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Hellmatch - Book 1 - STANDALONE BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance A Prudish BBW + A Dirty Talking Alpha Wolf-shifer = Hilarious Sexy Romance Finding the perfect match can be hell, unless you're already there. Curvy and prudish Laura Nieves knows she belongs in the pit. But living in hell didn’t mean she had to act like a depraved soul. So when her boss sends her off toHellmatch - Book 1 - STANDALONE BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance A Prudish BBW + A Dirty Talking Alpha Wolf-shifer = Hilarious Sexy Romance Finding the perfect match can be hell, unless you're already there. Curvy and prudish Laura Nieves knows she belongs in the pit. But living in hell didn’t mean she had to act like a depraved soul. So when her boss sends her off to lead a matchmaking program, Laura knows shit just got real to the fiery degree. Damien Wrath isn’t interested in being hooked up. He and his wolf like their life simple. But the mistress of hell doesn’t care what he wants. It took being in hell for him to find out his mate was a buttoned up, curvaceous beauty with a hot temper. Taking a quiet woman from one era and tossing her together with a hot as hell warrior from another is sure to create sparks. Their basic urges will take over or they’ll kill each other. This is hell, who said living in the pit was going to be easy? (Previously published in the Spring Fever: Shifters in Love Bundle) Reader Note: This book contains smokin’ hot sex (the kind that makes you sweat and need a cold shower), adult language (we like some freaky dirty talk), and lotta violence. If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, skip this book. However, if you like dirty, raunchy sex with a sexy wolf-shifter on a curvy girl, then this is right up your alley. Enjoy! ...

Title : match made in hell
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match made in hell Reviews

  • Hollie
    2019-05-11 02:58

    This was a short but steamy read. The plot didn't really have a lot going on and there wasn't much depth, but if you are looking for a hot, quick read, then this one will certainly do the trick. I like that it was offered as a kindleunlimited. I'm likely to read more in this series.

  • Teracia
    2019-05-11 01:25

    Match Made in Hell by Milly TaidenDavi is a daughter of the queen of Hell. is the solution to her declining numbers of supplicants. Matching a fiery tempered secretary and Hot as hell warrior/wolf shifter wont be easy, but they both need laid to loosen up a bit. Love the flow of the story and voyeuristic tendencies of Davi. Cant wait to see who she matches next.

  • Marianne
    2019-05-05 06:06

    I picked this one up because I really, REALLY enjoyed Eve Langlais's Welcome to Hell series and Lucifer's deviously hilarious matchmaking ways. Unfortunately, this didn't live up to the "original", but I still found it mildly entertaining. 2.75 stars.

  • Bambi Fogleman
    2019-05-04 00:11

    How hot can hell get? With the Smut Queen herself Milly Taiden telling this naughty Short story really Freaking HOT!I love the twisted humor and new invented Plot With the Daughter of the Mistress of Hell needing more minions.As for what Milly is know for sexy, drool worth, Alpha men that know what they want when they see it, AndCurvy women with sassy, spunk, And like to be in charge unless it may be the bed room. O Lord help me hot steam sex.NO one and i Mean No one can right grab a cold shower like Milly Taiden, Keep it iced down drink on hand cause your going to need it.Screw it. She leaned all the way back on the bed, glancing up at the ceiling so embarrassment wouldn't keep her from talking. She needed him to do something or she might die again. This time, a slow death would take her from not getting sexual relief on that bed. “Lick me, please.” Laura Nieves Is right wear she should be Hell working for the mistress daughter. The one thing she has never found need was sex, but her boss has other idea when she makes her own for of a dating service to make more minions for herself.Damien Wrath one of the warriors that work for the Mistress doesn't want another mate and doesn't want to play with this idea at all. When he meets Laura he sees something and annoying her turns him on more then the thought.Read how Hot they can get when they finally get together It sure to burn things in Match made in Hell! She’d had so little sex and none of it had been very enjoyable. What could he possibly know that would make him request a woman who liked sex? Now she wanted to know what there was to that. Dammit! Stupid muscled, sexy ass bastard. She might have killed her boss if only Davi wasn't daughter of the queen of the underworld. Frickin’ hell.

  • April
    2019-05-04 04:22

    I wasn’t sure how I felt about this book in the beginning. I mean, a romance book set in Hell? Turns out it was pretty darn interesting and they were not really bad people. Think of Hell more like Dante’s levels or even partitioned off like in mythology. When you get Laura and Damien’s stories, you see they are not really evil people. They each made errors in judgement that put them where they are in Hell. I really liked all Laura’s sass and repressed sensuality. When she lets loose, oh lordy! Pair her with a sexually charged shifter like Damiem, whoa mama! The chemistry is combustible and if they were not already in Hell, they would have scorched everything with that sexual tension!The smexy steam is plentiful and varied!! Fantasy, voyeurism, masturbation and plenty of good ole one on one sexing! A little something for everyone! Be ready for panty soaking detail and have a plan to deal with how hot and bothered this read will make you!Lauren Sweet is a fabulous narrator who is in touch with her inner naughty Diva! She has a wonderful pace that moves with the story. Plenty of energy, especially on those smexy parts! She does an excellent job with all the voices, keeping the men just gruff enough to feel realistic. The only “eh” here is that it took quite a while to find out why they were each there, most of the book for her. I just kept wondering why, which distracted me from the story a bit. I was also a little unsure about the whole set up of Hell. Not exactly understanding all the intricacies of the levels and the sisters who maintain them. It would be interesting to see this progress as a series. It has potential for more, especially now that I have a better feel for how things run in this version of Hell.

  • Iris
    2019-05-04 08:24

    I first read Match Made in Hell as a part of the Spring Fever anthology. Normally a fan of Ms Taiden's wolves, I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy reading a story that did not take place or revolve around a shifter and his pack. Match made in Hell was unlike any other supernatural story by Ms Taiden.Stuck in hell for reasons beyond her control, Laura has moved up in ranks to the position of assistant to Davi, mistress of the 7th circle of hell. Staid and almost prudish, Laura does not follow or remotely look like what Laura expects of her assistant. But she's about to fix that. Not to be outdone by her sisters who have increased the numbers in their circles of hell by playing matchmakers to their enslaved souls, Davi decides to set up her own psuedo matchmaking service in hell. Her first victim is her hunky captain of her personal guard. Sparks fly between Damien and Laura... too bad she wasn't his match. Or was she. Seems Davi may have more up her corset than she's let on.It was an entertaining read and I greatly enjoyed Davi's character and can't wait to res more about her escapades playing the devilish matchmaker. My only complaint is that I wanted more. The characters were so great I wanted to keep reading.

  • Ayeisha Clark
    2019-05-15 06:57

    (copy gifted in exchange for honest review)I love this book. I would not image that good things could happen in the fiery pits but I am glad it did. I admire Davi for her dedication to finding love amongst her peeps even if its for her own agenda. Here We have Laura who is an amazing assistant that really needs something more and though she can't see it Davi knows just what she needs. Damian a nicely sculpted Captain doesn't need women until he meets Laura. She is on his mind and he hopes to keep her there. What no one saw coming was her temper and her ability to kick bottom. Between the steamy scenes and the chemistry this book needed more than 5 stars

  • Florence
    2019-05-19 00:20

    What better place to start a new series then in the 7th level of hell.... This book was sexy and definitely had me intrigued from the first page... Milly Taiden is an amazing writer that can even make living an eternity in hell seem incredible... Laura & Damien live in the 7th level and both work for Davi who is Mistress.. Davi is in heated competition with her sisters to be Mothers favorite and increase her minions.. She forces Laura out of comfort zone and put her in charge of their new project with an ulterior motive of matching Laura with Damien... Things are never as easy as it seems and true love can conquer anything...

  • Stephanie Rogers
    2019-05-08 05:03

    A quick, hot and deliciously nasty tale of lust and love being found in the most unlikely place between two souls locked together by the parts of themselves they've tried to hide the most. In this version of Hell, the devil not only wears Prada, but she takes wicked delight in all things sex-laden and scandalous, particularly getting her uptight assistant and hunky head warrior to mate up! No cliffhangers;just a short yet very sexy story!

  • Joy Whiteside
    2019-04-28 01:55

    I loved this book, it was an amazing read that I could not put down util I was finished. The characters are amazing and you feel as though you know them personally and the story will grab you and keep you interested from beginning to end. This has got to be read, you will not be sorry that you did.

  • Deanna Knope
    2019-05-14 00:21

    What a awesome book this was, it was funny and very erotic which I love, this was something fairly new to me by her and I loved it. The fantasy part of it was great..haha match making in hell. I want more like these to read, it was fun fun...Thank you Milly for such a awesome story..I truly loved it.

  • Amber
    2019-04-30 06:03

    Holy mother of all things naughty!!! Milly Taiden doesn't pull any punches when it comes to a steamy, sexy-as-hell story!With a smoking hot dirty talking alpha shifter and a sassy curvy girl this made for a really fun and panty soaking story!

  • Wendy coling ( trowbridge)
    2019-05-10 03:03

    Loved it a must read

  • Pepsy’s reading station
    2019-04-25 05:15


  • Susan A.
    2019-04-25 05:02

    Sizzling hot!

  • Carmen Pescod
    2019-05-23 05:16

    Loved it! Red hot, smoking & funny. There is happiness in Hell after all! A really enjoyable read again.

  • Kathy Wideman
    2019-05-25 02:02

    This is the first book by Milly I have read and I loved it. It was a great, short, steamy read. Davi is one of the daughters of the queen of hell. She needs more minions and has come up with a way to get them. She is going to start matching up her employees and getting them to give her more minions. Laura is Davi’s buttoned up assistant. Damien Wrath is the leader of Davi’s guard. Davi thinks the two of them would be a perfect match now all she must do is get them to have sex. Matching the two may not be as easy as Davi thinks. They maybe in hell but she can’t make them fall in love or be with each other. This story is a bit emotional and so funny. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series. I loved Laura and Damien. They have more in common than the heat they feel for each other.

  • Deborah Carter
    2019-05-05 01:00

    This was a short read. The heroine, Laura, is there due to a bargain she made. The hero, Wrath, is a guard. The boss, Davi, is the mistress of the seventh circle of hell. Davi needs more minions. There is a woman that Laura and Wrath know that has caused them to be where they are at. I was hoping for a little bit of humor and a more in depth story. The story is mostly of a sexual nature. It should not be read by anyone under the age of 18.

  • Nancy Bodie
    2019-05-02 01:07

    Loved this story!This was enjoyable story, I liked the characters, and the storyline was fun and full of humor. I loved the audio option. The only thing I don't like is this was marked book 1, but it seems that this series didn't continue or maybe I just can't find it. But this wish it would, this was a awesome idea!

  • Brittany
    2019-05-02 05:13

    I received this as a recoomendation. This was a very short read. It is set in hell and the head of that level decides to match up her people in order to grow in numbers. I still haven't figured out how dead people can have kids but okay... just suspend reality and it is enjoyable.

  • Angie
    2019-04-25 02:56

    Loved Match made in Hell! This book had some really funny parts and some REALLY HOT parts!! Laura wasn't as uptight as she appeared and Damien wasn't the barbarian he appeared to be. They both had a shock towards the end of the book that made them both think. This is a definite must read!

  • Anne Richardson
    2019-05-10 07:00

    A short sexy read

  • Keoki Ki`Ili
    2019-05-20 07:14

    at a quick, quirky and hugely entertaining read. I must admit my view of hell and it's minions changed, for this story at least. Hope the author gives us more.

  • Margaret
    2019-04-30 07:21

    This is a quick read with a fairly simple plot that just goes to show that even if you end up in hell you can still find love.

  • Daria
    2019-04-30 01:55

    “I want to do it all fucking night. I want to stamp myself all over your body until all I smell on you is my cum’. Well hell.. Lol, what better way to make a match, then a dating service even if it is in hell. Laura kinda stiff in the personality and dresses like a librarian and she also serves as the right hand to the Seventh’s ruler Davi. Davi has pushed and prodded Laura to no end about how she dresses and that she is so up tight. Hell isn’t the place to try to be all shy and proper. When Laura is slow to catch on, Davi leaves her little choice. Laura is to run and start up some sexin matching minions for Davi. Her first victim is One of Davi’s guards. Now sex on two legs never got much better than Damien Wrath, he is big everywhereand Laura can tell you all about it. That is if she was looking.. As Damien and Laura try the fit on for size, a secret or two will be revealed. As much as Damien still yearns for his wife, will Laura be enough to be more than a one night stand. Davi isnt very far from sticking her nose in her assistance business, its her hell given right. So come on along and travel to hell with us, where the characters are hot and smexy, having sexy full curves isn’t a sin. The story if quick and fun and it should cause a giggle or two. It may even cause you to break out the fan with the dirty talkin. Milly keeps on delivering pages of hot fun... Grab it for yourself. Enjoy

  • Judy Lewis
    2019-05-19 05:59

    MATCH MADE WHERE ???Oh my sweet glory! Match Made in Hell by Milly Taiden is hands down, one of the cutest short stories she's ever written. It is devilishly cute, outrageously funny, deliciously sexy and delightfully entertaining. What I wouldn't give to get a look inside Milly Taiden's brilliant little brain. If I could bottle her imagination and market it, I'd be a billionaire! Davianne 'Davi' Blackfeather might be the mistress of only the 7th level of the underworld but she was sure that she was the best dressed in the whole underworld, well, except for her mother, Riyanna, the queen of the underworld. But she needed more minions and she had the best idea ever, to get what she wanted - Yep, she always got what she wanted and she already knew who her first match would be, her curvy, straight-laced assistant Laura Nieves and her sexy head guard, wolf shifter Damien Wrath. And those two would give her lots of little minions! Huh? Hmmm.....Now all she had to do is trick them right into it! Oh my! Let the games begin! Very well written and sexy as sin! Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read!

  • Sherill
    2019-05-12 05:57

    Sit back, relax and let Milly transport you to the Seventh level of the underworld. Imagine high fashion, matchmaking, shape shifters, showers, and steam rooms in HELL...The story is filled with humor, banter, and hot sexy love-scenes that would turn an erupting volcano to ICE. This story is well balanced and an incredible start for a new series by this author. Davi, Mistress of Seventh adores her assistant who is a curvy, beautiful woman who hides behind her clothes. Laura also has an extremely hot temper that would make a fullback cringe. Wrath, Commander to Davi's guards is a sexy, gorgeous wolf shifter who has guilt feelings regarding his dead wife. Can Laura fill the void in Wrath's life? Can Wrath tame Laura? Will Davi get her first match for I definitely recommend this book and look forward to more in series. FIND OUT IF THERE IS COMFORT IN HELL!!!!

  • Vettech
    2019-05-08 06:19

    Another great new series by the Smut Queen Milly Taiden....and what an amazing book this was. Laura Nieves has been in the seventh level of hell for a long time for a bad deed she did when alive. she's also been the assistant to Davi, who is in charge of the Seventh. Davi wants to start up a matchmaking biz hellish version in order to gain more minions. Davi wants to match the curvy beauty Laura to her hot sexy wolf shifter warrior Damien Wrath. Neither Damien nor Laura want anything to do with this crazy hair brained idea their boss has come up with.....YET!! There is some of the most hot steamy sexual chemistry between the two that can't be denied. Get this short yummy read to find out what naughty things happen in hell!!

  • Nikki
    2019-05-15 07:56

    Laura Nieves is the personal assistant to Davi Blackwater who is in charge of the seventh circle of Hell, which is the level of gluttony. In a matchmaking scheme, Davi puts Laura in charge of finding a mate for her head guard, Damien Wrath. Damien is a shifter who has stayed loyal to the memory of the wife that he died for and wants nothing to do with Davi's matchmaking...until he meets Laura. This story cracked me up, Laura has a kind of shy innocence about her, until she looses her temper and Damien is a dominant, dirty talking, confident male. The way they interact with each other is nothing short of hilarious, especially when Davi, who is determined to match them together whether they like it or not, is around to add fuel to the fire.

  • Theresa
    2019-05-09 04:07

    Finding the perfect match can be Hell, but try doing it in Hell!!!Wow, this one is hot as Hell ;) -- We've all heard of 7th Heaven right? What about the 7th level of Hell?? This book will get you started on a great new series all about it. And now a bit about the story...Davi is trying to figure out how to keep up with her sisters. Then it hits her, she needs to match up her warriors! But who to start with? Then she notices how her prudish assistant seems to have the hits for her head warrior and she hatches a plan to increase her minions!Favorite passages: - “After what happened with the last episode of Days of Our Hell, things need some lightening up.” - “Do you have a sturdy bed?” She winked. - “Hell is only tolerable because you’re here with me.”