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Julia Vargas is a cop with a mission. When she’s not chasing down bad guys, Julia dedicates her time to investigating the Hangman serial killer…the same unsolved case that her father, Jim Vargas, was working on when he supposedly shot and killed himself three decades before. While rumors continue to swirl around her father’s death, Julia attempts to hunt down the truth.TheJulia Vargas is a cop with a mission. When she’s not chasing down bad guys, Julia dedicates her time to investigating the Hangman serial killer…the same unsolved case that her father, Jim Vargas, was working on when he supposedly shot and killed himself three decades before. While rumors continue to swirl around her father’s death, Julia attempts to hunt down the truth.The case once again hits dangerously close, however, when a woman’s bones are discovered in a historic downtown home, together with a photograph of Jim and Julia as a young girl. As horrifying as this discovery is, it may just be the break Julia has waited for. Working alongside Tobias Novak, a homicide detective with whom she shares a complicated—and steamy—history, she’s forced to confront her own past even as the Hangman looms in the shadows. But as the mysterious killer circles closer, Julia can feel her own noose begin to tighten…...

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  • Pouting Always
    2019-06-06 23:50

    Julia Vargas is reopening the last case her father worked on before he killed himself where three prostitutes were murdered and left hanging, tied up in a way that suggested a sexual motive. She's just back on the field after working undercover and almost getting killed doing so. At the same time a body is discovered in Tobias Novak's jurisdiction when an old house that was recently sold is set on fire. The women whose body was discovered has been dead for more than twenty years and things get even stranger when a picture of young Julia and her father are found in the women's purse. Julia and Tobias have to race against the clock when another body turns up, killed in the same way as the Hangman's victims. Things are even more complicated when the body ends up being of a women associated with Julia's own undercover work. A good solid detective novel, I didn't really have any clue what was happening which is nice, it's annoying when the ending is too obvious. There's also plenty of romance and some sex thrown in as well. I enjoyed how the relationship between Novak and Julia unfolded, the pacing was excellent. Overall a really good read for anyone who likes crime novels or those TV detective shows (which I honestly really do like, especially criminal minds).

  • Mary Beth
    2019-05-19 00:07

    4.5 stars! This is the third book in The Forgotten Files Series and this series is just fantastic. I have loved every book so far. This one just kept me turning the pages. It is not for the faint of heart. I really love this author. She keeps us guessing with twists and turns, along with fast-moving character involvement. I love the way each character has the potential to be involved in the murders and I loved that I was still guessing as the story ended. I loved the suspense and it took off straight from the beginning till the end. I will be reading more books by this author.It starts out with a murder in 1992. Then present day Detective Tobias Novak is called to a murder scene of a body dead for 25 years. There is a picture of a man and a young girl in the victims wallet. The names on the back of the picture is a policeman and his daughter Julia who happens to be a policewomen who Novak hooked up with. Julia had just reopened the Hangman case to clear her fathers name. When new cases started popping up Novak and Julia were trying to see if the Hangman was still alive or a copycat killer was on the loose.I loved Julia. She was tough, independent and willing to ask for help from others. She was a strong woman in a male dominated job that had me rooting for her right from the beginning. She is paired with Tobias and man you can feel the sparks fly between these two. Past history between them come into play and I loved how gentle he is with her even as she races head long into danger. All the characters are well written and engaging, the secondary characters from the past two books appear and help move the story along nicely and the author does a top notch job in keeping the suspense at high flame until the climatic ending. This is more of a dark thriller than romantic suspense. There is a small romance in the background of this suspenseful twisty dark thriller.The Hangman Quotes (showing 1-1 of 1)“It was always the shit you couldn’t see that bit you in the ass. ― Mary Burton, The Hangman I hope I won't be waiting too long for the next book in this series since I love it so much. I recommend this book to thriller fans and its not for the faint of heart.

  • Carrie
    2019-05-31 01:44

    The Hangman is the third book in the Forgotten Files series by Mary Burton. Each book in this series has featured a different lead male and female character that while investigating a crime have also started up a bit of a romance between them. Because each book features different characters it's not necessary to have read earlier books to enjoy the series. In The Hangman Tobias Novak, a homicide detective, is called to investigate the scene of a crime after a fire at an abandoned home. Locked in the basement for twenty five years was a young woman who had been hung from the rafters. Among the victims possessions is a photo of Julia Vargas and her father. Having just begun a relationship with Julia, Tobias immediately gives her a call and has her come to the crime scene. Julia arrives at the scene and has no memory of who the girl might have been and how she ended up with a photo of Julia. Julia however was already looking into opening up the cold case of a murderer known as The Hangman with whom her father had been investigating shortly before he had taken his own life. Now with new evidence brought to the crimes Julia is more motivated than ever to look into her father's case and teams up with Tobias to do so. The Hangman was another great installment in the Forgotten Files series by Mary Burton. Julia and Tobias both had their histories that had them both a bit closed off but also gave them so much in common that it was obvious they belonged together. The case started off a bit slow grabbing my attention but didn't take long to pick up and really get interesting. As usual there were plenty of twists and turns developing along the way to keep a reader guessing and interested in the story. I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For more reviews please visit https://carriesbookreviews.wordpress....

  • Linda Strong
    2019-05-30 22:41

    Detective Tobias Novak is called out of his warm bed to go investigate some bones that have been found. Much to his surprise, the bones are at least 25 years old and there is a picture of Julia Vargas and her father taken when she was just a child. And now he's going to have to get her out of his warm bed and have her take a look.The Hangman, back in the day, killed three women by slowly hanging, over and over again, until he got tired of the game. All of a sudden, he just stopped, never to be seen again. Julia's father, JIm Vargas, himself a cop, committed suicide years ago... right before all the killings stopped. Coincidence ... or was he the Hangman?Julia means to find out .. no matter what the truth really is.Working alongside Novak, they begin an investigation that will lead to a dangerous conclusion that no one could possibly imagine.This is Romantic Suspense at its very best. Such a cleverly written story with the perfect balance of suspense and implicit sexual moments. Novak and Vargas are a prime example of opposites attract. He is calm in the face of a storm, quiet, steady and he knows what he wants. Julia is headstrong, a little on the secretive side to protect her inner feelings. She's a risk taker, not always a good thing. She is determined to find the truth about her father, no matter what that truth is. There are things in her background that few people know ... and Novak wants to be the one person she can turn to, talk to, without fear. The secondary characters round out the story. There is her father's partner when they were working undercover. He knows a lot ... but unfortunately he has the beginning of Alzheimer's, but he remembers enough. His wife also has secrets that haven't seen the light of day in many years .... and she certainly doesn't want them exposed now.The author's story is intriguing and highly suspenseful. This is book 3 of a series, but is a stand alone. Now that I've started at this end, I'm going back to read ..... THE SHARK (book 1) and The Dollmaker (book 3).Many thanks to the author / Montlake Romance / Netgalley for the advanced digital copy. Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.

  • Terri Wino
    2019-06-05 04:07

    3-1/2 stars I definitely think this book was the best of this series thus far. The first two books suffered from glaring editing errors and/or the dreaded too many pages for the type of story syndrome. The Hangman was a much tighter, more suspenseful story. I really liked both Julia and Novak's characters. Though I had my suspicions about the Hangman, I was guessing until the end of the book. The story also seemed like a perfect length to me. I did not find my attention wandering and wasn't bored at any point during the story. Had I had more reading time this week, I would have finished it sooner.(2017 reading challenge: a book with an occupation/job/profession in the title)

  • CD {Boulder Blvd}
    2019-05-18 23:07

    The Hangman is the 3rd book in The Forgotten Series by Mary Burton. I've read numerous books by Ms. Burton and I think this series is her best yet. It is in the romantic suspense genre, however the emphasis is on the suspense plot and the romance is a subplot. For a lot of romance lovers this isn't the mix of preference. For me, this is exactly what I look for. Ms. Burton is definitely one of my go to authors.I like when a cold case and a current crime have elements that point to the same perpetrator and that's what Ms. Burton has done in The Hangman. After a undercover assignment that ended bad, Julia Vargas has decided to pull the cold case that was the last case her father had worked on prior to his death. A case which supposedly drove her dad to commit suicide. Not only does she want to solve this case, but she wants to know if her dad was murdered or committed suicide. I really enjoyed the plot.Complications arise on a personal level as she works side by side with a man who she has a steamy relationship with and at the same time she is trying to keep the intimacy out of the relationship. But Novak wasn’t accepting the no intimacy offer and wants more. Although patient, he also pushes for more. I felt both characters were believable and I liked their back stories.This was definitely a really good read!

  • Anita
    2019-05-30 01:00

    Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.Mystery with a dash of Romance is the best way to describe The Forgotten Files series by Mary Burton. In this book you have a case from 25 years ago that comes alive again when Julia Vargas decides to reopen The Hangman cases in order to either clear her father, Richmond, VA detective Jim Vargas, or prove he did it. The Hangman is a solid story and a plot with plenty of twists and turns. Mary Burton knows how to deliver a mystery and how to keep the baddie hidden until the very end. Unfortunately, the romance never caught fire and that was a let down. When Jim Vargas is honored 25 years after his death for this career his daughter, Virginia State Policewoman, Julia Vargas, decides it is time to delve into what really happened to her father. When a 25 year old body of bones is discovered with a picture of Julia and Jim Richmond homicide detective, Tobias Novak, is more than concerned. He and Julia have a no-strings relationship and he really knows very little about her or her family. This cold-case opens up all kinds of nasty secrets and the reappearance of The Hangman has everyone scrambling to determine is an old killer has started again or if it is a copycat with a new agenda.

  • Quynh
    2019-06-09 20:52

    25 years ago, Jim Vargas died while investigating into serial killer murders where women were tied and hung, hence giving the killer the name of Hangman. Now near the anniversary of his death, another body is found, linking it to those cases. The recent murder is being investigated by detective Tobias Novak, and Julia Vargas, Jim's daughter.Julia never really knew her father, considering he was in undercover work and was never around before his death. Now it's her chance to reopen the cold cases to learn what her father knew and what he might have been involved in. Julia has quite a few demons to slay herself from her own work. She has a sexual relationship with Novak, but has never given them much of a chance in the commitment department. As they work together to piece together the clues, they discover complex connections between all the key players and it's a race to find the killer before Julia becomes the next target.This book was full of mystery and suspense, in fact, the romance was about 5% of the book and I wasn't disappointed. The mystery kept you guessing of who and where all these characters fit to complete the puzzle. The romance between Julia and Novak felt true. I understand Julia's hesitation to get too close to people, but Novak patience and faith make you root for them both.This is the third book in the series but it can totally be read as a standalone.Thank you to Montlake Romance and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Zoe
    2019-06-16 01:57

    Action-packed, riveting and impeccably executed!This is a well crafted, gripping thriller that takes us on a hunt to find a ruthless serial killer and reminds us that when it comes to organized crime, secrecy, trust and loyalty means everything.The writing is fluid and seamless. The characters are intriguing, determined, scarred, strong and sexy. And the storyline is a roller coaster ride of secrets, lies, danger, red herrings, murder, sizzling chemistry, tension, and romance.To me this series just keeps getting better and better. This book is incredibly entertaining, extremely suspenseful and I absolutely loved it and can hardly wait for the next one. If you love romantic suspense this is one series you don’t want to miss.Thank you to Mary Burton and Joan Schulhafer Publishing for providing me with a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.All my reviews can be found on my blog at

  • Caz
    2019-05-25 21:06

    I've given this a B+ at AAR, so that's 4.5 stars The Hangman is the third title in Mary Burton’s Forgotten Files series of romantic suspense novels, in which the protagonists find themselves investigating ‘cold cases’, unsolved crimes dating back many years, which hold a particular significance for them. The principals in each story are different, so although some characters from the previous books appear in secondary roles, there’s no need to have read them to enjoy this one, which works perfectly well as a standalone. I have yet to read the first book, The Shark, but I thoroughly enjoyed book two, The Dollmaker, and was very impressed with the author’s ability to weave together a number of seemingly unrelated plot-threads and then to bring them together into a cleverly devised, complex whole.We met Agent Julia Vargas of the Virginia State Police briefly in that book, and it was immediately clear that she’s one tough cookie. Her dad, Jim Vargas, was also a cop, and was a somewhat controversial figure; his undercover work brought down a number of dangerous criminals over the years, but the need to constantly be someone else took its toll on his personal life, and he committed suicide twenty-five years earlier, when Julia was just a child. Julia followed in his footsteps, becoming a cop, working undercover to bust criminal gangs and drug rings, but her most recent assignment went pear-shaped towards the end, and she suffered a vicious assault at the hands of the leader of the drug cartel she had infiltrated. Following a lengthy convalescence, Julia now works homicide alongside her partner, Dakota Sharp (hero of The Dollmaker), and has decided, during her vacation, to re-open her father’s last, unsolved case, that of the Hangman, who murdered two women back in the early 1990s, the moniker relating to the way the murders were committed and the bodies left hanging as though on display for all to see. In fact, there were those who actually suspected Jim Vargas of being the Hangman because the victims were known to him – and Julia wants to see if she can find anything in the old files that will help her to completely clear her father’s name. Or prove his guilt. She just wants the truth.Detective Tobias Novak of the Richmond police isn’t overly happy about being dragged from the warmth of his bed –and the woman in it – to attend the scene of a fire in an old, downtown home. The body of a young woman has been found in the basement; the degree of decomposition indicates that it has been there for quite some time and the marks and injuries on what is left of the corpse indicate that this was death by homicide. Looking through the victim’s personal effects at the scene Novak is shocked to discover a photograph of Jim Vargas and his daughter (aged seven, he discovers later) in the woman’s purse. He puts in a call to Julia Vargas – the woman with whom he’d been in that warm bed – to ask her to come to the crime scene, and when she arrives, shows her the photo. Julia has absolutely no knowledge of how it could have got there, and doesn’t know the dead woman, but the discovery of her body, bearing all the hallmarks of The Hangman’s unique style, could be just the thing to kick-start her own investigations into the other unsolved killings and her father’s suicide.Julia enlists the help of Shield Security, the high-tech security firm who had assisted Dakota Sharp in his investigations into the Dollmaker killings and part of whose remit is to assist law enforcement officers dig into cold cases using technology not previously available to uncover new evidence and unearth new leads. But when another young woman is murdered – seemingly by the Hangman – the stakes are raised. Is this the work of a copycat, or has the Hangman come out of retirement? And upping the ante still more is the fact that Julia knew the victim from her last undercover operation. The Hangman is sending Julia a message loud and clear – and she and Novak know it’s only a matter of time before the killer tries to make good on his threat.The mystery is cleverly plotted and skilfully delivered as Julia gradually pieces together a picture of the father she had never really known while at the same time discovering the truth of his connections to the decades-ago victims of the Hangman’s crimes. Like her dad, Julia is very self-sufficient and careful not to let anyone get too close, keeping her emotions under wraps and details about herself and her life close to her chest. Her relationship with Novak began only recently when they hooked up after an event, and she’s keen to keep things between them strictly no-strings while it’s clear that he wants more. I enjoyed watching their relationship progress, with Novak’s calm steadiness acting as the perfect foil to Julia’s more impulsive temperament, and eventually providing her with the safe place she needs to finally be able to drop her guard and let him in.Novak and Julia are together throughout pretty much the entire book, and although the romance is fairly low-key, there’s an ever-present sense of attraction and awareness between them throughout. The ending is nicely done and we leave the pair with an HFN that I fully expect to have turned into a longer term HEA by the time of the next book, which I’m hoping will feature Shield Security’s Garrett Andrews.The Hangman is a well-paced mystery that kept me eagerly turning the pages into the early hours to see what would happen next. Ms. Burton’s meticulous plotting provides plenty of twists and turns, and her central characters are engaging and nicely-matched. Highly recommended for fans of the author’s and for anyone who likes a complex, solidly written mystery with a dash of romance.

  • Chloe
    2019-05-28 20:06

    The Hangman is the third book in The Forgotten Series by Mary Burton and can be read as a stand-alone.Julia Vargas is re-investigating The Hangman case her father was working on before committing suicide. Meanwhile Tobias Novak, a homicide detective, is investigating a crime scene in a burnt building where a woman’s body is discovered. Next to the body is a picture of Julia with her dad when she was a little girl. Julia has no idea how the picture ended at the scene of crime and how the victim was connected to her dad. Is this a copycat killer or is the old Hangman back ? When more victims connected to Julia start turning up it is a race against time.This is a good mystery novel and I loved the characters especially Julia , who is a strong independent woman. The romance between Julia and Novak was a nice distraction and the back story of the characters were interesting. Overall a good read!Many thanks to the publisher & NetGalley for this sample copy in exchange for my honest and fair review.This and more reviews at

  • Cindy ~ SnS Reviews
    2019-06-10 20:05

    The past is not always long dead.. Sometimes its just been lying dormant and we all knows what happens when you start poking a sleeping bear. The Hangman's reign of terror was thought to have ended 24 years ago. But the daughter of the undercover officer who had been tracking him all those years ago and who committed suicide at the same time The Hangman took his last victim brings the case front and center again right at the same time a body that has been dead for 24 years turns up and looks to be connected to the long cold case. Julia Vargas is a cop with the Virginia State Police. Her whole life she has had to live with the whispers that her cop father who killed himself was possibly the killer called The Hangman. Even though her father wasnt around much during her childhood due to always being undercover she knows in her heart he was a good man and could never been a killer. Losing him at such a young age hardened her and she is not big on trust. Her one goal has been to clear her father's name and to bring the right killer to justice – no matter the cost. Tobias Novak is a homicide detective whose own past is full of tragedy that has left him hardened too. A wife that tried to take their infant daughter with her in her suicide. Years later with that daughter now in college he has embarked on a sex only relationship with Julia with neither asking nor interfering in the others personal life. When Tobias gets the case of the woman who had been dead for 24 years and finds a connection to both Julia's father and her he crosses the personal line with Julie to both help his case and because he realizes he wants more then just “benefits” with her. The secrets and people that started crawling out of hibernation when Julia and Tobias started poking was a long list of characters from both the past and present. Lots of sordid going on's 24 years ago. Both Julia and Tobias did a lot of changing over the course of the book. Julia was the long hold out of not wanting to allow herself to care for anyone but the solving of the case and the tenacity of Tobias and his daughter finally softened her hard heart..

  • Petra
    2019-06-10 21:02

    3.5 to 3.75 stars

  • Book Him Danno
    2019-06-17 23:46

    Mary Burton has the ability to draw readers into her books with a strong story, characters who are flawed, human work hard to bring those to justice who have killed even the weakest of characters.The story starts off with a bang but slowly develops into a relationship where the female lead is trying to convince the male lead the relationship isn't going to last because she is broken like her father.Reader are taken on a journey not a wild ride as the leads discover the truth of the The Hangman Serial killer and how he is connected to Julie and her Father.The slows down mid way though the book even with the newest murder I found it hard to focus because so much time is spent with Julie trying to convince herself the relationship she is in is nothing more than short term or nightly visits. The story is well developed while the story is slowly developing readers will keep wondering who is the The Hangman.Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the advance copy.

  • Joan Schulhafer
    2019-05-19 02:57

    Disclosure--- I work with Mary. My thoughts--One of my favorites of her books. I have to agree with Publishers Weekly, which says "A gut-wrenching romantic thrller . . . nail-biting moments are even more tense becasue the reader knows the killer's motives while the characters do not. Newcomers and fans will enjoy the slow-burning passion and dangerous action in this gritty tale." RT Book Reviews gave a shout out as well, saying "Will have readers enthralled from the start . .. with a solid plot, heightened tension, steady pacing and a cleverly written villain, Burotn's expertise at crafting suspense shines bright in this novel."

  • Trish R.
    2019-06-04 20:04

    I really like books on serial killers but, man, I just hate when the story lets you KNOW the person being killed. I don’t want to hear her talk and beg and see her cry as she’s being killed. Just tell me he killed someone and then tell me how the police went about the solving of the case. He can even keep killing; I just don’t want to “meet” the “killee.” Ya’ know what I mean? I really didn’t need to know Rita Gallagher before he killed her in such a horrible way. I did like Novak and Julia, and that there seemed to be a little more romance from the beginning of the story. Romance just gives you a break from the killer for a few minutes, that’s all I’m saying. I liked that 25 years passed in between the Hangman’s first victims and his next ones. And I liked all the evidence that showed itself throughout the book, leading Julia and Novak in the right direction. And the deal with Julia’s father?, I never believed it for a second. I liked Andrews too. I wouldn’t mind seeing a story about him in the future. I liked Ken and Wendy and Riggs, too. The bad guy? I didn’t see that coming, or his helper. He was one sick and vicious asshole. You didn’t know who he was but it was easy to hate him. (My kind of bad guy.)Again there wasn’t an ounce of desire or sexual tension in this book but there were 3 pretty explicit sex scenes. And the F-bomb was used 15 times.My only complaint for this author is I think she’s a little lazy when it comes to her way of describing how someone is saying something. I’ve complained about this before but it’s usually with a male author. Ms. Burton used the word “said” 694 times. That’s way too many for a 350 page book, and it does become very noticeable after the first 400 times. A thesaurus will help find a word you can use instead of “said.” As to the narration: Christina Traister did a very good job on all the male and female voices and the emotions. I would definitely listen to her again.

  • Avid Reader
    2019-06-06 20:09

    The Hangman (The Forgotten Files #3) by Mary Burton4.5 starsM/F MysteryTriggers: Murder, suicideI was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads.I have loved each and every book in this series and this one didn't disappoint. Julia is trying to figure out why her father committed suicide when she was so young. It's been something that has bothered her throughout her career - people always assuming the worst, worrying that she'll end up doing the same thing, she just wants to know once and for all, was he the killer people think he might have been?Then you have a series of murders that appear very similar to the hangman cases from back when her father and his partner, Ken were working on them. Ken is suffering from early Alzheimer's, but when he's having a good day, he is able to answer questions and shoot the breeze with fellow officers. As the case runs deeper, he is more easily agitated and Julia has to tread more carefully.Novak is an agent who wants nothing more than to help Julia get to the bottom of her case, because in doing that, it means that hopefully, he'll have more answers for his own case. Is the Hangman killer back?Throughout the story, there are a lot of things that unfold. You have the mystery of who is killing these women, who killed them back then, why was Julia's family so broken and who is hoping to target her now?There are some points of the book that seem to drag a little, but overall, this is a mystery that it worth the read. I really like how Julia is able to stand on her own - she wants the truth no matter what. Novak is there to protect and support Julia and with others wanting the truth just as much, the cold case is reopened and ultimately solved.

  • Diane Saul
    2019-06-05 00:04

    The Hangman ended his killing spree over 20 years ago. The cop investigating the case at the time committed suicide and many people thought the killings stopped because he was The Hangman. His daughter Julia has followed in her Fathers footsteps and is a cop with the Virginia State Police. Julia doesn't believe her Father was the Hangman and wants to find the truth, even if it turns out she is wrong. Now a body has turned up that could be connected to the old case. Novak, a detective who is in a relationship with Julia, is the investigator on the new case.There are a lot of trails left by the author for the reader to follow to try and figure out the identity of the Hangman. Julia and Novak are not perfect characters. They both have issues from their past which make them more human and interesting to the reader. This book is fast paced and will grab you from the first page. You won't guess who the bad guy is until the author reveals it, I didn't. Thank you to net galley for an advanced readers copy.

  • Nellie Rivera
    2019-05-30 23:50

    Received an ARC for my fair review for netgalley. It was another enjoyable book from Ms. Burton, however I thought it should have been a short story, I figured out fairly quickly who the villain was, and that a lot of the writing was just unnecessary filler, but then you may disagree and enjoy more, so pick it up and read my friends, because it still will pass the time. Enjoy!

  • Tracie Payne
    2019-06-11 23:51

    Liked the story but didn’t love Julia. She’s a little too stubborn and arrogant for me, just not my favorite kinda gal. Tobias was pretty great tho. I also didn’t like a couple of the characters...Wendy and Jim, obstructionist much? Man they pissed me off. What I really want is Andrews story.

  • Pinky
    2019-05-23 22:57

    3.5 stars

  • Kris - My Novelesque Life
    2019-06-01 01:56

    RATING: 4 STARS(I received an ARC from the PUBLISHER via NETGALLEY)(Review Not on Blog)Another gritty suspenseful novel in the Forgotten Files series. In this one we have Julia, a cop, who has been trying to figure out the Hangman case as it took her father. Supposedly, he killed himself while trying to solve the crime. Now thirty years later, the Hangman is back and Julia, along with homicide detective Novak, are the trail.I hope that this series does not stop with this third book. I am enjoying the characters and cases of Forgotten Files. This was an another quick absorbing story!

  • Cheryl
    2019-06-04 23:58

    First off, let me say that I am a fan of this author's. I have actually read these books out of order. I started with book two, The Dollmaker and next this book. I do plan to go back and read the first book. So if you are one of those people wondering if you can read books out of order, you can. There are some references to prior events from the other books, but really it does not take anything away from the reading experience of this book. Julia and Tobias made a good team. I did not think that their relationship distracted from the case. So glad for this. For me, there is nothing worse then having a relationship be the main focus in a murder mystery story. However, I did like that this story did not just happen in the present but also reached back into the past with Julia's father. There was a slight decline in pacing in the middle but not a lot to really slow the story down. Yet, the story really picked up in the last third of the story. A good ending. I can't wait to read the next book from this author. Mary Burton showcases her talent as a top writer with the Hangman!

  • Sarah
    2019-05-19 03:00

    Thank you NetGalley for the ARC of The Hangman by Mary Burton that I read and reviewed.I loved The Hangman because it kept me wondering who the killer was until the end. I absolutely love it when Burton makes the reader change their mind over and over about who they think did it and she did that to me a number of times in this book and I could not wait to get to the end to see who the Hangman was. I also loved Julia and Novak as partners and as a couple in this book. They were a great match for each other and they added another great dimension to this story besides The Hangman case they were trying to solve. I honestly could not put this book down because I could not wait to see what was going to happen next. This book is packed with action and romance and it will keep the reader guessing. Another great book in this series and I hope their will be more to come because Burton seems to be slamming them out of the park with The Forgotten Files and especially with The Hangman.I am giving this book five out of five stars.

  • Renee
    2019-06-04 01:39

    In review of this book I find myself once again amazed by this author's writing talent. She has a way or style to her writing that just sweeps me away into the pages of her stories. The Hangman is a fast-paced, intense story that leaves you guessing until the end. The two main characters Julia Vargas and Tobias Novak share a complicated relationship that I enjoyed seeing develop. This is definitely a story that I have already recommended my friends and family to read.

  • Adrian Lawrence
    2019-06-04 21:07

    Somewhat slow in partsI can't say I enjoyed it. The plot is reasonable but It's overly complex in the same way book one was. Characters seem to be thrown in order to create a plot. The whole notion that the detectives need to rely on an outside security company for their forensics and information is somewhat ridiculous. The actions of the female lead are unbelievable as a police officer and I found her unlikable. The story didn't flow for me and when it did there were excessive pages of graphic sex scenes (described as romance) that dulled the plot. Bottom line: the plot is well thought out so MB fans will surely like it.

  • Sabrina
    2019-05-22 23:52

    I received a ARC from Netgalley for a honest review.Murder 25 years ago, a cop who has long been trying to solve the case. Julia Vargas wants to solve the case her dad was working on when he supposedly killed himself. A skeleton is found in a home with a photo of Julia and her Dad, is this the break Julia has been looking for ? With help from Detective Novak, can Julia find the person responsible for this heinous crime and find the truth about her fathers death before the killer can stop her ? This book grabs you from the first page and don't let go till the end. Dark, suspenseful, nail biting, edge of your seat thriller. You won't be able to put it down.

  • Patricia Myers
    2019-05-22 03:41

    This is an excellent supense story. I was drawn into this story from the begining. It starts out with a murder in 1992. Then present day Detective Tobias Novak is called to a murder scene of a body dead for 25 years. There is a picture of a man and a young girl in the victims wallet. The names on the back of the picture is a policeman and his daughter Julia who happens to be a policewomen who Novak hooked up with. Julia had just reopened the Hangman case to clear her fathers name. When new cases started popping up Novak and Julia were trying to see if the Hangman was still alive or a copycat killer was on the loose. What followd is great. I had a person all picked out who was doing the murders, but was so surprised at the reveal. It was a page turner. I couldn't put this book down until I finished it. This is my first story I read by Ms. Burton which I enjoyed very much.I received an Advance readers copy of this story.

  • Linda
    2019-05-28 03:39

    I have yet to meet a Mary Burton book I don't love! Always page turners. Always keep me guessing til the end. Love!

  • Iliana
    2019-06-12 22:41

    I received this book free in exchange for my honest review. The Forgotten Files is a series that has grab me from the first book, and The Hangman didn't disappointed me. From the first page until the last one, the suspense and the romance will keep you on the edge. It's the kind of book that you can't put down until you are finished. Well written, characters are well developed and the story is intriguing and interesting. You won't have an idea of who is the bad guy until the author is ready to reveal it. Like I said, if you read the first two books in the series, you won't be disappointed.