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“[Randy Owen] is a true gentleman, armed with an unassuming attitude and a modest approach to life, coupled with enormous fame and success. Born Country is a great read!”—Dick Clark, former host of American Bandstand Born Country is an inspiring memoir of faith, family, and living the American dream from the lead singer/songwriter of Alabama, the biggest country music grou“[Randy Owen] is a true gentleman, armed with an unassuming attitude and a modest approach to life, coupled with enormous fame and success. Born Country is a great read!”—Dick Clark, former host of American Bandstand Born Country is an inspiring memoir of faith, family, and living the American dream from the lead singer/songwriter of Alabama, the biggest country music group of all time. A multiple Grammy, People’s Choice, and Country Music Association Award-winning superstar, Randy Owen tells about growing up poor in rural Alabama, the son of devout Christian sharecroppers, his rise to the top of the charts, his personal trials and the destructive temptations he avoided through his love and unassailable faith in God. Written with Allen Rucker, Randy Owen’s Born Country is both a fascinating look inside the Alabama phenomenon and a moving portrait of an extraordinary life enriched by traditional Christian values...

Title : Born Country: How Faith, Family, and Music Brought Me Home
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ISBN : 9780061673146
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Born Country: How Faith, Family, and Music Brought Me Home Reviews

  • Holly (2 Kids and Tired)
    2019-05-20 20:12

    I need to preface this review by saying that I love Alabama. I adore the guys in Alabama. They are my favorite music group, ever. Randy's book is terrific. It's like a comfortable conversation with a friend. You can hear his voice. He talks about his life and the way he grew up: poor, but loved. Faith and family were the most important things to him. He still lives in Fort Payne, Alabama, on the land his daddy farmed. He's been happily married to his wife for 34 years. He talks of his love of music and how he and Teddy and Jeff came to be the boys in the band. Some anecdotes I'd heard before, but many were new. For instance, Randy never wanted to be the lead singer. He wanted to play lead guitar, but Jeff claimed that role. He talks of his metamorphosis from shy guy to lead singer. They really changed the face of country music and Randy explains how some of that change came about.Teddy, Jeff and Mark aren't mentioned much in the book, other than when he talks of the group. This is Randy's story of his life and the group's rise to fame from humble beginnings. He's very open that these are his perceptions not theirs and they might remember things differently. They didn't break up, they just knew they wanted to do different things and work on pet projects and stop the breakneck pace of touring. I went to one of their farewell tour concerts in Lake Tahoe.One thing I really connected with was when Randy spoke of his daddy's sudden death. His daddy was Randy's hero and it took years for him to come to terms with his death and to subsequently deal with the grief. I understand that all too well.A significant section of the book is devoted to Randy's charity work including fundraising for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. He and the other guys in the band never lost their appreciation for what they'd earned and they never lost sight of where they'd come from. Giving back was very important to them.I've loved Alabama since I first heard them in 1982, just as they were hitting it big. Like many fans, I'd never been much of a country music person until I heard Alabama. Theirs was the first music concert I ever attended. In 1984, we saw them perform in Stockton, California. Our entire family went to the concert, including my dad. Of all the myriad of different music concerts I've been to in my life (including many Alabama concerts), that one still ranks as the best. The venue was small: only about 3000 people. And the boys came out and signed autographs afterwards. Randy gave me a hug and spoke with us for few minutes. Mark let my little sister touch his head because she wanted to see if his buzz cut was soft or spiky. They were the nicest, kindest guys: polite and friendly. When Randy talks of how their focus was the people and the fans, he's telling the truth. They treated us like we were the most important people.I would have loved more detail about the other guys, but it was Randy's story, not theirs. Each chapter is prefaced with lyrics to one of their songs and Randy shares how several of their signature songs were written. It's not a stellar book and could use some editing. But, it's honest and entertaining. If you're an Alabama fan, you'll definitely enjoy it and if you're not, it's an entertaining, folksy memoir that will remind you of days gone by: when small towns hadn't gone away and family and faith still mattered to more people.

  • Kristen Wampner
    2019-06-08 18:23

    Book Cover:This book cover sets the theme if you will for this book. It has a down home country setting which is exactly the way the book is written. It's in the perspective from where Randy Owen grew up and where he went in life that eventually led him back home to the country. *STAR*Author: Randy Owen is a great writer who can tell really good stories with great detail to make you feel like you were there. He tells his point of view with great passion that can really tug at your heart and make you laugh or even make you cry. *STAR*Story: This is the story of how Alabama came to be from Randy Owen's point of view. It is loaded with insight on his life and where he grew up. It has stories of the years of getting the group together and becoming big in the public eye. He also shares about how he met his wife and about his 3 lovely children. I learned a lot of things that I never knew about both Randy and the group. *STAR* Characters/Relationships: During the entire story Randy shares with the reader about his relationship with his dad and how he relates experiences with him to the man he is today. *STAR*S.L.V. (Sex, Language, & Violence) There was some language used throughout this book. There was no sex or violence talked about. HALF STAR Overall Review: I really loved reading this book and laughed and cried during the course of reading Randy Owen's thoughts and stories all pilled into one book. There were things in this book that I would have never know if I had not taken the time to sit down and read it and I'm really glad that I did. Randy Owen shares his deepest hurts and highest victories that he has during the course of his life thus far. I love that through all the popularity and the fame that Randy Owen continues to stay true to himself and doesn't forget where he came from. I think this book is a great piece of work that he is able to pass down to his kids and grand kids and generations to come so that they can look back and see who he really is/was and where he came from and hopefully take away the thought that like him they can do anything they put their mind and heart into if they just trust God and be both unique in the business their in and true to who they really are. I'm glad Randy Owen decided to share this with everybody else because these are the things are I am taking away from this book. This will definitely be staying on my bookshelf for future rereads. I recommend this book to anybody who loves to read autobiographies, country music, or books about guys who are stand up men for God.

  • Eric
    2019-06-18 18:08

    I don't read a lot of biographical works, but made this an exception. I've loved the country group Alabama ever since I was a kid. My first memory is from the early 1980s, when I would have been around 10 or 12. Around Christmastime every year, a commercial for one of those multiple-artist tapes published by Time Life would come on a lot. It featured Santa Claus lip-syncing to 10-second snippets of the various songs on the tape. Near the end of the commercial he'd "sing" an excerpt from the Alabama entry, Take Me Down. I lived for that commercial because I loved that song. No idea what it meant, of course, just liked the sound of it. And I've been an Alabama fan ever since. I've got all their CD's and seen them in concert five times, including the awesome American Farewell Tour.So this book was an enjoyable read. Owen sounds like a decent guy, a true role model. Yes, I know the book is a marketing device to drive sales of Owen's debut solo CD (which, btw, I already have and enjoy), but I don't mind. I have no problem supporting a good person like Randy Owen.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-30 14:09

    I probably would've given this book three stars, except for the fact that I really enjoyed the subject matter. The writing itself is not very good. However, I loved the openness and sincerity with which Randy speaks about his life. I really enjoyed reading about Randy's home life, how the band got started, Randy's interactions with some of his fans, and the meaning behind some of the songs he wrote. Randy's story is truly a remarkable one. Any true Alabama fan would definitely enjoy this book.

  • Becky
    2019-06-08 17:00

    I read this book to read about Randy's family and life in Ft. Payne, Alabama. He's my second cousin, and I wanted to see what he wrote about the gg-grandfather we share, who is buried nearby on the mountain where Randy grew up and still lives. There's not a huge amount of information that goes that far back, but the way he writes about the land is very moving. (It is really beautiful there.) Even though that's the main reason I read the book, I found the whole book interesting and entertaining.

  • Martha Avans
    2019-05-22 20:10

    this book had been on my want to read list for a while. So when I got it last week, I started to read it right away. Growing up not too far from Ft. Payne, reading the book, I knew of areas and events he talked about. It was great to read about the early days of Alabama and Randy's family.Enjoyed the book and passed it on to my mom to read.

  • Stephany Marchel
    2019-06-17 20:01

    I absolutely loved this book. I have always been an Alabama fan. But when I read this book I was even more of a fan. Randy Owen is such a genuine and down to earth guy and I fell in love with his story.

  • Brian Wetters
    2019-05-22 19:16

    I enjoyed the many perspectives and growing experiences shared by Randy Owen. It was refreshing to read that he never left his roots and beliefs, in spite of the phenomenal fame.

  • Gloria
    2019-06-12 12:00

    I liked it.

  • Doreen Longo
    2019-05-30 13:24

    Nice autobiography on a country singer. Really shows the struggles that can happen in ones life and the making of a legend.

  • Brandi Barnes
    2019-05-27 13:09

    This was a bit of a dry read, but loved readingg the story of the early days of Alabama. Amazing how they changed the style and appeal of country music.

  • Will
    2019-05-22 16:25

    This was interesting to a degree. Slower paced around the middle but if you love Alabama the band and care enough about his home-down upbringing and values, then have at this book.

  • Elaine
    2019-05-27 20:12

    Very enjoyable read. Have a new understanding of Alabama & Randy Pens.

  • Lucas A
    2019-06-13 20:20

    Randy Owen-Good Man!!! Glad I was able to meet him and follow up with his book. Dixie Land Delight great song...!!!

  • Tom Hames
    2019-06-18 19:22

    Loved the opportunity to look at Alabama through Randy's eyes. What a down to earth good guy. I hope he continues to find ways to raise money and help children and others in need.

  • Bev
    2019-06-13 14:11

    pretty good love Alabama

  • Kevin Wilder
    2019-06-13 11:57

    My First Draft magazine review is here.