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In the third in Katharine Ashe's Prince Catchers series, the eldest of three very different sisters must fulfill a prophecy to discover their birthright. But if Eleanor is destined to marry a prince, why can't she resist the scoundrel who seduced her?She can pour tea, manage a household, and sew a modest gown. In short, Eleanor Caulfield is the perfect vicar's daughter. YeIn the third in Katharine Ashe's Prince Catchers series, the eldest of three very different sisters must fulfill a prophecy to discover their birthright. But if Eleanor is destined to marry a prince, why can't she resist the scoundrel who seduced her?She can pour tea, manage a household, and sew a modest gown. In short, Eleanor Caulfield is the perfect vicar's daughter. Yet there was a time when she'd risked everything for a black-eyed gypsy who left her brokenhearted. Now he stands before her—dark, virile, and ready to escort her on a journey to find the truth about her heritage.Leaving eleven years ago should have given Taliesin freedom. Instead he's returned to Eleanor, determined to have her all to himself, tempting her with kisses and promising her a passion she's so long denied herself. But if he was infatuated before, he's utterly unprepared for what will happen when Eleanor decides to abandon convention—and truly live....

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  • WhiskeyintheJar/Kyraryker
    2019-04-24 06:53

    ****Full Review****I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review."Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage." Lao-Tzu Eleanor has sat back and watched her younger sisters set off into the world, have adventures, and fall in love. In her late twenties now, she is considered solidly on the shelf and with the recent marriage of her father Eleanor decides it is time for her adventure. Using an old fortune told to her and her two other adopted sisters by a gypsy that involves the ring given to Eleanor by the nursemaid who perished in the shipwreck that Eleanor and her sisters survived and a mention of a prince, she determines to set off and solve the mystery as to who her parents were. Since Eleanor suffered through a fever that nearly took her life when she was younger, everyone coddles and worries about her health never believing her strong enough, therefore causing her sisters to demand she have an experienced traveler be her guide. It's been eleven years since Eleanor has set eyes on Taliesin, the gypsy boy her vicar father had do chores around the home, educated, and her childhood love. When he shows up for her father's wedding and her sisters suggest he accompany her, Eleanor feels a sense of dread and hope.  "Your heart isn't yours to control, no matter how tight the reign" David Gray The first two books in The Prince Catchers series scatter enticing little tidbits about Eleanor and Taliesin, touching on how they used to act around each other and now react to hearing each other's name during the eleven years of separation; it is obvious something exists between these two. As Eleanor and Taliesin travel the countryside in search of clues to her parent's identity, little flashbacks are shown to clue the reader in to what happened between them. We get to see the mixture of awe and devotion Taliesin feels for Eleanor, with her fear and infatuation, under the impending doom of society's disapproval. Their challenging of each other is what strengthened Eleanor after her sickness and now galvanizes her on the quest for her parents. These two have an invisible thread that connects them and every time they pull it tight by trying to separate, the reverberations are felt. "Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart." Haruki Murakami The pain of Eleanor and Taliesin's longing, tension, and heartbreak is what this story is all about. Eleanor has no idea why Taliesin left eleven years ago when things felt like they were just heating up between them. Her hurt from Taliesin's abandonment at first keeps her tentative but as the anger takes over she starts to push back at him. She appears to have a soft submissive personality but deep in her heart a fire burns which only Taliesin seems to see and through him Eleanor finds the ability to truly be herself. Taliesin has grown the rough exterior required of outcasts but with one look or touch from Eleanor it is shattered. He has anger too, involving why he disappeared and how he feels he isn't good enough for Eleanor. They are both stubborn characters who nevertheless set the room ablaze with their desire for one another.  "Underneath your clothes there’s an endless story. There’s the man I chose. There’s my territory. And all the things I deserve for being such a good girl." Underneath Your Clothes - Shakira I loved how even though Taliesin strengthens Eleanor, she is the one who becomes the fighter for their relationship pushing Taliesin to face their love. The word chemistry almost seems too weak for these two. They're soulmates without the insta-love; their emotional connection is aptly felt and seen through interactions. Ashe gets a little heavy handed at times with the descriptive words but this couple is guaranteed to make your heart feel like it is too big for your chest. Every time a secondary character comes in to try and wedge between them, every touch and locked gaze will have your toes curling. Seventy percent or so of this story is about Taliesin and Eleanor's yearning, hurt, and desire for each other and it is magnificent. The remaining, which mostly happens towards the end, involves the revelation of Eleanor's parents and the secret of the ring. While the pace of the story picks up, I missed being spoiled by the thick emotion and high tension. The switch of focuses isn't completely smoothly interwoven but it does wrap up the continuous story arc throughout the series very nicely, especially when some shocking truths are uncovered. People who have read Seduce Me at Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas will notice the similarities in story but I think this book has a deeper heavier emotional tone. Eleanor and Taliesin have the passion, emotion, and heart wrenching relationship that drives this market. I Loved a Rogue is a book not to be missed and is a serious contender for best book of 2015.P.S. The cover of the book is from a scene in the story!

  • Pepa
    2019-05-05 02:45

    3.5 Nota aclaratoria: le pondrían las 4 estrellas, pero yo si no llega no las pongoReseña cokmpleta: buen broche para terminar la serie.... La trama gira en torno a las pesquisas sobre la familia de estas tres jóvenesMe ha gustado la forma de llevar el tema y, pese a lo complejo de la resolución, la forma en que la autora hace crítica de un tema muy concreto. Como en toda la trilogía hay presente esa pequeña crítica social.En este caso toma relevancia el tema de los gitanos y su presencia en la gran bretaña del siglo xix, en la figura del protagonista. No es el primer protagonista que me ha robado el corazón de ese pueblo y, Taliesin es un hombre de honor desde la primera página hasta la última. Ese amor a lo largo de los años y ese amor desinteresado que no ha podido ser. Es una novela que habla de los amores de juventud, Un tema muy recurrido en la romántica, en el que terceras personas han influenciado en la vida de otras. Me ha gustado él y me ha gustado ella y esos sentimientos refrenados que se respiran durante todas las páginasel romance es sencillo y complejo a la vez. El amor es ya sabido, al menos para el lector, porque ellos en ese sentido están bastante ciegos. Como digo, lo importante es la investigación...y las trabas de esa relación.Con personajes inusuales por su condición de no-nobles, es una lectura muy entretenida. Me ha parecido una relación bastante creíble, aunque ciertas escenas no dejan de pertenecer a una novela.

  • Caz
    2019-04-28 06:50

    I've given this an A- at AAR; I suppose that's technically 4.5 stars, but this feels closer to a 5 star than 4.5, so I've rounded up.I Loved a Rogue is the final book in Ms Ashe’s Prince Catchers trilogy, and it’s a fabulous end to what has been a very enjoyable series. One of the things I’ve very much appreciated about these books is the way each of them has a different ‘feel’ which is specifically related to the personalities of the three heroines. In the first book, the middle sister, Arabella, is a bit of a romantic who ends up falling for a sea-captain who turns out to be heir to a dukedom. The youngest, Ravenna, is free-spirited and naturally inquisitive, finding her true love at the same time as playing detective to solve a murder at a country house party. And now, we get the eldest sister, Eleanor’s story. She’s always been the quiet one, the well behaved one, the girl most likely to spend her days keeping house for her adoptive father, the local vicar, helping with his sermons and carrying on good works in the parish.But Eleanor’s shell of outward perfection hides a truly passionate nature, one which has been long repressed; there’s the sense that she’s like a pressure cooker and all that emotion and longing she’s so long buried is about to erupt. ”Quite simply, she wanted an adventure.” Her position as her father’s housekeeper-cum-helpmeet has changed with his recent remarriage as his new wife will, of course, want to assume the reins of the household. So Eleanor can have her adventure – yet the prospect of freedom is as terrifying as it is exciting. Overwhelmed by offers of home and security from her sisters and by their seeming desire to push her into marriage with her new step-brother, Eleanor suddenly announces her intention to take up the quest begun by Arabella to discover the identity of their parents – a quest which, according to a gypsy prophecy, will also see one of them wed to a prince.Arabella is delighted at Eleanor’s decision, even though Eleanor immediately wonders what on earth made her suggest such a ridiculous idea. But before she can change her mind, Arabella insists that she needs an escort for her journey – and asks the one man Eleanor wants to avoid at all costs.Taliesin Wolfe, now a successful horse breeder and trader, first came to the vicarage in the Cornish village of St. Petroc when he was a boy of six, and helped with all sorts of odd jobs around the house and grounds. Every autumn, he came with the gypsies who made camp in the woods outside the village and every year he would leave with them in the summer. At first, Eleanor didn’t like the fact that her father made such a fuss of the boy, treating him almost as one of the family and even educating him in the same manner as his adopted daughters. But that all changed one year when Eleanor fell seriously ill, and it was Taliesin whose insistence that she wasn’t a weakling and his belief in her strength of will helped her to recover and to discover her taste for adventure. He taught her to ride and to spread her wings, encouraging her to cast off the trappings of invalidity and seeing – as nobody else did – the daring and bold spirit inside her that was just waiting to break free. That spirit has never really left Eleanor, although over the intervening years, she has buried it beneath the façade of the perfect vicar’s daughter she presents to the world. She buried both it, and the bitterness she felt when, aged seventeen and following a perfect summer afternoon and a series of increasingly passionate kisses, Taliesin left St. Petroc without a word and broke her heart. Eleanor and Taliesin have never stopped loving each other, and being in each other’s company again more than a decade later is painful for both of them. Eleanor still feels hurt and betrayed over Taliesin’s sudden and unexplained disappearance, and he knows that for all he has worked hard to make something of himself, his gypsy origins ensure that he is as an unsuitable a mate for a young woman of good breeding now as he was a decade ago. Yet there is absolutely no question that these people are – pardon the cliché – two halves of the same whole and meant to be together; the relationship Ms Ashe has created between them is utterly compelling. The plot is quite complex and very satisfying, and the author does an excellent job in tying up the loose ends posed in the other books, but the real draw is the love story between Eleanor and Taliesin. I loved the way their backstory was drip-fed throughout the first half of the book, and it’s been a while since I read a romance that is so deeply felt and imbued with such sensuality and longing. Eleanor’s hurt over what she believes to be Taliesin’s desertion is palpable, as is the intensity of the desire he feels for her; the stolen looks, illicit kisses and brief touches between them are as steamy as many a sex scene. Both are strongly written, well-developed characters and it’s clear right from the start that they understand each other in a way that nobody else ever has or will.Eleanor is tenacious and passionate, yet without Taliesin’s support, she has slipped back into the role of the perfect and demure young lady and is not living the life she is meant to live. Taliesin is a gorgeous hero – sexy-as-sin, intelligent, kind and honourable, a man who has risen above the poor treatment meted out to his kind. Ms. Ashe explores the situation of the Romany gypsies in England at this period in an informative and sensitive manner through his experiences and the mistreatment and distrust with which he is regarded by many.In addition to a wonderful love story, Ms. Ashe has penned an intriguing sub-plot concerning Eleanor’s search for the truth about her parentage, which contains more than a couple of surprises. If I have a complaint, it’s that this part of the story is squashed into the last twenty percent or so of the book, so it feels a little rushed and a bit over dramatic, but it didn’t spoil my overall enjoyment or overshadow the central romance. I Loved a Rogue is an enjoyable and well-written story, the true strength of which lies in the exceptionally deep emotional connection between the protagonists. Eleanor and Taliesin’s story is passionate, heart-wrenching and thoroughly satisfying, and I loved every minute of it. The book can be read as a standalone, although it probably helps to have some knowledge of at least the first book as that’s where we learn of the prophecy, but there’s enough information in this one to enable readers new to the trilogy to understand what is going on. I’ve enjoyed all three of the Prince Catchers novels and this one is highly recommended.

  • Viri
    2019-05-25 04:43

    3.5 STARS✨ Ya en el blog la reseña completa!!! el broche perfecto para esta trilogía, con una narrativa mucho más seria y cercana que la del primer libro. Y aunque la trama base pueda resultar un poco típica, yo adoro los clichés. Y este es uno de esos que recomiendo leer. En "Me rendí a un canalla" Katherine Ashe nos brinda la ilusión de un romance perfecto, personajes sencillos y muy bien elaborados. Mismos que solo hacen que te enamores de ellos.Si tuviera un corazón para robar (después de todas las veces que lo he dado...) Taliesin Wolf se lo hubiera llevado y no lo habría devuelto.❤️😍❤️😍❤️❤️❤️😍😍❤️😍❤️😍😍❤️❤️❤️😍❤️😍🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Alyssa
    2019-04-28 07:51

    ***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***I Loved A Rogue by Katharine AsheBook Three of the Prince Catchers seriesPublisher: AvonPublication Date: February 24, 2015Rating: 4 starsSource: eARC from Edelweiss***Warning: this is an adult book, and for the eyes of mature readers***Summary (from Goodreads):In the third in Katharine Ashe's Prince Catchers series, the eldest of three very different sisters must fulfill a prophecy to discover their birthright. But if Eleanor is destined to marry a prince, why can't she resist the scoundrel who seduced her?She can pour tea, manage a household, and sew a modest gown. In short, Eleanor Caulfield is the perfect vicar's daughter. Yet there was a time when she'd risked everything for a black-eyed gypsy who left her brokenhearted. Now he stands before her—dark, virile, and ready to escort her on a journey to find the truth about her heritage.Leaving eleven years ago should have given Taliesin freedom. Instead he's returned to Eleanor, determined to have her all to himself, tempting her with kisses and promising her a passion she's so long denied herself. But if he was infatuated before, he's utterly unprepared for what will happen when Eleanor decides to abandon convention—and truly live.What I Liked:It is always a wonderful and terrible moment, when you finally have the last book in a series. This particularly historical romance series is one of my favorite - all three of the books were quite good, and did not let me down! I can't decide which is my favorite - I loved I Married A Duke, I Adored A Lord, and this one, all for different reasons.In this final novel of the Prince Catchers series, it's up to Eleanor, the oldest Caulfield sister, to find a prince and find the truth about the Caulfied girls' parents. When her foster father (the vicar) marries, Eleanor decides to go on an adventure - to find out what happened to her parents, prince or no prince. But at the insistence of her sisters, she is accompanied by a guest at the wedding, a man from Eleanor's past, the one boy that captured her heart - and then left. Taliesin is a Gypsy, and a former pupil of the vicar. He left Eleanor when they were young for a good reason - but he is back, and he agrees to accompany her on the mission. Together, Taliesin and Eleanor seek the truth about the girls' parents.Immediately, I knew I would like Taliesin. He's a Gypsy, so he's not all that accepted by the British. He's an educated Gypsy - the vicar took him in for education at a young age. He lived with his uncle though. Taliesin met Eleanor through education with the vicar. He always had a thing for Eleanor, and one day, that thing went places. The next day, Taliesin left - but not because of things with Eleanor. Unfortunately, that's what Eleanor thought. Years later, when he shows up for the vicar's wedding, Eleanor isn't all that happy to see him.Taliesin is all kinds of complicated and hawt and wonderful and brooding. And not any of the cliche stuff (in my opinion), although that in itself sounds cliche. Just in a physical sense, Taliesin is different, and had to work very hard to create a decent reputation for himself. He is very good with horses, so he buys and sells them for a living.Eleanor is kind of like that single young maid auntie who wants to stretch her legs and see the world, but has been taking care of Pops the whole time because she's the eldest. Now that the vicar has married, Eleanor is basically free to do as she pleases. So, with Taliesin (much to her chagrin at first), she searches for clues as to what happened on the ship that brought her and her sisters here.I loved that there was history between the two protagonists - whereas in the previous two novels, the protagonists had never met each other before. Eleanor and Taliesin's reunion is a bit boring (we aren't given the entire past story at once), but we slowly get pieces of what happened between them when they were younger.The romance is pretty slow and progressive, and at one point, I was worried about the introduction of a new male, and a new female. But there was nothing to worry about, because there would be no love triangle of any sort in this book. I loved the romance - I wanted a little more fire and chemistry, but I definitely enjoyed Taliesin and Eleanor's relationship.The mystery is indeed solved! Eleanor and Taliesin cobble together the truth about the girls' past - it's actually quite complex. I didn't think things would get so complicated and intricate, but in this book, all is revealed. I'm impressed by Ashe's big reveal - simply amazing!As for the prophecy - does Eleanor marry a prince? Well, I did say that the mystery is solved... but as for the prince part, I'll leave you to find out for yourself. Same with the mystery, because you will never figure it out, in its entirety, for yourself. I promise ;)What I Did Not Like:Like I said, perhaps I wanted a little more from the "romance" aspect of the book. The plot (the mystery of the parents and the ship and whatnot) eclipsed the romance for sure - which isn't necessarily a bad thing! I'm just a voracious romance reader and wanted more romance. But that's okay.Would I Recommend It:Yes! This one! The whole series! Actually, I'd definitely recommend the entire series because of the mystery that threads the books together. You can read each book by itself, without reading the others, but it's worth the time and money to read all three, in order! But you don't have to read them all or in order.Rating:4 stars. A lovely conclusion to a wonderful historical romance series! Definitely one of my favorite series - and I will certainly be reading Ashe's books in the future!

  • Julie
    2019-05-04 04:37

    I loved a Rogue by Katherine Ashe is a 2015 Avon publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This is the third book in the Prince Catchers series. It can be read as a stand alone, but I highly recommend reading the series in order. This is such a wonderful story with a fairytale quality that charmed me from start to finish. Everyone loves a Prince, right? But a rogue???Three beautiful and exotic sisters raised by a Vicar are seeking out their true heritage. Eleanor is the only unmarried sister and with the Vicar taking a bride, she willingly takes on the responsibility of locating her real parents. Traveling away from home also removes her from a new suitor she would rather avoid. One little hitch comes up in her plans. The dark haired gypsy boy who broke her heart eleven years ago is to be her escort. Taliesin left eleven years ago beaten and broken hearted. Taliesin is a grown man now and he is determined to give Eleanor all she desires, despite what transpired in the past. But, she utterly shocks him when it becomes apparent she is tired of being the sheltered Vicar's daughter who always does what is expected of her. It's adventure she seeks, and you know what they say... Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. The history of vagabonds, gypsies and rogues is interwoven in the story , giving it an authenticity and an insight that enhanced the emotional level, the adventure, the danger and the love story. Eleanor is a spirited girl who has had to keep a clamp down on her adventurous side all these years. Taliesin's story is truly unique and sad, but ultimately triumphant. I loved the references to Tristan and Isodle through out the book. The hero, Taliesin, is so mysterious and unique I just fell in love with him. Rogue or not he was the right man for our Eleanor. While this story has a lot of emotion, intrigue and and drama, it also has humor and wit giving it that fairytale quality I mentioned in the beginning.If you have been following the series you will know that if the prophesy told in the first book is true then Eleanor is the sister that will marry a prince, since her two sisters have married, and very well I might add, but not to a prince. So, does the prophesy come true? Will Eleanor find her true family? I loved how everything came together at the end. We have to absorb a lot of information in the last quarter of the book, and not all things were laid out in minute detail, leaving the reader the freedom to imagine things in whatever way they wish. But, never fear, there is an awesome HEA!! 5 stars!

  • Ang
    2019-04-26 04:48

    Katharine Ashe once again confirms her status with me as a favorite author of mine. Her writing is rich and compelling. This is an impressive ending to this series in which all three books are good. The characters in this story, Eleanor and Taliesin, have been introduced and alluded to in the first two books. I was eagerly awaiting this story and hoping my expectations wouldn’t be so high. I am happy to say my expectations were surpassed.Looking forward to this story, I was wondering how Ashe was going to wrap up this trilogy since the prophecy delivered in the first book directed that one of the three sisters was to wed a Prince and then the identities of their parents would be revealed. Since so far the other two sisters wed non-Princes and the last sister, Eleanor, has had an attraction to Taliesin, a Gypsy, I wondered how this story was going to work and yet have the prophecy be fulfilled. I marvel at Ashe’s creativity for the tangled web she wove to create this story. It is incredibly complex and for a minute there I thought about getting out some graph paper. I still may need to re-read to fully remember, but it was very clever.I loved many things about this book. For one, I loved that Eleanor was giving herself the opportunity to find herself by finally leaving her family’s home and go on an adventure. When she was young, she nearly died from an illness which had her perceived as weak by all, except Taliesin. His affirmation of her strength gave her the courage to debunk the perception. She would catch herself doing something in line with that of a weak, meek girl and she would turn herself around and be brave. There were several situations where men were quick to put her in the simpering female bucket and she was having none of that. Robin Prince seemed to want to put her that bucket and he annoyed me because of it. I loved Taliesin! Ashe writes the BEST heroes. Every. Single. Time. Taliesin is no exception. I liked how his story growing up and the reason he left St. Petroc was revealed throughout the story. I found his story sad. He was always a wanderer, which is the lifestyle of the Rom, but he really desired stability. His love for Eleanor was unwavering as well – complete devotion and he could not keep himself away from her. I could not figure out why he didn’t want to have her get too close to him, I suppose he wanted better for her, but to me, you would think they would have sensed that they loved each other, but no. This just managed to continue the suspense.I also loved Eleanor’s quest to find her parents. It was a fun quest and she met some interesting people along the way. I didn’t really care for the Prince family – they were duplicitous. While being overly nice and friendly, they each had their own motivations behind their actions. Then when Robin’s efforts, by way of Taliesin, lead to a remarkable discovery, it turns out to be a boon for Eleanor but with a substantial cost to her health. I thought this part of the story went way off into extremes, but it served its purpose. The courtroom scene was funny and I thought written with such wit and imagination it was definitely one of the most entertaining scenes in the story.The only thing I wish was that the epilogue had been more of a substantial conclusion to their story given all the information that was divulged in the last 100 pages. Not complaining about the ending, but I would have liked to read about them in a year’s time as opposed to the three weeks that was presented. This would have concluded with more finality some of the open items that the reader was left to assume/imagine concluded happily. Bottom line – this is a must read, the series is a must read, and everything that Katharine has written is a must read. 4.5 stars!!!!Thank you to Avon for the Digital ARC via Edelweiss

  • HTL
    2019-05-04 07:39

    I mean, it was okay I guess but mostly I found it boooooooring. I was in the mood for someromance and instead I got:-two people that never talk about their feelings-that keep smooching each other-while he keeps leaving her-and she keeps pining-and they both wonder WTF is going on (yeah, me too dudes)-while some secret family mystery is sort of being solved-and nothing is resolved until like the last 15% of the book-which is when the romance finally happensHMPH.Just didn't do it for me. The back and forth crap is annoying when the only reason is THEY WON'T TALK TO EACH OTHER ABOUT THE PAST. Blaaaaaaaah.

  • Zoe
    2019-05-17 03:34

    I was bored. a woman looking for excitement and adventure is never my cup of tea. Eleanor bored me. not much happened. the book couldn't really keep my interest.

  • Judy
    2019-04-30 00:41

    I waited expectantly for this third book, but sadly, although the characters were intriguing - the storyline was just all over the place. I was super disappointed in how disjointed the romance was - barely any pleasurable time spent between Taliesin and Eleanor. They seemed to continually be at odds with one another simply because he didn't believe he was good enough for her and she misunderstood where he stood in his feelings.Then there was at least one misunderstanding which was never even explained - Taliesin didn't ask about it, so Eleanor couldn't explain since she didn't realize what sent him packing all those years ago. Really... how many times did Taliesin just depart in this book? It got ridiculous after awhile - Taliesin riding off with the intention of, once again, never returning?Why in the world was that bit of almost romance with "Prince" thrown in - as though Eleanor would choose him? She had known him for all of like one or two days when he decided he wanted her hand in marriage? Then there was so much miscommunication between Taliesin and Eleanor? In fact, there was miscommunication between nearly all the main characters. And as the fullness of the plot begins to be revealed, it begs the question, why certain people didn't speak up a lot sooner.Toward the end, the scene in the courtroom was a comedy of sorts. As the story built toward the ending, it was simply too much - talk about complicated. Villains show up at the ninth hour attempting to drug and starve people? Loose ends were finally tied up, however, not neatly. Too many complications were introduced to an already over-complicated plot. Overall, this story was simply not enjoyable.**SPOILERS WITH SOME QUESTIONS**In my opinion, the author did some serious damage to Martin Caulfield's character with the reveals toward the end of the book. What kind of man would let Eleanor, Arabella and Ravenna struggle with their origins and not find a way to help reacquaint them with their father? That part was sour, but when I learned Caulfield was assigned the task of watching over the young Taliesin by the girls' real father, all I could think about was Taliesin without shoes, with his feet bandaged during the cold, the Reverend Caulfield sending Eleanor off with some old used shoes to be re-purposed into book bindings when he could have offered the shoes to Taliesin as Eleanor eventually did. Of Taliesin nearly freezing in the winter, glad to be able to sleep in the barn with the warmth of the animals. Badly done, Martin Caulfield! He came across as more of a villain than a rescuer of children once I began to see his full role as a type of "trustee" to these children. Curious to know if anyone else had the same thoughts.Then there was the issue of why Taliesin left the first time after being beaten up so badly. The Reverend doesn't even offer to have Taliesin's wounds nursed - rather, he basically tells Taliesin he needs to leave and find his way in the world. Yes, later he says it was for Taliesin's own good - perhaps. But nobody, not even Taliesin, saw fit to enlighten Eleanor as to the reason why he left, nor the reason he left the second time when he saw her in the carriage in Shackelford's arms. Nope, Eleanor never had a chance to explain herself about Shackelford - Taliesin never told her why he left either time. Eleanor spent all those years agonizing after her true love and still, she never got an explanation about Why. He. Left. Nor. The. Fact. He. Returned. To. Get. Her. then left after seeing her with Shackelford? This was one of the loose ends that the author didn't see fit to tie up. I'm a person who doesn't like to have misunderstandings just hanging without any explanation.Robin Prince: Honestly, did we really have to read about how Eleanor enjoyed kissing him along with the description of the tingly feelings. I didn't want to read about my heroine enjoying kissing anyone besides Taliesin - especially the man who stood by and didn't do anything to intervene when Taliesin got beat up so badly all those years ago. Then he basically blackmails Taliesin and yet, he was portrayed as a kinda "good guy?" I just never got Robin Prince period - he was such a nobody.Then there was the dumb, dumber and dumbest scene and dialogue in the courtroom toward the end. What a farce? It wasn't amusing, nor was it satisfying. Just a big jumble of nonsense. Again, am I the only reader who thought just as the book began to wind up, things got even crazier - of course, it had to include Taliesin leaving once again. OK, I'm done whinging. This book will not be a re-read for me.

  • Elizabeth Boyle
    2019-05-05 06:43

    When you want a great read and lovely romance, you grab a Katharine Ashe story. Loved this one--with a story of lovers who were meant to be together. Loved it!

  • Phoenix77
    2019-05-15 01:40

    ***Thank you to Avon and Edelweiss for providing a copy for an honest review***The love story of Eleanor Caulfield and Taliesin Wolfe has been slowly simmering in the background of the other Caulfield sisters’ books, with small hints given to the readers of what is to come. Author Katharine Ashe may have been playing the long game with her characters, but readers with a sharp eye could sense all of the angst just ready to bubble to the surface with these two quiet yet strong people. Going into this book I had a wish list of all the things I wanted to see for Eleanor and Tali before they could get their Happy Ever After. I am so ecstatic that I got everything I wanted and then MORE.With her younger sisters and her foster father all getting married around her, Eleanor has come to the realization that her life is passing her by and she is painfully aware that her choices for adventure are limited as an unmarried woman. As the last unmarried Caulfield sister, the burden of a Gypsy prophecy and a man’s signet ring have now fallen in Eleanor’s lap with the dream that her marriage to a prince will reveal the sister’s true parentage and place in the world. Practical Eleanor has never truly believed in this prophecy as her sisters did, but with her new wish to escape from all the happy marriages around her she jumps at the opportunity to investigate her background by tracing the ship that had originally brought the trio to England.Knowing that Eleanor is sheltered to the world beyond the village she grew up in, her sister the duchess calls home their childhood friend Taliesin to serve as an escort. Taliesin was a young gypsy boy who was taken on by their father as a charity case. In their youth, Eleanor and Tali were constantly pushing and challenging one another, becoming both rivals and partners in each other’s successes. As they matured, that charge between them became more focused as each experienced an awakening to attraction and affection for one another. Unfortunately events transpired to separate the two, with Taliesin never returning to their village and Eleanor never leaving it. The framework of I Loved A Rogue is a basic road romance, with their travel down the English coast looking for clues keeping Eleanor and Taliesin in close company with little influence from the outside. During the journey all of the feelings that had been suppressed for eleven years are quickly brought back to the surface, so the real story becomes how they can reconcile those emotions to the people they have become since their separation. Taliesin has lived as a rogue, spending time in both lawful and some misguided pursuits all in the name of bettering himself. He has gone against his gypsy upbringing to find permanence on a small parcel of land to show the world that he could be a gentleman; however there is still a part of him that feels that he cannot be good enough for a woman like Eleanor, especially when she meets a man who could possibly be her destiny.While the “Will they, won’t they” of the relationship could have become frustrating as it stretches the length of the story, in this case it just pulled me deeper into their romance. Both characters have significant history to put behind them before there would be any true sense that their love will survive. Eleanor and Taliesin also fear how passionately they feel for one another and don’t know how to communicate those emotions without risking whatever friendship they may have. Their love is almost engrained into their personalities, yet the separation of eleven years, as well misinterpreted signals in their youth, has taught both of them to guard that part of themselves from the other. There was a moment in the story when they are so close to revealing their true emotions to one another and then Taliesin pulls back and it had me yelling at the character “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” To get a reader that vested in a fictional relationship that the pain of their decisions literally hurts takes some talented writing.The romance was definitely the best part of this story for me but I was also completely engrossed in all the revelations Eleanor makes about her family. As each clue was uncovered and more pieces started falling into place I couldn’t believe the circumstances that had sent three young girls out into the world on their own. Things take on a heavier tone once Eleanor meets her biological relatives, but these moments were needed to help clarify things for both main characters that had been left on hold. Once all truths are revealed it was very interesting to look back at how Eleanor had been chasing her destiny for years and yet it had found her from the very start.I would have loved if Ms. Ashe had included an extended epilogue where we get to revel in the happy endings of all the characters a bit more. What can I say; I’m greedy like that from all of the emotional ups and downs I went on with these characters. However, what we did get made me giddy with just how well Eleanor and Tali suited one another for their future. This was a wonderful send off for the series.

  • Kim
    2019-05-15 07:34

    While I liked the central characters, the Gothic plot was full of too many twists to keep the lovers apart longer than necessary: *slight spoilers* scheming, rival lovers, the unending mystery of heroine's past circumstances, a "madman in the attic," and evil relatives trying to kill the heroine. The painful misunderstandings of the past between the hero and heroine were also drawn out in frustrating length to the point of disbelief (she STILL doesn't get that he cared for her?!? He's STILL going to walk away?!? WTH?)For a book with a very similar but more satisfying story, I prefer Seduce Me at Sunrise which has central characters with nearly identical pasts, and I love Again the Magic for childhood sweethearts trying to reconcile their past hurt.

  • Melann
    2019-05-06 06:46

    Plutôt 4,5/5.Le livre perd la note ultime à cause des marches en arrière sans cesse du héros, j'aurai aimé qu'il affirme son amour de façon un peu plus virulente et sans recul.Mais sinon, c'était parfait !(Challenge 2015 : Check !)

  • Lover of Romance
    2019-05-15 08:49

    I received a ARC copy in exchange for a honest review, thanks to Edelweiss and Avon Books. Eleanor, has always been the upstanding vicar's daughter, upstanding and intelligent and always devoted to her studies. She has never crossed the line, but inside she dreams of adventures and the one man that inspires and makes her dream of wicked delights, the sexy as sin gypsy, Taliesin. Taliesin, once loved Eleanor and would have done anything for her, but then she broke his heart without even realizing it, so he left and now after eleven years, after being summoned to a wedding, he can't resist her. All he has ever wanted was Eleanor, despite the danger she causes to his fragile heart. Eleanor is on the hunt for her real parents, and Taliesin is her companion, even though he left without a word eleven years ago, she finds him irresistible, and now she has to work with him, and temptation is right before her, will she be able to resist or give into the greatest adventure of her life...I have to say that Katharine Ashe has outdone herself in this series. Every single installment I have adored, and this final installment is no different. This story really tugged at my heartstrings from the beginning, and I had such a difficult time putting this one down. I wasn't sure at the beginning how much I would enjoy it, but I never should doubt Ashe's abilities especially when it comes to writing romances...she has done a outstanding job of creating a tale of heartwarming characters and a story to enthrall and scenes to constantly engage the reader.It begins with a wedding of the daughter's adopted father, the Vicar of the town. When a guest appear, with those dark sensual eyes who sees within the deepest part of her, Eleanor is definitely overcome with feelings she never thought to feel again. But then she is practically coerced to have Taliesin as her companion in her search for her parents, and where they really came from. There are things we learn about Taliesin and Eleanor, a unique setting and what a fun couple. They were so unique to the series, and quite frankly I love sexy Gypsy's...a man that can get a woman to have adventure and want to spread her wings. I loved both of them as main characters, they added a certain dramatic element to the story that becomes the center of the story. I really had no complaints where they were concerned. The hero is mysterious, protective and sensual. The heroine is stubborn, strong willed and passionate...put them together and you have explosions of the nuclear nature. They definitely have chemistry but one other quality they have in common, is denying their feelings for each other. They are very insistent to go separate ways, despite how much they love each other, and what a way this story seemed to convulse and form as these two rediscovered passion together and their deep feelings for one another.Overall a stunning and riveting romance that had me at the edge all day...a tale to not forget, of two people in need of desire and adventure and find that their dreams come true if they have faith in one another...OUTSTANDING!!

  • Andrea
    2019-05-04 00:51

    ** 4.5 stars **I'm thrilled I was lured in by the gorgeous cover, because I adored I Loved a Rogue! It is the third and final book in the Prince Catchers series, and though I think reading the the prior books would have given me an advantage going in, I do believe ILaR was perfectly acceptable to read as a standalone. I Loved a Rogue completes the series arc, the Caulfield sisters' search for their biological family. That made for a good adventure with emotional appeal, but what hooked me hard was the repressed love between Eleanor - a vicar's daughter, and the gypsy boy she loved, Taliesin. It's a bittersweet love story, with the flashbacks to their teen years heavy on the bitter. To be succinct, Taliesin and Eleanor loved each other very much, but due to his low social standing and a demand from her father, Taliesin left Eleanor eleven years before, with no word. Each spent the years desperately longing for the other, but because of misunderstandings, didn't know how the other felt. That's a theme continued when the two are reunited years later, when Taliesin accompanies Eleanor in the quest to find her family. I'll admit, I do get frustrated when characters don't talk to one another, clear the air, make their true feelings known. But, that irritation doesn't apply here; the lack of communication made perfect sense. Eleanor and Taliesin are extremely repressed when it came to expressing emotions, perfectly logical for the time period and their personalities. I absolutely loved experiencing their longing and anguish, how very much they each wanted the other, but believed it couldn't be. I loved experiencing them finding their way to reach other even more. Taliesin was a noble man. Eleanor was his seemingly fragile, but truly daring and brave counterpart. This is the first book of Katharine Ashe's that I've read; it was an absolute delight. She brilliantly portrayed every moment of longing, torment, lust and love between Taliesin and Eleanor. The writing was nearly poetic, stunning in moments, leaving me spending much time rereading passages and with a lot of highlights. (I wanted to note that the only reason I didn't give the book five full stars is that the circumstances surrounding Eleanor's and her sisters' past, as well as Taliesin's veered a tad too convenient. Not a big deal.) I truly loved I Loved a Rogue. It's one of those books that has something interesting in every single chapter, which had me unable to stop reading. I didn't want to put this book down and I didn't want it to end! I look forward to reading the first two books, among many more from Ashe. I highly recommend.

  • Becca
    2019-05-01 07:33

    I received this book early after attending the Avon KissCon event in January. The event was awesome and I would recommend it to other avid romance readers if Avon holds another one near you!I was not sure what to expect from I Loved a Rogue, but I had my hopes and I was not disappointed. There was a lot of angst in this book, but the ending was awesome and made the agony I experienced aching for these star-crossed lovers worth it.Eleanor has been in love with Taliesan forever and him vice-versa. Eleanor grew up as a vicar's daughter of modest means and Taliesan was a Gypsy boy who worked at the vicarage every fall. Taliesan and Eleanor both had a thirst for knowledge and grew very close as children while reading books. While this story all takes place eleven years after they had last seen each other, Ashe feeds us glimpses of their childhood in a series of flashbacks. Through these flashbacks, we see how even though these two individuals belonged together, forces kept them apart. This is the third in the Prince Catcher series and I would highly recommend that you read the first two prior to reading this one. How all of the loose ends are tied up and lingering questions are answered will be that much more impressive if you do.In this series, three orphan sisters are told by a Gypsy seer that one of them needs to marry a prince and only then will they learn about their parents. Eleanor's two younger sisters are married (not to princes) and the mantle now falls to Eleanor to go on a quest to discover their heritage. Eleanor has lived a very sheltered life and has never ventured away from the vicarage, but now, she is yearning for an adventure. Enter Taliesan. He has not been to the vicarage in eleven years but is a traveler and knows the roads, and when he finally returns for a wedding, he is convinced by Eleanor's sisters to escort Eleanor on the journey. This is where the sparks fly, secrets are revealed, and we feel the agony of these two people that have loved each other for years but after so long do not know how to express their love to each other or make it a reality. It makes the ending that much sweeter.Favorite quote: "I want to be the heroine of my own life." -EleanorI highly recommend this series. These books were my first experience with Katharine Ashe and I am now a huge fan girl. I will be going to read everything on her backlist now :)So if you have not tried Katharine Ashe, check this series out. You won't be disappointed. My favorite was I Adored a Lord, but the whole series is satisfying and memorable. 4.5 stars for this book and 5 for the series.

  • Debbie
    2019-05-12 04:36

    So, I probably shouldn't have read the 3rd and last book first but based on the blurb, I knew as long as there was decent writing I Loved a Rogue was going to cover everything I like about historical romance. And I didn't just like this book, I loved it. Item 1: Is the heroine intelligent, down to earth and lacks a stick up her ass? Check!Item 2: Is the hero a little broody, with a sense of humor and decency?Check!Item 3: Is there a decent if not fascinating plot line other than the actual romance?Double Check!And lastly is it all emotionally riveting?Hell Yes!!!Although I like a little more humor injected into my romances, this one definitely made up for it in a whirlwind of emotions. By the end of this book I was crying the happy tears and a few of the sad ones because it was all over. On the bright side I can now go back to the beginning and hope that both Eleanor and Taliesin make several appearances, otherwise I can always treat myself to a re-read.

  • Nanou
    2019-05-19 08:37

    Rhaaaaaa c'est biiiiiien *_*Non seulement l'histoire entre les deux héros, mais aussi tout le mystère sur les parents, et le pourquoi du comment... Que de suspense !!Katharine écrit très bien, et le petit rappel historique à la fin très apparéciable (forcément elle est prof xD) encore un début de série à rattraper ^^

  • Jojo92
    2019-05-19 03:33

    Une très bonne surprise, je l'ai dévoré! Même si j'ai été un peu énervé de temps en temps par le héros qui arrête pas de repousser l'inévitable avec Eleanor! Mais un très bon livre que garde!

  • Aspasia
    2019-04-29 04:38

    ** Quisiera poder puntuarla con tres estrellas y media. Pero desgraciadamente no es posible. Por eso señalo tres estrellas.Estupendo broche final a la trilogía “Se busca Príncipe”. Eleanor y Taliesin encuentran por fin su oportunidad para ser felices juntos. No es un camino fácil. Llevan once años sin verse y guardan secretos y dolor a partes iguales. Taliesin ha demostrado ser capaz de convertirse en un hombre por encima de las expectativas de todo el mundo. Se ha convertido en un tratante de caballos, culto y todo un superviviente. Marcado por su marcha del único hogar que conoció más que por su condición de gitano, ahora descubrimos el alcance de sus sentimientos hacia Eleanor. En ella encuentra un motivo para vivir, un apoyo, su gran amor pero sobretodo una igual. Alguien a quien tratar de igual a igual y quien al mismo tiempo lo trata a él como un igual. Pese a todo, son demasiadas heridas y vivencias dramáticas para que nuestro protagonista se nos muestre como un hombre duro y frío. Ha levantado gruesos muros desde que tiene uso de razón y cuesta mucho derribarlos de repente. De hecho Eleanor es la única causante que su mundo se tambalee. Eleanor por su parte, con la boda de su padre se ve en la encrucijada de empezar a vivir su propia vida. Hasta la fecha ha sido una dama correcta y erudita. Ha hecho todo lo que se esperaba de ella como hija mayor y como hija de un vicario. Su nivel cultural no tiene nada que envidiar a cualquiera de los hijos varones de un noble. Ahora que debe empezar a vivir por y para ella misma no sabe muy bien cómo empezar. El primer paso para su nuevo camino se presenta en forma de misterio a resolver: sus propios orígenes, y los de sus hermanas. Creo que la mejor definición de Eleanor la da ella misma: quiere ser la heroína de su propia historia. Ella también se ha protegido a ella misma por sí misma y por sus hermanas pequeñas. Gracias a los conocimientos adquiridos al ser hija de un párroco a encontrado una manera de encontrarse a ella misma y de superar la dramática vida sufrida en la inclusa durante su infancia.Más que la historia de amor, que naturalmente es el eje principal de la novela, también hay que destacar la importancia de la lealtad y amistad entre Eleanor y Taliesin. Antes de enamorarse son amigos y compañeros de lectura y estudio. Esto puede sorprender ya que es más habitual que si los protagonistas de una novela romántica se conozcan desde la infancia sean más bien compañeros de juegos. Pero la autora ha sabido hacernos ver, de una forma diáfana, que Eleanor y Taliesin crecen primero como amigos y se enamoran en silencio después.También es muy loable lo bien que Katherine Ashe ha sabido aclarar el origen de las tres hermanas Caulfield a partir de la misteriosa profecía de la gitana. Muy bien estructurada la dosificación de la información como también la introducción de los giros argumentales. Y más teniendo en cuenta que todo el misterio se resuelve en el tercer libro. El último de la trilogía, cuando hubiera sido más fácil dejar pistas en los dos anteriores.Novela muy recomendable. Muy bien escrita que garantiza una lectura amena y de calidad.

  • Nastassja
    2019-05-05 07:54

    She wanted to tear off her bonnet and feel the dangerous joy of wind in her hair and blazing sunshine upon her face while she galloped her horse along the edge of the cliffs. To suck the cold, salty air into her nostrils and fill her hungry lungs.Well, that was something splendid. One of the best historical romance I've ever read. I honestly did not expect to find such a deep and solid read when I took this book in my hands. I am glad that I was wrong.This is the third book in The Prince Catchers series and it is my first Katharine Ashe book but definitely not my last. The story is about a proper vicar's daughter Eleanor Caulfield and her long lost secret love gypsy boy Taliesin. When I first read summary it's seemed to me that I will read a simple, easy book, but oh boy, how wrong I was thinking this book simple. From the first pages I understood how complex and heartbreaking the book was. I hurt and felt with our main characters. This is one of the best love stories ever. I felt every emotion Eleanor or Taliesin were feeling. Such chemistry and tension between them, wow I couldn't breath at times. I absolutely adored Eleanor, so fragile outside and so strong inside, one of the best female characters. She was so brave and so strong, sheltered her whole life all she wanted was an adventure of her own.Quite simply, she wanted an adventure.She had always wanted an adventure. Ever since as a girl she’d first read the books in her papa’s library, curled up in a window seat as the Cornwall winters blustered and batted the windowpanes, she’d made herself the heroine in the tales of knights and dragons and demons. Dreaming, always dreaming, while the world beyond the cozy safety of the vicarage—a world of workhouses and blisters and cruelties and starvation—no longer touched her.And when opportunity appeared she seized it, but what she did not expect was the boy she once loved, who became a man now and was more intriguing than ever. I loved Taliesin. He was different from men around Eleanor and every other gentlemen. He was a vagabond.“Betsy, do you worry because he is a Gypsy?”Her teeth fidgeted with a truculent lower lip. “Is he, miss?”“He is a gentleman.” He looked like one now. Mostly. Except for the earrings and those smoldering black eyes. And he was far too masculine to really be a gentleman. Too raw. Watching him ride ahead, she felt his ownership of the road, the ambling grace of power in his seat upon the stallion, the imposing breadth of his shoulders. He rode like no Gypsy she’d ever seen, nor like any Englishman, rather, like a knightly hero from medieval tales—tales that years ago he’d read as eagerly as she. The more they travel together the more it hurts to be near each other without touching and all the feelings from the past return with more force. I was heartbroken reading from the past, to see how great they always were together and how they lost each other but thankfully only to find each other together eventuality.I Loved a Rogue delighted me even more when I found a really decent mystery inside. For a historical romance is often typical to have some background mystery to give main characters something to develop feelings for each other, and I was so excited to find in this book a real mystery, a riddle I wanted to unravel with our main characters. I was totally intrigued and wanted to know about Eleanor's family as much as she did. It was one of the best things about the book, I really appreciated it. But except wonderful characters and great mystery, this book was beautifully written and was full of historical details. Ms. Ashe made a thorough job in writing this splendid book. I liked reading about gypsy world in the the early nineteenth century Britain. The one thing I did not exactly liked or in other words I wished for Taliesin and Eleanor to understand sooner that they were meant to be, it took them too long to come in terms with it, and sometimes during the book I was annoyed with their indecision. Overall it was one of the best historical romances I've ever read and I enjoyed it tremendously. And I want to pick another Ms. Ashe's book and read it right now. P.S. May I add that the cover is utterly beautiful;)

  • Susan Gorman
    2019-05-08 06:50

    Katharine Ashe has written a heartfelt conclusion to the Prince Catcher series. I Loved A Rogue features the characters of Eleanor Caulfield and Taliesin Wolfe. This is the story that I have waited to read. I am happy to report that Eleanor and Taliesin's story is fabulous!The story centers on the Caulfield sisters, Eleanor, Arabella and Ravenna who were found by fisherman after a shipwreck. The sisters were sent to a workhouse until they were adopted by Vicar Martin Caulfield. The sisters believe in a gypsy fortune which states that one of the sisters must marry a Prince if they are to learn their parent's names. Arabella and Ravenna are married leaving Eleanor to solve the mystery. The sisters are reunited with their childhood friend Taliesin Wolfe at Martin Caulfield's wedding. Taliesin agrees to accompany Eleanor on her journey.I love a well written, emotional, well- paced second chance at romance novel. Katharine Ashe's lyrical prose draws you into Eleanor and Taliesin's story. Their love story is complicated , emotional and rewarding. Throughout the novel, the couple misunderstands each other's action and motives. Their love for each other is strong but they have to overcome past events, solve the Prince Catchers riddle and recognize and trust their true feelings for each other.The characters is this novel are beautifully written. Both the primary and secondary characters contributed to the storyline and add to the suspense aspect of the novel. I loved reading the interactions between the Caulfield sisters: Arabella Ravenna and Eleanor. Katharine Ashe crafts great sisters in this series. Each sister and their story is unique. The bond between the sisters is very strong and it at the heart of each novel. I enjoyed learning more about Vicar Caulfield , meeting Robin Prince his sisters and Taliesin's friend Evan Saint.Ms. Ashe weaves several historical elements into the storyline. These elements give authenticity to the story add to it's suspense. Taliesin named his horse Tristan and Ellie's mare was Iseult. I loved the references to the medieval Princess and the Knight who loved her which appear through the novel. Throughout the novel the reader is aware of the difference between the social classes and the prejudice towards the lower class and gypsies. This theme is important as Taliesin must make an important decision which effects his relationship with Eleanor. I enjoyed how this piece of the storyline played out and how each of the main and secondary characters reacted to the situation. I Loved A Rogue is a beautifully written story which will take the reader on an emotional and satisfying journey . I was swept away into the character's adventure and read the book in three sittings. I enjoyed every word written by Katharine Ashe. The resolution of the book was very satisfying and rewarding. I was so involved in the story that the ending made me cry--tears of happiness!

  • Laurie
    2019-05-06 05:55

    I struggled through a lot of this book, which is a shame because I really liked the first two books in the trilogy and thought it deserved a better ending. I'm not at all a fan of plots where most of the problems could be resolved if the H and h would just TALK to each other but won't, and that was definitely the case here. There was really nothing keeping Eleanor and Taliesin apart besides their own stubbornness and a big misunderstanding. If I hadn't been invested in the mystery involving Eleanor, Arabella, and Ravenna's true parentage after reading the previous books, I think I would have just DNF'd this one at around 30%. Instead, I ended up skimming a lot until things finally started to get interesting around 70% of the way through. Unfortunately, even the resolution of the mystery was pretty unsatisfying. If Reverend Caulfield knew who Eleanor and Arabella's parents were, why wouldn't he have told them at least part of the truth? He had to have known of their desire to learn what had happened to their birth parents. Also, if the Reverend was supposed to look out for Taliesin, he did a pretty terrible job IMO. The poor boy showed up some winters without shoes, for heaven's sake! He could have at least made sure Taliesin was properly clothed. Then there's the fact that Eleanor either never found out or at least never reacted to the fact that it was her "papa" who sent Taliesin away when they were younger so they couldn't be together. It seems like both Eleanor and Taliesin had very good reason to be angry with Reverend Caulfield, but instead, they acted like nothing ever happened and even let him officiate their wedding!The ending bothered me for other reasons too, but mostly because it felt so rushed. It would have been nice to have seen some kind of reaction to the news that Ravenna was only their half sister - you'd think Eleanor and Arabella would have been rather surprised! Also, the problems with Edward's aunt and cousins were wrapped up in a sentence or two and we don't even find out what happened to them. Were they punished for drugging Edward for so long and for trying to do the same thing (if not worse) to Eleanor? Finally, what happened with Taliesin's inheritance in Spain? IMO that should have been the epilogue, not the wedding.Overall, I'd avoid this book (especially if you don't like "big misunderstanding" plots) unless, like me, you really want to know how the search for the girls' parents is resolved. Katharine Ashe has written far more satisfying stories than this one - I'd recommend spending the evening with one of those instead.

  • Farrah
    2019-05-10 05:57

    My Rating: 3.5/5A great ending to the series, I Loved a Rogue was a lovely read. With surprising secrets and unexpected truth, along with sweet romance, this book was an enjoyable read.Eleanor was a little iffy for me. I found myself annoyed with her actions toward Taliesin, with were a verging on mean-spirited. It didn't help that she didn't defend him when several people, including her maid, judged him based on his background as a Gypsy. However, I did like her growth during the book. She not only became stronger, but she allowed herself to be free-spirited and to enjoy her life on her own terms. Because of that, I ended up liking her.I really liked Taliesin. He had made his way up in the world through his own merit and proved himself several times over. I loved how caring he was to all the sisters and how protective he was of Eleanor in particular. I thought he was utterly adorable.The romance was okay. I did like Eleanor and Taliesin as a couple and I thought they were good together. However, it moved painfully slowly. It took until the very end for the misunderstandings to be cleared up and for their relationship to actually be able to move forward. I found myself wanting to shove them along and get past their issues already. But, fortunately, that didn't keep me from enjoying the romance overall.The plot moved at a steady pace and kept me interested all the way through. The truth about both the sisters' and Taliesin's past definitely came as a surprise. Because of that, I liked the story and the ending was lovely.I Loved a Rogue was a delightful conclusion to the Prince Catchers series. I really liked finding out the long-buried secrets, including a few that I didn't expect. Romance lovers, this is a book you might want to check out.*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  • Kimia Safavi
    2019-05-04 03:53

    Amazing!I loved a Rogue is the third book in the The Prince catchers series. I was looking so forward to read to read Eleanor's story and find out about their parents and the prince. Katharine Ashe did a fantastic job in her prince catchers series, I highly recommend to read the first two in series before reading I loved a Rogue.Eleanor Caulfield is ready for adventures after being the perfect Vicar's daughter for so many years, now Taliesin ( the man who broke her heart 11 years ago) is back and agreed to escort her on a journey to find the truth about her heritage.This is a delightful story of two people who had been apart through misunderstanding for 11 years and still don't want to admit their true feeling. I love how they challenge each other throughout the whole story.This is one of those book that I couldn't guess and predict what happen next with twists and turns, surprising secrets, mystery and adventures. I can't wait to read her new series.Thank you Katharine Ashe for writing amazing and fantastic books.

  • Jamie
    2019-04-26 01:56

    I was lucky to get an ARC of this book. I couldn't wait to get Eleanor and Taliesin's story. I knew it would be a good one and I wasn't disappointed. These two met as children and fell in love. Through misunderstandings and other hazards, they are kept apart. Neither of them wanting to admit their feelings for each other for fear of rejection. Together they go on an adventure to find out about Eleanor's parents. The twists and turns and ups and downs of this story had me wanting to read more. Do the Caulfield girls find their parents? Do they find their prince? This is the book where they find that out! Don't miss reading I Loved a Rogue by Katharine Ashe!

  • Christian
    2019-05-16 02:03

    Alasan baca buku ini lebih dulu cenderung karena cover-nya cantik. Jadi, bonus banget saat membaca isinya juga secantik wajahnya. Waktu pertama tahu karakter utama cowoknya adalah seorang gipsi, bawaannya langsung senyum-senyum senang. Secara ya, HR yang karakter cowoknya bukan bangsawan biasanya akan membawa pembaca ke dunia yang eksotis dan cerita cinta yang berdebar-debar juga. Meskipun bacanya nggak sekali jalan, Abang menikmati jalan cerita novel Katharine Ashe ini. Lima bintang untuk Bang Taliesin, sang gipsi bermata hitam.

  • Donna
    2019-05-20 06:48

    A wonderful ending to this trilogy! I do not write plot spoilers. However, I do not think you will be disappointed. The questions, about Tali and the girls' heritage, from the first book, "I Married the Duke", are finally answered. You will like the answers and the new character, Evan Saint, who is to appear in a future book of Katharine's. I highly recommend this book.

  • Mary - Buried Under Romance
    2019-05-10 00:54

    It's been ages since I last picked up a romance novel, and this was a nice welcome back into HR. Nice love story of two soul mates but the story lagged somewhat in the frequent "he's leaving", "she's leaving" parries. Full review to come...(after finals =P)