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When Sam's best friend gets her first boyfriend, she's not ready to spend the summer listening to the two of them call each other "pookie." Sick of being a third wheel, Sam applies to be a counselor-in-training at Whispering Pines camp in the New York Catskills. But what she doesn't realize is that it's not going to be all Kumbaya sing-alongs and gooey s'mores. If Ashley,When Sam's best friend gets her first boyfriend, she's not ready to spend the summer listening to the two of them call each other "pookie." Sick of being a third wheel, Sam applies to be a counselor-in-training at Whispering Pines camp in the New York Catskills. But what she doesn't realize is that it's not going to be all Kumbaya sing-alongs and gooey s'mores. If Ashley, the alpha queen of Whispering Pines, doesn't ruin Sam's summer, then her raging crush on the surfer-blond and flirtatious Hunter just might. At least she has playful Cole, who's always teasing her, but is oh-so-comfortable to hang out with, and the singular gang of girls that become fast friends with Sam-they call themselves the Sleepaway Girls....

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Sleepaway Girls Reviews

  • Ari
    2019-06-25 09:46

    I have read this book 4 times now, and loved it every time. Of course, I am almost 14, so I get a different view of novels than some people. I fell in love with all the characters and the twisted romances. I did like how there was subtle humor through-out the book. This is about a teenage girl whos best friend get's her first boyfriend and is with him all the time. Sam decides she doesn't want to be around that all summer, so she decides to goes to a sleepaway camp for the first time and learns more about herself while becoming a better person to herself. She makes friends and enemies, pranks, and falls in lust and love. I can tell if a book is really well written when I'm wanting to scream at the characters, jump around, and feel frusterated, and I felt all these emotions reading this book. Unlike fantasy books which I really enjoy, I could relate to all the people in "Sleepaway Girls." It makes me wish the Pines existed so I could go.I reccomend this book to readers who like romance, suddle humor and teenage drama.

  • LolaReviewer
    2019-05-30 10:48

    I had so much fun reading this book the first time, three years ago, that I really wanted to re-read it. I usually don't re-read a book because:a) I have to many books in my to-read shelf waiting for meb) It's a little risky since I can find flaws I didn't see back thenandc) I sometimes find annoying reading a book in which I already know everything that will happen.So I picked it up again and...It was still the amazing book I read three years ago!! It entertained me and made me laugh and feel as if I was really there, witnessing every single thing and feeling all characters' emotions. I could almost feel the sun on my skin. Haaa.... *.**I saw that there's a sequel. I.AM.TRYING.HARD.TO.CONTROL.MY.EMOTIONS.RIGHT.NOW.image source:

  • papalbina
    2019-06-10 10:37

    it's not that the book is bad or so-so, i enjoyed reading it, it's just that it is so cliché that i kept thinking you could switch the mean girl's name, Ashley, for Tess, aka mean girl in Camp Rock, and nobody could see the diference. and during a big part of the book i was expecting them to jump out and start to sing or something v.vprobably the main problem is that i never had the oportunity to go to a camp, but this book fulfills every cliché and stereotype i've ever seen in american teen movies, series and books. positive point: the main character and her friends are very lovable and funny.

  • GirlwiththeBraids
    2019-06-13 07:33

    Samantha Montgomery doesn’t want to deal with her best friend this summer, especially since all she does is cuddle with her “pookie” little boy friend. Sam decides to go to sleep away camp; her first time ever and she is going to work as a counselor-in-training. She soon makes a small group of friends that care about her and want to bring the vicious, popular Ashley down on her knees. From the first day Sam arrived at camp, Ashley has been terrorizing her so why not get her back? Within her days at camp, she makes friends, finds a crush, and gets a run for her money through all the obstacles she overcomes. And what if first impressions aren’t always right?This book was a delight to read! Author Jen Calonita provides likeable characters with unique personalities while still focusing clearly on the plotline and using a zany twist in her writing. It was amusing and I was entertained the whole time! Being inside of Samantha’s mind and reading about the choices she will, would, or might make is laugh-out-loud funny. Though the references are fun and quirky, they are very specific to what teens watch on television and listen to on the radio today so I don’t know how long it would be up-to-date. With much potential and a pleasure to read, Sleepaway Girls will easily make it to the top!(This book is also a very clean read. I only found one mild reference in the whole book and it wasn't in a disturbing way. :)

  • Jenna
    2019-06-21 07:43

    Being a lover of camp, when I saw this book at my library, I just had to pick it up. I was surprised to find this an actually intriguing book about camp and not too much like the rest. I fell in love with the characters, and this book put me through so many emotions. I've been reading this book non-stop all day, probably the most time I've ever spent on any book (besides tfios and the traveling pants series). This is an amazing light summer read, and it has put me in the camp spirit; I'm leaving next week! This is one of my new favorite books. It highlights all of the great aspects of camp, as well as adding lots of humor, romance, and teen drama. So, of course I'm giving it five stars. :)

  • Arminzerella
    2019-06-12 09:45

    Sam Montgomery decides to go away to Camp Whispering Pines for the summer to be a counselor in training (CIT) when her best friend, Mal, starts dating Mark. It’s the first time she’s ever really struck out on her own to do something that she wants (and the first time she’s going to camp), and she’s not really sure what to expect (she’s even a little scared). But almost from the start, Sam is a great camper and a great CIT. She’s funny, popular, and she gets along great with most of the girls in her bunk, the campers in her care, and the counselor (Alexis) she’s assigned to. She’s also popular with some of the guys – Cole and Hunter, in particular. Unfortunately, Ashley, daughter of the camp’s owner, and camp prima donna is accustomed to being in the spotlight and she hates Sam. Ashley does everything in her power to make Sam’s life miserable – playing pranks on her, telling lies about her, and getting her in trouble. When Sam finally loses her temper, she starts a camp-wide food fight that gets her and Ashley sentenced to the isolation cabin where they have to learn to get along. Sleepaway Girls is what Sam and her friends end up calling their secret meetings about camp – where they get together and discuss camp life, their feelings, their problems, etc. and record it all on video. Ah, the camp experience! I was looking forward to reliving my days as a camper with Sleepaway Girls, but this was a frustrating read for a number of reasons. 1.) Sam starts out being a mostly likeable character – until you find out that she’s kind of a doormat and does everything her friends tell her. 2.) Ashley is so mean, and she doesn’t ever really get her comeuppance. No authority figure ever hears Sam’s side of the story about all the horrible things that Ashley’s done to her. Everyone expresses how disappointed they are in Sam for allowing Ashley to goad her into responding – but really, it’s refreshing to see Sam actually stand up for herself. 3.) Some of the characterizations fall back on stereotypes – the boy-crazy girl, the sporty girl, the bookworm. 4.) Sam and Ashley’s punishment is right out of The Parent Trap, where the twins are forced to live and do everything together until they can learn to get along (no reference is made to The Parent Trap, either). I was really hoping to enjoy this light summer camp read a lot more than I did, but it was too fluffy, too superficial, and too predictable for me.

  • Courtney
    2019-05-29 03:34

    Meh, this book was just ok. I think it's a little younger than what I'm used to reading. I love YA, but this was a bit cheesy. I liked how it was a light summer read. I liked that there was some summer romance, but the whole 'togetherness' with Sam's new friends was a bit much. I think younger readers would really like it. I would have loved having friends I was that close to at that age too. The idea of being at a summer camp all summer was very appealing to. That was something I always wanted to do. Ever since seeing movies like "The Parent Trap" and "Heavyweights" where they spent the whole summer at camp, it brought back memories. This book had its good moments, but all in all it was just ok for me.

  • Sarah Rosenberger
    2019-06-18 04:23

    Sleepaway Girls piles overdone cliche on top of overdone cliche, and tops it all off with hokey pop-culture references & absurdly self-aware psychobabble (witness the fifteen year-old girl earnestly telling her friends "I'm a people pleaser..."). It is incredibly unbelievable in parts (at one point, dozens of people fail to recognize a girl they've spent the last 7 weeks living with because she has painted red circles on her cheeks & put on a yarn wig. Puh-leez!) and by the second chapter, you already know pretty much everything that is going to happen in the entire book.It's completely unoriginal, but as far as mindless beach reads go, it could be much worse.

  • Caitlin
    2019-06-21 04:44

    It was kind of mix between Camp Rock and a tad The Parent Trap. Except without the Rock and switching twins thing. It was pretty good though. Had some originality. Could be better. Fast and easy read.

  • Lana
    2019-05-30 08:43

    This book was really cute, but I liked the sequel, Summer State of Mind a little bit better. It felt like it had more was about finding friends and figuring out who you really are, not just about boys. This did have some good character development moments, but I felt like, overall, the main problem was just how to get the guy. And I wanted a little bit more than that.That's not to say there weren't adorable parts as well! I loved Cole...sweet guys are just my favorite. I did enjoy reading it, just not as much as the second one--but I think that's a good thing and that the author is improving, which is awesome!

  • Cemara Dinda (Me and the Bookshelf Life)
    2019-06-14 05:31

    When I found this book at the store, I was actually in the midst of my summer holidays. So I thought, why not? I should buy a book with a really summery feel to it. And I'm so glad that I bought Sleepaway Girls. So, from the synopsis above you could already see what the story is all about! Summer Camp! There's Sam Montgomery, your average fifteen year old girl in her summer holiday. She has a best friend who apparently has found a new boyfriend and she hated feeling left out. Sam loves her, but she just doesn't like being treated that way. But then she finds her way out, by applying for a job as a counselor-in-training (CIT) at a summer camp called Whispering Pines.Sam is in for quite the ride at Whispering Pines, this book wasn't all about the smooth ride of spending your summer at a camp. There were quite the amount of drama in this book. It involves the mean girl Ashley and her little entourage, and they didn't exactly make Sam's life fine and dandy at Whispering Pines. Then there are the two guys, the handsome and dreamy Hunter and the cool, pleasant, laid-back Cole. Well, they definitely brought a lot of sweetness in Sam's life at the camp. Yet she still made some funky friends that she got to know, and they really did had her back, and were with her through Ashley's backstabbing way. Okay, but Sleepaway Girls isn't only about the drama, there were actually a lot of details about Whispering Pines and the camp traditions. And since Sam is a counselor in training at the camp, she had to learn to take care of the little campers. I loved how they were described based on their age levels. Pez, marshmallows. It's one of many delights that I found in this book. I never really got bored while reading and I found the book very colorful.I love the excitement of Sleepaway Girls, but it's also a book about Sam standing up for herself and deciding on her own. It's about friendship, loyalty and love. It is actually a meaningful story and not the typical Summer book that is mostly focused on the drama and stereotypes. As I said, I was never bored and I loved the feeling of looking forward to turning the page and reading more. The plot of the story was very real and it got me to look a little differently on summer camp. The characters were well defined and described, although I wished it could have been done more on some. From this book I also learned about the sacrifices we make for others, standing up for yourself. But I also learned that we don't always have to follow the path people want us to take, we could make a path of our own. It's definitely a great book to read during a car ride, (unless you get a little car sick) the beach or the pool with the sun kissing your face.

  • Jennifer
    2019-06-17 08:32

    Product Details * Pub. Date: May 2010 * Publisher:Little, Brown Books for Young Readers * Format: Paperback, 297pp * Sales Rank: 79,899 * Age Range: Young Adult * ISBN-13: 9780316017183 * ISBN: 0316017183Sam decides that she is going to be a CIT (counselor in training) at a sleepaway camp called Whispering Pines because her best friend, the one that she does everything for, has a boyfriend that makes Sam feel like a third wheel. She is at a disadvantage though because she knows no one and everyone else seems to know each other. They have all been to camp before and she is the only new girl. Lucky for her, she finds a few great friends that help her through all of her trials through camp. These speed bumps happen to be from two boys, Hunter and Cole, and the camp queen bee, Ashley. This is a fun camp story that includes all of the great things from summer camp: a summer romance, sneaking out, pranks, a bit of rivalry, and many learned lessons.This was a great quick read that lifted my spirits as I read through it. It reminded me of my few sleepaway camp stories. I’m sure that my friends that were always in summer camp would love it even more than I did. Calonita is always an excellent quick read. She is funny and overly dramatic all at the same time. This is perfect for younger readers that have short attention spans because there are a lot of little conflicts that keep the story always moving.5/5 stars

  • Yan
    2019-06-23 06:27

    Sleepaway Girls is the birth child from a combination of Disney and Nickelodeon. Cavity producing sweet, annoying moral at the end, and childish. Sam seemed almost perfect. Nice, generous, and a complete wuss. Ashley was the perfect villain--evil, cruel, mean, heartless, and so into herself. But what was so funny to me was that in the end they start to become friends. Turns out Ashley was just jealous and Sam forgave her--shocker isn't it? Sam needed to get a backbone and fight against Ashley. She humiliates her, lies to people about her and yet she does nothing. Absolutely nothing. Swallows her pride and moves on. The one time she did confront Ashley was the food fight where Sam throws orange juice at her. Ashley was the most annoying, brat ever. She was the essence of a queen bee! Can't get what she wants? Then your life at camp will be hell. But never aim at someone who might fight back! Oh no! Target Sam because she's a pushover! I wanted to slap them both so much!That was the main issue with Sleepaway Girls. Other than that I thought it was a fun camp-themed book. The other characters were much better (well mostly all) and were a pleasure to read.I love the interactions between Ashley's dad and Sam's mom--a cute little relationship blooming in the background. Overall: An aggravating book nonetheless still sugary.

  • Tori
    2019-05-31 08:40

    Ha! I wish I could go back to those days when all that was troublesome was what I was going to wear and what to say the mean girl down the block. naive and innocent. Anyways, I saw this book in a magazine when I was thirteen and I recently saw it on my library's website. So I just thought, hey? Why not?...Wow has my taste in books changed.Obviously this book is meant for thirteen to fourteen year old girls. I'm pretty sure anyone younger could even read this. There was absolutely no moderately explicit material at all, which kind of suprised me considering the main character was fifteen.(Which was strange, reading about someone younger than me)Overall the book was good. I don't know why, but I've always been fascinated by sleepaway camps even though I've never been to one. I'll just blame the Parent Trap. It was cliche, girly and cheesy, yes, but I enjoyed it. Though, I really wanted to punch Ashley (or throw the book against the wall at least) because she was so stuck-up. I doubt girls are that catty towards each other in real life...or are that melodramatic! She got away with so much, I started to question whether or not this was boderlining fantasy. It's safe to say this book hasn't entered the "real world" yet. Which is perfect for tweens who need to have every ounce of fun they can before they enter high school and EVERYTHING changes.

  • Erin
    2019-05-25 10:36

    This was a very cute and fun read. A perfect summer, easy-breezy novel. If you have ever gone away to a summer camp, or dreamed of doing it then you will love this book. It reminded me a lot of when I was younger and went to a 3 week long summer camp for a bunch of summers in a row. All the activites were there and plenty of friends and mean girls and not to mention hunky boys.At 1st I was sort of annoyed, by how simple and shallow some of the characters seemed, but then I had to take a step back and remember the big picture. It was pretty predictable for the most part, but the friendship, the quirky characters and the budding romance was all worth it. I think that Sam and her friends will have more adventures down the road, even though Calonita says on her website that there isn't another book planned at this time, I am willing to bet there will be another Sleep Away Girl's novel or two down the road. And that makes me very happy.There were some aspects of this book that I felt weren't quite resolved enough and that is what leads me to believe that we'll be seeing more from all these wonderful characters. Overall, this was a light-hearted summer book perfect for reading on the beach, by the pool or even on a road trip.

  • Rebecca McNutt
    2019-06-13 11:48

    I've never been one for romance novels (my idea of a great summer camp story is the 1983 slasher film Sleepaway Camp), and this book to me was kind of corny. You remember that VHS tape dating service fad? No? Yes? Do I sound old? Well anyway, this book reminded me very much of those tapes, and not in a retro nostalgic way, either. :(

  • Veronika
    2019-05-26 05:33

    I've been at a camp just two times in my life and I didn't like it so much. But I actually really enjoyed reading this book ;-) It was pretty funny and I like the story. Sleepaway girls make me think that being a counselor-in-training at a summer camp could be really great! <3

  • Cecilia
    2019-06-05 11:51

    Really entertaining! Couldn't put this book down!

  • Cecelia
    2019-06-11 10:29

    I read this at an interesting point in my life; had I read this when it came out, 16 year old Cecelia would've thought it was ridiculously stupid. However 24 year old Cecelia could not 👏 stop 👏 laughing 👏 at the insane 2009 pop culture references. Man, what a trip. It's been a very long time since I've binged an entire book in one sitting, but this was it. It's a very simple, easy, mindless read. I love camp, so a lot of the camp culture was enjoyable to read about. I had some pet peeves with a lot of aspects of this book however. First, it was so insanely cliché; from basically the second chapter you knew exactly what was going to happen. Second, I craved more details on the friendships between Sam, Court, Em, and Grace and wayyyyy less of their boy-crazed drama. Third, there was a lot of negative body image commentary that was unnecessary and uncomfortable. Ultimately, it was a fun, trashy teen read that was exactly what I needed to get out of a reading slump. My favorite part of the book was when Sam got "dressed up" by putting on a pink American Eagle polo and rhinestone flip flops!!!!!!

  • Jordan
    2019-06-01 04:26

    I have my glasses on, hair fixed and smell faintly of bleach from just finishing up the kitchen – I’m ready for another Book Review! Whooo, snaps for Jordan! :) I was just sitting around listening to Ke$ha (for the umpteenth time) when I thought why not?! I was considering doing one every Friday, but honestly I am not a fast reader. I would have to do past books and would probably be talking about Romeo and Juliet’s last and final act instead of the current topic at hand let’s say, Andrew Clemet’s award winning book – and one of my favorites – Frindle. So to save myself the misery of deleting post after post to get it correct we are going to hold off on that for now. :) The one I have refrained myself from doing the past month and a half is Sleepaway Girls by Jen Calonita. I will admit I was hesitant. If you’ve heard of her you know she is best known for her extraordinary work in magazines and such but even more so – by teenage girls at least – for her Secrets Of My Hollywood Life Series. I’m going to give you fair warning there is some bragging to come. The last addition to the series was released last year and yes I cried and had to have my sister read it to me. Puffy eyes are not easy to read with. I probably gave the Kleenex brand their Christmas Bonus due to this one book. I will admit that I was not pleased at all with this last book. Why would you end your series with her in Acoma? Once again I reeled myself in and decided not to send a stream of angry emails. You don’t do that to another person especially a fellow author. After I got over that HUGE hole in the road, I took over the book and read the last six chapters of The End. The Books are listed below: 1. Secrets of My Hollywood Life 2. Secrets of My Hollywood Life: On Location 3. Family Affairs 4. Paparazzi Princess 5. Broadway Lights 6. There’s No Place Like Home Her other novels are listed below: 1. Sleepaway Girls 2. Reality Check And her newest series premiered on March 23, 2012 1. Bells I’m not going to go down any more Rabbit Holes :) This review is for Sleepaway Girls so let’s get started. I boycotted the two novels mentioned above because I strongly believe(d) that she shouldn’t have taken tow hears off to write two other novels when I could have had two more books added to the series. But I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. I see her reasoning. She wanted to let Kaitlin Burke live just a little bit longer, so that is why I am just now doing a review on this fantastic book. Sleepaway girls was amazing the main character was fun and flirty with just a tiny dose of shy. QUESTIONNAIRE Summarize the book without giving away the ending. A girl goes to summer camp with the idea of getting away from her best friend and her new boyfriend. Little does she know more drama waits at this little remote area than she ever dreamed.What did you think of the main character? I fell in love with Sam Montgomery from the very first paragraph. I absolutely get where she is coming from. I would never spend an entire summer listening to two love birds. I think she took the high road. She left instead of causing a big fuss. :) Which character could you relate to best? Courtney AKA Court Why? Because she doesn’t care what people think. Were there any other especially interesting characters? Grace! If there was one character I wish I could relate to it would be her. I so wish I could play sports. Hello! Uncoordinated Ville Population: 1. From whose point of view is the story told? Sam Montgomery Were the characters and their problems believable? Yes. Although the way they handled it – in the end, were not. I just don’t see how all those campers cold care about two girl’s food fight. It should’ve been old news by the time they made the video for the talent show. How did the main character change during the novel? She ultimately changed when she realized that her supposedly best friend didn’t care as much about has as she did for her. (does that make sense?) What was the book's central question, and how was it answered? It was a romance novel but I think it was basically about her pushing against her fears and leaving her sofa for the summer to grow. I think it was answered when she finally came out of her shell and left with friends and a possible relationship. Did you learn something new from the book? Yes. True friends are there through thick and thin, wannabee friends are just there until something better comes along. Was the book different from what you expected? Yes and No. I expected a boy to be involved – but not two. I also thought she would get a nemeses – I didn’t assume she would have to one day (maybe) live with her. Was location important to the story? Yes. If she didn’t go to summer camp how would she have met Cole and Em.?” Was the time period important to the story? Not really. Well I guess in some ways yes. People now days don’t spank in summer camp like they used to. (Although they certainly should’ve done just that to some of those characters!) What alternative title would you choose for this book? I always think that the author made the right choice, so I wouldn’t, Share a favorite scene from the book. At the very beginning when she gets hit in the head with a ball. What did you like most about the book? The fact that it had a happy ending, I like how she stood u for herself and made what she wanted to happen. :) What did you like least? It ended. I really could’ve read this book for eternity. Although you would need a lot more plot twists. Did you like the way the book ended? Didn’t we just go over this? (But if it had to end, then Yes!) What do you think will be your lasting impression of this book? That friends are always there. Jen Calontia is really good at portraying friendships. What did you think of the cover? I liked it. I thought the camp t-shirt was a nice touch. Would you recommend this book? Yes. How would you rate it? **** Four Stars. (What? It isn’t SOMHL.) Thanks for readin' - Jordan

  • Jennie Koh
    2019-05-29 09:29

    When Sam's best friend gets her first boyfriend, she's not ready to spend the summer listening to the two of them call each other "pookie." Sick of being a third wheel, Sam applies to be a counselor-in-training at Whispering Pines camp in the New York Catskills. But what she doesn't realize is that it's not going to be all Kumbaya sing-alongs and gooey s'mores. If Ashley, the alpha queen of Whispering Pines, doesn't ruin Sam's summer, then her raging crush on the surfer-blond and flirtatious Hunter just might. At least she has playful Cole, who's always teasing her, but is oh-so-comfortable to hang out with, and the singular gang of girls that become fast friends with Sam-they call themselves the Sleepaway Girls.

  • Carly
    2019-05-30 05:23

    I don't normally review books. I just don't know how and I'm really just lazy. This book though deserves one. It is so good. Have you ever had a friend gush about how good a book is and then you read it and you're like I liked it but it's not that great? That's what I thought this book was going to be like. It so wasn't. Three pages in and I already loved it. It's so real and you just can't help but get caught up in it. You're rooting for couples and for the characters to be confident and go for it. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves romance but needs that adventure and real-life feeling too. Just read this book. Please!!!!

  • No, David! No!
    2019-06-05 10:32

    I never did the whole summer camp, so I was a little out of my element. I did think it was interesting how many similarities there were between this one and Sarah Mlynowski's Spells & Sleeping Bags. The story was okay, and the characters had some funny quirks. I thought that issues were resolved too quickly. (I was worried it was going to be even worse when we almost had a "parent trap" moment.) This is marked as the start of a series, but nothing additional has been written.

  • Grace
    2019-06-17 08:41

    3.85/5 StarsPlot- 13/20- Pretty basic but it was well executedCharacters- 8/10- Likable, still frustrating at timesFlow- 8/10- I finished it pretty quickly!Beginning- 12/15Middle- 12/15End- 13/15Writing Style- 8/10Cover- 3/5Total: 77/100

  • 9124crystal
    2019-05-30 10:31

    A perfect vision of what summer camp should be like; full of fun, drama, pranks and romance! :)

  • Amelia
    2019-06-25 04:24

    2.5 stars

  • Gabi
    2019-05-25 03:30

    1.5? I can't decide if this is a one star or a 2 star Read this for nostalgic purposes since I loved this book back in the day It's filled with literally e v e r y cliche ever

  • Michelle
    2019-06-23 10:30

    A good young adult read. Unless you were the mean girl, you can relate the main character.

  • Isabelle
    2019-06-11 03:40

    Yay for sleepaway camp stories! The Hunter/Sam/Cole thing fizzled almost before it started, but at least she realized it. Wish I had a mentor like Alexis, or friends like Sam's fellow CITs.

  • Mila
    2019-06-15 11:24

    Very fun. I loved it,