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A sunken treasure. An ancient Biblical artifact. A mystery as old as humankind. On January 25, 1829, the Portuguese brig Dourado sank off the coast of Indonesia, losing its cargo of priceless treasures from the Holy Land. One of these lost relics holds the key to an ancient mystery. But someone does not want this treasure to come to light. When her father is mysteriously mA sunken treasure. An ancient Biblical artifact. A mystery as old as humankind. On January 25, 1829, the Portuguese brig Dourado sank off the coast of Indonesia, losing its cargo of priceless treasures from the Holy Land. One of these lost relics holds the key to an ancient mystery. But someone does not want this treasure to come to light. When her father is mysteriously murdered while searching for the Dourado, Kaylin Maxwell hires treasure hunter and former Navy Seal Dane Maddock and his partner Uriah "Bones" Bonebrake, to locate the Dourado, and recover a lost Biblical artifact, the truth behind which could shake the foundations of the church, and call into question the fundamentally held truths of human existence. Join Dane and Bones on a perilous adventure that carries them from the depths of the Pacific to ancient cities of stone as they unravel the mystery of the Dourado....

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Dourado Reviews

  • Freda Malone
    2019-05-27 17:17

    In 1829 a Portuguese brig, the Dourado sunk just off the coast of Indonesia, carrying priceless artifacts. Though the ship was salvaged many many years later, a certain piece of cargo was lost - or was it? Dane Maddock and his SEAL buddies have retired and become archaeologists. Their SEAL commander is murdered and his daughter seeks out Maddock to enlist his help on a project her father was involved in. Needless to say, his death wasn't from natural causes and it is up to Maddock to solve one of the most ancient biblical stories in the bible. David and Goliath, but someone ('The Church') doesn't want the truth revealed. This story, though fictional was shocking. Just imagine that the bible is nothing more than an exaggeration of true but sugar coated tales of people (or not) roaming the world and discovering things. Ordinary men and women who's DNA is derived from something more 'out of this world'. Leaning more toward the scientific level of my imagination, I can see how some things very well could be plausible about the bible and our DNA, and let's get real. Where did we really come from? How did the human race evolve? Who are our ancestors, and how far back can we go to find out? My mother went as far back as 100 years. How much of the truth about our world, including our people is under guard, deep within the recesses of churches, the White House, Private Museums, and underground? James Rollins is still my favorite though, hands down. David Wood's novels are imaginative and creative with a few great twists that make it thought provoking. This series definitely has my attention!

  • Kara Jorges
    2019-05-28 19:30

    I acquired this book after reading some reviews and was pleasantly rewarded. David wood has an engaging style and his characters are fun, likeable people I want to visit again. Dane Maddock has everything I look for in an adventure hero, and his sidekick Bones stands out as much more than just a sidekick.Their adventure begins when an old friend is murdered and they agree to assist the man’s daughter in finding his killers. This also puts them on the trail of a shocking Biblical relic, and in the sights of some very dangerous men. They also dodge danger every step of the way as they hop the globe on their quest.I’m always on the lookout for a new adventure writer, and most of them disappoint me, but not David Wood. This book was pure, fast-action fun from beginning to end, and I will definitely read others by this author.

  • David Dalton
    2019-06-04 18:28

    I will try to write a longer review later. This was a fun read, but to me, it seemed like a Dirk Pitt "lite" story. Mainly because it seemed to me to be missing something. More details maybe, or more action and better character development. Like a snack that does not fill you up. 3 stars is best this story merits from me. I have read many Dirk Pitt, Jack West, and Philip Mercer stories and they all seemed to satisfy me, this just left me still hungry. Still, I read this book as part of a 4-story collection I picked up for $0.99, so I will give the next story a shot. But now I know what to expect and will be ready for that. Heck, I sometimes like to watch "B" cheapie action movies (straight to DVD) so why not with e-books as well?

  • J.F. Penn
    2019-06-16 20:17

    Full video review here: I like prologues in thrillers and this one opens with a shipwreck – the Dourado is destroyed and the precious cargo goes down with it. Then we skip to the present day and the action starts.The main character is Dane Maddock who is similar to Cussler’s Dirk Pitt, a strong but wounded scuba diving marine archaeologist.We meet Dane in an opening fight scene where he and his crew take on Caribbean pirates – we see that they can fight and take lives. On return to port, Kaylin, the daughter of a military colleague finds them and asks them to help her with a shipwreck. Of course she is beautiful, but I don’t mind cliches in action-adventure, fast moving plots! I did like the character of Bones, who is set up as a sidekick but actually has some of the best lines in the book.So the characters are set up for the mystery – what’s in the shipwreck? They start with a stolen diary, and then find hints of the story of David and Goliath. It turns out that the treasure is the sword of Goliath, but what does that really mean? No spoilers but it was definitely a surprise to me when we find out who Goliath really was and how the sword came to be out there in the world, and what is contained deep in the earth.There are lots of fight scenes, some good locations including Petra in Jordan which is an amazing place and very atmospheric for the climax. I like quest stories with biblical overtones so the hunt for Goliath’s sword and tomb interests me. I actually think the book should have been called Goliath or something similar as the Dourado hardly features. Recommended if you like action-adventure books.

  • Phillip Berrie
    2019-05-20 18:33

    I read this book because I listen to Thrillercast (Google it!), a podcast on writing action thrillers presented by the author and Australian writer Alan Baxter, and I wanted to see what Mister Wood's writing was like. This is not my normal type of book and to tell the truth I wasn't expecting a lot, but despite some continuity issues I have to admit it was a page turner.This is the first in the Dane Maddock series. He's an ex-navy SEAL who has gone into the treasure hunting business with some of his ex-military buddies. Lots left unsaid about why the still young Maddock and his friends are no longer in the forces, so I can see there is going to be a lot of character development in this series for those who like such things.

  • Debbie West
    2019-05-21 17:14

    suspenseful!! This book kept me on my toes the whole time. I couldn't wait to get to the next scene. I enjoyed seeing Dane's & Bones' characters play out, as well as Kaylin's. The story line was great, a little weird in the end, hard to believe. But it's fiction..not to be believed but written to be believable jn context. And it was that! I became lost in the caves' tunnels, but that didn't last too long. All in a I enjoyed this story tremendously and look forward to reading more of the Dane Maddix adventures. He's a SEAL Indiana Jones with a Cherokee sidekick! I have Cherokee ancestors so I definitely liked reading about Bones! Can't wait to read another book!

  • Cece Garrison
    2019-06-09 17:31

    Adventurous rideDane Mattock and Bones Bonebrake once again set off on a great adventure. This time with the sword of Goliath into Petra. This time he finds more than he bargained for, perhaps even a little faith.

  • Ted Tayler
    2019-06-09 19:15

    "Lacked that vital spark for me I'm afraid"Despite there being no lack of content in this action adventure, and the writing being of a pretty good standard, somehow I was never gripped with any enthusiasm to eagerly turn the pages.

  • Mark Goodwin
    2019-06-06 18:32

    I was a bit disappointed by this book. The beginning was fantastic as it detailed the wreckage of a ship which was laden with ancient artifacts. The middle was ok as well but I found the ending a bit far-fetched for my liking. Still, it did not take long to read and was enjoyable for the most part.

  • Sandra Olson
    2019-06-04 13:10

    InterestingInteresting characters and storyline. Author did a great deal of research in history and religion. Can't say that I agree with some of it, but it makes for an interesting story.

  • Greg Destro
    2019-05-27 14:33

    Somwhat rough around the edges, but Interesting for the most part, and definitely a fast read. If you are a fan of James Rollins or Dan Brown, you might want to give this a shot - just be aware that it is fairly violent at times, though it is in context, and not overly excessive. 3.5 stars.

  • C
    2019-06-07 13:16

    Length much betterThe longer length of this book allows the author to develop both plot and characters much better. I also enjoy action novels such as these that are not full of profanity.

  • Kathy
    2019-05-29 17:04

    What a great action adventure! I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of James Rollins and Clive Cussler. This is a classy series.

  • Amanda
    2019-05-21 20:19

    poorly written.

  • Matt Kelland
    2019-06-08 12:16

    Formulaic, full of cliches, and becomes increasingly extreme, ending up in Crystal Skulls territory.Renegade priest finds artifact whose existence could shatter the Church, loses it in a shipwreck, leaves clues to its whereabouts. Centuries later, a team of treasure hunters, who all happen to be ex-SEALs, and who also happen to be world-class archaeologists, world-class linguists and world-class cryptographers, and can hack into any computer in the world (and also apparently have limitless funds), are contacted by the drop-dead gorgeous daughter of their former commander (who also, coincidentally, happens to have been a world-class archaeologist, etc, etc), and they go off round the world seeking the artifact in lots of famous places, whilst being chased by a secret yet ruthless faction of the church whose sole purpose appears to be to prevent this artifact from surfacing. It's also plagued by irritating editing mistakes, such as referring to a gun as a ".9mm" - which would be kinda like shooting rice at people. That said, it's a fun, fast read if you like this kind of thing - which, as it happens, I do. It delivers exactly what you expect, it's undemanding, and it's entertaining.

  • Nate Granzow
    2019-06-17 13:28

    A light, fun read. Maddock's the quintessential superhero thriller protagonist, with background as a Navy SEAL and ruggedly handsome features the (rather flat) love interest can't help but swoon over. The storyline is pretty out there, and there's no shortage of deus ex machina at work, but in the spirit of suspending one's disbelief, it was still entertaining. The endearing, snarky relationship between Maddock and his partner, Bones, is probably the most redeeming element of the story—reminiscent of Cussler's Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino. Overall, a solid start to the series. I'd be willing to give Maddock and company another go.

  • Kim
    2019-05-31 15:33

    This book would make a great movie. It's like a cross between Indiana Jones and the Davinci Code. I just loved all the suspense and action in this book, as well as the mystery clues. The characters were well developed and the humor between Dane Maddox and Bones was enjoyable. Just discovered this author and can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series. David Wood is right up there with my favorite author James Rollins.

  • Ray
    2019-05-29 17:26

    This book had a lot of high points (lots of action, great plot and backstory, great base characters (Maddock and Bones)), but also had some low points (the spiritual/mystical part towards the end, some predictability in what was going to happen). Overall, though, the high points outweigh the low points, making this an excellent read, especially for a series debut. I am looking forward to Dane Maddock's next adventure with his buddy, Bones!

  • Jason Cornelius
    2019-06-18 16:23

    Fun readThis was my first foray into action/adventure. Love these type of movies but never tried it in book form. I must admit that it took me a little to get into it, but once I did it was a fun little read. I enjoyed the biblical focus of this - reminding me very much of Indiana Jones Last Crusade. I found this a light read and a good diversion.

  • Helen
    2019-06-01 17:11

    Good to great in parts. A bit too silly in other parts such as a theory of space men coming to earth or angels from god. I can understand a nation of giant creatures such as Goliath but I suspend my belief on some of the other possibilities. Think our main character, Dane, might have suffered concussion in one of his fights.

  • Jackie
    2019-06-13 20:26

    What an amazing book that I appreciate being introduced to. I just loved all the characters and felt as if I was part of the story. The search for the sunken ship and the artifact is super fantastic. The end result is superb. First book by this author but not the last by any means.

  • Andrew Glos
    2019-05-21 15:22

    Both contrived and derived with two-dimensional characters. That said, it's unfair to ask too more from a book like this and it was a fun read all the same. The archeological back story blended both theistic and ancient astronaut stuff relatively well. Since I like both, I enjoyed it to the end.

  • M. Sprouse
    2019-06-13 17:09

    This is a fast paced read with lots of adventure. Not a lot of depth and a bit far fetched, however enjoyable so I probably will read this author and series again. It reminded me of Sean Ellis and Clive Cussler.

  • Aaron Reller
    2019-06-14 20:07

    Meh.Like I said...meh. Not great, not terrible just meh. I may read the follow up but I might not. Meh

  • Karsyn
    2019-05-25 16:28

    Meh. Dull and too preachy.

  • Mary Barb
    2019-05-21 20:06

    Good AdventureBook took me a world away and biblically tied the story altogether. Mr. Wood this book still needs some grammar and sentence editing. Overall, a good read.

  • Tuikie
    2019-06-09 12:06

    Nice, although the ending is kind of sudden and abrupt.

  • Seth
    2019-05-31 12:12

    Dourado by David Wood is the first book in the Dane Maddock Adventures and it brings us on an adventure in finding a mythical sword that may not be of this Earth. We get to meet a variety of interesting characters and backgrounds, travel the world, and have the great archaeology/action combo that has become so popular lately. This is a fast-paced, enjoyable read with an action packed story that goes the distance.We meet the hero's of the story, ex-Navy SEALs Dane Maddock and Uriah "Bones" Bonebreak, as they are sought after by their former Navy commander's daughter, Kaylin Maxwell, to help solve her father's murder and find the lost sword of Goliath. Dane and Bones, having left the Navy, are marine archaeologists and they are always searching for a new discovery but they don't know what they're about to get into this time. Their search is met with peril right from the beginning as they are attacked while at home looking for clues. As they continue on with their search, they are sent to look for the shipwreck of the Dourado, where the story originates from, and search for more clues to complete the quest that Kaylin's father started. As their search continues, we move from the wreck of the Dourado to New York, where betrayals take place and questions begin to arise as to what, exactly, the sword is, and then on to Petra where their is one confusing underground sequence. Dane also meets his future arch nemesis here, the Dominion, and it sets everything up for future stories.I, of course, love the genre of archaeology/action so this was a must read for me and it was definitely worth it. This is a series that is spreading into other books so get ready for a whole lot of reading in the future. This was a great story. I could have gone and on but I don't like to spoil the story to much so you will have to read for yourself to find out everything that happens. There is a lot to this, which I like, and it helps to set up a lot of the future novels. There are quite a few characters (which I only mentioned a handful here) that give great life to this story and the way they each interact with each other is impressive. Things have been tied together very nicely in this book and it makes it easy to expand out to other realms in this series. My only disappointment with this was the underground palace. I got so confused and turned around I ended up drawing a map and marking things off as I went so I could try and understand how things were happening. It was good but really confusing. Overall, the Dane Maddock Adventures are a great series and this first novel, Dourado, really gets you going.

  • RonMele
    2019-05-31 12:34

    Good read

  • Chris Bauer
    2019-05-22 19:08

    Okay, I confess. I've been a long time listener to Alan Baxter and David Wood's podcast, Thrillercast. I finally had enough time to sit down and read his Dane Maddock Adventures, of which Dourado is the first.I was instantly addicted.The pace of the book is perfect, providing over-the-top action and intrigue, with just the right pauses for a reader to catch their breath before the next plot twist comes in. The locations seem to be very well researched and the attention to detail is rich without becoming distracting.The two main characters, Dane and Bones, are fantastic to read about. The dialogue between the two makes the reader feel as if he were a fly on the wall listening to a genuine conversation between two best friends. Dane's tragic back story adds depth and feeling to the work as well.The spirit of the book is very similar to that of Rollins or Cussler but with more attention to the good parts. Whereas Rollins will spend a chapter on spontaneous info dumps and Cussler will go all out to TELL (seldom SHOW) how cool Dirk Pitt is, Wood finds the perfect balance.At first glance, I suspect many thriller readers will find a lot superficial similarities between Dourado and many other thriller books out today. But I was impressed by a number of author choices which made this book different;- Dane is a damaged individual, dealing with a terrible wound to his psyche- Conventions of political correctness are tossed out the door- Dane is a man of thought, then a man of action- He takes his relationships seriously and that added a very human element to the readingThere were a few things which irked me to a smaller degree;- Lots and lots of adverbs and quote tags- Almost as many exclamation points as a Japanese teenage manga novel- At times, the hand-to-hand combat was almost too detailed.I also have to confess that upon finishing this I immediately downloaded (and read) the rest of the series.Really fun, action-packed reading.