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Celeste is tired. She just wants to be left alone. For centuries, the half-blooded elf has hidden herself away from the world and lived in isolation. Things have been peaceful, quiet. But some have a greater calling, a destiny. When the humans unwittingly set about a plan to release the source of all evil back into the world, Celeste is called upon by an old ally to stop tCeleste is tired. She just wants to be left alone. For centuries, the half-blooded elf has hidden herself away from the world and lived in isolation. Things have been peaceful, quiet. But some have a greater calling, a destiny. When the humans unwittingly set about a plan to release the source of all evil back into the world, Celeste is called upon by an old ally to stop them, and to keep all of Altierra safe. Now she must face her past as she and her allies travel across the continent to save a world she has been apart from for eons. Will even her angelic birthright and druidic powers be enough to stop the rise of the last god? She never asked to be a hero. Destiny can be funny that way....

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Destiny's Wings Reviews

  • Toni Michelle-Editor
    2019-05-27 03:52

    Celeste is part elf part herald and lives alone in the forest hidden from everyone by a cloaking spell. She left her home because her love, the prince, was promised to someone else. The only person (rather dragon) that could find her is the one that taught her the spell. Axistra sent for Celeste to fulfill her destiny and save the world. Celeste must convince King Liam that by completing the mission he is gathering warriors for he will bring about the end of the world. There is evil involved and Celeste is going to need some strong magic in order to convince the king or prevent him from releasing the evil that has been trapped for thousands of years. Celeste recruits Theri (a kedistam) Arcus (a human raised as a druid) Tarnel (the Elf Prince Celeste has loved since she was a child) and Siobahn (a Paladin warrior) to assist her in saving the world. It won’t be easy and lives will be lost. I absolutely love this story. It is the author’s debut novel and I have had to add her to my list of ”must follow this author” because this book is so good! There are so many emotions brought to life by Celeste’s journey that you will laugh, cry, be angry and be happy. Any emotion you can imagine having, you are going to have with this book. Grab your snacks and drink, pull up a seat and prepared to get lost in this spectacular book. You do not want to miss out on this one.

  • PelicanFreak
    2019-05-20 20:44

    “A good book makes you want to live in the story; a great book leaves no choice.” – A quote that fully applies here!I am immediately sucked into this story, wanting to know more about the characters and their world. What I love about this particular novel is the way the descriptive is worked into the goings on and conversations of the book, rather than separate. It makes for easier reading, easier following and is less time consuming. A refreshing writing style! Another thing that impresses me, being submerged in a work of fantasy is the author’s objective view of humans. Since the POV is largely given from elven folk, we are treated to a look at what we truly are: selfish, loud, and destructive. I even felt relieved to see the relationship between good and evil explained; without spoiling anything I will simply state that the author has a rare and valuable sense of understanding of the things that most humans do not. In reading this book with your mind open even just a little you may see what I mean and come away enlightened. Worst-case scenario: you enjoy a fun escape from reality as you become submerged into the story. The story is immensely exciting from start to finish but also manages to keep the human aspect alive with each character and their relationships with others. Action, drama, just the right amount of love combined with a classic good versus bad element make this an impossible-to-put-down read. Busy as I am, I still read in one session as I just couldn’t stop. I’m now waiting for the next one – very impatiently.

  • J a c i n t a
    2019-06-18 01:04

    5+++++ StarsI happened to be a Beta reader for Destiny's Wings and this story was beautifully written. Celeste is a half elf who has hidden herself away for centuries and then is called in by a big and beautifully powerful dragon who has a mission for her that no one else can complete except for Celeste. Along this mission Celeste gains allies who help her and one person is her soul mate the love of her life. All characters were well written but my most favourite character is Theri, just love her. Theri is the heart and soul of the group. Dottie envisioned the characters so well that you feel like you are apart of them. You feel the emotions of each one. You may get annoyed with some characters but once you continue reading you will learn to know more about why the character and appreciate it. The story will keep you guessing and as the story continues things will happen when you at least expect it. I didn't have a favourite scene I loved beginning to end each page will have you turning the next to know what happens. If you LOVE paranormal and LOVE when a story has each fantasy being in it then this book is for you. I will tell you that you will not be disappointed. A MUST READ!!! Cannot wait for the next book.

  • Katie Harder-schauer
    2019-05-26 00:46

    I loved this book. I stayed up until four in the morning last night reading it, just to finish it. I didn't want to put it down, even in the interest of getting some much needed sleep. I don't really know what else to say that wouldn't potentially spoil the book for you. I thought the characters were really well developed, I loved the relationships between them, I appreciate that the author wasn't afraid to kill off some favorites because it's just too unrealistic for all the good guys to survive when there's fighting and stuff (even though I'm not really happy that those people are dead). It is just a truly engaging story from start to finish and I would recommend it to any fantasy or paranormal romance fan.

  • Lauren
    2019-05-31 04:56

    If you enjoy paranormal beings this book is for you. It's packed with elves, dragons, vampires, supreme beings and more. Not only do you get to enjoy these paranormal beings, but most of them are brought to you in a new and exciting way. When told the world is in danger a group of these beings set off to stop this evil force. They encounter so many different battles along the way. I have to say this is one of the most unique story lines I have read in awhile. I think it would make a great movie. The characters are well developed, by the end you feel as if you know them. Can't wait to see what happens in book 2. Amazing read!

  • Leslie Cox
    2019-06-04 00:03

    Wow! It's such a simple word but it is completely at home describing this epic fantasy!! This is the (unbelievable) freshman book in author D.S Schmeckpeper's Land Of Destiny series. I have yet to read such a beautiful and fantastical debut novel!! As anyone cane see from previously published reviews.. one thing is a fact.. people LOVE this book! At the center of this sweeping story is Celeste who is a half Harold (Angel) and a half elf. She is summoned by Axistra- a beautiful and magical Dragon who has had a vision of a dark evil to come. DID I MENTION Axistra lives in a castle in the sky? How cool is that?! Create accepts the daunting task given to her by the wise Dragon and sets off to quickly find allies to help her on her dangerous quest. While finding allies, she returns to her homeland after her 600 year self imposed isolation where she meet Arcus.. a human magician and Tarnelius.. her once true love. As Celeste and company set out they meet both friends and foe (Orcs!!) The different races are so original and yes.. there is (happily!) Both a map of Altierra and a codex in the back of the book to help you along the way to help you identify the races and their abilities. I love it when a writer offers up any additional information about their characters. As I read this novel, I could get a complete mental picture due to Mrs Schmeckpeprs crazy good descriptive skills! I can easily picture every scene or image she is describing. I don't give up spoilers and trust me.. you don't want them!!! You will be so glad when you reach the end of this marathon! It's a long book and not a sprint which I personally was very happy about! Who wants a great book to end?! There is love, loss, action, beautiful magical , twists and turns with high adventure and some heart racing fighting!! As I finished this book I am still in shock that this is her debut!!! I am hoping the gods will favor me and some genius will turn this into a block buster it can be!!! Included in this novel is the first chapter in the next book of this series entitled Destiny 's Flame which in my opinion cannot come out soon enough! I recommend this book for ages 13+ and any fan of true fantasy such as Harry potter and Lord of the rings. If I could give it more stars I would and I am making this my reading students next book to read!

  • Karen Laird
    2019-06-07 02:54

    Destiny's WingsBy D.S. SchmeckpeperMs. Schmeckpeper propels her reader through a wild and mythical land that is of magical wonders. Set back in time when the earth was still inhabited by such creatures as Orcs, Dwarves, Elves, and other beings that have now retreated to our land of mystic storytelling and imagination, but not so far as when the great gods of the Greeks, and before lived, but before the last of the great and powerful dragons passed from existence.In a book that keeps the pages burning, as the rag tag band of heroes fight their way through a land of mythical monsters, magicians, demons and sometimes, just some really bad guys. You begin to wonder whether or not they really stand a chance at making sure that good overcomes evil and that all is as it should be in the world. Even the love interests in the story are fraught with disasters and calamities as they struggle to continue on the quest set before them. Ms. Schmeckpeper, created a beautiful visual world for us to live in as we travelled through the book. I could see the beauty of Celeste and the various places we went through out the story. They were breath taking. The battle scenes felt like they literally flew off the page and in some instances rippled with the turning of the pages as I flew through them trying to keep up with the action and hoping that all would end well. This is a story worth reading, a tale that will hold the readers interest and imagination as it makes them yearn for more. My hats off to Destiny's Wings on the release of Destiny's Wings. Facebook:

  • Ella Medler
    2019-06-04 21:47

    Enchanting. That’s the word I would use to quickly describe this book. But I want to tell you more. I don’t read fantasy, usually, and I don’t watch movies. This story, however, felt so real, and so…possible, that I couldn’t put it down.The characters draw you in on page one, and they don’t put you down until you’ve been through the wringer alongside them. You laugh, you cry, you fight monsters and your own terrors as you progress through the book.A simple plot develops into a multitude of facets, and I found that, reading between the lines, this fantastic turn of events mirrors our current reality, in many ways.The dialogues are beautiful and full of humor, the descriptions just right for giving you the feel of the place or creature, and the action is non-stop. There is so much life, so much authenticity in this novel, it is a pleasure to read.If you’re a fan of fantasy worlds full of fantastic creatures – such as trolls, goblins, elves and dragons, this is the book for you. Beautiful smooth writing, delivered with confidence, and a cracking good story suitable for all ages. There’s nothing I could find to fault this book. Five shiny, well-deserved stars.

  • Pammy
    2019-06-03 23:50

    I received this book as a gift from the authors. What a fantastical, mystical, enjoyable read!!! I was mesmerized from the first page to the last page. The characters complimented each other very well. It was great knowing all the mystical creatures that we have read in other books (Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter) with a different spin on each one, but still retaining some of what we know about these mystical creatures. My favorite character is Theri...she is hysterically funny and quirky. I highly recommend this book, it has a bit of each genre!!! The authors Dottie & Steve Schmeckpeper have made a great team and a great debut book!!! Keep up the good work guys!!! I look forward to the next book in the series...

  • Rebecca Larsen
    2019-06-17 02:50

    4 StarsI found Destiny's Wings to be quite captivating, although their are a few parts that had unnecessary sentences that extended the story. With a superb storyline and character interactions, this is one of the best laid plots I have found recently. My favorite quote from the story is spoken by Tarnelius after the death of his friend and companion Theri."There is no greater love than from he who lays down their life for a friend."I would recommend this book to all who love fantasy and shifters.

  • Victoria
    2019-06-06 04:49

    I have to start by saying that epic fantasy novels are usually not my type of book. However, I could NOT get enough of this book! I loved all the characters, especially Arcus and Theri. The author did an amazing job of making you feel like you are right there with the characters, experiencing everything they are. It had just enough romance, adventure, tragedy...anything you would want in a story, this one has it. I'm already looking forward to the next book in this series. I loved it and I would (and plan to) recommend this book to anyone and everyone I know.

  • Denise Van plew
    2019-06-11 22:02

    By just the blurb, wonderful cover and what was on cover quote, dived relatively unknown into this novel. The basis is clear with the ground work layed out to the tee that it now has my curiosity by then due to mainly-Celeste. Did not really start out to read this book either for romance to be main factor because looking for a bit different. As I am now immersed into this, this author sure has the ability to introduce me to characters that so much body that I am now oblivious to my surroundings as I read. This is a hearty fantasy adventure with no dragging or stuttering parts which is sadly what happens for me with alot of reading lately. So a big plus was this because this was most definitely not happening here. As she goes along and gets her comrades that she will need to accomplish this quest and come out the victor, delight is just a small fraction of what I am receiving. Now it does have some romance but the perfect blend that is needed in this story. As I am pulled along as they encounter their obstacles, each step closer to their final showdown, there is also a excellent balance of emotions this author is able to pull from me also. not everything will go their way as it should be but it also will treat you to some very heart pumping events. As she brings you to the reason why they even have come you are by then wanting to fight right along with them. Fell in love with the characters, their loss my loss, their win my wins that when I reached the last page I felt like one satisfied fat cat. Would I read again this author? You bet because after this one I would know I would receive the all given by a author that has that ability to take you away rewarded through it all. Received a copy for a honest review.

  • Sheila
    2019-06-14 05:07

    Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock"Destiny's Wings"I give Destiny's Wings 4 out of 5 Fangs. I love the Paranormal Romance genre so I was happy to read this book in return for an honest review.Although I do have to admit I had a little trouble getting into it in the beginning because the storyline jumped around too quickly from one character storyline to another and I had trouble keeping up with who was who and what they were and what they were doing. However, I stuck with it and the characters and storylines finally intersected and it became more enjoyable. I normally read about vampires, shifters, angels and demons, but this paranormal story was my first with elves, dwarves and dragons as well as many other creatures that I had never heard of. I found myself quickly immersed into the main characters and started rooting for them and choosing my favorites. I was sad to see that one of the main characters die, but I understand that it was necessary to the story. Despite that it did have a happy ending. One thing I liked was that it could be a stand alone with HEA but it also left with a hint that this story could be made into a full series of books. I would more than likely read these future books.One thing I noticed at the end of the book was a glossary describing all the different races of "creatures" that would have been much more helpful to have at the beginning of the book or at least a note that it is at the end, because it would have helped me to picture the characters in my head while reading the book.

  • Joood Hooligan
    2019-05-18 05:12

    SiiiiiiighYes, I just sighed.I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.Had I known that I would have had my heart torn out of my chest and stomped on, I'd have taken more precaution while reading this. Alas, it has already been done and the tears have been shed. I suppose I could, in time, come to forgive the pain I have gone through if one was to say... Give me the second book immediately.Anyway, I really did enjoy this book. I am a lover of fantasy, and frequently partake in the tabletop variety of shenanigans. This book was true to much that I love about the genre, and for that I would have to highly recommend it to others of good taste.There were some parts that I felt could have used more explanation for me to fully connect with the characters. More so at the beginning.I absolutely loved the world I was brought into and cannot wait for the second book. Literally. I need it immediately. I am not one to read teasers for the next book in a series, especially when they're included at the back of a book. Because I hate being teased, and I'm horribly impatient. But I couldn't help myself this time. I read it... And things happen... And I need the next part now.

  • Kelly
    2019-06-16 01:14

    *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*Destiny’s Wings is an fantasy adventure book with a feel of Lord of the Rings. We are taken on an adventure with Celeste, Tarnelius, Arcus, and Theri to stop King Liam accidently unleashing an evil that would destroy the world.It was a little slow at the beginning. It took me a while to get into the story. Once the story started to move, I was swept away. It’s full of action and adventure that anyone who loves fantasy would love to read. It is a long read, but don’t let that discourage you. It is well worth the journey.

  • Steve S
    2019-06-05 23:57

    This story gives a new take on epic fantasy, with may familiar creatures, but it's own mythos in a vibrant new world. The story is fast paced and action packed. There's stuff here for the old school fantasy buff, the paranormal crowd and even a touch of romance thrown in. It's easy to read but has many deeper elements and a well thought out plot-line and characters. For those wanting more detail, there is a world map in the beginning as well as a detailed appendix at the end which delves into many extra elements of the world and gives it greater depth.

  • Sheila Ryals
    2019-06-14 00:00

    A very enjoyable Fantasy! Told from the viewpoint of a half-elven seraph Druid. You have all the creatures that make a fantasy a fantasy with a few twists! The book starts out with Celeste being summoned to face her Destiny and her past! The characters are very well established and enjoyable! Bring tissues because the journey is a rocky one and not always happy! This may sound strange but my favorite part of the book was the ending and epilogue. I was so freaking entranced I can not wait for the next book!

  • Kelly Clevinger Bernard
    2019-06-08 05:00

    I am grateful to have received an advanced copy of Destiny's Wings by D.S. Schmeckpeper. I really enjoyed this fantasy novel. The characters were so likable and the story line pulled me in. I'm impatiently waiting for the next book in the series:)

  • Sara
    2019-06-05 23:54

    My first adventure into the world of fantasy was when I read the Chronicles of Narnia when I was in elementary school. It's still one of my favorite series, and I think it's what ignited my love of fantasy in general. There was and is something about venturing into a whole new world that I found and still find to be compelling. Maybe because it's because it's a portal into another world. So, when my fellow book bloggers kept mentioning Destiny's Wings, I knew I wanted to read it since it's been a while since I've read a book from the genre of high fantasy/epic fantasy. I finally had a chance to just recently, and I loved the book from the first page and enjoyed it all the way to the a very satisfying end. I know this is the first in a series, and I'm looking forward to reading book two, and want to read it as soon as possible!While Celeste, is a half elf/half angel Herald of Melek is the main character of the book, I think the party that formed around her could be considered to be an ensemble. Being a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls video games, Theri, a kedistam, reminded me a lot of the Khajiit, the cat-like people of that series. Everyone else in her party was great, and I liked them a lot. Tarnelius, who had been in a relationship with her when they were both younger. I also liked Arcus, a human druid along with Siobhan, a paladin. Usually when I think of paladins I think of a goody goody two shoes, but she proved to break that mold. One of the things I loved about all these characters is that they all had moments in the novel where they all displayed a certain level of amazing magical and fighting prowess, not to mention all of them felt like they were very well developed and felt three-dimensional. My rating is a very highly recommended 5/5 platypires.

  • Maribel Platypire Reviews
    2019-05-29 00:53

    ***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.***I'll admit that at the beginning of this book, I couldn't quite get into it. I don't know if it was the pressure that this would be my first review ever, or that I haven't read fantasy in a very long time (or any other genre) due to my school schedule. But I forged on, and was rewarded. Destiny's Wings is captivating, and I have never read a book with the same concept. Although I hated Arcus at the beginning, he grew on me. Celeste I loved from the beginning, even with her prickly exterior. Theri even more, loving her "cut to the chase" attitude. Siobhan just plain exasperated me, and I often felt like strangling, er, shouting at her for her attitude. Tarnel was just loveable, and his understanding nature made me wish I had a friend like him.The beginning of the book could use a little more connecting to characters; I felt like I was watching from a distance, instead of feeling like I was right there with them. But overall, this book was great and I really enjoyed it. I'm hoping the authors hurry up and produce book 2 soon *hint hint*. But after the beginning of the book, things took off and I no longer felt like I was outside viewing in. This was a great story, and the little teaser of "what's to come" at the end makes me want book 2 in my hands pronto! I recommend this book to any fantasy lovers and rate this book 4 out of 5 Platypires.