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When the local mailman inherits a haunted house and demands an exorcism, Pen must act fast to save her favorite ghost in this Haunted Bookshop mystery from New York Times bestselling author Cleo Coyle, writing as Alice Kimberly.Bookshop owner Penelope Thornton-McClure didn't believe in ghosts--until she met the spirit of hard-boiled 1940s detective Jack Shepard. And when PWhen the local mailman inherits a haunted house and demands an exorcism, Pen must act fast to save her favorite ghost in this Haunted Bookshop mystery from New York Times bestselling author Cleo Coyle, writing as Alice Kimberly.Bookshop owner Penelope Thornton-McClure didn't believe in ghosts--until she met the spirit of hard-boiled 1940s detective Jack Shepard. And when Pen's friend and mailman, Seymour Tarnish, gets into deep trouble, Pen not only believes in her ghost--she also thinks he can help...An elderly lady of leisure has been found dead on posh Larchmont Avenue, her will recently, and suspiciously, revised to name Seymour as heir to her mansion. Just as eyes turn to him as the murderer--and Seymour gets busy settling into his ritzy digs--the mansion's ghosts begin plaguing him. So he hires a team of parapsychologists to exorcise all the spirits from the town of Quindicott--and that includes Jack Shepard. Now Pen must act fast--because losing Jack scares Pen more than rattling chains and cold spots......

Title : The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion
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The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion Reviews

  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    2019-04-25 06:59

    You have a body found as if scared in fright, Pen's friend Seymour inherits the mansion and from there, suspicions arise. One of the being the supernatural kind.This had a slow start but picked up in the middle. And so it changed from being a 4 to 4.5 to 5.Only complaint I had honestly was the character of Ciders. OMG! Seriously what was going on there? Did he forgot how much Pen has done with helping solve the cases? I mean seriously why was he so quick to judge? He didn't use his head there, not even confirming the conclusions but instead was just jumping. Anyway, at least there's Eddie. I like him.I like how the past cases of Jack are somehow relevant to the case Pen's currently trying to solve. Nice crime solving there.Also, not enough Jack in this one but you know what? There was a reason behind that and I agree with him. Near the end, though there's a quick moment, what one of the character's say and I wonder if it'll be brought up again later on in the series. If ever the next book comes out. Yeah I'll be a little impatient waiting for it. But at least I'm caught up with this series so far. From book one, I liked it. Even if there's some moments where you like seriously and you got to be kidding me and aww that was kind of sweet. The writing and character development helps as well. Good sequel.

  • Catherine
    2019-05-12 04:59

    I guess this is it for this series. I liked it lots.

  • Julie
    2019-04-24 02:42

    This was the last of my ghostie books. I am going to miss this.

  • Linda Rawlins
    2019-04-25 02:39

    The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion is the fifth book of the Haunted Bookshop Mystery Series by Cleo Coyle. This was my favorite book so far and I really enjoy the series. Bookstore owner Penelope Thornton-McClure is on her way to deliver a book order to shut-in Miss Timothea Todd when she almost hits her good friend, mailman Seymour Tarnish running down the road. He dashes away and she continues on to Miss Todd's house to find the woman frightened to death in her living room. It was rumored that her mansion is haunted with ghosts. The situation becomes complicated when it's revealed the mailman has inherited the mansion and the grounds. When Seymour is arrested for Miss Todd's murder, Penelope decides to help prove his innocence with help from her ghost friend, dead 1940's Private investigator Jack Shepard. It turns out that Jack has had some experience with Miss Todd's ghost when he was very much alive in the 1940's. Through Penelope's dreams, Jack brings her back to work the case in the 1940's as well as continuing to work the case in present day. The two characters, Penelope and Jack, are great together and I love how this series combines both time periods, comparing clothes, culture and investigative techniques. The Haunted Bookshop Mystery Series is a great paranormal cozy mystery series. Cleo Coyle (a pen name)also writes the Coffee-house Mysteries under pen name Alice Kimberly with her husband. If you enjoy clever cozy mystery with a in-depth plot, pick up the mystery series by Cleo Coyle and/or Alice Kimberly.

  • Lisa Kucharski
    2019-05-04 05:50

    I feel like the author hit her stride on book 4 and this one continues the stride, nice pacing and of course this one deals with "ghosts."The course of the town and Pen's friends continues in this story keeping the world of Quindicott quaint and yet gives us some changes in it as well. I won't go into detail about the story itself, which was clever, but if you like this series an interesting character is introduced. One that can actually see and hear Jack. Will be interesting to see if she returns!Also I can feel the heat ramping up against another character, Marjorie- which I hopes comes to an interesting "um" face-off of sorts. Fun fun, If you want to read this series, you can start anywhere, but of course it would be best to start at the beginning as the series is progressive... but I started on book 3 and was fine. I am not finally getting to book 1. Love the quotes from all the old detective mysteries that precede each chapter's start.

  • Chelle
    2019-05-20 03:01

    I keep rating these books as just ok - and then can't help but read the next one. Sort of like potato chips.

  • Linda
    2019-05-25 02:54

    Love this series! I like the characters and love how they mix Jack's old cases into modern events. This is a good old fashioned haunted house and I was totally surprised by the culprit.

  • Agnesxnitt
    2019-04-29 06:41

    At the moment this is the last instalment of The Haunted Bookshop mystery series, so I always stretch the re-reading out a bit. We've been promised a 6th book for going on 3 years - I hope the author hurries up!Anyway, Pen and Jack nearly meet their Waterloo this story. Pen is delivering some books to a very good customer who lives in the original part of the town. Customer is an elderly, rich and reclusive lady, and on the way Pen, blinded by a low sun, nearly hits a pedestrian running across the road. Why is Seymour, the mailman, running like the devil is behind him? When Pen recovers from her near miss and arrives, she finds the house she is delivering to is unlocked and the occupant dead. When the local police arrive, they arrest Seymour though he is released later. The Quindicott police department maintain he is the main suspect, further heightened when it turns out the elderly lady has left Seymour her valuable house and content - and people have murdered for less than that in their time...The new house may be lovely, but it isn't lucky - Seymour's VW bus brakes are cut, and he is seemingly being haunted at night. He puts the brakes down to a shoddy garage and gets a team of TV Ghost Investigators in to solve the latter problem. Pen is really worried - could they exorcise Jack?Added to this mix is a mysterious sister of the deceased, a lawyer with a definite secret to hide, and his PA who is able to not only see but talk to Jack which both Pen and her PI find equally disturbing.I really hope Cleo Coyle and her husband - the authors of this series - get a shimmy on and get #6 novel out, its killing me!

  • Wendy True
    2019-05-21 07:37

    Thumbs up! Great series

  • Kellene
    2019-05-18 01:38

    A bookstore, a ghost and a "haunted" mansion. What's not to love? This is definitely my favorite in a series that I love. The story moved quickly for me, and the interaction of the characters made it come alive. Once again, I was still pinning guilt on the wrong character, figuring it out as Pen did. I enjoyed the incorporation of the ghost hunters, and the skepticism of Pen's friends (everyone knows ghosts don't exist). Once again, I have fallen in love with a series and face the fact that I have to wait for the next publication. Major sad face! But I can't wait to read the next one....

  • Trisha
    2019-04-28 08:43

    After reading all the current books on the series, I'm left with very conflicting feelings. It took a weekend to read all of them, consuming each digital page with no regard of the time or the date. I was on a mission. There would be no stopping me. I refused to stop. I needed to know. Will Pen finally bang a ghost?Let's be real here guys, I'm pretty sure everyone that read any book of this series thought about it at one point or another. I've crossed the realm of self consciousness and I'm adult enough to admit that Pen should've banged the damn ghost when she had a chance to. Her paltry excuse of her "questionable" martial status wasn't even a thing! Honey, the dead husband isn't even haunting your ass. The one that is haunting said ass is a long dead detective that is literally transporting you in semi-sexual dreams just to cop a feel. While I'm a big supporter in a woman's ability to be able to decide if they actually want to bang anyone (or any body, ha), she should've come clean why she didn't want to bang instead of hiding behind the whole "I think I'm still technically married because ghosts, right??". We both know that's bullshit, Pen.It may seem petty and crass dragging this whole "bang the ghost" thing all the way to the wholefood section, but I think I deserve to get some sort of emotional compensation after completing this series in one whole sweet weekend. Aside of the whole mystery of boning an incorporeal being, the mysterious deaths that surrounded our sweet bookseller was bland at best. Nothing really stood out, but neither were they offensive that they were intolerable. It was just... there. Even the resolution failed to rouse anything out of me beyond a simple "oh I see". That's not to say that it was boring... it was just enough to keep interest. The writing itself could be better. The prelude to each book, where Jack Shepherd shined duly in all his rough machismo, was the best writing I've seen from the author(s). The suspense and the action was there, and the intrigue of the case presented was almost seductive in its own way. Too bad it would be shelved until the author remembered to pull it out when it loosely related to Pen's current predicament, in tiresome detail. The author, I believe, needs to stop rehashing previously stated facts that we were already in the know. (Yes, Pen, I understand you need to point out how quaint your bookshop is or just how much bird paraphernalia Mrs Finch has or what brand of highlights your auntie enjoys but it can get tiresome after 5 books.) Not only is it repetitive, it also becomes jarring when you're so into Pen's plot and suddenly its like "hey, you remember this thing from 5 chapters ago?" Now, on to the characters. While I really wanted to see some lovin' between Jack and Pen, I really think that there's quite a power imbalance between them. I appreciated that Pen grew in confidence over the course of the book but she always seemed to shrink and rely on Jack in a way that had me frustrated. Fortunately, she does evolve into a character that had more agency and became more bold as the series progressed. Jack, on the other hand, was given the most interesting parts in the get go and was charming all the way to the fucking end. Think of him as the dude in the bar that you could possibly have a good time with and only that. Pen, with all her problems and quibbles, needs a good time and I'm 100% okay with them having their own rowdy weekend in some "real/unreal" dream. Nothing about their relationship screams permanence to me; from Pen's reactions to Jacks often funny quips (does she ever laugh?) to even Jack's dismissal of her own capabilities in her detective work, their relationship is clearly leaning towards the physical than an emotional one. Maybe I expect too much but it was just frustrating when you see potential.The other characters were quirky and interesting in their own way. That's all. After typing all this down, it may seem that I didn't enjoy myself at all. I think I was hard on certain aspects of the book because I wanted more from it and I kept expecting more from every book until I ran out of books and there are still so many things that could've been done. In its own way, The Haunted Bookshop Mysteries were charming and entertaining. I just wanted more from it. Edit: Also were are the people of colour??? Yo man, pretty sure it's America and more than half of the population over there are from all over the world. Bah.

  • Donna H
    2019-05-20 08:34

    Cute. :-) Too bad #6's release has been put on an unknown back burner for some reason... It's not nice to leave FAITHFUL readers dangling like this. First it'll be out in April 2013 - then we read it'll be out in 2018... WHERE THE HELL IS #6???

  • Kathy Davie
    2019-05-10 04:34

    Fifth in the Haunted Bookshop mystery series set in an old bookstore, Buy the Books, in Quindicott, Rhode Island. One of the owners, Penelope McClure, has an odd partnership in detecting…with the ghost of a private detective, Jack Shepard, who was murdered in the bookstore in 1949.The StoryWhile delivering a parcel of books, Pen stumbles over the dead body of her buyer, a Miss Todd, who lived as a recluse in her old mansion. Seymour Tarnish is on the hot seat for this one…mostly because Chief Ciders and Bull McCoy have a hard-on for hurtin' Seymour and they're both stupider than bricks. And when Pen tells them she saw Seymour running across the road with a bloodied shirt and Miss Todd's will is read and Seymour inherits just about everything, well…even if the medical examiner says she died of natural causes, Ciders will do just about anything to put Seymour away even if Pen still thinks Miss Todd was frightened to death.The CharactersI suspect we may have a couple of new characters in the series: Emory Stoddard is/was Miss Todd's lawyer and Ophelia Tuttle is Stoddard's secretary and both are members of the Rhode Island Paranormal Society. Ophelia can see and hear Jack…you can imagine how annoyed Pen is that Ophelia can see Jack and she can't!Mrs. Fromsette and April Briggs are mother and daughter with a huge stake in things.My TakeThis was rather fun in that Pen was so worried about ghostbusters and exorcisms taking Jack away from her. I thought she got a bit carried away about it, but Pen was definitely worried about Jack disappearing forever. The disappointing part of it was that there just wasn't the action and excitement I've come to expect. Sure, the unveiling of how they terrified Miss Todd to death was interesting and I'm curious as to how Kimberly will use Ophelia and Stoddard in future stories—how could she resist with all the terror it inspires in Pen! But I missed having more action inside the bookstore, we hardly saw Sadie, and we didn't get much time on one of Jack's old cases in Pen's dreams.Sadie certainly made a good pitch for an open mind about books—just because a book's subject isn't your cup of tea, it's no reason to put it down. It's made me stop and think. I'm hoping when I get down on a book, it's for the right reasons and not just because I dislike its subject.It's been two years since this installment was published and I'm hoping Kimberly hasn't given up on the series…I want to know what happens when Bud beats the Municipal Zoning Witch at the polls, I want to see Pen have a regular date and listen to Jack bitch and moan about it, I want more action between Pen and Jack…The CoverThe cover has us peeking in through the opened, double-arched doors of Miss Todd's mansion at the stairs just inside the door with Jack's fedora caught on the newel post. It's missing the lovely stained glass border the first four books had. Instead the top and bottom are bordered by a thick band of burgundy.The title is a bit ho-hum but accurate as it is all about the The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion.

  • Drebbles
    2019-05-02 07:38

    Mailman Seymour Tandish, friend of bookstore owner Penelope Thornton-McClure, should be ecstatic when he inherits a mansion, but he isn’t. For one thing, the police suspect he killed the elderly owner in order to get her estate. For another thing, the mansion seems to be haunted. Penelope is very familiar with ghosts – the ghost of 1940’s private investigator Jack Shepard is often by her side – and she thinks she can help Seymour with his ghosts. But Seymour has other ideas – he wants to exorcise all the ghosts out of town – and Pen has to convince him not to do that, or she’ll lose Jack forever.Author Alice Kimberly (pen name for husband and wife writing team Alice Alfonsi and Marc Cerasini who also write as Cleo Coyle) has created a delightfully unique cozy mystery series. The supernatural elements are well done and the series is filled with strong characters starting with Pen who picked up the pieces of her life after her husband committed suicide and helped revitalize her aunt’s bookstore. Jack is another great character, a typical 1940’s private investigator who doesn’t always quite get the innovations of modern times. Some of the best parts in this series are when Pen, through her dreams, is pulled into past cases that Jack investigated. Kimberly does a good job of not only creating Jack’s past world, but the town of Quindicott where Pen lives and the townspeople who are all quite realistic.Having said all that, I was slightly disappointed in “The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion”. It had some great moments and I love the way that Kimberly adds more dimension to Jack in each book (in this book she does a great job of explaining why Jack disappears for long periods of time). The mystery itself is good with plenty of suspects and red herrings, but some suspects aren’t fully developed and Kimberly gives away the identity of the killer too early in the book (and it’s hard to believe the characters didn’t catch on as early as readers do). The elderly woman giving away her estate to someone who is practically a stranger is a well worn plot device (although it was fun to read as Seymour tries to fit into his new neighborhood) and was a bit rushed as Seymour moved very quickly into the house. Finally, the scene where they confront the killer is another cliché and totally unbelievable. However, Kimberly does add a very nice twist at the end of the book.“The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion” is not the best book in The Haunted Bookshop cozy mystery series, but it’s such a good series it’s still worth reading.Other books in the series are:The Ghost and Mrs. McClureThe Ghost and the Dead DebThe Ghost and the Dead Man's LibraryThe Ghost and the Femme FataleEnjoy.

  • Heather L
    2019-05-14 03:55

    Finished The Ghost and The Haunted Mansion last night. Another good addition to the series, and really liked what this book said about censorship and not judging what other people read. This comes up as customers complain about a racy standee used to promote a new thriller. Here is what Penelope's Aunt Sadie says on the topic: "[Customers] are perfectly free to purchase what they like to read. In this store, everyone is, and no one will ever be made to feel bad about reading whatever speaks to them, whatever makes them happy. Did you know a St. Francis (local college in the book) Ph.D. candidate once asked me in serious, earnest tones why I sell cozy mysteries? "...Apparently this young man hadn't heard that Agatha Christie is one of the most widely read authors in the English language, and the genre in which she excelled is still very much alive and loved, not to mention one of our most popular sales categories. "Should I stop selling the Yarn Spinners their favorite books because some young man, paying oodles of money to read a professor's syllabus, has an opinion about what some of my very best customers 'should' be reading?" * * * "I'm not saying...that this year's roster of bestselling authors will stand the test of time. But, you know, the novel itself was once considered a 'disreputable' genre; and some of the greatest books ever written--in my humble opinion--would be dismissed today as 'popular' fiction, given the literary theories of the moment. And I do mean moment, dear." * * * "Academia can be as changeable and trendy as the rest of society in what it decides to deem worthy, and people who go out of their way to make others feel bad about their enjoyment of a particular book, even an entire genre, are missing the bigger picture. "At a time when fewer and fewer adults are reading anything, we should be celebrating enthusiasm, not condemning it. "Be careful... 'My' books are good and yours are bad' is a dangerous Animal Farm game... For some people, 'erudition' is nothing more than a vehicle for hostility and arrogance; 'good taste' merely an excuse for condescension--or worse, censorship."(pg 96-98)

  • T.J. Alexian
    2019-05-21 06:54

    What's better than realizing you missed one book in your favorite series? This just happened with all-time favorite not-so-guilty pleasure about a month ago, and I ordered it right away. The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion was just as good as the others in the series, if not better, because the recurring characters all feel like old friends by now. For me, there's something about the ways these books are crafted that I find more appealing than most anything else out there. These books are light as a soufflé and just as tasty. A big part of that is the community that has developed: Penelope and her ghost detective, Jack Shepard, of course, but I also have grown quite fond of Pen's aunt and their quirky friends, such as the comic-book loving mailman Seymour Tarnish, who takes center stage this time around. Seymour has become the sole heir of a posh old Victorian, but as is wont to be the case in this sort of novel, his gift comes at a price-as he is also the lead suspect in the eyes of Quidnicott's "finest" when it comes to who brought about the demise of the little old lady who previously owned the place. To make matters worse, the house is haunted, too. Now how much would you pay?While the mystery is the thing that drives the story, it's really the situations that take place as a result of that which make the stories so enjoyable. Watching the somewhat uncultured Seymour try to fit in with Quidnicott's "high society" is a lot of fun to read, as are those sections where we go back in time and relive a mystery that Jack solved that connects to the modern day mystery Pen is solving. And, part of the fun is always seeing what pop culture references the authors will gently poke fun at--in this story, since it's a haunted house, we are treated to a playful variation of Ghost Hunters. Terrific!The only thing that makes me sad is the fact that while I loved this latest installment, the title that was supposed to come after has been due out for three years now. I hope it finally does, someday. The Haunted Bookshop series is more fun than a barrel of mystery monkeys.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-07 05:50

    I love Alice Kimberly/Cleo Coyle. Both series written by this husband/wife team are completely different but each is highly readable and great examples of the cozy mystery genre. The Haunted Bookshop Mystery series on the surface, wouldn't be one that would normally appeal to me. I don't like ghosts. But the way that Kimberly weaves the ghost's past cases as a PI with the current mystery surrounding the bookshop and Penelope is very clever. The characters in Quindicott are likeable and make you want to get to know them and the town more. It's interesting that this is a series set in a bookshop as physical bookstores are going by the wayside. There's nary a mention of e-readers/electronic books. Pen does a great job with her aunt Sadie promoting the store, hosting events and book clubs and stocking the best of the best in mysteries. I do enjoy in this latest installment in the series that Aunt Sadie goes off about pretension and those that turn their noses up at certain books or people because they aren't considered highly intelligent reading material or have deep meanings. I have myself, thought the same thing over and over and hate anything pretentious - foodies, people who scoff at food with preservatives, people who only listen to certain indie labels/music only to stop listening when those artists go mainstream and try to earn a little money and those who only read literary works. As long as what you are doing makes you happy, there is no reason for anyone else to turn their nose up at it. Different strokes for different folks. I digress though. This series and the Coffeehouse Mysteries by the same author are awesome reads. Very well-written, great characters, and both great settings!

  • Ellen
    2019-05-16 07:44

    Haunted mansion, Seance- a delectable cozy!, June 11, 2012 By Ellen Rappaport (Florida) This review is from: The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion (Haunted Bookshop Mysteries, No. 5) (Mass Market Paperback) I couldn't have asked for a more inviting cozy if I tried. All the ingredients: a haunted mansion with the owner murdered, a seance and a P.I. who is in fact a ghost from the 1940's era. Totally fascinating and addictive!Loved this book and this series from it's start. This particular book compelled me to read on and on.Penelope is brought into this situation by discovering the murdered body of the haunted mansions owner while delivering a book to her. At the same time her mailman is observed running away from the mansion with a red stain on his shirt.And so the games afoot. How will Jack be involved in the solving of this mystery and why is the mailman running away from the scene of this crime?If I had only one cozy mystery series to choose would have to be the Haunted Bookshop mystery series. More than a murder has mysteries that span decades and relationships that cover dimensions.A MUST read for lovers of cozies.Ellen

  • Michelle
    2019-04-30 04:41

    This is the 5th book in the Haunted Bookshop series. Penny is on her way to drop off a book order to a wealthy recluse when she almost runs into Seymour, her friend and mailman, who runs away with red stains on his shirt. When she arrives, the front door is open and the owner is dead on the floor, apparently from fright. Penny must work to solve the mystery and clear Seymour, who has been left the estate to his surprise. There is also someone out to get Seymour and the mansion may be haunted. Jack helps out with a mystery from his past involving the mysterious symbol found at the home and Penny worries about the ghostbusters Seymour wants to hire and their possible effect on Jack. She also has to deal with irate customers who don't like the provocative display for the "Bang Bang Baby" book and otherwise manage her hectic life. Penny meets a spiritualist who can see and hear Jack and is unclear on her role in the mystery. While this one was a little far fetched at times it was still amusing.

  • Kala Hammer
    2019-05-11 01:50

    The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion is the fifth book in the series about a bookshop owner who can talk with a ghost that haunts her little store in Quindicott, Rhode Island. The ghost, Jack Shepard, a private detective, was shot in the bookstore in 1946 and never left. For some unknown reason, the moment Penelope McClure steps into the bookshop she is able to communicate with him. Pen, with Jack's assistance, solves murder mysteries around town. In this particular book, Pen comes across the body of a rich, elderly woman who believed her house was being haunted by ghosts. With help from local business owners, known as "The Quibblers", Pen works to solve the case and clear one of her friends from a murder charge. Alice Kimberly is a great writer. She keeps you guessing for more and often throws curve balls into the story that you don't see coming. I really enjoy reading her books. They are a nice, easy, "comfort" read that I will continue to indulge in. Please check out the rest of the series as well as the Coffeehouse Mystery and her website for both.

  • Andi
    2019-05-15 05:37

    I have really enjoyed Alice Kimberly's series about a newly widowed woman and her son revamping an out of date bookstore that is haunted by a private investigator who was murdered in 1949. I have given all her books a 5 star because, as cozy mysteries go, each book has a great story and each has a certain progression regarding the relationships between the characters, in particular Penelope and her Ghost. I will say that her No. 6 book was to be released awhile ago and has still not been, and online it does not give any indication of when. That is disappointing, but there could be a personal reason for this, or she is busy with other things. Unfortunately, this is such a great series that I would hate to see it slip through the cracks for another project, but that's how these things go sometimes. I would highly recommend all these books with the caution of having to wait for follow-up storylines.

  • Jan C
    2019-05-17 05:58

    These are fairly light mysteries, but I find them entertaining. It provides the lesson - don't fall in love with a ghost, there's not much substance to it. The only time she can see her ghost is when he chooses to haunt her dreams. I'm sure that as long as these stories get written I will probably keep picking them up. So far they haven't gotten boring. Although I'm not too crazy about some of the names for groups that are meeting in her bookstore - a little too cutesy for my tastes. But it does help that her ghost is a hard-bitten 1940s private detective.And I spent most of this book trying to remember the first name of the love interest from the movie "The Lady in the Lake". I knew her last name was Fromsett but couldn't for the life of me remember her first until I went to IMDB tonight. There is a Mrs. Fromsett in this book and she does have a daughter but neither of the same first name as the character in the movie.

  • Robin
    2019-05-15 00:51

    This is a cute and pleasant story. I read it because I needed to read a book with a ghost in it for the Book Nerd program. I wouldn't have read it otherwise.The part I liked best was that Penelope, the main character, kind of fell in love with the ghost who became part of her life while she was solving a crime. It was cute that she had a relationship talking to him, although she never saw him while she was awake. She could see him in her dreams, but it was only during the late forties, when he had been alive.It was fun that while Penelope was trying to figure out who killed Miss Todd, the reader and the townspeople in the story went back and forth between thinking the murder had been paranormal or a normal murder, we find out in the end that it was a normal murder. So, the story ends with a normal murder, yet the reader knows there really were ghosts in the story, just that they hadn't committed the murder.

  • KyBunnies
    2019-05-13 08:53

    When starting this book I knew it would be the last one until sometime in 2018. Not very happy with having to wait so long but I understand the author writes several different genres and series. I will try and patiently wait.I hope readers will see more of the mailman in future books. I really enjoyed how the author twisted everything in the story and pulled off a top of the hat read. Jack I am patiently waiting to see you again. Highly recommend this series to any who enjoy cozy mysteries.

  • Dharia Scarab
    2019-05-13 08:32

    Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books...1 star... This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars... This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars... This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.4 stars... I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be on the look out to pick up more from the series/author.5 stars... I loved this book! It had earned a permanent home in my collection and I'll be picking up the rest of the series and other books from the author ASAP.

  • Rebecca
    2019-05-22 08:55

    The blurb for this book was a bit misleading - it states that Pen "must act fast" to save Jack from ghosthunters, but that's actually a very tiny part of the book.That said, this was a delightful mystery. Despite being the fifth book in the series, I was easily able to follow along, and the characters are delightful. The PI ghost, Jack, is a real corker of a "hero", but I like that Penelope (Pen) is the one who figures everything out on her own. I also like the flashbacks to a connected case from before Jack's death. I'll definitely be checking out the earlier books in the series, plus looking for the author's other books.

  • Veena
    2019-04-24 04:38

    I started with book no.5 of this series, which was probably a wrong thing to do if you are trying to figure out if this is an author you want to read more of.That being said, I found it to be a nice, light read with the interesting storyline of a book store owner who has a special friend in a PI ghost from the 1940s. The parallels of the mystery she is trying to solve with one from his era is also nicely done. Falling in love with a ghost though, I am not sure is a very good thing.I will definitely pick up another book of this author's (the next one - don't think I want to work my way back to number 1)to see if she is one to be followed.

  • Susan
    2019-04-26 04:33

    Another delightful episode in the life of bookstore owner Penelope in quaint Maine village Quindicott, as she deals with small-town politics, uncovers long-buried secrets, raises her young son, helps out her friends and receives their help in return. All the while chatting with her resident ghost Jack, who she prefers to flesh-and-blood eligible males. Jack's witty hardboiled gumshoe dialogue makes this cozy series more entertaining than most. The technical details of the haunting can be guessed by the reader immediately, but the many colorful characters and their interaction throughout the story makes this a fun read.

  • Susan
    2019-05-02 01:59

    This fifth installment finds bookstore owner Penelope and hard boiled detective ghost Jack investigating a haunted mansion in which the elderly owner appears to have died of fright. I found the plot of this book to be interesting in it explored some parapsychological themes, although I did find myself harkening back to Scooby Doo episodes. There was also a bit more character development, which was refreshing. I also like how the author includes a mystery within a mystery, tying cases from Jack's past into the mystery at hand.

  • Susan
    2019-04-28 04:49

    This was one of the better entries in the series. I really enjoyed the murder mystery and, once again, how the author took a cold case and continued it on into the present murder. The characters all are growing and I am getting a sharper view of each personality.The setting was wonderful - can you imagine inheriting a huge old mansion with enough funds for maintenance and taxes? A dream come true, ghost or not!I really enjoyed this book. It was the perfect read for an escape to this fun fictional world in Rhode Island.