going to be honest about the cover here - I wasn't really feeling it. The cover of Fracture was so awesome and so perfect for the story. I just felt this cover was lacking but then I read the book and realized just how perfect it really was.I am probably like everyone else out there, I loved Fracture and was sad to hear it was a standalone. But then she announced this 'companion novel' though I'd consider it more like a sequel. It takes place after Fracture and it's told from Decker's point of view. THAT bit of news had me really excited. I loved both Decker and Delaney but to hear things from his side, yes please!You know how Decker annoyed you in Fracture? Prepare for the same result in this book. While there's a good reason for him acting the way he is, it doesn't change the fact that I want to him him upside his head with the book. He's so frustrating through at least half of this book that I was close to tearing out my hair. At the same time, I wanted to turn around and give Delaney a big hug because she didn't deserve all the hate she was getting, from everyone. She's been getting a lot of this hate since Carson died by her side. There's a lot of emotions from not only the characters in the book but from the reader. It's amazing how many different emotions Megan brings out in the reader while reading this book. I can't say I cried, not like I cried in Fracture but that's the only thing I didn't do (though I may have been close a few times). I may have cheered at some points, maybe a few WTF' know, stuff you say out loud that makes you glad you're reading this book alone.This lake is going to forever leave a scar on these people's minds, I swear. From the moment Delaney fell in it and died during Fracture to the end of this book. I don't know how anyone goes anywhere near this thing. I'd be afraid of it for life.This can be read without having read Fracture but I don't recommend it. Not only because you'd be missing out on a fantastic book but because you miss out on a lot of the story, I'd think. However, you won't be lost just picking this book up and reading it.Thank you so much to Megan for sending me a copy of the ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.

  • A Book Vacation
    2019-06-07 02:31

    3.5 StarsTo see my full review: haven't read the first novel in this series, but Miranda does a great job keeping the reader on track, giving just enough information that we understand what went on in the first novel so we're able to stay on top of everything in this second novel. I never felt like I was missing information and, while I do plan to go back and read book one eventually, I don’t feel like it is a prerequisite in order to read this second installment.Whereas the first novel details the budding relationship between Decker and Delaney, Vengeance does just the opposite. With the death of an immediate loved one at the start of this novel, Decker begins to harbor an extreme hatred for Delaney, thus, breaking up their perfect relationship. Quickly dropped by the only person who really understands what happened to her on the ice at the end of book one, Delaney forges on, trying to find her place in the world while Decker trys to forgive and get over this monumental "betrayal," as he sees it. And if the demise of Decker and Delaney is not difficult enough for the pair to endure, someone or something is terrorizing Decker and his group of friends—and won’t stop until more lives are claimed.I really liked the mystery within this novel, and I never saw the truth coming. I think Miranda did a great job pulling it all together, and I loved the ending. But, I did find the novel a bit slow towards the middle of the book. While I understand Decker’s hang ups and feelings after an immediate family member dies, I felt like there was a little too much time spent on his and Delaney’s relationship and less on the action sequence that entices the reader forward. Suddenly, the actions seems to stop and it’s touch and go in the relationship department, and while I do understand that Decker and Delaney need to clear the air in terms of their relationship, I found myself wishing more was happening in terms of the mystery. I wasn’t a fan of Decker’s obsessiveness and his indecision, and I would have liked that section to be paired down so there was a little more focus on the mystery aspect of it all. But that might just be me. Overall, this was a very good read, and I can’t wait to read the prequel.

  • Paige Bradish
    2019-06-01 05:32

    ***If you have not read the first book Fracture do not read this review!I received an ARC of Vengeance by Megan Miranda from Around The World ARC Tours and read the first few chapters from that ARC but the rest of it was read from a hardcover version that I borrowed from work. Vengeance is the sequel to Miranda's first book Fracture, which is about a group of friends who come way to close on some occasions and meet death on others. In book one Delaney just about dies, she falls through the ice on the town lake and stops breathing for 11 minutes… One of the guys from her group of friends pull her out though and save her life. The second book is about the group of friends dealing with “the curse” as the group of friends call it. I read the first book a really long time ago so at some points it was hard to remember some of the things the characters were referencing, but Miranda did a pretty good job at jogging your memory. Before writing the review for this book though, I went back and read my review of Fracture from two years ago and it reminded me of some things. There are many many things I loved about this book and the biggest thing was that while I was reading the book gave me the chills non stop, because there was so much emotion and because there was so many creepy elements to the story, and boy do I love myself a creepy story! Oh man this book came along with so many feels, I am so in love with Decker & Delaney even though they were fighting constantly throughout the whole book I still loved them as a couple! One thing that annoyed me near the end of the book was how confusing it got. I can’t really explain because that would be considered a spoiler alert, either way though the last few chapters were kind of all over the place and I didn’t really like that but my opinion of the rest of the book pretty much stayed the same. Megan Miranda’s writing is fabulous and I cannot wait to read more of it! I didn’t even know that she was writing a sequel to Fracture but I am so glad she did because this book was a great companion to it. She also wrote another book called Hysteria I believe I have it on my kindle and I cannot wait to read it!

  • Haley
    2019-06-08 07:41

    This book was a pretty interesting sequel. I think I liked Fracture better though. I preferred Delany’s perspective, but this book definitely had more chill and thrills that I remember the first book having. It definitely upped the creep-factor of Falcon Lake. The town thinks that Falcon Lake is cursed and there have been a lot of deaths connected to it.Dekker is angry about the death of his dad for most of the book and blames it on Delany since she knew he was going to die. Dekker’s narration seemed a bit whiny and angst most of the book. He was always thinking about Delany and how much he wanted her even if she kept this from him. Dekker acts like a jerk, and I hate that. He shouldn’t treat Delany like that. It would have been so much better from her perspective of rotating perspectives. The side characters played some important roles in the story, though not all of them seemed developed. Maya became Delany’s friend in the previous book. Kevin and Justin are Dekker’s friends. Janna, Tara and a few other characters play important roles too. My favorite thing about these books is probably the setting and the atmosphere. It’s set in northern Maine. I’ve read a lot of YA books set in Maine, most of them paranormal. There’s a mystery and a lot of suspense. There’s strange and mysterious event and it leaves you with a lot of questions. I did not see the ending coming. I kind of wish that there was some big paranormal element to be discovered, but the ending was pretty exciting and left possibility for a third book, but it also wraps up the story well. This could easily just be a duology. I recommend this book if you enjoyed other paranormal romance books or books set in Maine. If you liked: Siren by Tricia Rayburn, Need by Carrie Jones, Revel by Maurissa Guibord, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke, Dead River by Cyn Balog, or Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. Cover Art Review: The cover is simple and creepy. The lake is foggy blue. I like the title’s typeface. ~Haley GMy blog:http://breathlessbookreviews.blogspot...

  • SJH (A Dream of Books)
    2019-06-21 08:45

    This is the sequel to 'Fracture' which is one of my favourite books. I thought it was amazing the first, second and third time I read it! 'Vengeance' was therefore one of my most anticipated books of the year and hit the top of my TBR pile immediately. I love the new look covers for the series which look so pretty on my shelves.The story is told from Decker's point of view. A part of me missed seeing events unfold from Delaney's perspective as I love her character but it didn't take me long to adjust to the change of narrative. It was interesting to hear first-hand how Decker was dealing with everything that had happened between the two of them in the previous story. Decker, Delaney and their circle of friends believe that they've been cursed by Falcon Lake after Delaney was pulled from the water. Does the lake have the power to destroy them or are they looking in the wrong place for answers?A really shocking and unexpected event occurs at the start of the book which I thought was a bold and brave choice by Megan Miranda. It sets in motion a chain of events which unfold between Decker and Delaney and threatens their future together. The ramifications of this are felt throughout the whole story as we see Decker struggling with feelings of grief, anger and sadness. He's emotionally traumatised and pushes away those closest to him. I missed the closeness between him and Delaney and spent much of the time wishing that he would just forgive her. I enjoyed the creepy atmosphere which hangs over all the characters and leaves the reader in the dark and frantically guessing about what is truly going on. Megan Miranda teases things out and lets the tension build wonderfully. 'Vengeance' is the perfect winter read and cements Miranda's place as one of my favourite authors. She can do no wrong!

  • Kimberly
    2019-06-07 04:29

    This book did not live up to its expectations of Fracture, to say the least. The way fracture was ended left the reader wanting more, yet still complete (when left alone). Though, Miranda still continuing with the plot made the reader feel less closure. Don't get me wrong Fracture was AMAZING! and that's why I perused to read the squeal- mistake. Decker played a huge part in the first book, although after the fist.. what... 20 pages (when he pulled Delaney out of the water), he played no major role; other than a side love interest competing with Troy. And again, don't get me wrong his heroic action jump started the entire plot of the first book, without it- no book. I'm saying after... I state this to introduce the fact that Vengeance is told from his view point. Which I guess could be justifiable because the kick start to the sequel is Decker's dad biting the dust (not a spoiler, its in the description of the book). But after that its just a drama filled book, full of Decker questioning his relationship with Delaney. Obviously she knew about his death. It still has an eerie feel similar to Fracture, although it's buried beneath the drama of the characters. Another notable aspect of Vengeance, is that Miranda does introduce more characters, some from Fracture, and some new. This would have been okay if written well, but all I grasped was a much more "high-school feel" novel. That I am not a fan of. Overall I feel disappointed, it had so much potential, but then again Fracture alone was tremendous- but should have been left alone. Might I mention that I received this book for free at a book give away at my university? I now see why.

  • Elaine
    2019-06-17 09:32

    Decker and Delaney believe they caused a curse since Decker wished Delaney back to life after drowning in the local lake. Now, it seems, anyone who comes in contact with lake water dies. And Delaney can tell when someone is nearing death. Their friend Carson is the earliest victim. Nursing home residents next. Then Decker’s dad. Decker’s house is flooded. A friend’s mom is dying. Turns out, of course, someone is causing the events that are originally blamed on the curse of Falcon Lake. This sequel to Fracture (in which the whole drowning-victim-comes-back-to-life stuff happens) is difficult to follow without reading the first book. Assuming they were clearly introduced and fleshed out in book one, the teenagers here are hard to distinguish from each other. Somebody is dating somebody, but previously dated somebody’s brother, or sister, and is now mourning their friend, or parent, or something. The teenagers’ emotions take ridiculous operatic jumps from terror to laughter and anger to loving making it hard for the reader to understand just where a character stands in relation to the overall Friday the 13th-esque plot. It’s a shame the book isn’t written better because the cover art (the US hardback - boy on foggy midlake pier) is perfect.

  • Reading Teen
    2019-05-28 02:25

    Vengeance is the sequel to Megan Miranda's book Fracture. While it is helpful to have read the earlier book, there is enough of the story in this book to let a new reader know what has happened. The previous book was told from Delaney Maxwell's perspective while this one is told from Decker's. Delaney has survived a fall through the ice and a week in a coma. This tragedy was followed by the death of a classmate and another acquaintance. Now everyone in town is wondering if Falcon Lake is cursed and what part Delaney's survival is playing in all this. Decker is Delaney's next-door neighbor and boyfriend. He loves and understands Delaney but when tragedy strikes his family he struggles to accept Delaney's part in it. This book is part romance and part psychological thriller. Is Falcon Lake trying to pull this group of friends back into the water or is there a more human answer? I liked this book as much as I did the first one (which was a lot). The characters are believable and likeable. The story involves high school kids as well as their families and it held my interest from start to finish. If you haven't read this series yet, I highly recommend it!-Janeth

  • Christine Fonseca
    2019-06-03 06:44

    This was an outstanding follow-up to FRACTURE. Told from the POV of Decker, it was a messed-up emo ride that had me 1000% hooked from the very beginning. I loved Miranda's story development, the character growth and her writing. Definitely NOT a light read in any way, this is an angst-filled emotional ride. And given my love for all things emo, it's not big shock that I LOVED this book!!! And yes, I loved it MORE than Fracture! If you like dark, emo stories that deal with a huge depth of emotion, this is for you!

  • Casey
    2019-06-25 06:41

    Megan Miranda, I love you, but I truly didnt find this sequel to be the best.It felt very repetitive to me, not just the storyline but our mian character himself, consistantly repeating the same emotion chapter after chapter after chapter. It's great to see the vision come to life from another perspective, but like many people, I sometimes grow tired of the repition. Overall the book brought the story together for me, fully, I just wish there was more.

  • Clodagh
    2019-06-22 02:46

    The second half was quite interesting, but still not as good as the first book. Something that annoyed me a great deal was that all the female characters were defined by their relationships with the males - they were all someone's girlfriend, or sister, or mother. Why can't there be single women standing alone and being awesome? Another thing that bugged me was the protagonist's voice - he just didn't sound like a teenage boy. In retrospect, reading the sequel to Fracture was a waste of time.

  • Tracey
    2019-06-23 04:30

    i am so pissed i wasted today reading this book. i don't know what i loved about the first book. having read it two years ago, i can't remember anything about it but i gave it 4 stars at the time. this book was just a total waste. i don't understand why there's a second book at all. i'm sorry to have put myself through this.

  • Jesse Lewis
    2019-05-26 10:34

    It is a thrilling book that keeps you on the edge of your seat and sucks you in where you will never want to put it down until you finish it. Such amazing structure and events that will give you a good shock and keep you wondering, wanting more.