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WHOSE WIFE WAS SHE?Macy Lockhart's life shattered in a moment with the news that her husband Finn --- serving in the military overseas --- has been killed in the line of duty. Their ardent and devoted marriage is over, leaving Macy alone, empty, directionless. But while she tries to sustain herself with memories of Finn, the strong, quiet man who made her and their small TWHOSE WIFE WAS SHE?Macy Lockhart's life shattered in a moment with the news that her husband Finn --- serving in the military overseas --- has been killed in the line of duty. Their ardent and devoted marriage is over, leaving Macy alone, empty, directionless. But while she tries to sustain herself with memories of Finn, the strong, quiet man who made her and their small Texas ranch the center of his life, it is wealthy Wyatt Clark who slowly brings joy back into her life. Her love for Wyatt may be less romantic than the breathless passion she'd once shared with Finn, but the time seems right to move on, and their marriage is happy and as solid as a rock in troubled waters. Until the day that Finn, miraculously spared from death, returns home to claim his bride ......

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Summer of Two Wishes Reviews

  • Auntee
    2019-05-27 15:47

    This was a pretty enjoyable contemporary that really made me think “what would I do” if I faced the situation that the heroine in this book does. There were some really heart-breaking moments, and the heroine has to make some tough decisions about the two men she loves, and no matter what decision she makes, someone is going to get hurt. I felt sorry for all the players involved--there’s no real bad guy in the story, but I was definitely rooting for one of the men to get his HEA, but then I felt bad for the other guy. I really hope the author revisits these characters in a future book, because I would like to see how the man who got left out in the cold is faring.The basic plot is that Macy Lockhart lost her young husband Finn, who was serving in the military, when he was supposedly killed in a roadside bomb in Afghanistan over 3 years ago. This piece of news totally devastates Macy, and she becomes a shell of her former self, unable to get past the memories of the husband who she loved so much and unable to do anything with her life for years. But then one day she is introduced to a kind, wealthy man (a guy totally different than her beloved Finn in many ways) who slowly brings her back to life, and she realizes that it’s time to move on and start living again. They eventually get married, and live a very different lifestyle then she was leading on her husband’s horse ranch, but she’s happy again. Then one day the Army contacts her and tells her they made a mistake, her husband never died in that bomb, but that he’d been a prisoner of the Taliban all that time and recently escaped. He’s alive and well and coming home. To her. To the ranch (called “Two Wishes”) that he loves. Ready to pick up where he left off. Macy is ecstatic--her biggest wish has come true! But how can she tell him she’s no longer his wife--or will she? Macy’s caught in the biggest dilemma of her life--she loves two men and must let one go. But who? She loves Finn with all her heart, but she also loves Wyatt, the man who rescued her. After all Finn’s been through, doesn’t she owe it to him to be there for him? But what about Wyatt? He was there for her in her darkest hours--doesn’t she owe him something too?Oh boy, this book was filled with lots of angst. I felt bad for Macy, because she was in a no win situation. Both of these men wanted her, and neither was about to step aside and let the other have her. I felt bad for Finn, because he went through hell in Afghanistan, came back as a "hero", but had trouble fitting in his life again and takes to the bottle briefly. I felt bad for Wyatt, because he did nothing wrong besides loving a "dead man's" wife. After reading the background about her life with both men, I definitely had an opinion about who she should be with, and I was just hoping that Macy would be honest with herself. As did her whole town--everyone in her small Texas town had an opinion, and let her know it! I’m thinking not much happened in that town, because they sure did insinuate themselves into her business! Macy bounced back and forth about what she wanted to do (which frustrated me--and her men!). Even at one point one of her men told her it was time to “fish or cut bait” and I could not have agreed more. Every time it looked like she was leaning one way, she started feeling guilty about the man she would be leaving behind. Finally one of her men asked her to do what’s right for her…and she finally was able to come to a decision. Of course, there was a pretty predictable curve thrown her way (which I saw coming a mile away), and I thought she’d renege on her decision (which surprised me when she didn’t), and one of the men didn’t take it so well, and there was the predictable drama…But really I’d have to say this was a pretty thought provoking read, and yes at times I felt I was watching a Lifetime movie, but it did deal with some important topics like PTSD, survivor’s families, if it’s possible to love two men at the same time, can wishes come true, can miracles really happen, etc. I was happy with the outcome, and I think Macy made the right decision. It’s just too bad someone had to be hurt in the process.The love scenes in this one were mostly more emotional than explicit (PG-13 rated), but well done. You could definitely feel the love and passion, no doubt about it. I can’t say much more without giving away some spoilers, and I’m afraid if I even describe the two men in Macy’s life (beyond saying that they were different physically, economically, and in personality) I’ll give something away. All I can say is read it--I think this one will be staying with me for some time. Hopefully Julia London will write a sequel, maybe about one of Finn’s hunky brothers, and we can see how everyone is getting along. Recommended for those who enjoy a thought provoking read. 4 ½ stars

  • KarenH
    2019-06-02 18:44

    I wrote the review below 2 years ago after reading the paperback. Today I finished the audio book and came away with a much clearer picture of the story and a better understanding of what motivated the characters to behave the way they did. The narrator, Natalie Ross (nar. KMM's Dreamfever series) did an outstanding job of bringing the story to life. My revised rating for SOTW is a solid 5+ stars and probably my new number 1 favorite audiobook.If ever there was a heroine confronted with a mind-blowing dilemma, it would have to be Macy from Summer of Two Wishes by Julia London. Macy was one of the lucky ones that married the love of her life...and every day she and Finn were together was like living the eternal "happy-ever- after". However, the couple's cocoon of bliss is destroyed when Finn enlists in the army, goes to war in Iraq and is officially pronounced dead several months later - the victim of a suicide bomber. For the next two years Macy simply "exists"...fueled only by memories of the extraordinary love she had shared with her husband. Time moves on, however, and eventually so does Macy. She meets and marries Wyatt...a wonderful man who helps her let go of the past and someone with whom she, once again, finds love and happiness.Does the curtain drop here? Oh, hell no...this is where the book begins! We know what "assume" does to you and me so I imagine it works on a larger scale when the army assumes a soldier is dead from finding his mutilated dog tags and 3 years later he turns up alive... and as well as can be expected (considering he spent those years in captivity). No matter...the army is redeemed because Finn is on his way home! And yes, Macy has a HUGE problem!The first half of this book was excellent but heart-wrenching. As Macy goes off alone to do some soul-searching for answers, we watch Finn struggle to survive in the normal world again. This poor guy lived in hell for 3 years, and returned home only to find everything that was once his (the memories of which had given him the will to live) had been taken away from him. Finn deals with the loss of his wife, PTSD, alcohol dependency and an overbearing mother (named Karen, no less) while publicly being touted a national hero. At the same time, Wyatt feels his world getting ready to crumble...the idealistic life and love he shares with Macy, the future they are building together and the child they are trying to have, is suddenly an uncertainty. Although my heart was with Finn, Wyatt was a great guy in his own right and did not deserve this cruel hand dealt by fate.Just as I was beginning to acknowledge the fact that this book was well on it's way to becoming my all-time favorite (unseating another novel by London), it hit the wall (but just enough to knock it's halo crooked). Suddenly we have a "bad" guy, another big wrench thrown in the works and Macy going from sympathetic to annoying. She made her decision but never convinced me she was truly happy with it. And she fluctuated between the two men to the point of madness. In Macy's defense, however, I can't imagine what I would have done in the same situation...probably a lot worse. Another concern I had with the book is that we never get a good fleshing out of Macy's character. Who was this woman that captivated the hearts of 2 men so completely? Normally I don't care for flashbacks, but this book would have benefited from using them. I wanted to "feel" the love that Finn and Wyatt felt for Macy...a little evidence of why they both loved her to distraction. I wanted to rate this book 4.5* but tipped it up because I'm nice like that. (uh-huh) Despite the misgivings I had (they aren't too major), this book is definitely worth reading...if for no other reason than to fall in love with Finn. You feel so bad for the guy you just want to kiss him and make it all better (of course it does not hurt that he is described as a total hotty)! London became an auto-buy for me several books back, but this is the first contemporary I've read by her. I was impressed enough to pull her back list up and GRRRrrrr...she's got at least 6 other contemps I feel I must read. *sigh* My tbr pile is going to be as big as Dina's pretty soon. ;)

  • Miss Kim
    2019-06-15 17:32

    A young couple, Finn and Macy, just starting out in their marriage, is put to the test when he joins the service and heads over seas to fight in Afghanistan. Macy didn’t want him go, but she supported him. She stays back on their ranch and tries to run it alone. A few months later she is told he was killed in action, due to a car bomb. She is devastated, of course. She’s struggling to hold every thing together—herself, his ranch, horses. She forms a survivor’s support group with another war widow and tries to put the pieces back together.After two years, she meets another man, Wyatt. He’s a wealthy land broker, and is smitten with Macy. She falls for him, and he asks her to marry him. Still in love with Finn, she even asks for a blessing from Finn’s parents before she agrees to marry Wyatt. She marries him and he gives her an exclusive lifestyle suited for the rich and famous. She doesn’t care about the money, and she does love Wyatt, but her love for his is just not the same as her love for her husband, Finn.A few months after her marriage, she is told that Finn is alive. He’s been held captive by the Taliban for past three years. She’s overjoyed he’s alive and cannot wait to see him. But what happens now? Wyatt is crushed. Finn comes home fully expecting his life to be the same and is reasonably angry and crushed as well that she has remarried. He accuses her of moving on too quickly.The first half of this book was very sad, and I felt for all three of them involved. I swayed between the two men more than once while trying to figure out who she should stay with. However, it started to drag on, and I wanted to just grab her shoulder and say ‘come on, damn it! Make a decision. These guys are dangling here’.In the meantime, Finn finds his life as he left it is gone. He’s got no wife, no home, and no horses. He keeps having flashbacks of his time overseas. The whole town sees him as a hero, and he hates it. He starts drinking heavily to cope. It’s just sad, but I understand he’s lost. Wyatt is almost inconsolable himself. His life has been ripped out from under him, too. Also at this point, every one in the small town has picked a ‘side’ and increases pressure on all of them.I feel like the author made one of the men into somewhat of a villain in order to make it seem ‘more ok’ for Macy to dump him. I’m not sure I liked who she did end up picking, but the ending was happy and that’s what matters here. I don’t want to give away who she eventually chooses. I just want you to read it!

  • Manda
    2019-05-18 16:37

    I found this book to be boring and predictable. She's trying to make a decision between husband 1: the love of her life she thought was killed in combat overseas and husband 2: the guy who comforted her when she thought the love of her life was dead. Did anyone doubt which decision she was going to make? Even the pregnancy by husband 2, which could be seen coming from the begining of the book, did not cloud the issue. It was an awfully long book for her to be wieghing these choices... I love H1, but H2 was so nice to me. Shocked though you may be, she chooses H1. There. Now you don't need to read it. You're welcome.

  • Heather
    2019-05-26 12:25

    I’m not sure that I have ever been more annoyed by two characters. Finn’s backstory is interesting, but him as a character is lacking. (view spoiler)[Macy knows early on she wants to be with Finn, but drags them both on AND cheats, and still doesn’t have the courage to own up to her feelings. Each time she gives Finn her attention, all while ignoring Wyatt, it drove me crazy. That’s in no way a mature way to handle a difficult situation. Each time Wyatt tries to get her to talk with him, she gets all nauseous, blah blah blah. And Finn’s obnoxiously nice way of talking to Wyatt makes me want to punch him. (hide spoiler)]I thought the bones of the story had great potential, but the characters (except for Wyatt) really bugged me. I found myself more interested in the secondary characters than Macy and Finn, and hoping that Wyatt would be set free so that he could find somebody more worth him and his affection.

  • Bridget
    2019-06-17 16:42

    Macy is distraught when she hears the news that her husband has been killed while serving in the military. While she misses her husband dearly, she can't help but fall for Wyatt who shows her once again what it feels like to be truly alive. She finally feels like it is time to move on and she marries Wyatt. And just when she thought she was settled into this new life, the shock of a lifetime hits like lightening. Finn is alive and he's come back for his wife.It was really hard during some parts to keep reading this book. My husband served in Afghanistan and I would worry every second of every day. There would be weeks where I had no contact with him whatsoever. It was an extremely difficult time in my life and this book brought back all of those feelings. I have so much respect for the men and women who not only serve this country and the families that they leave behind. It is an incredibly difficult thing to do and my heart goes out to everyone who has a loved one living day to day in the line of fire. If you're up for a romance with more drama than daytime soap operas, you'll fall in love with this book. It was a wonderful romantic read that keeps you interested.

  • Katie(babs)
    2019-06-10 13:33

    Summer of Two Wishes deals with a love triangle and as always it comes down to the woman between the two men who must decide who she wants to be with. Writing a believable love triangle is a hard thing to do. The question here is was Julia able to accomplish that?Macy has a wonderful life. She is married to a wonderful man who gives her everything and more. Wyatt Clark has money and prestige and showers all his love on his wife Macy. There marriage seems to be a match made in heaven, but Macy will always have a place in her heart for her first husband, Finn Lockhart, the one that was killed in combat three years ago when he was shipped off to Afghanistan. Macy and Finn fell head over heels in love with one another and barely had time to enjoy themselves after they were married because Finn enlisted in the army. When the U.S. Army Casualty Notification Officers came to Macy to give her Finn’s half-burned dog tag and told her he was dead, something inside her broke. She would never love another man as much as she did Finn. She mourned and then decided to go on living and that is where she met Wyatt and married him. She loves Wyatt differently from Finn. Now three years later a Lieutenant from the Army comes to see Macy again. This time he brings different news. Finn wasn’t killed in action and has been found alive.Finn was a prisoner of the Taliban and only had the will to live because of his undying love for Macy. Now that he has been saved, he will be able to rebuild his life with Macy by his side. His dream is to go home and pick up where he left off and work on his ranch and breed horses. Just as Macy has the shock of her life, Finn is in for one when he finds out that Macy has moved on and found love with another man.Wyatt knows that Macy loves him, perhaps not as deeply as the love she had for Finn, but he refuses to let Macy go without a fight. He has much more to offer her. He is stable, well off and can give her so much more than Finn can. If only he can show Macy how important their marriage is and why she should stay with him and not run back to Finn who is still recovering from the trauma of war and his time as a prisoner.Three lives are changed in many ways and the one person who holds all the cards is Macy. Finn was Macy’s first love and the one she thought she would grow old with. Wyatt has become her rock and her savior that allowed her to move forward and live her life. How can she choose between two wonderful men who have given her so much?Summer of Two Wishes is an emotional story. This is more than just a romance where a woman is being courted by two men who she has feelings for. Julia London takes on an important topic such as war and the aftermath that effects the family and loved ones when someone is believed to be dead but isn’t. You feel for Macy, as well as Finn and Wyatt because in the end one of these men will lose. The stress that Macy is under in trying to decide who she wants to be with will hit the readers hard. You can’t help but place yourself in the same position as Macy. Because both Wyatt and Finn are both wonderful men, it is hard to take sides. Finn is a fighter as well as a man who loves unconditionally. Wyatt feels the hurt and pain of being the one who was chosen second. He is scared because he thinks Macy will end up with Finn. And why wouldn’t he? If I were in Wyatt’s shoes, I would feel the same way.Some readers many feel that Macy may be weak or too undecided. Anywhere she turns people are watching her very closely from her family to friends as well as the people she has grown up around who have their own opinions on her situation. There is a sense of desperation on her part, knowing that no one will be happy with what she chooses to do.Summer of Two Wishes has some deeply moving scenes and the reactions of the characters keep you turning each page. I found myself undecided who Macy should be with because Finn and Wyatt are both equally as appealing. Julia does a great job at keeping the reader guessing as well as a twist that may make your jaw drop. If you like your books with drama and a bit of a soap opera feel, Summer of Two Wishes is the one for you.

  • Carrie
    2019-05-21 17:23

    2.5* rounded up to 3* for goodreadsFor people who enjoy angsty, emotional stories, there is a lot to recommend about this book. London does a good job portraying the "King Solomon" dilemma facing Macy as she has to decide between Finn, who was pronounced dead in the Afgan war, and Wyatt, who she fell in love with and married afterwards. Wyatt is scared and angry about having his perfect life upended by no fault of his own. Phin is stunned and angry to come back to find he has no wife and no life left back in Texas. However, if you're looking for an emotional read that comes to a satisfying ending, this might not be the best choice. There is no satisfying ending possible in this emotional melodrama.While I was compelled to keep listening and find out Macy's choice and the ramifications of it, I have some reservations about Summer of Two Wishes. First is the amount of repetition, especially in the first half of the book. The reader is privy to the mind-numbing process Macy goes through, thinking first of one husband, and then of the other. We experience first dates in detail, as well as many other special times she spent with each one. I understand this could be seen as character development, but the same phrasing is used over and over again, and it gets old. I get it; she loves both of them. The sex scenes, especially the first one, made me feel icky. It seemed so dishonest of Macy. In fact, the book would be stronger without the sex scenes at all. They didn't add to the story, and in fact made me dislike Macy's character. Honesty and integrity dictate Macy should have kept her pants zipped until she made a decision. But then, Macy comes across throughout much of the book as more passive than purposeful.Frankly, there weren't many people to like in this story. Samantha, the moms, the town gossips, even Macy and at times Wyatt, weren't very likeable characters. Finn was a more sympathetic character, and there were some secondary characters that were good. There is no Happy Ever After here, either. Relationships were broken and people badly hurt in the course of the book and no amount of happiness for the eventual couple at the end can do away with the emotional devastation left behind. With the added emotional twist the author throws into the story, Macy's choice seems almost cruel, no matter what "soft landing" the author tries to give it.

  • Kasey
    2019-05-22 13:30

    I've always thought the subject of this book would make a great heart breaking story. This was a good story and easy to read. But I would like to have gotten to know the characters better. I also would have liked for London to have shown us how the characters feel instead of telling us. This book was the perfect set up to make me feel every heart ache that the characters felt. I was not disappointed in Macy's choice, but I honestly don't think there was a wrong or right choice in this situation. All three of the main characters were put in an impossible situation and someone was going to get hurt. There was not true bad guy although London chose to slightly vilify one of the men and I'm not sure I like that she did. I think that was the easy way out. In the end I think it is all forgivable and hope our heartbroken man gets his HEA too.

  • Kailyn
    2019-06-08 20:22

    I am surprised I got through this novel as quickly as I did, because it felt like I was trudging through mud. I am not happy for Macy by the story's end because all through the novel she came off as a pampered and privileged girl. The only character with any lasting likability was the dog, Milo.

  • Nely
    2019-05-25 16:36

    Macy Lockhart is devastated when she is informed that her beloved husband, Finn, has been killed while fighting in the war in Iraq. She succumbs to depression and lands herself in a deep, dark hole that she just can’t seem to climb out of. That is until Wyatt comes along and helps her accept the fate that Finn is gone and she must move on with her life - she eventually falls in love with and marries him.Then the news arrives that Finn is not dead - but alive. Macy is overcome with joy - her one true wish - that the love of her life is not dead but alive has come true... but what about Wyatt? She is now also in love with him. What about their marriage? Which love does she choose? We’ve all seen this story more than once.. just recently in Jennifer Haymore’s A Hint of Wicked, if you think about it. But this just never gets old. I enjoyed the tug and pull that you feel from both Finn and Wyatt. They are both in love with Macy and you (as the reader) can’t choose one or the other. They are both good men, yet are both flawed, but in the end they each have one goal ... spending the rest of their lives with Macy. I liked these characters so much. They were all fleshed out in a way where you felt their joy and you also felt their pain. I was drawn to Finn - just because I’m gushy about the whole love of your life romanticism but at the same time Wyatt was very appealing - he came into Macy’s life and picked up the pieces making her a very happy woman.Ms. London’s writing was superb and there were some sensual scenes that were quite beautiful (to say the least). I really liked that the chapters were read through different narrators (Macy, Finn and Wyatt). It really gave you and in depth feel for each character making Macy’s/your decision an even harder one. I was absolutely captivated by this love triangle and I would recommend this to anyone who likes character driven novels - not just romance readers since it did have a dramatic flare to it.

  • Lea's Audiobooks Hensley
    2019-05-19 18:49

    Unabridged audiobook version - I reviewed in the 9/30/19 Speaking of Audiobooks column:Narrated by Natalie RossLondon’s 2009 contemporary (released in audio in 2010) is a moving tale featuring a returning soldier from Afghanistan believed to be dead for three years. Although devastated by the news, his wife has finally picked up the pieces and is now happily remarried. Natalie Ross does a superb job of delivering this heart wrenching story of a woman with two husbands and the dilemma they face. I’m not a fan of love triangles (and admit that I finally looked ahead to discover the chosen one) but with the combination of London’s writing and Ross’ performance, I found myself mesmerized – tears and all. Ross clearly distinguishes one voice from another and the pacing is perfect as well as the sense that this narrator understands what the listener is feeling at any particular moment. Although I enjoy both London’s historicals and contemporaries, I prefer her contemporary voice and had this one on my wish list for months. It lived up to my anticipation and, as an audiobook, this one rates a solid A.

  • Char (1RadReader59)
    2019-06-13 15:20

    This had to be one of the most frustrating books I read in a long time. For that alone I gave it a 4*. But, I must say I never new for certain what Macy was going to do because she was such a wishy washy character. What is with the last few books i've read but this time it was a woman. As I said in my update her second husband I did not like at all, yet at the end I learned to give him a little respect.Finn though I enjoyed him all the way through a real cowboy gentleman hero in my book. Macy's aunt was a hoot but all the extended family beside Finn's & Macy's siblings at least the mom's OMG!!! All in all was a good book that I would recommend.

  • Yuni
    2019-06-17 14:47

    I keep telling myself to put it on hold. I cannot. I want Macy with Wyatt. Months or years I lost count. But then I accidentally read the story of Wyatt. Oh God, there's happiness for this guy. So I think again whether to read this book or not. I don't know how or when I took it, sitting on my favorite chair and open the first page.Can't Macy get both men in her life??? Why Wyatt needs to suffer even for a little? And the last but not least, why I'm so emotional about this fiction??? Congratulations, dear Julia. You made my day. Now I need to reread again Wyatt story so I can forget about the bitter.

  • Kathy
    2019-06-13 12:48

    I do like Julia London but not this book. You would think a book on this subject matter would be emotionally heartwrenching, but instead it was very predictable from the start and I was never able to connect to the book emotionally. Instead of empathizing with Macy's problem, I found her annoying. And as much as I enjoy most JL books, the "love" scenes in this book are about as engaging as reading a description of a mechanic tuning up your emotion whatsoever.

  • Nora
    2019-06-04 14:47

    Unbelievable characters that made bizarre choices & did 180 changes without warning. I didn't know Julia London could write something this bad. And now, I'm going to put it in my library bag, turn & walk away hoping to forget this ever happened.

  • Staci
    2019-06-07 16:42

  • Sandy M
    2019-06-15 17:33

    I hadn’t intended to read this book for review when I picked it up to look it over. But it’s one of those themes that you’re curious to know how an author deals with the subject matter, the emotions, and, of course, the conclusion. This is one of those situations that is impossible to deal with, impossible to know what to do, impossible for a woman to choose. But there has to be an ending to the story, and it’s always interesting to see how many readers, especially women, want one solution and how many want another.Macy’s life drastically changes twice in the span of four years. First is when the Army informs her her husband has died in Iraq. She’s finally gotten on with her life, dealt with her grief, and decided to live again. The second time is when the Army informs her they made a mistake. Her dead husband is, in fact, alive. Something she is happy about, grateful for, thank the Lord. But she’s also remarried and now has a second husband to deal with.Flying to Washington, D.C. with her family as well as her first husband’s family, her greatest wish has been realized, Finn, the love of her life, escaped his captors, is in pretty good shape considering all he’s been through, and he wants to pick up right where they left off four years ago. As much as Macy wishes that could happen too, she does have Wyatt to consider. He brought her out of her misery, made her want to live again. She loves him too.I felt for Macy from the beginning. Doesn’t matter how it happens, a woman in this situation has a difficult choice of a lifetime. More than difficult. But also right from the beginning, I got a little irritated with her. I realize she had to go to D.C. She had no choice. Wyatt was very understanding about that. But the entire week or more that she’s gone, she did not once contact Wyatt to keep him updated, and all that man wanted was to hear her voice, make sure she’s okay. She never returns his phone calls, never thought about him and what he might be going through.The week is busy for her and Finn, the Army putting them through all kinds of meetings and whatnot, morning TV shows clamoring for them and their story, but, I’m sorry, Macy should have had at least sixty seconds for the husband she left at home. Especially since the next thing we know, she’s refusing her first husband’s sexual advances and finally tells him she remarried, and things begin to go south for them. Then when she gets home to Wyatt, he can’t wait to have her in his bed again and she goes willingly. But then her next step is to move out so she’s not staying with either man until her decision is made.I think that little tidbit so early in the book is what turned me toward my decision that I would choose Wyatt for Macy. Of course, I couldn’t help but feel for Finn too. He went through hell during his captivity, thoughts of Macy the only thing keeping him going the entire time. I know that probably put a good many readers in his corner. And he not only finds his life with Macy gone, but also his home is gone, his ranch run down and the land about to be sold, his prized horses sold long ago. But this information came a little too late in the story for me. Macy does take her time making her decision, and she makes it her way. Even later on when Wyatt decides to play hardball to win her, I couldn’t fault him for it. Of course, both men eventually realize their fates and come to their own conclusions after a lot of heartache.I’m a bit surprised at my choice in this instance. I thought I would cheer for the love that would eventually end up winning, but I definitely did not. And, on top of that, the man who was not chosen, Macy never hears from him again, we have no idea what happens to him after he knew he would never win his fight for her. I didn’t care for that at all, of course, because of my partiality toward him all along. It’s not clear to me why Ms. London chose to do that. I had this niggling thought that perhaps another book might come of it, but I doubt it, especially since there is nothing on her website alluding to that, that I can tell anyway.This is an interesting read and an emotional one, no doubt about it. It’s a book that could put you on the opposite side of what you think you might do and of what others might think. Even Macy’s friends and family had clear thoughts on what she should do when she takes so long to make her decision. She always thought her choice would be clear-cut, but when finally faced with such a dilemma and with life being so different after so long, who’s to say we really know what we would do in the same circumstances.See my complete review at

  • Cinnamon
    2019-06-09 20:44

    There’s nothing like a good story about love lost and then love found to get the heart going. SUMMER OF TWO WISHES by Julia London was heart wrenching, yes, heart-wrenching from the very first page. A beautiful story about love and life, London created a masterpiece in this beautiful story. If you are a romance fan of any kind, I highly suggest SUMMER OF TWO WISHES. This is the kind of book that keeps you up at night wondering about the characters until you finally get a chance to go back to the book and dive back into the world.We’ve seen the story before. A woman is married to her true love, he goes away to war and she gets word that he has died there. Practically dead from grief, she finally manages to find solace in the arms of another man and eventually marries him. Suddenly her first love is back, miraculously returned from the grave. What’s a girl to do when she’s faced with two men, both of whom she loves just as desperately as she needs the air?Macy has just started to pull her life together. She’s barely crawling out of the dark hole that she’s been hiding under and finding joy in her new husband Wyatt when Finn returns. Now, overjoyed at his return she’s faced with the difficult decision of breaking someone’s heart. Whether it’s Finn or Wyatt, one thing is for sure; her heart is going to be a casualty as well.If you couldn’t already tell, I loved SUMMER OF TWO WISHES. Admittedly, I was a little reserved about reading the book seeing as how the general premise of the story has been used fairly often. Jennifer Haymore’s A Hint of Wicked, the movies Pearl Harbor, Three For the Show, and Too Many Husbands all follow the same idea although each puts a great spin on it. I’m pleased to say that my concerns were wasted as London did an excellent job putting her own twists and turns on the idea, creating an intriguing and suspenseful plot.Usually I’m able to sit here and type fairly quickly, telling you what I loved or didn’t love about a book. In this case, I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly what it was that made the book so great because I got so distracted by the story that I never took the time to stop and think, “Oh yeah, this is good.” Maybe that’s part of what I love. I think that if I really had to pick one thing, it would be the way that London fills the pages with tension. Even something as simple as preparing for a luncheon becomes filled with tension and pulls the reader along. Tension is a wonderful ally to an author if used correctly. It makes the book addicting; it makes you want to read more and keeps you turning the pages. London certainly mastered that. I actually had to convince myself pretty hard that it was not a good idea to take my book to the dinner table with me; I was just that into it.Another great aspect of SUMMER OF TWO WISHES, just as in many great books, is the characters. London has created characters with a good deal of depth that add layers to the book and give us something to ponder. More than that, however, she has created characters where the reader has to stop and consider who he or she wants the hero to be. That surprised me. I expected a clear-cut idea of who I wanted Macy to end up with, but a quarter of the way through the book I no longer could decide. Both Finn and Wyatt had their good points, but more importantly, each had their flaws. Giving these two guys their own set of flaws really helped to make the story so much more realistic. No longer were we reading a piece of fiction dreamed up in someone’s head. Now we were simply reading a retelling of a story that really happened, waiting for the characters to walk through the front door and begin acting it out.Fair warning time: SUMMER OF TWO WISHES does have adult themes and adult scenes. I would give it a sensuality rating of four out of five.SUMMER OF TWO WISHES definitely deserves top marks. The characters were great, the pacing was really nice, and it completely captivated me. It’s not every day that we get a good Romance with its own fair share of suspense and London gave us just that. I would highly recommend this book to any Romance lover and might even suggest that lovers of any sort of Drama book pick this one up as well. The main plot and subplots are intricate and enough to keep you wanting to go back for more long after you’ve turned the last page.

  • Rachel Brand
    2019-06-12 20:37

    I picked up A Light at Winter's End spontaneously in the library last year, and although I already knew the outcome to Wyatt's story, I wanted to go back and read the first book in the series. The idea of a woman remarrying after being told her husband had been killed in action, only to have him return years later definitely intrigued me. Some people have complained that Macy was too indecisive, or took too long to decide between her two husbands, but I honestly don't know if I could have done a better job. How horrible must that kind of decision be to make? Loving two men, in different ways, and not wanting to hurt either of them? My heart ached for Macy, even if she wasn't always the most likable character.While I fell in love with A Light at Winter's End, I would have to say I just enjoyed this book. Perhaps it's because Macy has built up her relationships with Wyatt and Finn prior to the start of the book, and we don't get the chance to see any romance developing or connections being made over the course of the book, but I really didn't know who to root for. I found Macy's situation fascinating and horrifying, and I wanted to see how she dealt with it and made a decision, but this is definitely more of a women's fiction novel than a romance, whereas A Light at Winter's End was a hybrid of the two genres. And the sections of the book where we did see Macy connecting with one of her men? Mostly sex. I wanted to see more emotional connections between them. The scene where Macy and Finn go horse-riding was a good example of an emotional connection scene, but those were few and far between. I wanted to know that they had more than a physical connection.This novel also features snippets from secondary characters--Wyatt's assistant at his property business, and Macy's friend who also lost her husband in action. Linda, the assistant, seemed to serve to let us know what the town was thinking of the situation, and to remind us that Macy was having to make her very tough decision in the midst of a nosy, small town. These scenes didn't add a lot to the story, but they did serve a purpose. Samantha, Macy's friend, was a complicated character, and I worried that she might have been painted too harshly. It's clear that's she's still grieving her husband and feels jealous of Macy's second-chance with Finn. She is pretty horrible to Macy at times, and she never really gets the chance to redeem herself, so I'm hoping we get an update on her in the next book? I honestly can't remember if she reappears in A Light at Winter's End or not, but I do hope Samantha gets a happy ending. At least one reviewer commented that the author painted one of the men as a villain towards the end of the book, in order to make Macy's decision easier, and I kind of agreed with this assessment. If I didn't already know how this man's story concludes from having accidentally read the third book in the series first, I would probably be a bit disappointed with how sadly his story concludes here. The concept of this novel is definitely original, even if the execution isn't perfect. It did feel like it dragged on in parts, and I did wish I could have seen more of an emotional connection between Macy and her two husbands, but overall this was a compelling, unique story. I'll have to hunt down the middle book in the series as it's not available at my library. 3.5*

  • Colleen
    2019-06-18 13:50

    First off, let me say that I think the flap copy is rather deceptive- this book begins with Finn's return so we never really see Macy dealing with his death or finding solace in Wyatt, so basically the flap copy is the back story which I found misleading. I had a hard time with this book because I thought London did an excellent job with some aspects of the story but couldn't really feel strongly for Macy herself who I found rather aggravating in her inability to assess what she herself wanted out of her life.Macy married Finn and their conversations about their past relationship makes it clear that though it was passionate and loving, it was no equal partnership. Macy quits her job to help with the ranch despite her lack of true interest in leading that type of life, then gets stuck trying to keep it above ground when her husband joins the military over her objections and disappears in Afghanistan. When she is forced to sell Finn's horses and to give away his dogs, she faces opposition from Finn's overbearing mother who nonetheless seems to offer no concrete assistance of any kind.Macy's relationship with Wyatt was equally problematic for me as it seemed to center on her need to be taken care of and his need to have a pretty wife who focused her life on his needs. Again she doesn't work, and they seemingly decide to try for a baby because Wyatt thinks it is time and Macy isn't doing anything else anyway. His actions in the actual narrative paint him as selfish, deceitful, and opportunistic- I'm not sure how any woman could fall in love with Wyatt let alone find it hard to leave him when her "true love" returns from the dead.Given that I didn't like the main character and couldn't empathize with her dilemma (I think she would have been better off on her own), I obviously didn't much like the book. Nonetheless I was impressed with the way London treated some aspects of Macy's impossible situation. I think she did an excellent job portraying the challenges Macy faced when Finn left her behind to join the military and when she ultimately learned of Finn's death. I appreciated that Finn had to work his way through symptoms of PTSD when he returned, and that he was forced to grow a bit throughout the story.My husband is an active duty Marine so I did connect with the underlying plot of the story, and with some of the choices and decision that Macy was forced to make. Ultimately though, I would have preferred a heroine who seemed more in control of her life and her decisions; Macy was too much like a ping-pong ball bouncing between Finn and Wyatt for me to enjoy.

  • Patti
    2019-05-29 12:32

    Book Description:Whose wife was she?Macy Lockhart's life shattered in a moment with the news that her husband, Finn — serving in the military overseas — has been killed in the line of duty. Their ardent and devoted marriage is over, leaving Macy alone, empty, directionless. But while she tries to sustain herself with memories of Finn, the quiet, strong man who made her and their small Texas ranch the center of his life, it is wealthy Wyatt Clark who slowly brings joy back into her life. Her love for Wyatt may be less romantic than the breathless passion she'd once shared with Finn, but she vows to cherish him, and their marriage is happy and as solid as a rock. Until the day that Finn, miraculously spared from death, returns home to claim his bride....How can a woman choose between the two men she loves? And how will she make the right choice — for herself and everyone involved? In a deeply moving, passionate novel, New York Times bestselling author Julia London illuminates the questions hidden in a woman's heart.Julia London is well known for her historical novels, which I normally don't read, so I was excited to see this contemporary novel at my local store. Boy am I glad I picked this book up. I couldn't put this book down. I felt I was a part of the story that I could connect with the main character Macy, even though I have never been and hope I am never in her situation. The twists and turns in the story just had me hooked. If you get a chance to pick this book up, do so. I even emailed the author to tell her how much I enjoyed her contemporary novel and to hope she would continue to write them. She did respond to me and that she will be coming out with another contemporary novel with some of the same characters. I am excited and Ms. London has a new fan!!

  • Gaby
    2019-06-03 20:28

    Synopsis:When she heard that her husband Finn was killed in the line of duty overseas, Mary Lockhart felt like she'd died. Mary struggled to keep his Texas Ranch, but with cattle disease, her inexperience, and bad luck, she had to sell much of Finn's assets. Three years later, she'd picked herself up and created a new life. Mary still loved and missed Finn deeply, but she found stability and happiness with her new husband Wyatt Clark.Stability and happiness that shatter when Mary receives news that Finn is alive - and coming home. Mary is ecstatic that Finn is alive and can't wait to see him. But under Texas law, she must choose which marriage to keep and which to nullify. Faced with an impossible choice, what does Mary do?Review:Macy's in an impossible situation. If you thought that the man that you loved more than anything in the world somehow was gone and you suddenly had a second chance, would you go back to him even if it means hurting the man who helped you find yourself again? Julia London is careful to fully flesh out each of the three characters so that you can sympathize with each of them. She creates subplots that move the story along to its satisfying conclusion. The book raises issues of loyalty and being true to oneself as well as the unique strain that military families are under. The description of the difficulties that military families face both during deployment and when obtaining their benefits gave the book an additional dimension. Despite the difficult decision that Macy faces, I found the book is an enjoyable and satisfying read.Publisher: Pocket Star (August 18, 2009), 432 pages.Courtesy of the publisher.

  • Cindi
    2019-05-18 19:47

    This story is a "P.S. I Love You" type, with lots of heart-ache and heart-wrenching going on. Plan your follow-up read carefully!Macy faces the ultimate anxiety: do I deserve to be happy with the man I loved or the man I married? Finn, her first-and only-true love, is killed at war about three years back from when the story starts. She grieves and withdraws and eventually, after 2 years, copes and emerges. She finds love again, albeit a different, more comforting type, with Wyatt and marries him. She is happy and satisfied and most importantly, grateful to Wyatt for saving her. Macy never forgets her love for Finn, however, and creates Project Lifeline with a friend to support wives who've lost their men to war. She never forgets the awful moment when a soldier reports to her that her beloved Finn has died, and she'll never forget the unbelievable moment when another soldier reports a mistake was made and Finn has just escaped the Taliban after 3 years of captivity. But what about Wyatt?Macy's story takes place in a small town near Austin, Texas; the location plays just as much importance in this book as anything. Everyone has an opinion of what she should do, what she must do. The two men in her life also have an opinion, and Macy feels like she's going crazy. What is the right thing to do? What does her heart tell her? What will happen to the other if she makes a decision?Ms. London has created two men who are as different as night and day, which doesn't make Macy's decision any easier. She has put forth the issues of romantic love, timeless love, comforting love, security, the love of family and friends. No matter what Macy chooses, someone will suffer. And she goes through the Summer of Two Wishes.

  • Tytti
    2019-05-28 18:22

    I'm not sure whether to give this book 3 or 4 stars... Okay, I'll give four, because overall, it was a good book.The story goes... Three years ago Macy heard that her husband Finn had died in Afganistan. Her life came crashing down and she was heartbroken... and tried to struggle with their ranch. But eventually things got too hard and she had to sell their animals and possibly the ranch, too. Then she met Wyatt, a rich constructor who loves Macy and would do pretty much anything to make her happy. Eventually they got married and just as they had started their new life, Macy gets shocking news. Finn is alive!! When she sees Finn after three years, she knows that she will never love anyone like she loves Finn. He's her heart and soul. But there's Wyatt and even though she doesn't love him like she does Finn, she knows that Wyatt has been her rock, her friend and of course she loves him...But he's not Finn...SPOILERS AHEAD:Okay, I think it was pretty obvious who Macy was going to choose. From the moment she saw Finn for the first time after three years, it wasn't really that hard to guess. And I think she didn't give Wyatt a real chance after that. But I'm sure when you know someone's your other half, your soulmate... well, there's no room for anybody else. I hated to read the parts where Wyatt was clearly suffering, when he realized his wife isn't coming back. He was so cold, lonely and needed someone to hold him (hey, I can do that ;) )But then he realizes that Macy loves Finn, as in Loves him, and knows that she will be happy with Finn.I can't wait to read part three and Wyatt story... He soooo deserves his BIG HAPPY ENDING =)

  • Jennifer Defoy
    2019-05-19 18:40

    I can't imagine what I would do given what Macy had to face in this one. To first find out that your husband was killed, to get over that loss enough to fall in love and remarry, then to find out that your first husband was still alive.... Not something I ever want to experience, but it makes for a very emotional story. That's for sure.This is an easy book to get lost in. 400 pages just seemed to fly by. Everything Macy, Wyatt and Finn go through is heart wrenching. It took me no time to connect with the characters and I was right there with them from the very beginning. The story seems so real that when Macy cried I thought I was going to start bawling. The decisions she's forced to make and the turmoil she goes through trying to make them really tugged at me. The story takes place in Texas, and London does a great job of writing so that you can hear the drawl in what is being said. I felt like I was down in Texas. London leaves a lot of the detail up to the imagination. There was very little descriptions; enough so that you got an idea of what people looked like and where they were but not too much to detract from the story. I was captivated by this one and read it in two sittings. I found I just didn't want to put it down. I don't know what decision I would have made, but as Macy sifts through her emotions to decide what she wants I understood her logic and why she did what she did. It made me feel like I was making the decision with her. Touching, sad, happy, romantic, and passionate; an emotional roller coaster worth riding!

  • Tia
    2019-06-13 18:20

    Okay I read a book pretty similar to this before and I hated and loved it. I have a lot of mixed feelings with this one too since it is so high with emotion, not to mention just a mess of characters. Although I enjoyed the book, a lot of points in the book make me sad and I don't think I want to read another book like this ever again, two is my limit.Finn left Macy and went off to fight a war. They were husband and wife and Macy begged Finn not to go but he didn't listen. Then Macy received word of his death and all of Macy's world fell apart. As Macy was grieving she met Wyatt and she fell in love with him, just not the same way she loved Finn. They eventually married and lived well together for seven months, then something devastating happened. Finn was really alive and had been held captive for three years.As Finn comes back from the dead, we watch how he struggles to embrace his new life and face the facts that things moved on without him. Macy is struggling with the fact Finn is back and she is married to both of them, also the fact she is pregnant with Wyatt's baby. Wyatt loves Macy but he realizes as time goes on that Macy heart has always belonged to Finn underneath everything they had.There is a lot more character struggles going on, such as Finn's Mom, Karen. The girl Macy adopted as her friend, Sam betrays her in the book. It's so full of everything but was a really good read overall and if you have the heart to stand the fact that one man loses in the end, you should read this book!

  • Cheryl
    2019-05-20 16:49

    Three years ago, Macy Clark was Macy Lockhart. Macy can’t believe it has been three years, since her life was turned upside down. She was told by the military that her husband, Finn had been killed in action. It took Macy a while to move on but she finally did and married a good guy. His name is Wyatt Clark and he is a rich land developer. Now as Macy has everything she desires, her life gets turned upside down once again. She is told that the military has made a big error and Finn is really alive and coming home. This homecoming will be filled with lots of drama, tears, anger, and plenty of surprises. From the beginning of this book, before I got very far into it, I thought I had this story all figured out. It ended up I was wrong. I am still not sure if Macy chose the right guy. Though I do have to say that I won’t want to be in Macy’s shoes. To be honest I was a little upset with the way things transpired between Finn, Macy and Wyatt. I thought Wyatt was a nice guy but towards the end, he started to turn into a jerk. This was understandable considering the circumstances. For me to get this riled up about some characters and what happened to them, means that the Julia London did her job and getting me to fall in love with Summer of Two Wishes and the characters. You don’t get this way unless you are really into a book.

  • Christine
    2019-05-28 17:22

    I skimmed this *heavily*. I kept feeling like I should have liked it, because there was certainly a heart-wrenching setup: Oops...turns out your husband wasn't dead, now what are you going to do with your new husband? Part of the trouble was, is that it was painfully obvious from chapter one which one she would choose. I often find this to be true of love triangle stories, and I suppose I really should start to realize that I have never ended up liking a true love triangle story, and take the hint, but when I read the synopsis I found myself thinking: Wow, that really would be hard. I guess I thought it might truly be a love triangle story with an unclear outcome. The author even used both men's viewpoint, which is the only way something like that could have worked, but by the time we got to their viewpoints, it was too late. Even knowing for sure which she would pick, I might have enjoyed the romance, except that it was just too painful and angsty. One problem after another, and the hits just kept on coming in a continuous, and predictable manner. I can see why a lot of people might like this book, and maybe I just wasn't in the right mood for it, but I figure I ought to at least warn you to be in the mood for a depressing story.

  • Ash Ash
    2019-06-12 19:42

    read the synopsis and wanted to read the book badly.. after reading it i couldn't believe all the hype about this book.. Macy Lockhart is torn between two men who love her.. Her first husband Finn joins the army serves the military overseas and dies in the line of duty.. Macy is heartbroken and in grief.. but later she puts Finn's memory to rest and falls in love with Wyatt Clark and marries him.. Both of them have a happy marriage until Finn comes back from the dead, Finn was being held as hostage all these years, he escapes and comes back home declares as hero only to find that the love of his life married and happy.. he starts drinking from Post Trauma and Macy's marriage.. Macy is in love with both of them but take a long time to decide who to choose.. finally she decides she still loves Finn more than ever and the love she felt for Wyatt is not enough to stay married to him.. Wyatt is devastated and he starts drinking.. I cant believe how Wyatt loves this Macy so much enough to forgive her.. she is such a S**t .. she sleeps with both of them and compares who she likes more.. I hate her character the situation is understandable but who takes such a long time to decide and giving such grief to both the guys..