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For Colorado caterer Goldy Schulz, business isn't just booming--it's skyrocketing. But as her friend Marla is constantly warning her, "Success can kill you." Goldy knows she needs to slow down before she breaks down, and she vows she'll do it--right after her next booking: a cocktail party for the Westside Mall's Elite Shoppers Club.It's the event of the shopping season: tFor Colorado caterer Goldy Schulz, business isn't just booming--it's skyrocketing. But as her friend Marla is constantly warning her, "Success can kill you." Goldy knows she needs to slow down before she breaks down, and she vows she'll do it--right after her next booking: a cocktail party for the Westside Mall's Elite Shoppers Club.It's the event of the shopping season: the Princess Without a Pricetag party for the wealthy shopaholics who drop at least a thousand dollars a week at the mall. Goldy has been hired by charming mall manager Barry Dean to cater the jewel-encrusted affair. But she has hardly begun setting up when she finds herself in the path of a truck that has no intention of stopping until both she and Barry are crushed beneath it. Muddied, bruised, embarrassed, but determined to do her job, Goldy manages to get the party started on time with the help of her trusted assistants Julian Teller and Liz Fury.But with the outbreak of an ugly marital spat among the guests, the behavior of Barry's flighty young girlfriend, and Barry's own strange actions after the truck incident, the event is--by Goldy's standards--a catastrophe. And it's about to get worse. When she goes to pick up her check, she finds an old friend lying dead in a pile of sale shoes--stabbed with one of Goldy'snew knives. Hours later, Julian is the prime suspect in the murder.To prove Julian's innocence, Goldy must catch the real killer. But to do that, she will have to figure out why the victim was carrying a powerful narcotic. And why was a private investigator called in shortly before the murder? Was the killer connected to a mall renovation project--or the eviction of a disgruntled tenant? Or was the villain the odd lover out in a violent love triangle?Between whipping up Sweethearts' Swedish Meatballs, Quiche Me Quick, and Diamond Lovers' Hot Crab Dip, and digging up clues, Goldy knows this is going to be one tough case to crack. And her gourmet sleuth's instinct tells her that the final course will be a real killer....

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Chopping Spree Reviews

  • James
    2019-04-25 05:22

    Book Review4 out of 5 stars to Chopping Spree, the 11th book in the "Goldy Bear Schultz Culinary" cozy mystery series, written in 2002 by Diane Mott Davidson. Don't you just love the titles? This was a good book in the series, as it focused on Julian, my favorite character, and it took place in a mall. Goldy's always in the middle of things, and this one took it to new levels. She gets herself into the worst situations, but they are always amusing and educational. She's almost run over in this book, a somewhat new way to die for mysteries... A definite read in the series!About MeFor those new to me or my reviews... here's the scoop: I read A LOT. I write A LOT. And now I blog A LOT. First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at, where you'll also find TV & Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I've visited all over the world. And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who/what/when/where and my pictures. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Vote in the poll and ratings. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Laura
    2019-05-18 06:18

    This was a fun read! It was like visiting an old friend. I was introduced to this author and this series a few years ago. Read 2 or 3 of her first books. These books are like, for want of a better term, literary "junk food". Fun to consume with no serious after affects. Goldy Schulz is a caterer/amateur sleuth. She lives in an up-scale Colorado area; is married to a sheriff's officer (which comes in handy)and is raising a teenage son. She only get's involved in cases that concern either someone she loves or a client. Cooking is a release for her as well as her muse. Goldy is a fun character and the people in her life are every bit as entertaining as she is. In this one a former college buddy is killed and her assistant chef is accused of the murder. She sets about trying to prove his innocence. In the process she makes some yummy creations and shares the recipes with you in the book. Food is a central character in all these books and as one of the blurbs on the back of book suggests ". . . you may want to pull your reading chair up next to the oven."

  • Debbie
    2019-05-16 23:56

    Book 11 in the Goldy Culinary Mysteries.An old college friend, Barry Dean, hires Goldy to cater the opening event at a high-end mall. Things are going well enough until Goldy stumbles over Barry, bleeding to death after being stabbed by one of her brand new knives. Julian is arrested for the murder and, of course, Goldy sets out to prove his innocence.As in the last installment, Goldy's teenage son, Arch, is over-the-top obnoxious, to the point where he is repeating the abusive pattern set by "the Jerk." His behavior, and Goldy's acceptance of it, really soured the story for me.

  • Kellene
    2019-05-06 00:08

    I actually enjoyed this more than the last few Goldy mysteries I have read. Goldy is even more of a ditz than usual with her lack of sleep and inordinate consumption of caffeine. And I have to say that I am amazed at how quickly this woman heals from concussions. Her son needs his butt kicked, and I can’t believe how willing the police (especially her husband) are to overlook her interference in murder investigations. The story moved along, if somewhat disjointedly at times, but the solution left me shaking my head. And, as I write this review, I’m not really sure what I liked about the book or why I continue the series when I’m not especially fond of anything about it. Maybe I’m trying to figure out why it’s so successful…

  • James Adams
    2019-04-29 06:21

    A decent kitchen cozy, a bit less twee than the average. As with most cozies, liable to kill any follower of Occam's Razor, as it is rife with red herrings and complications, but it is a decent time. Some of the characters, however, are infuriating enough to make portions difficult to struggle through.

  • Barbara ★
    2019-05-23 00:21

    I had trouble getting into this one. I think it was because the focus on food and cooking was too much. It eclipsed the mystery and everything else. And don't get me started on Arch! WTH is Goldy thinking allowing a 15 year old to dictate to her and with that attitude? (My mother would have beat the stuffings out of me for half of what he did.) Especially after surviving an abusive husband (Arch's father). Not only did she allow his disrespect, she rewarded him too! I just didn't get it. Yeah I guess it's easier to give in than to parent but once you start a kid on that route, it's much more difficult to turn him/her around.I found it annoying when Goldy made negative comments about Marla's delinquent son, Teddy. Where does she think her own kid is headed? I found Goldy to be overly negative and petty in this installment. I will continue the series because on the whole, I like her attempts at detecting and her long-suffering cop husband (when is he going to get a backbone?) It's kind of funny when he's doing the cooking and she's playing the cop.

  • Debby
    2019-05-17 23:58

    Just shy of son Arch's 15th birthday, Goldy's business is booming thanks to her old friend Barry Dean, the mall manager. When a catered mall event starts with a parking lot near miss, included two fights, and ends with Goldy discovering Barry's stabbed body, it's not a good day. When Julien is accused of the murder, it's worse. Goldy has to free Julien before Arch's birthday, so mayhem ensues as Goldy tracks down the clues.The murderer was surprisingly a surprise, Arch was a whiny brat until the end, and Goldy and Julien are way too addicted to their coffee.This was narrated by Joyce Bean - NOT a good choice compared to the normal Barbara Rosenblat narrations. Goldy has a Boston accent, Tom sounds like the deep south, and it was all wrong. Annoyingly wrong. Fortunately the other 13 I've listened to have been done by Rosenblat.

  • Carmen
    2019-04-30 02:10

    Another trip down the bizarre catering business of Goldy Schulz. In this one, her friend is the business manager of a shopping center and asks her to cater an event. He ends up dead and it looks like she has done it. Through some bizarre circumstances, which make excellent reading, she is able to discover who did it. Along the way there is a sub-plot going on about her troublesome teenage son, 15 years old so of course he can be a pill, and some more relevations about her friend, Marla. Her ex is not present in this book.

  • JenniferJ
    2019-05-19 02:14

    It took me a while to get into Chopping Spree and even then it was hard to hold my attention. It wasn't that it was a bad story I just couldn't focus or something. I can't put my finger on what nagged me so about this book because I enjoyed Goldy and I love a book with recipes included so I'm chalking it up to bad timing on my part and am thinking maybe if I go back and try to read them in order I can appreciate this particular story better.

  • Cheryl Cooper
    2019-05-16 03:19

    Except for the bratty son i enjoyed this book. He was kind of hard to take until the end when he kind of redeemed himself. So many suspects to choose from I didn't see this one coming. Will read more of this series.

  • Crystal Karre
    2019-05-17 02:53

    Always a delight

  • Jacqueline O.
    2019-04-24 00:58

    Goldy Schultz owns "Goldilock's Catering: Where Everything is Just Right!" and she is now quite successful, making several thousand dollars a month from her catering company. She's so successful that she is starting to burn out - not on catering, but the constant work is leading to exhaustion and insomnia. Her best friend, Marla, is concerned about her - and her son is acting out. This is the background to about half the novel.Goldy is contacted by an old college buddy who now works as a manager at the local high class shopping mall. He hires Goldy to cater an event at the mall for the Elite Shoppers Club - people who spend $1000 or more per week at the mall. The friend, Barry, keeps telling Goldy he has to talk to her, especially on the day of the event. However, with one thing and another - they never talk. After the event, as Goldy goes to pick-up her son's birthday gift (paid for but stored at the store where she bought it) and then get the final check from Barry for the catering - Barry is murdered. Since Goldy is found knocked unconscious by his body - the police at first accuse her of killing him. They then accuse and arrest one of her catering assistants because he found Barry's body and tried to take the knife used to kill him out.Goldy is quickly cleared - but not so much her assistant, who happens to be a close, personal friend of her family (especially her son), and he's kept in jail. Goldy, between trying to take care of herself, trying to repair her relationship with her teen-aged son, her getting ready for additional catering events by preparing food, tries to get her friend out of jail, and despite numerous warnings, investigates the case.Goldy ends up inheriting Barry's dog, who had initially been taken in by Barry's neighbor. The dog proves to be crucial to the case, and Goldy ends-up at Barry's house, investigating - and discovering evidence. She's attacked by the murderer, but manages to knock him out, then calls her police officer husband,who had been barred from the case since it involves family. The case is wrapped up.Background to the book includes Goldy running her catering company, actual recipes in the midst of the book (which I found annoying, actually. I would prefer if all the recipes were at the end of the book), and a "shopping addiction" group. That many of the suspects were spending way, way beyond their means for one reason or another, and therefore might have a reason to dispose of Barry both gives the book flavor and forms the Red Herrings of the book. For example, the husband of one addictive shopper who constantly competes with her wealthy gold-digger sister, claims that Barry was blackmailing him - he also owes the mall thousands in back rent, that he never paid, due to his wife's shopping habit. The AA-style meeting Goldy attends is brilliantly written.The final discovering of evidence scenes as well as the confrontation with the actual murderer was also well done. It's a surprise, but the clues were all there - and certainly something did seem suspicious about what was going on - that led to the murder.Overall, I enjoyed this book. It was a quick read. The catering background was interesting and a bit different. All the characters, many of whom are probably regulars, were well-drawn enough in this book that it was interesting to read about them. I didn't feel at all that the supporting cast was flat - a danger in any cozy-style mystery. Goldy's first husband was also extremely abusive - both physically and mentally; when she witnesses a couple going at each other at the event at the mall - it brings up bad memories (and leads to one of the more plausible red herrings). That Goldy's second husband is a cop with the local sheriff's department makes sense - he probably rescued her from her ex-husband. Goldy's issues with her son (from her first marriage) seem to be mostly typical teenaged stuff and her son probably feeling a little abandoned by her sudden focus on her business. The background material at the mall and with the AA-style group for compulsive shoppers also was surprisingly sensitive and well-written. The casual racism towards the Hispanic construction workers at the mall not so much though.Still, this is a fun, light mystery with plenty of inside details on how a catering business works including some delicious-sounding recipes. Recommended.

  • Peggy
    2019-05-05 04:04

    I listened to this audiobook. I have read or listened to a lot of these cozy mysteries. This is my favorite cozy series. Barbara Rosenblat is a terrific narrator, too. Goldy Schultz runs a catering business in a small town outside Denver. She is an amateur sleuth married to a sheriff's investigator. In this book Goldy is catering a jewelry leasing event for the wealthy at a local mall. An old friend from college is the new mall manager. Goldy gets involved when the friend is found stabbed and her beloved assistant Julian is arrested for the killing. Goldy is nosy, and with the help of her gossip seeking best friend Marla, learns all the juicy secrets of the suspects. But, as usual, her snooping gets her into hot water. Her college friend was a fan of riddles and coffee, and he leaves breadcrumbs for Goldy to follow to uncover the murderer. These are light books, with humor, but well written.

  • Linda
    2019-04-27 08:17

    Each book gets betterAlthough I think too many female characters were involved., the plot was different and interesting. I enjoyed the emotional journey that Goldy and her son 's interaction as mother and a teenager. I also was never aware of the shopping problems people can get involved in. Actually could not wait until the next page a ND chapter. Ms. Davidson has always been a favorite author and hope she continues for a long time. Starting book 12 right now.

  • Katey
    2019-05-06 02:20

    This book wasn't confusing by any means, but it seemed to me that the killer came out of nowhere, both at the end of the book, and within the evidence that was found for implication. I didn't have any "a-ha" moments, like I have with other books...just a lot of people who are compulsive shoppers and love stuff.

  • Linda
    2019-04-29 01:01

    Chopping Spree by Diane Mott Davidson, is another entertaining read in the Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery series. This book had a mystery with multiple suspects and another surprise killer. It is amazing how Davidson always manages to tie everything up at the end of her books. Her characters, Goldy, Tom, Arch, and Marla are so much fun to read about!

  • Ranee
    2019-05-15 06:11

    I didn't finish this one. I'd read many of the series and just wasn't liking how they glossed over the son's demands, overstepping rules, etc. in this book. The swearing & the exploits of the rich clients was also not something I wanted to keep hearing.

  • Vanessa
    2019-05-12 02:53

    A fictional rendition of lifestyles of the rich and famous , where just about everyone in the story has reason and the lack of integrity to kill somebody . Goldie Schultz's Chopping Spree salad and her quiche recipe and delicious ; )

  • Sheila
    2019-05-14 02:00

    Problems at the mall during a high end event.

  • Lisa C
    2019-05-20 06:22

    Delicious guilty pleasure audio book!

  • Penney Peirce
    2019-05-10 01:53

    Good, simple fun with sinfully rich recipes. . .

  • Jan
    2019-04-30 07:19

    Goldy's husband is a saint. Finishing on the 31st and releasing on a cruise ship.

  • Susan Moxley
    2019-05-04 08:21

    A real page turner with lots of twists and turns and lots of mystery and action to the very end of the book.

  • Karen
    2019-05-05 08:10

    Love this series!

  • Tanya Stillman
    2019-05-21 07:12

    I love her books! I love her descriptive words and the recipes that are included. It's always a surprise to find out who done it! Mysteries!

  • Debbie Stanley
    2019-05-06 00:13

    Diane's books are always fun and easy to read. And the recipes thrown in are a great bonus!

  • Carolyn Alston
    2019-05-22 02:14

    I love all of Diane’s books. They are always enjoyable. I haven’t tried her recipes but they sound wonderful. There are several authors who write similar books but I think hers are the best. I love the setting and her adventures in the mountains along with descriptions of what that life is like. These are not heavy. They are just delightful.I hope she writes another one soon for I miss her characters.

  • Melissa Namba
    2019-05-20 00:08

    a light easy read for while on vacation. the set up of all the girlfriends was obviously a decoy. i like that her kid is moody as a teen should be. hate that her husband is "perfect". the recipes take up a big chunk of this book so it is a MUCH faster read than normal because they are 4 pages long each.

  • Janine
    2019-04-26 06:07

    A good book to pass the morning away at the beach. The pages of recipes stuck in the middle of a chapter annoyed me

  • S. J.
    2019-05-23 07:05

    Review of Catering to Nobody: Book OneReview of Dying for Chocolate: Book TwoReview of The Cereal Murders: Book ThreeReveiew of The Last Suppers: Book FourReview of Killer Pancake: Book FiveReview of The Main Corpse: Book SixReview of The Grilling Season: Book SevenReview of Prime Cut: Book EightReview of Tough Cookie: Book NineReview of Sticks & Scones: Book TenAs stated in previous reviews, I am unable to do a complete review at this time. Here's the best I can do at the moment.*The Gush and Rant*This has, so far, been my least favorite book in the series. Not that it's bad, just didn't connect with me the way the others did.The whole mega shopping thing really doesn't do it for me, so I was extremely uninterested. The first Goldy and then Julian being suspected of the murder was pretty cool, and Goldy certainly handled it the way you'd expect - not well. I really wish she'd learned to lean on and trust Tom at least a bit in situations like this. And can I just say the whole...dirt thing was a bit...not at all what I was expecting. *Conclusion*All in all, this isn't a bad book but it didn't ring well to me. I'll read it again, but I think it will always be my least favorite of the series. (That makes it head and shoulders over many books however.)