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The Third Crusade has just suffered an unprecedented military disaster. In such a war, nothing is holy.Shaliyah now has a new name: Mother of Victories. In the wake of the devastating battle before her walls, everything has changed: the East is rising, bringing equal measures of hope and despair to the magical world of Urte. And while the armies of east and west clash in eThe Third Crusade has just suffered an unprecedented military disaster. In such a war, nothing is holy.Shaliyah now has a new name: Mother of Victories. In the wake of the devastating battle before her walls, everything has changed: the East is rising, bringing equal measures of hope and despair to the magical world of Urte. And while the armies of east and west clash in ever more-bloody conflict, emperors, Inquisitors, Souldrinkers and assassins all have their attention turned elsewhere as they hunt the Scytale of Corineus. The artefact is in the hands of the unlikely guardians, what they choose to do with it could change the world forever...

Title : Unholy War
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ISBN : 9781780872025
Format Type : Hardcover
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Unholy War Reviews

  • ScottHitchcock
    2019-07-03 18:58

    3.75*. Another good edition of this series. I would put it on par with book one but not as good as book two. A lot of good twists and blurred lines of loyalty did keep it interesting. The historical fiction aspects drawn from the crusades continues to have me googling things I've half forgotten as a history buff. Personal avarice hidden behind religious overtones and duty with a multi-continent backdrop coupled with political maneuvering.

  • Kaitlin
    2019-06-30 23:02

    I'm giving this one a 4.5*s which means I absolutely loved this book, but it wasn't quite on par with the previous one in the series (which I adored). We pick up the story of this book just after the ending of the previous (which was a pretty dramatic ending) and we're following a host of wonderful characters once again.I will not say much about the plot as this is the third book in the series, but I will say that this book is truly the most character-focused of them so far with heavy emphasis on relationships, magic, bonds and the general characters. I found that the plot of this book moved a lot slower than the previous two, but this was largely due to the fact that we're focusing in on some of the slower, more intense moments.During this book we see the formation of many different romantic and friendship-based relationships. Some of which are healthy and wonderful, some are tragic, some are unhealthy and some unusual. I loved the vast variety of relationship types that David Hair was able to achieve in one story so convincingly because we not only have straight/lesbian/gay relationships, we also get older and younger, loving and hating, and pregnancy and abortion all covered as topics. Some of these are so well discussed that they truly got me thinking about my own feelings on some of these topics, and I loved that.The plot in this book is still ongoing, despite my saying it is slower. We still have the drama of the moontide to contend with and the atmosphere of the world and politics of the world is all starting to come to the forefront with many shifts in power and a tumultuous society. I love seeing the various ways that characters are manipulated or being manipulative, and I also feel like you get to see inside both the 'good' and 'bad' character's minds so you can understand them all.We had a few minor characters who certainly shone alongside the major ones for me in this book, particularly the character of Coin, a conflicted, troubled and ultimately damaged child. We also see Malevorn, Hyuria and Seth start to come into their own and become much more major characters with some big events ahead of them.We also get a lot more development on the magic in this book with new magic ideas being introduced and new phenomenon discovered. I have to say that I really do think David Hair has a marvellous imagination and the way that this world comes together and works is truly astonishing and exciting to me at times!On the whole I still adored this book and I cannot wait to move onto the final one in the quartet and hopefully adore that one too. A wonderful 4.5*s overall :)

  • Nathan
    2019-06-29 22:54

    Fantasy Review BarnThree books into a war spanning two continents- where the hell are you?For reasons I can’t figure out David Hair’s epic series is flying somewhat under the radar. The Moontide Quartet has everything I am looking for when I want a truly epic feel and Unholy War is a very worthy continuation of a good thing. After a strong but uneven opening book the last two books have been very consistent; lots of action, smart political plays, and a few surprises no matter how vigilantly one watches the text.I continue to be impressed by the way Hair takes some very familiar, almost trite, ideas and spins them in a new way. Not in a trope bending fashion, that doesn’t really explain it. He built a fantasy version of the crusades, hardly an original through in fantasy. But Hair refused to take the easy route and make things as simple as Us vs Them, Black vs White, or dare I say, Christian vs Muslim. No single culture monoliths are present; even within groups are being forced by circumstance to fight alongside each other divisions work deep.Made even better by scattering the point of view characters all over the map; there is no right side to this conflict for a reader to gradually start rooting for. Perhaps a reader’s cultural biases may have them thinking one side or the other is showing backward thinking but the narration itself is completely neutral. And if one ‘culture’ shows you it’s worse side in one chapter then be assured a chapter soon after will have you realizing they represent only a fraction of that sides actually beliefs.So if there isn’t a correct side to root for where is the reader’s emotional involvement to come from? The characters of course. Some to root for, some to root against, and some that you just can’t help to follow even if you are not quite sure how you feel about them. Even characters of whose chapters I wanted to skip in earlier books are must read at this point; a major thing in the series favor is there is no POV that is noticeably weaker than the others. Gyle, spy and wannabe puppet master is by far my favorite to read about; not a nice man but always involved.This is a middle book in a four part series and as such spends a lot of time moving its pieces around. Almost everyone is on the move; some lags occur during the travel times. If there was anything that annoyed me it was the insane rate that our major characters started ‘hooking up.’ Perhaps I am over stating it but three or four of our major characters found another major character to ease the journey a bit (wink, wink, nudge nudge). Basically if you found a male and a female together for more than a chapter expect a sex scene (got tired of winking, subtlety is not really my thing).Epic fantasy is not dying my friends, it is just moving in new directions. Here is a book (not the only book but a great example) that proves that fantasy can have a basis in medieval ideas and still remember to give a role to women and non-white cultures. And yes it still has cultural oppression, racial biases, and hellish situations for the downtrodden. But it also has signs of growth, diversity, and people of all walks carrying their own agency.This was a book that needs all eight hundred pages to follow its multiple viewpoints. There is some foreshadowing that is hard to ignore; I would be shocked if a few story lines don’t end up exactly as I envision. But there are so many moving pieces that guessing the whole story is proving to be impossible; and if the final book proves me wrong on the threads I think I have then so much the better.4 StarsCopy for review provided by Jo Fletcher Books.

  • Jawad Khan
    2019-07-18 00:02

    I don't really like writing reviews since iam usually very sad when i finish a book but this book was so intense *_* I had to write something about it. In short much better and in some ways also a lot more frustrating then the last 2 books. We see many characters go through a character development phase but at the end of it all i feel that too much relationship angst was present and i mean too much for a fantasy of this caliber.As for the story it was excellent at-least for me, though knowing that their was gonna be a 4th book after this made reaching the end much more harder. The pacing is almost consistent throughout though things really only pick up near the end with many twisting and gut wrenching moments the last 200 pages were really really well written and the amount of emotion they had in them was just....As for the characters i will not go into their stories but everyone was well managed some might be put off by cymbealla's story but at the end of it all i thought the author did what was right. Oddly enough Alaron remains almost sidelined from the war throughout the story almost till the very end, i thought he should have had more character development but i guess all is well that ends well.So in totality i did really enjoy it, their were some pacing problems and a very stockholme syndromish situation which irritated me a lot but author rose to the challenge and finished that arc with flying colors.Thoroughly recommended, read it as fast as you can.

  • Liviu
    2019-07-14 22:53

    huge expectations as Scarlet Tides was my top sff of last year and Unholy war delivered and more so it will be another top 5 of the year; same structure with multiple pov's, lots of turns and twists, pairings and splits and an ending at a good stopping point though one wants more asapif time/energy allows a more comprehensive review will follow, though I will note that if you loved Scarlet Tides, you will love this as the action continues directly and with the same pov's/locations to start with, though of course as the story continues things keep changinguntil then my review of Scarlet Tides will give you a good idea about what to expect:

  • Nervis Wreck
    2019-06-30 00:16

    Let me begin by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books of this series, and I waited anxiously for this book to come out. However I find myself begging for this novel to come to an end. My suspension of disbelief can only be stretched so far, and this book has far exceeded what even I, an avid fantasy reader, is capable of.The incomprehensible amount of coincidence and luck that both Elena and Kazim have been gifted throughout this book feels like extremely lazy and lackluster writing to me. From one battle to the next they are portrayed with far more power and skill than either should have, which allows them to escape from more than 3 different scenarios which should have seen them easily dead. I am aware that Kazim has ascendant level power. However to make such a big deal over him having trained for MONTHS with swords, when he is going up against men who have dedicated their LIVES to sword play is just plain silly (especially when during the periods when he has no access to magic). Then to make his raw magical power seem to matter so much against men who have studied their affinities for years, while at the exact same time contradicting that by showing Elena who does not have the raw power, but is capable of taking out those far more powerful because of her dedication to her affinities, is hypocritical and utterly unbelievable in it's entirety.I find myself sorely disappointed in the decision to put main characters in such peril and then refuse to see it through simply because the writer is too attached to them. If you cannot bear to part with the character stop putting them in those situations. Do not ask us as readers to simply buy into outlandish acts of coincidence and luck that no other character in the series, just ask Cera Nesti or Justina Meiros, finds themselves privy to.

  • Matias
    2019-07-09 18:54

    Desde hace un mes que estoy leyendo esta asombrosa saga, y desde hace un mes me estoy preguntando lo siguiente:¿Por qué estos libros no son más populares y por qué no está todo el mundo leyendolos?Una mezcla perfecta entre Brandon Sanderson y George R. R. Martin. Con un worldbuilding y sistema de magia digno de Brandon y acción, política, sorpresas y múltiples puntos de vista que mucho me hicieron acordar a Martin, The Moontide Quartet es una saga alucinante. Como toda épica hay que invertir unas 100 hojas aproximadamente en conocer a todos los personajes (que no se acercan a ser tantos como en Game of Thrones), pero lo vale. Lo vale absolutamente.Al TBR no. Directo a la Kindle. Haganme caso!

  • Alexander Klaver
    2019-06-28 19:19

    I thoroughly enjoyed this third installment in the series. In fact I think its the best book in the series yet. Indeed the ending battle and developments are a roller-coaster of emotion. The political intrigue is well done, the magic system is just plain awesome, and the cliffhangers at the end are just excruciating. Please release the next book tomorrow. The only gripe I have with this one is that there are so many love scenes/ couple developments. Like another reviewer mentioned it is somewhat unusual for this genre. I do enjoy them to a large extent but my personal preference does lean more towards the politics, character growth and great army and magic battles. My personal favorite Alaron is turning into a real Rockstar. Thank you Mr. Hair for an excellent series.

  • Cristal Punnett
    2019-06-22 19:58

    4.5 * I think I enjoyed this one one best out of the series so far, it all ended on such a cliffhanger, hope to start the last in the series soon.

  • Mark Halse
    2019-07-14 23:09

    An excellent read! I would say that this one is the best in the series so far.There are a bunch of things that irk me about this series: unoriginal world building and races, and far, far, far too many POVS (I'm thinking of you Milda) but everything finally comes together in this installment. The POVs (for the most part) pair off, lightening the mental load and plot points start to spark.This series is a bit of a slow burn but I believe it's worth a read... except for Milda. There are way over ten POVs, my friend. I know your limit is five.Recommended.

  • Readerx11
    2019-07-16 20:19

    5 stars because I simply could not lay this book aside. Tension is very high, although it is not as action packed as the second book. The most characters are just amiable, their development is comprehensible (with exemptions - see below). It were the characters and the well thought-out magical world that kept me addicted to this book.However there are some things that keep this novel and this series from being really great:The events and developments, especially political intrigues, are too foreseeable. (view spoiler)[Cera's 'Non-Death', Portia's magical revenge, Elena meeting the Lamiae, the Cym and Zaqri love story, Calipha/Khotri siding temporary with the crusaders, etc(hide spoiler)]The 'evil' POV characters are not well explained or developed. (view spoiler)[Why would Malevorn, who is obsessed with his family's honor, fall in love with Rayne? With Virginia maybe ? But Rayne ? Why does he link his life to a Dokken ? What does the Emir of Hallikut really want ? (hide spoiler)]Kazim's development is a bit too plain (view spoiler)[his side of the Kazim/Elena love story isn't that well explained (hide spoiler)]Some characters actions are just nonsense. (view spoiler)[The emperor's council members and therefore some of the smartest people in the empire behave like kids in a council session. Really ?(view spoiler)[The imperial financial system is not realistic. (view spoiler)[Ramon Sensini able to underwrite bonds, is like if the US troops in Iraq had a dollar printing press with them to print as many dollars as they like. If one could bring down the imperial finacial system is easily, it would have been done long before the crusade. (hide spoiler)]There are too many ends left loose. (view spoiler)[Echor, what is his backstory ? Lucia imprisoned daughter ? Adamus and Gyle - their relationship, after they met in the first book ? (hide spoiler)]To me it screams for a prequel saga. (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]

  • Chernz
    2019-07-13 19:06

    Had to DNF this one. Series has been so hit and miss for me but this one feels like the biggest swing and a miss of them all and with limited time and way too many books I gotta cut my losses. I know I'm in the majority here but I started losing my shit with repeated descriptions of all the masculine males around, how LEONINE they are, how their physiques are INCREDIBLE, how two of the main female leads just want to fuck their respective love interests for the first 250 pages. Not a prude here by any means but this whole thing smacks of fan service.Book 2 literally ended with Cym's sworn vengeance against the souldrinker who killed her mother and less than a THIRD of the way through book 3, her and the very same souldrinker are getting it on based on some contrived plot points that feel forced into my brain at gunpoint.This has some truly awful and rushed character development. How you RUSH character development in a series that totals over 2,800 pages I don't know but Hair manages it.(And to top the whole thing off, the final straw here, the typos are just as bad as they were in Mage's Blood. I've never done this but I actually started keeping a list of where and when they crop up and they aren't minor! Sometimes whole words are missing from sentences, like:"But it too dry to speak" (missing 'was') - pg 115"and she far more at ease" (missing 'was') - pg 201"thin ginger cut close to her scalp" (missing hair)- pg 97The list continues but I've stopped this ride. I'm glad to be off.)

  • Evgeni Kirilov
    2019-06-26 23:50

    I don't think the series is going to click for me... I didn't like how many of the women were written in this book (some even felt like a step backwards), and I know that I didn't like how virtually every time a viewpoint character spent an extended amount of time with somebody from the opposite sex, they had sex. With most of those resulting in pregnancy. With most of those resulting in gnostic manifestation. On top of all this, I felt that many of the characters didn't use skills they were verified to have (telepathy is a big one here) when using them would've made their conflict much easier to resolve. Nobody likes stupid and/or incompetent characters.

  • Sumukh
    2019-07-07 23:10

    Would give this 2 stars. The series started off very interesting and at a good pace too. The biggest problem with this series is that author "plays God" too many times. Characters get caught in life and death situations but are often rescued, sometimes with flimsiest of reasons. Am reminded of film Lucy in which Scarlett says "Nobody really dies", fits neatly for this series. Safe to say won't be reading the last part of this series..

  • Elizabeth Fantham
    2019-07-18 02:03

    OMG you just never know what is actually going to happen! What you think will, just doesn't!Can't wait to read the next one! Waiting for the audio version if I can actually wait!

  • Alan
    2019-07-10 22:51

    One of the worst books I have ever read.The writing is good, the pacing also, but everything else paints this as a poor's man game of thrones.It is like the author wants to be as gritty as possible, the first book was all about rape and good guys losing and being stupid, the second rape and good guys again being stupid, the third we get a new category - rape, incest and pedophilia at the same time. Nice! every few pages there is another sex scene, it is like I'm reading an erotic novel, not an epic fantasy. The world building is very unimaginative, the author does not have any imagination expect for sex acts, so he copies the real world and just changes a syllable or two. Sad. Also (spoiler alert) Cym is the most disgusting human being ever, and the worst is, the writer seems to potrait her a a good one. Especially considering the good (foolish) guy Alaron is so obsessed with her. Even though she betrayed him and everyone else by stealing the artifact, didnt care what happenes to her friend Ramon as long as she gets it, even though she was the most useless member of the crew, even though both of them taught her everything she knew about magic, even though Alaron saves her from forced marriage. She, of course, friendzones him. For who? For a half lion/man, who looks like a demigod (mentioned at least a dozen times - same for the demigod Kazim), yes he did tore off her mothers head while attacking her mountain base, yes he kills innocent people regularly just so he can stay alive longer every day, yes he is 50 years older than her. But, but he feels sorry for it! Yes, he will continue to kill innocent to feed, but who cares. As he says, what is evil? Certainly killimg innocents to stay alive isn't, yes? No. So she f**ks him and lusts for him all the time, and even feels sorry for the half mutant murderer of her and her mother. (End od spoiler) it seems to me the writer has some personal fetish in "good girls" dating evil murderous guys. I literally have thrown the book in my fireplace, as I do not want any poor soul to read that garbage. Cheers

  • Tessah_t
    2019-07-16 01:18

    Um, this one was ok. While it was not book 2, it was certainly better than book 1. I loved the developing relationship between Alaron and Ramita. They rely on each other and have formed a great and healthy friendship. The fact that he's kind to her children as well was just an added bonus. That being said, I do think this book focuses a lot more on the relationships this time around. I felt it overshadowed the plot and sometimes made it seem lacking. I loved the subjects raised in this book such as abortion and lesbianism. Seeing those modern subjects integrated into fantasy truly is a pleasure to read about. It gets the discussion going and sheds new light on what many think to be controversial topics. Speaking of those topics, although I do not agree wholeheartedly with the decisions some of the characters took (*cough - cough, Cym,) I do understand why they took them and in the setting that they are at, it was rather logical. Still, the context did make me feel a little uncomfortable because I didn't whole-heartily agree with the taken decision. All in all, I would say this was still an enjoyable read. It took me longer to finish than what I originally expected, but it wasn't at all displeasing. I cannot wait to get to the fourth book and find out how things end.

  • Aryeh Needle
    2019-07-10 23:11

    Would give this a 4.25/4.5 but do not think it's enough to round up to 5. I have really enjoyed this series though at times I get lost in the deep story building. For some reason I can't put my finger on though, I simply am not fully interested in flying through this series as I have been with others. When I think about it logically, it is very good - I think perhaps it might just be falling slightly short on action.LIGHT SERIES SPOILER (Not book 3 specific)Overall, I'm not a huge fan of setting up a universe such that the capabilities of the characters within the magical world are determined by genetics. I always find it frustrating to have to think a character can simply not overcome being born to different parentage.

  • Benjamin Devaney
    2019-07-04 22:18

    This book was a little slower paced than the other two but nonetheless it was still a fantastic read which helped to develop the characters a lot. I am absolutely in love with Ramita and Ellena. I think they are both two really refreshing characters who help to drive the story brilliantly. If you enjoyed Mages Blood and The Scarlet Tides you will absolutely love this book. I have no doubt.

  • Stephen Coatsworth
    2019-07-16 00:06

    I'm really starting to move in to these books, the intricacies of the plot and sheer scope are really getting under my skin. I sure hope that the fourth book is not the end and that there will be more(No Spoilers - I've not even searched on T'Interweb) From a mildly promising start they have really built up in to an excellent quartet.

  • Johan
    2019-07-06 00:11

    I'm enjoying these books more and more. Epic and wide ranging in scope and themes. Somewhat naive in emotions carried by characters but refreshing twists and plot developments. Straight unto the final novel in the series now!

  • Jimmy Poore
    2019-07-02 01:08

    I loved this series at first. Now it just went off the rails. The lesbian queen is so unbearable to read. Its pretty much the equivalent of watching antifa or black lives matter clips on the evening news!

  • Richard
    2019-07-18 21:00

    I feel like I should write a long review but really my review is just a shrug.

  • Kevin Butler
    2019-07-10 02:02

    Good, but not as good as the first two. Still, will definite read Ascendant’s Rite

  • Matt
    2019-07-08 23:02

    Best Book in this series!! I would compare this to Words of Radiance, as it was just action, action, betrayal, action!! Loved it!! Read it!!

  • Aaron
    2019-07-16 22:06

    Very good background and character interactions. Unique system of Magic and a different twist on it's implementation in the world. By far the best and most ensnaring of the series.

  • Carl Gilliam
    2019-07-09 21:49

    It was a long read but still would recommend it to any fantasy lover. Great character building. Waiting on the next book in the mail.

  • Leons1701
    2019-06-25 01:13

    The series is improving as Hair is clearly developing as an author. However, I did find it amusing that we are suddenly introduced to a new slang insult for natives of Antiopia that everyone just uses as if it had been in the series all along. That, along with some not so enjoyable characters and some very predictable twists keep this in three star territory when the ideas behind the book could have easily raised it to four.

  • Michele (Mikecas)
    2019-06-23 00:54

    Una serie di quattro romanzi che hanno avuto sia un discreto successo di critica che di apprezzamento da parte dei lettori. David Hair è uno scrittore neozelandese già conosciuto per due serie di romanzi fantasy young adult: Aoteoaroa e The Return of Ravana, basati si mitologie neozelandesi ed indiane. La quadrologia The Moontide Quartet è la sua prima opera per adulti. Io l'ho notato proprio per i molti giudizi positivi che ha ricevuto su Goodreads, con recensioni razionali e ragionate, per cui ho incominciato a leggere il primo volume, e sono poi arrivato alla fine della serie, che però non è ancora la fine della storia.Il world bilding non è certo dei più originali: un mondo, Urte, in cui due grossi continenti sono separati da un tratto di mare ampio ma non ampissimo, che però il movimento mareale causato da due lune, di cui una molto grande e l'altra in orbita fortemente ellittica, rendono molto agitato e intraversabile, e quindi si tratta inizialmente di due mondi praticamente indipendenti, con quello più a nord-ovest, Yuros, una specie di copia della nostra Europa e quello più a sud-est, Antiopia, una copia della costa mediterranea dell'Africa, i paesi arabi e l'oriente fino all'India.L'assonanza dei nomi usati con quelli reali del nostro mondo è abbastanza esplicita, così come l'aspetto e la cultura generale degli abitanti delle varie nazioni di Urte, rapportate ad un nostro periodo storico che copre l'intero medioevo. Il lettore potrà sicuramente divertirsi a trovare gli innumerevoli legami tra il mondo inventato e quello reale, alcuni espliciti e altri più nascosti, ma sicuramente non potrà passare inosservato che l'Impero precedente che aveva controllato il continente di Yuros aveva come origine la nazione di Rimoni, che fa rima con Romani, ed infatti i suoi abitanti parlano sostanzialmente italiano, che Hair usa spesso nei suoi dialoghi. E la nazione che ha costruito l'impero successivo sembra molto di stirpe germanica. C'è poi da osservare che la nazione di Yuros più a est, che nella geografia di Urte corrisponde alla più vicina al continente di Antiopia, parla la stessa lingua di Rimoni, cioè l'italiano, ma è anche governata da famigliori che gestiscono tutte le attività illegali... cioè una specie Mafia. Sicuramente una visione del mondo molto particolare... La recensione completa dell'intera serie in:

  • Daniel Smedley
    2019-06-23 19:51

    Unholy War follows in the vein of the previous two books, however it seems to embellish their weaker aspects as well.The first thing to stick in my mind was the numerous typos, grammar errors and examples of poor word choice dotted throughout the book. Whilst they don't detract from the story so much, they are glaring and below par for what should be expected of a professionally published work. The more amusing examples of this include a main character switching gender.The world, as ever, feels rich and well-described, the gnosis remains an interesting magic system that continues to evolve with the story.The story itself is possibly one of the weaker aspects. (view spoiler)[It tries to build dramatic tension, however is hampered by the fact that every main character wears plot-armour thick enough to shrug off asteroid impacts. This, combined with various unlikely plot contrivances strain the wilful suspension of disbelief, to the extent that characters make what are arguably out-of-character decisions in order to keep main characters alive. The core of the story is also at times derailed by entirely ancillary events that don't really add anything to the main story, and seem to exist only to present some interpretation of a controversial issue. Such sections possibly should have been left out of the story, as they only served as distractions from what was, all things considered, still an enjoyable read. (hide spoiler)]Overall, it fumbles a bit but manages to carry the story to what I hope will be a more rounded conclusion.