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Summer is when teenagers get to sleep late, spend lazy days on the beach, and hang out with their friends. But when your mom owns the only coffee shop on the island, summer means getting up before the sun and getting the job done. It also means meeting some interesting characters, including some cute girls. Just ask Jacques, The Boy from Buzby Beach....

Title : the boy from buzby beach
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ISBN : 22677218
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the boy from buzby beach Reviews

  • Brenda Perlin
    2019-06-25 06:48

    D. W. Davis has a comforting way of reeling in his readers. The Boy from Bugzy Beach is no exception. I read the River Dream series and fell in love with the story lines and the flawless writing style that came across effortless on the pages. The author has a gentle style that takes his reader into the lives of his characters.This story captured my attention from the first beautifully poetic paragraph. Just Mr Davis' use of wordage is so pleasing. I couldn't help but take my time holding onto the many memorable phrases and endearing moments.The three dimensional characters are familiar and life-like. There is a vulnerability to his characters that makes me drawn to them even more.Young love is so endearing. This coming of age story is so sweet with all the awkward moments and the firsts. It's really nice seeing new love through a guys point of view. This is more than just that. This is an emotional read that is sure to touch people.“Jacques clamped his mouth shut, pointed to the placard advertising the teen romance, River Dream, and held up two fingers. The clerk, a girl he recognized from South Hanover High, but didn’t really know, smirked at him and told him he owed twelve bucks. Jacques handed her a twenty and she counted out his change before handing him the two tickets. “Enjoy the movie,” the clerk said automatically, before instantly forgetting him and turning her attention to the next person in line.”

  • P.S. Winn
    2019-06-21 05:50

    This is a contemporary romance that takes readers into the life of Jacques. He's a teenager living on Buzby Beach with his mom. She owns a coffee shop that Jacques helps out in. I found this a slower pace than a lot of books I read, but feel it is more of an introduction to characters and their interactions than a mystery or suspense. Kind of like a cozy mystery without a lot of mystery. I found this book to be a heartwarming and charming look at what a teenager deals with in life. The casual story earns between a three and a half and a four. I like the characters so 4 it is!

  • April K
    2019-06-15 04:37

    This was the first book by DW Davis that I read, and it was breathtaking. I found myself thrown into a world much like the one that I spent most of my young summers in. The NC beaches, the laid back attitude, the knowing everyone in town- reminded me not only of my childhood summers spent in NC, but the community that I live in now. JQ is a great main character, being the man in the house, working at his mother's business and being in love with his friend. The experiences he has with girls, are not over dramatized or over glamourized, and make for a truthful and wonderful story of what it is like to be a teen. The writing style is beautiful, in really drew me in as a reader, and kept me captivated through out the whole story. I love the world that DW has built in this story, and the characters he has filled it with. Such a good book.

  • Nicole Storey
    2019-06-17 03:52

    This book is a good read for a young teen but not so much for an adult. I think I might have liked it better if there was a plot and the book was better edited. I came across head-hopping at least every two pages and there were other numerous editing mishaps that should have been caught. I was also a bit put off by the attitude of the protagonist. He can't figure out which of the three girls in his life he wants to be with, finally decides on one, but gets over their abrupt break-up rather quickly (one day) and moves to the next girl. Then again, I've never been a 15-year-old boy and maybe this is how they act in real life. I will say that the descriptions of the town were very nice. I would love to visit a place like Buzby Beach. This book will probably entertain teens ages 14-16 but I felt it needed more work.

  • Randy Tramp
    2019-06-14 08:40

    The Book:Jacques is the boy from Buzby Beach. His mom owns the only coffee shop on the island and Jacques helps her. Summer, sand and sun, fill his off time recreation – and friends, including girls.My Thoughts:“Summer Loving, had me a thrill. Summer Loving, happened so fast. I met a girl, crazy for me. I met a boy, cute as can be.”The Grease song played over and over in my mind as I read this book. I probably don’t have the words correct, but you get the point. This was a fun, summertime read. The characters were memorable and ones I’d love to have as my next-door neighbors. Davis did a wonderful job of putting me in the summertime of my teen years, or the one I would have loved to live. It was an enjoyable read.

  • Lauri
    2019-06-13 07:45

    Young Love in the SummerThe Boy from Buzby Beach follows 15 year old Jacques during the first few weeks of summer break. Jacques is a really good kid who gets up extremely early to help out at his mom's coffee shop and the small island town is full of interesting characters. DW Davis did a wonderful job of describing the island lifestyle and the typical struggles of teens fumbling through dating and love. This was a heartwarming story that I very much enjoyed.

  • Greta Burroughs
    2019-05-26 08:53

    It's tough being a teenager, I remember. DW Davis shows us the pain associated with young love from a boy's perspective, very unusual now-a-days as most books concentrate on the girl's side of the story. This book will be appreciated by young people going through the coming-of-age phase.