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My greatest enemies demand that I give them an heir...When billionaire brothers Nicholas, Max, and Reed Bennett capture me, I'm at the mercy of their dark and twisted desires. These three dominant men crave my ultimate submission. They want an heir. My heir. A baby to unite our powerful families.And they'll take me, share me, and pleasure me until I've given them what theyMy greatest enemies demand that I give them an heir...When billionaire brothers Nicholas, Max, and Reed Bennett capture me, I'm at the mercy of their dark and twisted desires. These three dominant men crave my ultimate submission. They want an heir. My heir. A baby to unite our powerful families.And they'll take me, share me, and pleasure me until I've given them what they want.But I don't submit that easily. The only secret I carry is one that will destroy my enemies--the men I've started to trust...the ones I'm beginning to love. These tempting, devious men will stop at nothing until one of them becomes a father to my future son. They're monsters.They're gorgeous.They're dangerous.They're fools if they think they can control me....And I'm lost if I fall for them. Note: The Takeover Trilogy is the very definition of a dark romance. You'll squirm. Your heart will race. And some content might be a little much for certain readers. But, for those of you who like their romances over-the-top, rough, and remorselessly passionate...this series is for you. Takeover is a bdsm ménage romance, but no characters will cheat on their way to a happily-ever-after. There's ménage. BDSM. Three men desperate to put a baby in an innocent woman's belly. This is a book about risk, love, and revenge. It's as sexy as it is enthralling.Curious? Don't be scared. This is the dark romance you were too afraid to ask for......

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takeover the complete series Reviews

  • Debbie I Heart YA Books
    2019-05-24 04:32

    Definitely A Must Read Series!!!

  • Renee
    2019-05-09 08:38

    Wow...what did I just read. I read dark reads but it has been awhile since my skin has crawled over a character like Darius. I will cringe anytime I hear daddy and breed again. This is a story of pure vengeance, hate and greed. Darius is Sarah's stepfather and he wants control of her family's legacy. The only problem is she won't sell it to him so he convinces his 3 sons to kidnap her and to breed her so the Bennett's get a heir to take over the Atwood's. Darius rules with an iron fist but even more so with a "mental" fist even over his adult children and they go along with his ploy. He knows how to get what he wants by targeting the weak. The story is told from Sarah and Nicholas's(the oldest son)point of view. I really wanted to hate Nicholas most of the time also, but he did have some redeeming qualities. He seemed to always be asking for forgiveness rather than actually doing anything right. I don't know if I believe the "insta love" between the two but it worked in the story. Sarah truly was the heroine of the story and proved to be stronger than any man in the book. I would definitely pick up future books if they are about Max or Reed.

  • K.Marie
    2019-05-10 03:46

    3.5 Stars. I dived into this boxed set head first and LOVED the concept and I couldn't get enough of Sarah, Nick, Reed and Max....... This book was right up my alley.... Dark. Twisted. Taboo. & the sex..... O GOD. Don't get me started..... because HOLY HELL...... uuuuuuumph..... This series is NOT for the faint of heart.... You might think you've read a great "Call me Daddy" book..... But I bet nothing you have read has come close to this..... You will swoon... You will cry... You will want to break something.You will try not to turn the page.... and you will B.E.G. for a HEA. I truly did enjoy this series..... However, I started to lose interest when parts were continuously repeated or seemed to drag on..At a few points I found myself skimming the page and moving forward and then I would find myself intrigued again. This happened quiet a few times for me personally, however, I pushed through, because I HAD TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED NEXT, and I'm glad I did! This was my first read of a Lana Grayson book and I look forward to reading more from her!

  • April Symes
    2019-04-27 04:23

    This is one dark , erotic and terrifying romance novel that has so many layers to it , that it keeps you on the edge of your seat. There is so many elements to this story -kidnap, rape, murder, BDSM, love, romance, lies, passion, dangerous, wild sex, secrets, and most of all for the heroine, Sarah, Truth. This story has so many twists and turns that you wont know who to trust or who to hate really. What you will know is that Sarah is someone to root for and to want to grab and smother in love and to protect. That I how I felt when I read this story…This is a ménage romance but not your average run of the mill ménage romance. There is no cheating and it involves the 3 brothers Bennett brothers-Nicholas, the eldest son, Max the middle brother and Reed, the youngest brother. Sarah Atwood is stalked and then harassed and then brutalized by three Bennett brothers who are told by their father, Darius, what to do to Sarah and when to do it. Darius is a monster, one you want to see dead but one whose death you want to come slow and painfully. He is the puppet master and he controls his sons like they are on his strings and his sons have no will to think when he is around. The more you read about Nicholas, Max and Reed, at first you hate them but then as the story is fleshed out, it becomes more of a love/hate relationship. And Sarah, oh the poor girl. She lost her father and two brothers and then her mother was lost in a way that you really cant come back from .Sarah is in essence alone and is trying to save her father’s company from the monster Darius and his sons’ all by herself. She is a strong young woman and I feel so bad for her. She has no one yet everything done to her made me cringe. Yet Sarah continues to take it all to make sure she keeps her father’s company and to spite Darius and his sons’. I wanted to applaud her strength. As she ends up having to spend time with the sons, Sarah ends up developing a bond with Nick. She also does develop some sort of something with the other brothers but the true bond comes out with Nick and this leads to some very interesting developments between not only these two main characters but the others within the story. This sets up for a huge play down the storyline and a fantastic ending. I have to say, there are some dark and intense tones to this story that made it alittle hard for me to read at times but this is a dark romance and being that’s the case, I just took it as part of the story and loved the whole story and loved this book. I hope the author writes stories for Max and Reed—I would love to see them get their HEA, especially since their home life was so horrible. They deserve to find happiness. This book was a study in the dark side of human nature and how true love wins over dark .My rating: 4.9 stars **** "I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

  • Sara
    2019-04-30 08:28

    Takeover complete series five-star readThis series comes with a warning at the beginning saying that this is a dark, sexy, dangerous and wild. The romance is over the top, rough and remorselessly passionate. It is a ménage romance but there is no cheating, and also it is a taboo book, but characters aren’t blood related. If after the warning you thing you can handle it, you will have a great read ahead.TakeoverWhat a way to kick off the series, this book is dark, disturbing and downright wrong at times. But also, so so right. There is a dark and disturbing rivalry between the Bennett and Atwood families, they have both been running business and have competitiveness in their blood. When Mark Atwood the head of Atwood industries dies as well as is sons that means it leaves his daughter Sarah as sole heir to the company. Sarah alone will decide its future if she can survive that long, as the Bennett boys have a plan and pact of their own. They tell her they will keep her safe, but fall down at every turn. Will there be light at the end of the tunnel? Will Sarah be the one to save herself or will someone come out of the dog pile to save her?Controlling InterestThis does sadly suffer with second book syndrome, but I think that’s because the first book was so wow, and it has major cliffage!! We continue with Sarah’s story and the complicated relationship she has with her step brothers, that follows the love hate relationship and crosses the line on a regular basis. I couldn’t decide if I loved or hated the characters. There was such a warmth to them one moment and then a downright need to reach in and punch them in the next page. It’s very conflicting, Overall it’s a good read, its dark and disturbing and hot and heavy at the same time. Don’t read the book if you have triggers but if you don’t and you enjoy a book on the darker end of the scale, you need to check this series out.Capital RiskWhat an ending to the series, Sarah has battelled for everything she has, and the war hasn’t ended yet, but this time she wants it on her own terms. She is ready to fight for what she wants and won’t allow anyone to stand in her way, especially not the man who has tried to control everything she has done, she has thinks that she wants to fight for now. Sarah is still conflicted about what she is feeling for her step brothers as well as what she feels about herself, but now she is strong enough to fight for what she wants and what she believes in. Will she get the HEA she deserves? Will any of them? And will the baddest/sickest man of all be taken down in the end? Or will he finally get what he wants?

  • Cara
    2019-04-25 04:42

    Good story, redundant, & if youre looking for the perfect heroine Sara Atwood isnt her. The story was too long. I love, love, love long stories because I can devour them so fast. I finished this book just to finish. When I'm hooked I can't put a book down and I will even read the predictable books that are cookie cutter sadly and still be reeling in that last chapter like my life depended on it. I took a break from my norm of paranormal fiction because its hard to find adult stories, mainly prdteen/young adult which is why I got this book/series. The number of pages and adult storyline I was needing next. Sadly I put this book down multiple times and probably read 10-13 books in between before managing to finish this. There was variety in the scenes at first as each brother's m.o. is laid out but then the redundancy takes over. I know situations repeat themselves but after a few times okay let's get the story rolling. I'm reading for the story first and foremost not for a number of scenes. I don't want potential readers to think this person must be prudish and that's why she's comp!aiming. It just felt like I kept making progress only to have to reread paragraphs that were tweaked slightly to look like new content. If the story was trimmed it would hVe been better and I can't believe I'm saying a book should have been shortened. I find myself all the time wishing an author had added more on just to thicken up the day to day of the characters. Then Sara is my next perplexing bit. I like her strength and while she has endured so much you expect her to waiver and visit both ends of spectrum with her emotions. Then she will come to terms with acceptance and then reverted back. Understandably for a few times like earlier with the scenes but then after she knows about the brothers, suspected certain things, here she goes getting back upset when at some point you're like why is she surprised?!?! She knows the abuse the boys have endured and knows that's what they've lived their entire lives at this point she loves all three. She says she understands what's at stake then she flip flops. I can't dive I to details bc I don't want to spoil but I'm thinking yes what you've endured is atrocious but she says she's going to flip the script by playing what's suppose to be her punishment into her pleasure giving permission for the things you read about. Then she constantly refers back to their rape, abuse who yes it started as such but you took the power and you consented with the brothers behind their father's back and LOVED what they did begging for it. Uggghhh when the story finally gains traction then she keeps doing stupid things thinking she's smarter than experienced people. She strikes up a pact gos back on it, strikes it again, goes ba ck on it, sure just let's stop trying to just fill words by repetition. I feel like the author had a quota to meet lime in college when you're assigned an essay And you gotta stretch it another page so you add filler maybe use more adjectives. Then all of a sudden its wrapped up in like 3 pages. The author obviously did some research, threw a term here and there but it was definitely way too long.I will say on a positive note that Sara did evoke some emotion out of me mainly frustration but I at least felt it.

  • Sally
    2019-04-25 07:36

    This was a very dark series and it's definitely not for everyone. You have to be able to accept a lot of abuse at the hands of the heroine and OTT situations to like these books. If you are a fan of Pepper Winters Indebted series, then you would most likely enjoy this series. Sara is the heroine who is taken by three brothers (Nick, Max & Reed) and their father. Sara is abused and she tries to fight back, but doesn't succeed. She then forms an alliance of sorts with the brothers and falls in love with them and they fall in love with her. However, she does constantly seem to go back on forth on whether or not she gave them that power or not. It became a lot of back and forth with all of that and I'm not really sure how I feel about it all. I have a lot of conflicting emotions about this series. The books feel long and many things are repeated so I caught myself skimming a bit at times. I would have liked to seen a bit more with the ending. I love a great ending and I feel like this one ended a bit flat and not fully resolved, but the author did leave it open to write more about the brothers so that may have been intentional.

  • Azzie Parks
    2019-04-28 07:45

    UnforgettableThis book is unforgettable.Here we have two very powerful and rich families so bent on revenge they might just destroy them all.Three brothers and one very evil monster of a man, this is the Bennett family and they go against one woman,Sarah Atwood. These families have always been against each other.Here you have Darius Bennett monster of the most high,even his sons had no shame,they go against one little lady that will protect the Atwood empire with everything she has.The Bennett think Sarah is weak but they soon find out that they have truly undertaken more than they bargained for.In this book you find there is betrayal,suspense,and you may not see it at the beginning but there is also love.Sarah endures a lot,and you will be rooting for her to make it to the other side.If you love unconventional books you need to read this one.I'm telling you its unforgettable.

  • Sleepless Beauty
    2019-05-07 04:22

    Takeover took over my life! I read the entire series and was on the edge of my seat all the way through. Nicholas and Sarah. Step brother and sister but they have this spark, this primal connection. Both families hate each other and will do anything to destroy one another. This definitely has what some might consider taboo in step siblings relationships not to mention other sexual triggers. Three step brothers, one step sister and one goal in mind. They must work together or end up tearing each other apart. But isn't that what they are supposed to do? I definitely could not read this fast enough because I wanted, no needed to find out what happened next. I voluntarily read an advanced ready copy of the book for this review.

  • Geraldine
    2019-04-25 08:21

    Holy Heck! A really long series and heavy going but there was no way I was going to put this down once I started. This is a really dark story that is not for the faint hearted. It's dark, disturbing and twisted. I found myself gritting my teeth with desire to inflict pain at times and my heart racing with fear and hope at other times. I was sad at times and excited at others. It definitely brings the whole rainbow of emotions to the table. Really well written, if repetitive at times, but all loose ends tidied up nicely.

  • Stephanie Furlan
    2019-05-07 06:37

    Not a Debt Inheritance ripoff!!Why were so many people comparing the two series? Yes there were a handful of similarities but Darius Bennett was far more evil than Cut Hawk. I don't want to spoil anything so that's all I'll say. While I loved the Takeover series, I thought it was overly heavy the boardroom talk. Yeah obviously it has to be there hence the name but jeez. Sarah has a majority interest but Darius is still controlling her. The board wants her dead. A male heir. Josmik...OMFG After a while I couldn't figure out who would be the beneficiary of the companies and how they'd get there. I still don't understand why it took so many attempts on Darius' life. There wouldn't have been as much drama and three long books but I kept yelling at my phone JUST KILL HIM ALREADY!! I figured out what Max was up to when he brought Sarah to the estate. I got the ending I wanted but god was it an uphill battle getting there.

  • Indy
    2019-04-26 01:43

    Preface my rating by saying this book wasn't for me. There was a lot of sexual depravity and moral injustices. Not to get all high and mighty but have read dark books, this one was different and subject not to my liking. Was hard to like any of the characters or understand why heroine didn't break the cycle especially over a disconnected mother. Decent writing, rating of 2 stars really just based on my enjoyment of the book (or lack thereof) - which was also overly long.

  • Tina
    2019-04-27 07:42

    RivetingI could not put the books down. It was a reading binge from the first chapter. There were sections that were repetitive. Still I skimmed through those parts until I reached relevance. Story of betrayal, disappointment, abuse, rape, and redemption. It has trigger plot lines. Don't read this book if those elements bother you..

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-04 05:34

    Good but not greatOkay so the first book had me hooked. Every page has me on the edge of my seat. Book 2 had me excited and then fell off and the got back on with the cliff hanger. Book 3 did nothing for me at all but provide and few scenes of love and affection. This book writes will not go on my re-read list but I can say I enjoyed reading it when I did.

  • Jaime Fertal
    2019-05-01 03:26

    Sarah is a woman who is going to College and trying to do everything her father set in motion for her for her life and her future, she never expected to loose her father, get a new step father and step brothers then loose her brothers and that isnt the worst of it she gets kidnapped by her families enemy. Sarah looses so much in a blink in a eye but she swears she will go through every torture to get her revenge on the Bennette family brick by brick in the end. What she never thought would happen is her getting attached to her kidnappers/step brothers and falling in love with one of them and loving the other two. What I enjoyed most about Takeover is watching this young woman who hasnt really experienced much in her life being put through so much but never letting any of them break her down, and continuing to be strong through them trying to get her pregnant, the beatings etc. Sarah is never willing to give up and she warns them that IF they succeed and get her pregnant that just how much more she would fight for a child then just for herself. What the Bennett sons never thought would happen is that they would end up falling in love with her and wanting to protect her from their abusive father. This story is a long one but I am glad I stuck it out till the very end. This book has Kidnapping, abuse, rape and lots of dark moments so be aware when reading if you have any triggers. This book has this strong amazing girl who is just starting out in life with her family business not knowing that another family her enemies have plans to steal everything she has and to get their revenge on her for what her father has done in the past, a mother that isnt well and cant even help herself so she isnt able to help her daughter, three Bennett sons who will eventually take on that roll of lover and protector for Sarah, a love story with a Happy Ending. If you like stories like that then Takeover is a must!!

  • Moriah
    2019-04-24 05:36

    Wow. This story was intense. Sarah is kidnapped and forced to make an heir so the her family's company can be controlled by another. Sarah is a firecracker, I loved her character. Nick was hot. He was my favorite character of the guys. Max was pretty intense, but he tried to do right. Loved Reed. He was sweet. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  • Laurie Toepfer
    2019-05-13 06:39

    Wow!I have not been able to put this book down! I was enthralled the entire time! I have read many good books in the years but this one is at the top of my list! Loved it! Not everyone will like the content but I fell in love with the writers style and view.

  • Caryn A
    2019-05-24 00:19

    Good readsThis is my first series by Lana Grayson. It probablu won't be my last.Overall, these books were good dark reads albeit a little repetitive and slow in parts. I enjoyed the storyline and the characters. Lots of steam coupled with brutality and hate.Thumbs up!

  • Kendriastreet
    2019-05-13 05:38

    This didn't suck at all!!!I thought I stumbled apon another Consequences:by Althea Romig (which deals with a lot of the same subjects in a very scarring and soul destroying way) but it was actually pretty good. A dark erotica done with taste. Good Job.

  • Leigh
    2019-05-15 05:29

    WowI almost didn't want to love this series and I almost stopped reading partway through book 1. Man am I so very glad I didn't! I'm now hoping Max and Reed find their own stories and loves and not just the cameo in Anthony's story! Please please please!

  • Mandy Faktor
    2019-05-08 00:25

    Mmmmm thereThere Brothers totally different but totally yours. The good the bad and the rightful heir. Never mess with a girl you don't know.

  • Tracey Boyland
    2019-04-26 05:40

    0 starsI cannot finish this stupid ass book. This girl is to weak. Her character is falsely spiritedShe give in to easily for such a grave situation

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-18 04:30

    Was okSome of the topics were hard to read. Could have been a lot shorter. Lot of drawn out chapters. Not a bad read. Just could have been better.

  • Lori Shankle
    2019-05-17 07:17

    NICK, MAX and REED!!! What more can anyone ask for. Great series full of dark intense emotions. Page turning drama, suspense and emotion that keeps coming and coming. Could not put it down!!!

  • PointedlyBlunt
    2019-05-17 00:26

    You need to be ok with dark romance and accepting of some really unique and almost unbelievable circumstances in order to enjoy Takeover. Sarah is the unofficial heir to the Atwood family fortune. Her father recently died from cancer and her two older brothers shortly after that in a plane crash. Apparently, her father never considered the possibility that his sons would die so young, so his will stipulates that all power and finances go to a male heir. Before the death of her brothers, her mother married Darius Bennett, the head of the Bennett family and the Atwood family's longtime nemesis. Said nemesis has a sick and sinister plan to make his sons kidnap and "breed" Sarah to produce a male heir that is half Atwood, half Bennett.The whole series is loooongggg, which is ok, but I don't think it was necessary for three books when it could've been told in less. Much of the internal monologue was repepetitive, like it was trying to fill up space rather than introduce us to new ideas or situations. Darius' threats were repeated, again and again, practically the same threat/words each time, yet Sarah kept reacting like it was new to her. I understand the desire for Sarah's character to want revenge or vengance on the Bennett family, I understood it the first time, and the second, and the twentieth. Some scenes could be completely removed from the book and it wouldn't matter, I felt like they were throw-always. The books were good and I enjoyed them, but with a little reduction and better editing, they could be amazing.The story is emotional and those emotions translate very well in reality, I felt myself tear up a few times, especially in regards to Max. Out of all of the repetitiveness of the books, I wish the ending would've been longer and more thorough. After the main conflict, it jumps to a short and honestly, strange perspective by Reed, and then to the epilogue. I was really curious to see how things would work out, how Sarah and Nick would cope and move on, but that wasn't given and I felt cheated.There are numerous scenes of dubious consent, rape, physical abuse and violence against women, so if any of those trigger you, these may not be the books for you. There are also several scenes of ménage and they are quite descriptive. If that's all cool with you like it is for me, you'll enjoy Takeover.I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Alesia
    2019-05-13 01:27

    Very Good book!!!!The story was so compelling I couldn't put it down!!!! There were a few things I didn't like but all and all it was pretty awesome....

  • RoseyLovesBooks
    2019-05-18 02:25

    Takeover: The Complete Series by Lana Grayson is a dark romance.Twenty year old student Sarah Atwood became the CEO of Atwood Industries after her brothers Josiah and Mike died 4 months ago when their private plane crashed, leaving her the only living heir. Which makes things easier for the Bennetts, rivals of the Atwoods for 30 years, to mount a take over of Atwood Industries. Darius Bennett, the patriarch of the Bennetts and CEO of Bennett Corporation, married Bethany, Sarah's mother after Sarah's father died. Bethany surprises Sarah by having Darius and his 3 sons Nicholas, Max and Reed over for dinner, where Sarah is presented with an offer to buy Atwood Industries. Sarah refuses to let Atwood Industries fall into Bennett hands as she believes that Darius murdered her beloved father. Sarah plans to honour her father's will, which states that in the event of his death, Atwood Industries and all assets shall be passed to his blood male heir, by holding Atwood Industries in a trust until she has a son. Sarah storms out after dropping that bomb, secure in the knowledge that the future for Atwood Industries is safe.Nicholas is the 29 year old heir to the Bennett empire. His father Darius instilled in him the importance of the only 2 things that matter in life: family and power. Darius calls a family meeting with his sons, telling them that Bennett Corporation is facing challenges and it's up to them to save it. Bennett Corporation only has another year before things go bad unless it attains Atwood Industries. Darius is on the warpath, and he comes up with a Machiavellian plan to make Atwood Industries theirs. Kidnap, rape and impregnate Sarah. Then take her son away and destroy her world. Nicholas and his brothers refuse, but then Darius shows just how mad he is when he threatens to kill his sons Max and Reed if Nicholas doesn't fall in line. Which leaves Nicholas with no choice but to carry out his father's wishes. Nicholas and his brothers kidnap Sarah and hold her prisoner at the Bennett estate. Darius rules his family with an iron fist, and he's no different with Sarah. Sarah's escape is thwarted before she gets very far and she's beaten and humiliated by Darius when she defies him. When Sarah suffers a life-threatening asthma attack, Nicholas and his brothers fly her to a hospital for treatment. After Sarah's condition is stabilised, Nicholas sits with Sarah in her room, and they make a deal. Sarah won't tell on the Bennetts if Nicholas helps her find evidence to convict Darius for the murder of her father. Nicholas plots to wrest control of Bennett Corporation from his father so that he can have control over his future and to protect Sarah, who he wants to keep for himself. Sarah and Nicholas are wildly attracted to each other, but given the fact that their families are enemies, a fairy tale romance is not on the cards for them. Takeover is an utterly riveting story about the dark and twisted manipulations of a power hungry mad man and the counter actions of his sons and Sarah. Lana Grayson had me hooked from beginning to end as she took me on a crazy roller coaster ride full of powerful emotions, breathless suspense, and passionate love. This book is a must read and I highly recommend it.I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book

  • Debbie Wasserman
    2019-04-29 01:24

    Dark and sexyIt's a close story line to Debt Inheritance by Pepper Winters and it was still different enough that I appreciated it just the same. Loved the connection she shared with Nick most of all though they each had a special thing they shared.

  • Robin Rains
    2019-05-13 02:29

  • Melissa
    2019-05-11 00:22

    Exciting readThis series was rough for me at first. I had to keep in mind that this just a story and not something Sarah endured in real life. The more I read, the harder it was to put this series down. I cried for this girl...this story arrived in my dreams at night. Am I crazy? This was an incredible storyline and I can't imagine this happening to anyone in real life. I encourage you to read this series and don't stop thinking it's sad and horrific without a happy ending.