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Everyone dreams of being a princess, well everyone except eighteen-year-old Elena Watkins.After learning about her lost heritage, Elena is forced to choose between learning to be the perfect ruler for Paegeia and her old life.Not to mention that pesky dragon of hers who always seems to appear and disappear at just the right time. With her friends beside her, Elena must disEveryone dreams of being a princess, well everyone except eighteen-year-old Elena Watkins.After learning about her lost heritage, Elena is forced to choose between learning to be the perfect ruler for Paegeia and her old life.Not to mention that pesky dragon of hers who always seems to appear and disappear at just the right time. With her friends beside her, Elena must discover her own future as Paegeian royalty.Who said being a princess was easy?...

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Poison Reviews

  • Tushar Patel
    2019-05-20 22:51

    its short story. its wonderful book. this story take place at summer brake after Elena clime black and tell Paegeia that she is daughter of king albert and queen Catherine and princess of Paegeia. She proved that what she said is true and she is true hair of paegeia. Now people try to make her princess not to bother what she want.

  • Kari
    2019-06-13 01:59

    A quick and enjoyable read. Poison is a novella that takes place between Frostbite and the upcoming and semi-final installment, Moonbreeze. While there was no epic battle, I really love these novellas because I feel like they give Ms. Woods an opportunity to focus on character development. I still remember building my strongest connection with Sammy, Becky and Elena while reading Venom.The story takes place a few weeks after Frostbite. Elena is not having an easy time with her new role as Paegeia's long lost princess. Her advisers seems more concerned with keeping Elena from her old life and controlling her every move, from the way she dresses to how she speaks. She feels lost without her friends, Cara and her dragon. Elena begins to revert back to her old ways by becoming passive but don't worry, the courageous one is still in there. Speaking of her dragon, he is more stubborn than ever. I joined Elena every time she called him "idiot" or "my stupid dragon" because lets face it, it's true and even more so in Poison.Blake, why you no dent?In Venom, we learn more about Elena's parents through Queen Cathrine's journals, travel to tropical paradise within Paegeia, and learn more about King Helmut's dragon. This novella did not disappoint and if you're an fan of the Dragonian Series, I highly recommend you read. I wish I could say it helps satisfy until Moonbreeze's release but unfortunately, it will leave you wanting more. More Blake Please.(view spoiler)[ I was really hoping we would get a chance to see the beginning of Elena and Blake denting... So much that I read the novella in one sitting because I wanted so bad for it to start in this book. Or maybe at least the Rubicon would begin showing interest in our heroine... I guess I will have to wait impatiently for Moonbreeze... (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Kitlina
    2019-05-26 03:02

    OMFG I hate that asshole's guts.I will find it really hard to love Blake again.He would have to be the awesomnest man alive and maybe quadruple that if he wants to get into my good graces again. At the moment he has no redeeming qualities.I feel sorry for Elena. At this point she would have been better off with Lucien, Emmanuel or the first version of Paul.I am really disappointed in Blake.Stupid stupid dragon.

  • Umaiya ⚡A Far Off Memory⚡
    2019-05-25 23:59

    I love this series. I really love this series. But I hate how emotional it makes me. And I know I say this to myself all the time but I don't really hate how attached and connected I feel to it but I hate (and this time I really do) that it's something with an end and that I will have to say goodbye soon.I'm just not ready for that.

  • Andrea
    2019-05-23 19:59

    I think this novella was a lot more important to the series as a whole than the first ebook Venom was. Venom was a cute 5 chapter story about Elena's summer break but it didn't really seem to add anything. However, I think this story will help in the events to come in Moonbreeze. It also helped to explain how Elena was trying to deal with her claim of Blake. I really wish Blake would stop being such an ass and come back already. I felt so bad for Elena in this story because she was so alone trying to attend Dragon-rider classes without Blake. At least she found a way to be closer to her mother through the journals she read.

  • Jamie
    2019-05-24 03:00

    This is highly recommended to read before you read Book four, Moonbreeze. I actually read book 4 first but felt there were some odd gaps I didn't understand. I wondered if I missed things. I did-this book. Usually novellas have a timeline in the story but aren't essential to the reading order. This one kind of is. It explains the connection between Elena and Blake, why Emmanuel takes on a larger role and why the bar is so important a place. Some good character building here. Not much action but this adds so much to the story. Well worth the $0.99 to buy the ebook!

  • anjuli
    2019-05-29 00:08

    ***2.5***Please read Frostbite before Poison. Books like these frustrate me and they are hard to rate. As I love the series but, novella's like this disappoint me. I'd been waiting for this ever since I finished reading Frostbite. Cuz for those of us who had been following Elena's journey to becoming a rider and beyond we all wanted to know what happens to her as she is now princess and well, with Blake as her dent and not to mention the impending war. I felt this novella came up very short. Oh don't get me wrong it was interesting to read it overall. I just would have priced it lower (or given free) as there was definitely not enough matter/plot to justify the cost IMO. That's my only gripe. Poison starts few weeks after FB ends and begins with Sir Robert's POV of how he's been dealing with post Elena's revelation and Blake missing. I liked getting a glimpse into his head as he is fiercely loyal to his king as well as his family. He considers Elena family as well and is always looking out for her. Plus, let's just say that he believes that she's the only salvation his son can hope for. If only stupid Blake would admit to it. Elena, is less whiny overall in this novella. She is totally fed up with being a princess and feels she is not cut out for it. She is also dealing with missing Cara and Lucian. I felt that she has not forgiven Blake completely for the part he played and feels that things could have been avoidable if he just had come forward. Who could blame her? I also noticed that her character was a bit stronger in this versus in previous books. She misses Blake too in her way but, feels horrified for feeling those feelings. She's frustrated with him as he can feel her completely and listen in to her thoughts whereas, she cannot. Their connection is also getting very strong despite not being dented. There was a very interesting development rearding their connection towards the end of Poison and I'm curious to see how it pans out in Moon Breeze. Emotionally, I felt, Elena had to deal with a lot and one could see that she was trying to do her best despite her stupid dragon not coming forth. I really liked reading more about Lady Catherine via her journal as Elena is finding out more about her mother/father. Blake, aka douchebag rubicon, and her dent. He is still MIA in this novella except for a brief "visit". I can see that he's a complicated person dragon however, to me, I felt that we never get enough of him in any book. I am still trying to figure out what is going through his head or what is his problem overall. Ever since Firebolt he's been a douche to Elena (except for the few months in Frostbite) and we never get to the depth of his emotions for anything or anyone except he is always angry and can turn evil. I want to understand him a bit more so I can try to figure out the whole mess. I also cannot see how he's going to turn around and be in love with Elena in just 1 book?Am I the only one who thinks that??We all know that Blake and Elena are dents. I would feel unhappy if we don't get to "see" the change in him slowly in Moon Breeze. I was hoping that in Poison it would have started so as to lay the base for their relationship in Moon Breeze. However, that was not meant to be :(. Romance, well, we have a new love interest for Elena and I did not see it coming. There were no hints in previous books. To me, it was quite unnecessary/unexpected and I just don't see the point for it. Granted it didn't go anywhere due to well her being Rubicon's rider. Nevermind that Rubicon doesn't care for her at poor Elena doesn't have much choice. So, I'm not sure what is going on here and whether we'll see more of it in Moon Breeze or not??Sammy, Becky, George and Dean are all in here and as always supportive to Elena. They are all frawsome! and BFFs. I always liked their interaction and it is always fun to read their parts. Overall, I enjoyed it as we saw somewhat how Elena was dealing post princess revelation. I did find several things repetitive as it had already been mentioned in Frostbite and we had to read few chapters again on it in Poison. I was expecting this novella as a base set up for Moon Breeze especially, where Elena and Blake were concerned. And, it didn't deliver. Yes, this novella does end on an abrupt cliffhanger. Ch 1 of MB is at the end of Poison will definitely get interesting as Blake returns and is a douche yet again. I'm looking forward to Moon Breeze though.

  • Aneta Bak
    2019-06-07 01:09

    If you've been reading this series, then you know that the novellas are a must. You basically have to read it, otherwise you're going to miss out on so much important information. Well worth the $0.99.I absolutely love this series, so the novellas are never good enough for me as I want more to happen with more action in the process. But for a short story this one was very good. Definitely better than the first novella.

  • Lorie
    2019-06-13 00:46

    Wasted reading and moneyWhat was this book about? Pretty much a repetitive from the other book on how Blake continued to treat/ignored Elena like shit and talked about on how her parents fell in love. Wasted money and time. No actions or plot whatsoever. Just a a lot of gibberish dialogue which makes me not want to buy the next book. This just makes me hate Blake more. Blake only showed up once in the book. Totally disappointed. Then, a teaser of the next book starts with Blake making out with Tabitha and again treating Elena like crap. Really? I really don't want to read the next book now since it will show how Elena will just accept Blake easily after the way he treated her. Don't waste your money. I just flipped through the pages.

  • Izzy Lee
    2019-06-12 01:50

    Can't wait for moonbreeze!<3Luv it!I luv this series except the part where Lucian died. I almost cried in Thunderlight( book 2.) Why him?!? Elena was sooooo annoying in the first book - crying every time she made a mistake which was a lot. Heck, she even cried because Lucian was a prince. I mean, who cries over having a prince that loves u??? She grew a lot throughout the series and although Blake was very different in Frostbite, he was only nice because he wanted to get her to kill him and was a total jerk about it. If Blake is Elena's dent, he's going to have to first get his ego and smart mouth in check otherwise I think they'll tear each other apart. I can't wait to see what happens next in the series. Keep writing Me. Woods!!!

  • Lucy at Rain and Cupcakes Book Blog
    2019-05-18 19:58

    This is a nice in between series read, although it has focused more on Elena's parents (their story). But the sneak peak at the end really making me excited and looking forward to Moonbreeze!! Oh Blake, what am I going to do with you?

  • Huma
    2019-06-07 22:51

    It is just wonderful to read in depth about the emotional state of characters and getting attach to them. Slowly with each new book I am coming to love all the characters on it (The Heroine party) even tabitha is cool :).

  • Abi
    2019-05-20 00:41

    AWESOME! I am glad to have more info! That sneak peek of Moonbreeze is awesome! Blake needs to get his head out of his ass though.

  • Luu
    2019-05-21 20:59

    Aggh, Blake es un idiota, espero que Elena le de un infierno de obstáculos para que se gane su corazón. Sinceramente, él es un p*to arrogante. Extraño tanto a Lucian 3

  • Julia
    2019-06-15 00:09

    The only reason this gets 2 stars is that Elena isn't interested in denting with a guy who acts like he despises her - good. But let's be real this is a whole lot of telling and no showing. It's events that are just too convenient and don't actually develop a story. Elena tells the story of her mother that even she says is a rip off Cinderella and she just tells it step by step when it would be far better to have it in the journal's words (less telling). Make it her own please. Also the relationships remain extremely superficial as if the author's plan to make her end up with Blake means she won't write a real actual relationship for Elena with Lucian or Emmanuel - she may as well try because at this point I don't want Elena with Blake she should go off with E.

  • RB
    2019-05-28 01:06

    Good story-should be 3.5 in the seriesI enjoy the series quite a bit. All the books need serious editing. There are quite a few typos, some grammatical errors and some very annoying inconsistencies in the story lines. In addition, this novella, "Poison," should be read as book 3.5 in the series. I originally read all 5 and wondered what I had missed. Throughout the series many of the scrapes they get into could have been avoided with better communication. Instead, the teenage protagonist engages in a lot of wrong thinking, and gets into mess after mess. Nonetheless the story is engaging and and worth reading. It's very much for teenagers!

  • AuburnEdge
    2019-06-11 00:50

    A needed novella Again make sure you read this before moving onto the next book in the series. Without it you start off a little lost. Plus this novella is very well written with so much content it should be part of the novels.My only problem is the author should alert you that there is a novella before the next book starts.

  • Sheila Ryals
    2019-06-17 01:44

    I wanted to slap both of them. But the novella did help with character creation. A lot of frustration. But that's kinda what makes you come back for more. They emotionally connect you with the characters.

  • Fiona Andrew
    2019-05-28 00:49

    Oh so much is beginning to make sense. Poor Elena stuck with such shallow people, telling her what she needed to do to be a Princess. So glad she was rescued by Sir Robert and made it back to her besties. Enjoying this series soo much.

  • Marianne
    2019-05-18 03:45

    I liked this book and all of Elena feelings when she had to go between being a royal and being a teenager. I think it was a good book and I liked reading it a lot.

  • Victoria
    2019-05-23 20:51

    It is a great book to read

  • Bea Turvey
    2019-06-03 03:51

    The story itself is wonderful. Troubled yet sincere heroine who isn't so sweet she'll make you sick, but a realistic teenager with multiple issues who has tiffs with her friends, students and even her boyfriend. She is completely honest about the myriad emotions she feels and doesn't shy away from acknowledging her own drawbacks. The writing draws you in, although it has it's stumbles. The story isn't rushed. Everything happens in a realistic timeframe and our heroine is allowed to grow up, do brilliantly and fail spectacularly. My main issue with the whole series is one of stilted irregularity. I refer to the whole series at this point, not just this one book. An example: she is desperately anxious about Lucien's trip: He hints at his trials at Acker's wood, which makes her anxious for him (while she is on the cammy), yet several days go by where she has not heard form him, but there is no mention of it and then, when she finally remembers, it is as an aside. So very many asides where thing are randomly remembered - that's just lazy. Write the little scenes in, please. That was only one instance of irregularity; there is a lot of excessive emotion that just falls flat. We barely hear mention of the precious axes Lucien gave her or the necklace, once he has passed. Did she ever learn the 'return chant' for her axes? What of the medallion and Becky's necklace? So very many holes and lags and dead-ends. Adrienne, your editor needs to do a bit of work!As for Blake... Thank God she finally gave him a piece of her mind at the end of Poison (excerpt from next book), because I was seriously beginning to question her sense of self-preservation and sanity. Why the hell is everyone enabling his atrocious behaviour? 'It's the dark in him' is no excuse to be a brat, or be rewarded for being one. In my head, I like to imagine he just makes out with Tabitha because he can hear her coming and wants her to catch him, wants her to think he's a complete jerk and not interested, because he's trying to protect her from himself. Poor Tabitha, no wonder she hates Elena so much even when he isn't around. If it's not... Grrr! How you are going to make us like him, I don't know. At this point I would be more than happy for Elena to find someone worthy of her love and attention, spiting jerk-face Blake who would dent far too late. No, I don't really mean that, but he thoroughly deserves it.

  • Laura
    2019-05-31 22:45

    Also published here: didn’t add much to the plot and character growth. Is more of a filler, something to read until the next novel comes out. However, it was a nice read. And we do get some new information.Elena has to learn to become a proper Princess. She is not allowed to communicate with her friends, and she feels isolated. Luckily, the gang manages to rescue her, thanks to Blake. After Elena claimed Blake as her dragon, their bond became even stronger. Apparently, Blake can hear Elena’s thoughts, and feel her emotions. However, Blake is not please with it. He is still refusing to be tamed. I don’t like him.Queen Catherina left some journals for Elena to read. We get to read some pages, and it was nice to find out more about Elena’s mother, and about Catherina and her husband. I think the journals entries are my favorite part of Poison.Elena helps a friend in need, which is nice. Now she is a proud co-owner of a club. I hope to see more of this old character. He seems interesting.Our Princess travels to some tropical parts of Paegeia, and we learn that mermaids are real in Paegeia. We also get to know more about Sir Robert. While on her trip, Elena starts to have a new crush, but he tells her that nothing can happen between them, because she is supposed to be with Blake. Since Elena claimed Blake as her dragon, they’re also suppose to be a dent. Not sure what a dent is; Elena does not get it either. Adrienne Woods said that the dent will be explained fully in the next novel, Moonbreeze.Blake and Elena. I do have some concerns. I hope it will not be something instant. They hate each other, than something happens, and Blake becomes a puppy. I’m not saying this because I don’t trust the author. Clearly, she sees something I don’t. I did read other novels where the love interest was a jerk, than he loved the heroine, and after they got together it was puppy love. That’s way I hope it will not be like this. I am really curious to see how the author will turn this around.Overall, a nice little read. :)

  • Yi Le
    2019-05-25 20:51

    This novella is mainly a filler for the readers who can’t wait for the last book to come out. It’s not absolutely necessary to read it, but it contains some information and scenes I personally think fans of The Dragonian Series would like to have read before going on the next book.It takes place some weeks after the events of Frostbite. Elena has to learn how to properly become a princess worthy of the throne, but it’s not easy. Some people in charge are not letting her contact her friends and she’s lonely. At the beginning, Blake contacts his father get him to free Elena. It seems like their connection is stronger than a normal one, even if they haven’t dented yet. Sir Robert rescues Elena and she finally gets to do things she really enjoys.We got to learn a lot more about the last King and Queen of Paegeia. Essentially, Elena discovered Queen Catherine’s journal and read some parts of it. It describes her parents’ love story! The excerpts definitely got me excited for more.A character I didn’t really notice before got my attention and I hope to see more of him soon. Blake frustrated me to no end, with him continually rejecting to be Elena’s dragon even if it’s obvious to anyone who knows them that they would be perfect together. It made me want to know even more how the two of them will resolve their issues.I would have liked for this novella to be longer, but it wouldn’t be called that otherwise, I guess. I definitely recommend fans of this series to read this!

  • Laura Percy
    2019-05-29 01:06

    Last time we saw Elena Watkins she was at princess school and hating it, she was cut off from her friends and surrounded by people she didn’t care about and her pesky dragon is still missing. Blake can feel her pain and lets her friends know that its not her fault she hasn’t contacted them for weeks, after a daring break out Elena is reunited with her friends, celebrating her birthday in style, learning to become a princess the fun way and crushing on a handsome four hundred year old dragon. But soon enough the summer comes to an end and it’s time for Elena and her friends to go back to Dragonian, but still life isn’t normal for Elena, she has to attend classes without her dragon and her bond with Blake continues to grow stronger every day, and after an incident it is clear to everyone how strong Blake and Elena’s bond really is. It isn’t long before Blake’s back at school and causing more trouble than he’s worth. Were left with the promise of trouble when Elena and Blake return in Moon breeze, due to be released in fall 2015. The Dragonian Series is one of my favourite series, Paegeia is an amazing world and I adore all the characters. If you love stories about dragons and kick ass heroines then The Dragonian Series is for you.

  • Devz Milady
    2019-05-29 00:48

    I think the best part in this book and the whole series for me has the consistency of behavior of the lead characters.Elena didnt suddenly become super smart or super slutty.She retains her feelings for Lucian and still dont want Blake.Blake is for me, the best of all.He consistently shows his dislike/indifference for Elena.Even after knowing she is his rider, he doesnt suddenly go after her.The best scene is the intro to Moonbreeze and I cant wait for it to release.The scene where he openly kisses Tabitha to show his dislike to Elena, and Elena's reaction has to be one of the best.It shows a real conflict between leads - not the crappy ones where hero secretly and not-to-secretly obsesses over a pretty-face and does crappy stuff.In fact, the plot where Blake doesnt run over to help Elena and Lucian is so true to character. Neither does he play the jealous lover. To her credit, Elena doesnt show any jealous or crazy behavior too.In fact, his or her lack of any kind of obsessive behavior makes this duo one of the best pairs in YA for me. I only hope Adrienne keeps them so in Moon Breeze.

  • Kickarse Reviews
    2019-05-25 02:06

    Poison was a good novella in the Dragonian Series.OK, so it isn't the greatest dragon story out there but it has loads of magic, hunky dragons and dashing princes. The school is a cross between a normal high school and a fighting club with a bit of mystery thrown in. The characters are believable, but not incredible and I have to admit, Elena is a bit of a cry baby at times. I did struggle through the first in the series, but it got heaps better with quests, adventure, evil magical bad guys and loads of tension between characters. Having read four books in the series, I wouldn't say that the main character grows up so much as becomes more entitled and stroppy. Her manners slip further and further into bitch mode and I didn't really see how that added to the over all story arch. 3.5 out of 5 stars for Poison, 4 for the series. The adventure in the second book makes it loads of fun to read.

  • Lotte
    2019-06-12 00:01

    You know I'm usually not a fan of short novelettes - often I feel they are a waste of my time while I wait for the real book to come.But these novelettes by Adrienne Woods are as important to the story as the actual books. They are all about the characters. They are all about more world-building. And I love it so much.I also recently found out that the next instalment, Moonbreeze is in fact NOT the last book. Say whaaaat??? Oh man, I hate it when I get right to the end of it, the height of anticipation, and then I am going to have to wait for months? Horrendous thought. But I can't stop now. I have another book to read. The last until the waiting game starts...

  • C. Erani Kole
    2019-06-17 01:55

    3.5 ratingI've read this series back to back, I honestly can't remember how many errors I've come across. I'm practically blind to it now, it's the only way I can enjoy this thing without taking myself out of the magic. Poison was an interesting novella, another fan service for the ones who've stuck around so far, but personally, I didn't like it that much. For one thing, they introduced things that felt rushed all of a sudden, especially when you compare it to the way everything else in this bloody world was introduced. Just weird. As a novella, it had a weird 'main idea', but I like the main pair, so I'm not too put off.

  • Lea Cherry
    2019-06-09 02:59

    What a read! Too bad it didn't last longer.This is what happened since the claiming and before Blake returns. We learn how Elena deals with being royal and we learn a few more things in between. Now to wait for Moonbreeze...