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A series of grisly murders has left a trail of blood across three states, bringing the Special Crimes Unit to a small Tennessee town. There, two more brutal killings lure Noah Bishop and the SCU into what may be the ultimate trap, and lead Special Agent Hollis Templeton into a dangerous attraction—and a serial murder investigation that turns very, very personal. In her timA series of grisly murders has left a trail of blood across three states, bringing the Special Crimes Unit to a small Tennessee town. There, two more brutal killings lure Noah Bishop and the SCU into what may be the ultimate trap, and lead Special Agent Hollis Templeton into a dangerous attraction—and a serial murder investigation that turns very, very personal. In her time with the SCU, Hollis has shown an uncanny ability to survive even the deadliest attacks. But what she can’t know is that this killer intends to destroy the team from within. As the body count climbs, and Bishop and his agents race to uncover the true identity of their enemy, not even their special senses can warn them just how bloody, and how terrifyingly close, the truth will be....

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Blood Ties Reviews

  • Chloe
    2019-05-24 22:22

    This is the conclusion of the Blood series trilogy and I enjoyed this book more than the others in this series.It is set in a small town Serenade , Tennessee where bodies are piling up and SCU team is led by Miranda Bishop . But the team might be hunting more than one killer as there is a sniper targeting the team too .Will the SCU team be able to catch up with the killers before they take out one of them ?I would suggest reading the books in order in this series as there a lot of characters introduced from the other books and it can be confusing . I was glad to see Hollis Templeton get her own happy ending as I really like her and cannot wait to read more about her romantic interest . So if you like paranormal mystery this series is definitely for you

  • Julija
    2019-05-28 22:04

    Oh my, what a conclusion!The Blood trilogy has been somewhat unique from the start, focusing on an unusual amount of SCU agents in one book and having a plot that ties all three books really closely together. Which, in my opinion, is the absolute best. And Blood Ties takes that to the next level. Rather than bringing in new characters that would end up being unnecessary (see: Blood Sins), it takes on old ones and lays the perfect trap for them. It was kinda like watching an episode of Criminal Minds, with all these dear old faces teaming up with the local police to catch a vicious serial killer. While being targeted by a sniper. And hiding from something very dark and evil lurking in the shadows. That threatens to destroy them from within. While also battling an unknown enemy who has a personal vendetta against Bishop and his unit. And being aware of it all being one giant deadly trap. Because, apparently, there is a traitor in their ranks. How. Awesome. I mean, seriously. So many plots, all of them connected. It was one hell of a ride and I enjoyed every moment of it. And my gosh, the relationships! Because this book doesn't introduce any new couples, it instead dangles the shiny treat of revisiting old ones. And man, man! One of the things I adore most about the Bishop series and Kay Hooper's writing is that her women usually take the centre stage and all the action, while the men provide a (much needed) emotional support. It's a role reversal that Hooper truly makes work and that I appreciate and love. Especially since it's such quality stuff. Seeing Quentin and Diana, Maggie and John... It was something I never thought I needed until it happened. Seeing how far they've come... Sniff. I'm so emotional right now.And then there's Bishop and Miranda. The foundation of everything. That one solid thing in which I lay all my trust. This book had me screaming at every plot twist because WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENED TO THEM. I love all SCU characters, all of them, but Bishop and Miranda... They're special. They're the origin. They're everything. And if something was to happen to them... Such as THIS BOOK FULL OF TRAPS designed specifically for one of them. I couldn't stop reading because I had to know. And boy did the end rip me apart. Super glue won't be enough to keep my heart whole.Thankfully, Hollis and Reese were there to make it better. As in, keep me laughing. What a couple, those two. I cannot wait to see more because surely, surely there is going to be more. Especially with all these recent Hollis developments... And may this world never forget really tired Hollis with no filter on her mouth. What a beautiful, beautiful thing that was to witness. Never forget.Long story short: Blood Ties is an amazingly mysterious, multi-layered, just the right shade of creepy, and truly heart-breaking conclusion to the Blood trilogy. It ties all the ends with a neat bow, yet has the kind of epilogue that makes you wanna scream. While picking up the next book. Definitely one of the best instalments in the series so far. (Out of the Shadows being THE BEST, of course, because Bishop and Miranda and feelings.)

  • Jenn
    2019-06-09 22:08

    I liked the whole paranormal section of the FBI figuring out the murders and some of the suspense. The middle of the book was just way too much of talking on the same thing and not moving forward. The end was quite interesting and it led to the idea of another book coming.

  • Jess the Romanceaholic
    2019-06-14 04:20

    I snagged this one from the library right before I left for vacation, and while I realized it was part of a series, what I didn't realize was that it was book 12.. Unfortunately this meant that it was a little hard to keep up despite the author's best efforts, and it left me floundering at times trying to keep the vast number of characters and their powers and their relationships straight while still trying to keep up with the main storyline.That said, the mystery and suspense was beautifully paced, and while I of course was disappointed to the lack of smut (heh), there were two rather satisfying romances on an emotional level.I DID like that there were notes at the end of each chapter marking references from previous books. An author's note indicated that this was something new with this installment, and it did seem like it would be helpful, were I to want to go back and read up on a particular incident, or refresh my memory had I read some of the series up to that point. 3.5/5 Stars -- would probably been higher were I more familiar with the series going in.

  • wally
    2019-06-09 01:08

    seven forty pee em the 9th of february 2018, friday...finished. good read, three stars, i liked it, kindle, library loaner. truth be told, i almost put it down...was a bit hard to get into...didn't really look at any syllabus, description before taking it on loan at the digital library, liked the cover, it was available, none of that "hold" stuff this time...and...the cast of characters is like a dream team of...i, not f.b.i. they're s.c.u. most if not all of them have some sort of other-world ability, telepaths, mediums, this, that, the other. so i let the ole, who was it? coleridge, the willing suspension of disbelief? yeah, went with it...told my self, well sheesh, wally, you like the koontz stories that also have elements somewhat like herein...yeah, but in those cases it seems usually limited to either the main character, or two...or any more into the story as it went along. seemed like an extended section of story that is mainly dialogue at one point, the cast speculating. there's some good action, setting, dialogue scenes, but this one had an extended section of nothing but dialogue. seemed, i dunno...wonky.but..this is #12? heh! not like me to start at the first and go on, but maybe that would best be the case with these. this kindle version does have a cast of the end! sheesh, thanks! and their abilities. this kindle version also has a kind of footnote, blue asterisks...that designated other stories in the series... can't say there was a lot in the way of, okay, that's what was happening, at/near the end as things began to wrap up...i'm still not clear exactly on who the "bad" guys were/are...where they came from, this, that, the other. and that might be due in part because there's info in an earlier story? to an extent, for sure...the footnotes says as much...but i don't believe that explains it in full. so...don't know what gives with that "read two times" as it is only the once...go figure.

  • Eve
    2019-06-15 22:16

    Sorry but Blood Ties sounded too monotone and rambling. I felt like there were too many characters and no main characters to focus on. I've read some of previous books from this series but I still felt very confused by the storyline and all those characters. Every capable author of continuing series should be able to write books that a new reader can pick up even in the middle of the series, and enjoy. Perhaps enjoy so much that she/he wants to go back and read the series right from the beginning.

  • Dana Burgess
    2019-05-19 00:11

    To those of you that really, really don't like change, I apologise. (something expert bloggers say I should never do - but it feels right) For this month only, as we focus on 'chick lit', the reviews will follow the 'chick lit check list'. 1. fiction that, often humourously, explores issues of modern womanhood There is some, rather dark, humour from time to time in the novel. It is a tricky thing to insert humour into a story about a serial killer torturing and ... well ... killing people to taunt the SCU (a special, psychic unit of the FBI ). Not a laugh out loud kind of humour - more of a 'I can't believe he said that but I still have to chuckle' humour. Does Kay Hooper explore issues of modern womanhood in Blood Ties? It's a reach but, if we consider one issue of modern womanhood to be how to use your psychic powers to capture the bad guy without being killed in the process, then yes. (Not buying that one, eh? Ya - me neither)2. features young adult women who are primarily career driven YES!! The women in this novel are all in their 20's or maybe 30's but no older. They are also all gorgeous and fit and psychic. The females in the SCU focus all of their energy on using their various psychic powers to be the best FBI agents they can be.3. protagonist is addicted to shopping and how she looks NO. Although Hollis is gorgeous without trying, not once during the entire investigation does she go shopping or stop to do her hair. She does look in the mirror once or twice and cringe at how tired she looks. Does that count? 4. may or may not involve a romantic plot line Blood Ties has sub-plots that are the most romantic of plot lines. (Back me up on this, girls.) Greek god like men, amazing looking and totally ripped, who can read the minds of the women they are 'connected' to. So they always know what their women are thinking and feeling and what they need from their men. And the men are there to support the women, in every instance, without criticism, and jump in if they need to play the rescuer. When Hollis over uses her powers to the point of collapse, Reese DeMarco is right there to carry her to bed and protect her with his shield until she is rested. (and no, that is not a euphemism) 5. written by women for women Despite the violence and action involved, this is not a 'man's book'. 6. post-feminist The women in Kay Hooper's novels are not bra-burners but they are strong, likable and can take care of themselves and those around them.Although this book is not the first in the series, it can easily stand alone. I like that Ms Hooper has started adding footnotes and an afterword that help the reader to keep up with who's who, what they can do and which book in the series features them in a 'starring' role.So is it chick-lit. I say yes. And it's a fun read besides.

  • Ptreick
    2019-06-06 00:59

    I picked this up randomly at the library for my commute, popped in a CD, and ... just couldn't do it.I'm generally pretty good at getting used to the narrator's voices, for one thing, but this was just not good. The women (from the FBI's Special Crimes Unit) all spoke like they were ten-year-old girls with these breathy, high-pitched voices that instantly grated on my nerves.In the opening scene, a grotesquely mistreated corpse is discovered, and then, a few pages later, another grotesquely mistreated corpse is discovered. Which is all good. But the FBI agents on hand seem not so concerned with any of the forensic details; they are more worried with the "visions" and "sightings" of a psychic on the team. At one point, this psychic is staring at a team member and realizing that -- although it was previously mentioned several times that she had trouble reading his aura -- she was now seeing a distinct "indigo" surrounding him. Indigo, for people who don't know (like me) is apparently very bad. While she's pondering this, the team member pulls her to the ground and out of the way of a bullet.I had to eject the CD at this point. I was interested in a good-old-fashioned murder mystery, I guess, and didn't realize I had stumbled into the world of the paranormal. Also, frankly, I expect my FBI agents to be alert to shots fired, not distracted by reading auras.

  • Ana T.
    2019-05-28 04:03

    Another Kay Hooper book, another installment in the Bishop series. I think her latest books have all been connected to one another and I wouldn't suggest reading this one without reading the others. Although the back blurb only mentions Holly I felt Diana was as much a main character here. And since they are both recurring characters I really enjoyed seeing them find center stage in this story.Hooper does manage to keep the suspense going on two fronts. Who has been trying to harm Bishop and his work and who is the serial killer at work in a small town, that seems connected with the main villain they have been searching for.I did like the story as a whole and indeed I read it almost in one sitting but I think Hollis love interest came about a bit too sudden and I would have liked to see more interaction between them. I was very much surprised by the "who wants to discredit Bishop?" twist and I found the final twist a bit worrisome - Although I enjoyed this trilogy I am ready to move to the next one.By the way has anyone read the next book in the series? Haven? What I have been reading about it hasn't exactly thrilled me but I'll give it a go one of these days.Grade: 4/5

  • C.G.
    2019-05-31 00:10

    Kay Hooper has been one of my favourite authors from her first category romance - and I still have all her books and still re-read them (especially the Hagen series). I have just re-read the whole Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series up to "Blood Sins" so I could remember all the characters before I read the last two books of the series - currently.Kay Hooper just gets better and better. "Blood Sins" and "Blood Ties" are probably the best of the series, although they are all good reads if you like suspense mixed with romance and paranormal talents tossed into the mix - and can handle some descriptions of violence and occasionally torture. I am a bit squeamish about some of the latter but I love all the characters and their world so much that I deal with it.Perhaps the reason I enjoyed the last two books so much is because it brought together so many of the characters whose stories were central in previous books. Watching how they worked together with their various talents was a very satisfying conclusion to both books and the series so far, although the door was left wide open for further adventures - and I can't wait.

  • Suspense Magazine
    2019-05-18 04:11

    In her twelfth edition to the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series, Kay Hooper continues to mesmerize readers with explosive conflicts and gripping characters. Bishop’s well-trained unit of misfits work frantically to stop the escalating body count in “Blood Ties”, as an unknown assailant targets the SCU and ultimately takes a small town hostage through fear. Fans will be captivated—at every turn—as much loved players from previous volumes arrive on scene to pitch in using their unique and extraordinary abilities. As the team searches for answers, Hooper’s astonishing talent for creating and juggling circling storylines—from past and present—is put to the test. I don’t believe she could fail if she tried. Her creative blend of the paranormal and suspense are truly distinctive and with ingenious settings, “Blood Ties” will undoubtedly be a

  • Lesli
    2019-06-08 02:27

    3 of 3. Better than Blood Dreams. About the same level as Blood Sins. However, I'm putting paid to this series. The ending puts the whole kibosh on this series. I like to read suspense/thriller fiction; but I'd like a little less reality with it please. I don't want to walk away from a book feeling like I just watched a couple days worth of local and national news -- depressing, violent stories with tragedy and little hope.So, yeah. Blood Ties was a good story. Just a really sad chapter in the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series. Oh, and if you don't like self-aggrandizing footnotes, you may not want to read this book. I don't care what the author's note says, this reader is annoyed to stumble upon footnotes referencing previous books.

  • Darcy
    2019-05-24 20:16

    This was not one of the better books in this series, mostly because it tried to do something I normally love, pulling in previous characters and events, and didn't succeed. I don't consider it a good sign when the author has to put in foot notes relating to the book where the previous action or people first appeared, I did like the appendix in the end where it was more spelled out.This book was both a filler and one that cleared up a lot of major story lines, but with the large cast of characters and everything related back to a previous crime it was hard to keep track and made for a very slow read. I am hoping this book is just a fluke and the next one will be back to normal.

  • Keri
    2019-06-11 19:58

    This in the end turned out to be a pretty good book. I felt there was alot of info dump at first. This book was more about the team as a whole. We did get resolution to two couple's relationship which was light, light romance. This also isn't a book you can pick up and read. On some of these past references even I felt lost and had to struggle to remember these books. There are footnotes of the books these references came from. I has a sad though about one event in the book and wish KH could have handled it differently. Not sure why she did that....bummer. ETA: This is good tie up to this trilogy and brings quiet a few team members together. In that respect it was a very strong book.

  • Sheila
    2019-06-11 04:14

    Having special abilities isn't always a positive thing.

  • Anita
    2019-06-16 01:11

    Blood Ties concludes the Blood trilogy with Hollis Templeton as our front stage and center main character. Throughout the entire Blood trilogy, I don't deny that I felt Hollis's presence much more so than the other official main characters of both Blood Dreams and Blood Sins--though it's not to say that the previous two books didn't focus properly on the main story, conflict, and characters.Even though Hollis has kind of "lurked" in the background, I couldn't help but feel like this entire trilogy was just as much about her. And so it's no surprise that I very much looked forward to this last book in the Blood trilogy. In fact, ever since Hollis's first appearance as an official SCU agent, I've been anticipating her book.I probably just liked watching her survive and develop and grow throughout each previous installment of the Bishop/SCU series.While Blood Ties manages to round out the trilogy in a neat way, utilizing connections and ties (as the book's title would suggest) to bring the trilogy's story arc to a fairly finalized, yet also open-ended conclusion, I can't help but feel like these books have been missing something. And also, as much as this was supposed to be Hollis's book, it also felt like she just continued to lurk in her background position while Quentin and Diana (from Book 8, Chill of Fear) also managed to claim a bit of the limelight.Nonetheless, Blood Ties is very enjoyable and incorporated the murder mystery, crime thriller, and the ties to previous books quite well. The ending certainly felt a little left field, but I found enjoyment and that's all that matters to me.The Story:Gruesome murders have lead the SCU team, with Miranda Bishop taking point, to a small town in a technological dead zone. While investigating the deaths of two individuals, Hollis is fired at by a mysterious shooter who seems to be watching the SCU agents' every move.In the meantime, Noah Bishop is on a mission to search out a possible leak in his own unit as well as find out more information on anyone who might have targeted himself and his unit.Diana Brisco has walked into the gray time with her abilities to find that she has come upon the now destroyed asylum where previous events had taken place--a building where Hollis had almost been killed by an insane serial rapist and killer.All information and leads seem to lead back to the Church of the Everlasting Sin and the deceased Reverend Samuel. And underlying every present event are more secrets and twists that cut closer to home than the SCU agents would like to believe.My Thoughts:Again, my summary sucks. But when you've got a crime thriller and murder mystery with lots of twisty-turny events that could potentially be easily spoiled in a domino-effect way, you have no choice but to be very vague, while at the same time attempt to give some kind of summary that makes sense.Anyway...As I already stated, despite the fact that this book concludes the Blood trilogy, I found that it was a nice twist to sort of tie part of the investigation in with short glimpses of previous cases our agents have worked. This particular tangent didn't last long as it lead into another new twist, but I liked the idea nonetheless.I was just a little disappointed that Hollis didn't get her chance to shine in the main light when this book's official blurb advertises her significance. I mean, sure she was still the main character next to Reese DeMarco, but we also spend quite a bit of time following Diana's own advanced development as well as her relationship with Quentin. Not that I don't appreciate a more well-rounded Happily Ever After™ for this couple, but I would have also liked to focus more on Hollis as well.There is still a lot of the story progression leaning towards draggy, "let's sit around and talk about the case in repetition" going on, but at least it wasn't too extensive.What I liked:-- Again, Hollis's presence is forever welcome. There's just something about her that I really like and admire. If the installments of this series will continue to bring old characters to the surface like it did for Diana and Quentin, I'd love to see more of Hollis in the long run.-- Use of multiple characters was fairly seamless; none of it felt like a forced curtain call of any kind and I enjoyed Miranda's presence as team leader a lot.-- The mystery was well-thought out with enough twists to keep me anticipating, but not too many conflicts to make me annoyed. Even the tangents weren't random.-- And we get to meet a lot of new characters as well as old ones. And we even get a nice, more official introduction of the civilian psychic team, Haven, with Maggie and John (from Book 4, Touching Evil) making their appearances.-- There was less of the beating home of the whole "Universe" thing that bugged me so much. There is more action and forward progression in spite of the few brief "sitting around and talking too much" scenes.What I would have liked:-- The character interactions are sparse and the romance was lackluster. The romance was there and the characters are excellent, but I still felt like we were cheated of seeing a blossoming love story--two blossoming love stories, actually.-- While the romances were sweet and nice... that was really all they were. And maybe that was the point--that the love stories don't need that much emphasis and that they don't need too much action or depth because there were more important things to focus on. And yet I still wished there had been more FEELS involved.-- Despite there being more story progression and forward action, there were still the random exposition moments in those brief "sitting around and talking" scenes (sorry for being repetitive, but this was one of the things in all three books that kind of bugged me). The characters LOVE to talk a lot and they love to analyze and re-analyze each and every aspect of their case to death.And maybe this is more realistic in an investigation. I don't know. But it certainly took away from a lot of the excitement of the action.-- Again, more insight into the characters and more instances to relate with.Final Thoughts:Blood Ties (as well as the rest of the Blood trilogy) was very enjoyable and kept me hooked from the beginning until the end. We might have had our differences, but I'm sure the story and I got along in lovely fashion. I am very much tempted to go ahead and get my hands on the rest of the books and screw my Reading Challenge obligations!

  • Micky Cox
    2019-06-13 23:22

    Another installment in the Bishop files, this one finds the team still trying to clean up the case from the previous book. Excellent twists to keep the story vibrant and entertaining to keep you interested in the series. As always the author has develops great characters and an intriguing plot to keep you turning pages.

  • Laurie D'ghent
    2019-05-23 04:03

    And...I've officially lost interest in this series. Though the torture scene was brief and not overly detailed, it's not for me. The kicker? When you find out the identity of the mystery man, and I have no idea who he is. None. Even after Googling it.

  • Sandra Lee
    2019-05-24 04:07

    I love this author! I thought I had read all her books, so was very excited when I saw this one! Had to excuse myself from a family gathering for a couple hours because I couldn't stay up any later the night before to finish it!

  • Keri
    2019-06-03 22:22

    This is such a phenomenal series! I have enjoyed all of the books that I've read in the series! I love when a book makes me have a reaction out loud or gives me goosebumps. I love the newly added footnotes telling readers in what previous books an event happened.

  • Carol
    2019-05-21 00:58

    Three stars because it took two hundred pages before this story took off for me and I don't wait that long before giving up, but this was Kay Hooper...Number 12 in the Bishop/SCU/ FBI series. The Unit is tracking a serial killer in the small town called Serenade, Tennessee.

  • Christine Howard
    2019-05-24 04:03

    Third book in the trilogy the SCU with Bishop investigating finds out who has been out to destroy the unit. His efforts bring unexpected consequences.

  • Karley
    2019-05-31 23:17

    it wasn't bad but it got really long and confusing

  • Kem
    2019-06-10 00:10

    Really scary. Some of the scary is a little "out there", but it holds the attention. There is some light vague romance and the ending is really sad. There wasn't clear closure, like what came about with the Father? I like this series and I've missed a few before this one. I need to catch up.

  • Sheila Melo
    2019-05-19 20:23

    Twisty Conclusion to Blood TrilogyFor fans of Hooper's Special Crimes Unit series, BLOOD TIES brings to a conclusion the story of the hidden enemy trying to destroy the SCU and also moves forward the personal relationships of several couples.THE STORY: The Special Crimes Unit of the FBI is made up of agents who possess paranormal talents. Throughout the Blood Trilogy, the SCU has discovered that they have an enemy who is out to destroy the unit and its head, Noah Bishop. Now a series of murders has brought many of the team members to a small town in Tennessee. It appears that the murders have been a lure to bring the team to town in order to destroy them. The team members have to discover who is their enemy and defeat him in a final showdown.OPINION: BLOOD TIES nicely integrates the stories from several other books. While the main interest is the final showdown with their "big bad", I appreciated this book because it finally progressed the stories of several other couples. Diana and Quentin who first began their romance in CHILL OF FEAR finally get a chance to have their relationship be made central to a story. There is also the start of a relationship between Hollis Templeton and Reese Demarco. While not dominating the story, I appreciated that the personal side of the story was not neglected in the gore and suspense of the story. Honestly, I read these stories because I like the characters and I liked that the revelations of the story were built upon the characters and their relationships. For fans of the series, this book brings together so many threads and brings back so many characters that it is like a family reunion (with murders and paranormal intrigue).WORTH MENTIONING: Fans, like me, who were somewhat dejected by the end of CHILL OF FEAR will be happy to know that Diana and Quentin get a great deal of space in this book.FINAL DECISION: This is one of my favorites of the series even though it is one of the saddest in many ways. I appreciated that the story foundation is based on the characters and their relationships. The mystery is tied up in a way that was satisfying.CONNECTED BOOKS: This is the twelfth book in the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series. This book is also the third book of the internal Blood Trilogy. Finally, the book is also a sequel of CHILL OF FEAR. While a new reader might be able to figure out all of the players, I think the story does not have much power unless a reader is familiar with the background of the major players and I think CHILL OF FEAR and the first two books of the Blood Trilogy are required reading.STAR RATING: I give this book 4.5 stars.

  • Merredith
    2019-05-24 21:24

    2013: I re-read this book that I originally read in 2010 because it's the third in a trilogy within the Bishop Special Crimes Unit series, and originally, I'd not read the first two. Now I finally went and read the first two of the trilogy, and this one, all in a row. SO GOOD! I LOVE this series and this trilogy was the best one yet! She is running slow on writing new ones...more of the next trilogy should have been out by now, but only the first book was JUST released, and i heard it's not as good. we'll see. I don't have much to add to my original review, other than it was even MORE awesome having read the things leading up to it. But begin at the beginning of the entire series. I love them and their special evil fighting powers. Modern day superheroes/mutants. Awesome. 2010: I love the Bishop special FBI series, it's like Xmen. Bishop is an agent with very strong psychic powers, especially when he joins forces with his wife Miranda, another agent. Together, they have formed a special unit within the FBI, where over the series of books, they find and recruit new people in who have incredible powers, including mind reading, talking with the dead, taking other people's powers, healing themselves and others…there's even one guy who's almost impossible to kill. Together they form to get the bad guys, usually serial killers who have powers too. I messed up a little with this book…it was the third in a trilogy within the series, and I had not read the rest of the trilogy yet. It also ties in with lots of other storylines from other trilogies within the series. We see a lot of the team's powers are changing and growing, and we get to learn who bishop and the team's arch nemesis is, who I didn’t even know existed since I didn't read the last 2 books. I'll still read them. This book was pretty sad. I feel like it might have been even sadder if read in order. It's violent, it's interesting, it's revelatory, and kind of a transition book in terms of how everyone is doing with their lives and powers. This is the author's newest book, so when the next one comes, I feel like she'll be ready to take it to another level. Awesome series.

  • Kristen
    2019-06-14 02:04

    Another solid effort by Hooper in the Bishop Special Crimes Unit series. This series combines two of the things that will grab my interest everytime - serial killer profilers and paranormal abilities.First off, while most of the Bishop SCU books will stand on their own, this book is very much a follow up of the previous book Blood Sins, and because there are numerous references to what came before and that are connected to what's happening now [I can't say much more without including spoilers!] I recommend reading that one before you read this one.Most of the regulars are here helping to solve some nasty murders in what used to be a small, quiet and most importantly - safe town. As the SCU team investigates it becomes clear that the murder is not only a twisted killer, but that he or she has it in for Noah Bishop and his entire team too.This book focuses on Hollis [who played a big role in the previous book too] and who's paranormal abilities are growing and changing very quickly, and new agent Diana Briscoe, who we met in the last book as a sad figure who's wealthy, powerful father refused to accept her paranormal abilities and had her confined to a mental institution where she was kept drugged constantly.Both Hollis and Diana have major roles to play in tracking down the killer and the skillful way Hooper combines the profiling aspect with the paranormal stuff seems very natural. There's humour too, somewhat surprisingly, as the agents tease one another about their abilities and talents and help each other deal with the odd situation they all find themselves in.One of the things I really enjoy about Kay Hoopers books, is that she really creates fully developed, interesting characters that you can connect with, like, and root for as they make their way through the very unusual world they live in. If you like paranormal stuff and murder mysteries, you may like this one - I sure did!

  • Betty
    2019-06-18 03:19

    Blood Ties: A Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Novel (Bishop Trilogies) By Kay Hooper BantamSeptember 2010A Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Serenade is a small idyllic community in Tennessee, just over the mountains from North Carolina, and this is where the mangled bodies of two more victims of an unknown predator are discovered. FBI Special Crime Unit SCU Chief, Noah Bishop, his wife Miranda, and most of his team have congregated here as a trail of bodies have led them to this small place on the map.Diana Brisco is a medium with the ability to walk with spirits in a corridor between life and death. Most of Diana’s life was spent in psychiatric hospitals because her father refused to believe that she was sane, and she was kept on psychotic drugs. When she joined Bishop’s SCU her father swore that he would destroy the unit. In Serenade she is on a task force with telepath Reese DeMarco, seer Quentin Hayes, and medium Hollis Templeton, who is developing several other psychic talents. While in Tennessee the corridor that Diana is led to time and time again is a mental institution that was destroyed years before. Hollis has joined Diana a couple of times, which is dangerous, because if she doesn’t know how to get out of the passageway she could die there. Reese and Quentin have saved the women twice from a very malignant spirit.This is the twelfth book in the SCU series, and the author has put in an appendix which identifies the agents, their special talents, and the books they have appeared in. BLOOD TIES is a white-knuckle read and for fans of this series it might be considered one of the best tales to date. Everything reverts to the beginning of the quest for the evil-doer Samuel, who has been dead for a long time, but his legacy of malevolence still lives. There are twists and turns all through this brilliant story and not all of them are in the corridor of spirits.Betty Cox, Staff

  • Darcia Helle
    2019-05-23 03:08

    I've been a fan of Kay Hooper's writing for more than a decade, since I first read Stealing Shadows. The Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series is written in a series of trilogies, with minor characters of one trilogy spinning off to be main characters in another. The books in the three prior trilogies easily stood on their own. This one, however, does not. If you have not read the entire series, you'll be lost here. The plot relies heavily on information and cases from past books. This is so prevalent that the passing references are marked with asterisks, giving the other book titles in a footnote. Unless you plan to stop at each point and read the books mentioned, this isn't particularly helpful. With this book, Hooper also brings in all the characters from the special crimes unit (and there are many), plus a whole lot of new characters. Consequently, none of them are well developed. At best, they felt shallow and one-dimensional. Again, if you haven't read the other books, you'll know next to nothing about these characters. I've read the other books, but still often felt lost here. It's been many years since I've read some of them, and I've read a whole lot of books in between. This book would only work if you read the series from first title to last within a short period of time.I felt the plot was overly complicated, relying on too many POV characters and far too much content from past stories. Despite the intricate plot, the story moved slowly. I think this was due to the amount of POV characters. There was a lot of rehashing of information. In all, Blood Ties was a huge disappointment. I just hope Hooper goes back to her earlier, simplified writing style.

  • Orville Jenkins
    2019-05-28 02:13

    Confused GenreThis review is from: Blood Ties (Blood Trilogy) (Audio CD)This is somewhat of a murder thriller, but crosses the border into Sci Fi. I do not recommend this book, though the basic story line is somewhat intriguing, with the Special Crimes Unit under attack from a sniper.But much of the book is given over to a confused metaphysic that detracts and wanders. The author attempts to weave an intrigue of wonder and mystery with an atmosphere of psychic drama, exploring unseen evil powers puppeteering the perpetrators of the crimes.Some readers will be intrigued, as I was at first, with the inclusion of a medium (two actually) and other psychic skills among the elite special task force here. They actually travel into another dimension while conversing with the dead or spirit guides, in a mish-mash of several different other-world formats that don't seem to mesh well.Hooper seems to have drawn on several different metaphysical constructs for other-world existence ad communication, but did not consistently implement nay of them. It got confusing and unbelievable.The story founders on its preachment of a metaphysical universe of afterlife evil. Maybe. It is hard to tell what the theme of this is. A love story of sorts is included but it seems the author could not decide what she really wanted to the story to be. It drug on and on.Hooper is billed as best-selling author. I wonder who buys her books? Maybe this is not representative of her whole line. I was glad I could check this one out of the library and did not spend my own money for it.The vocal performance by Joyce Bean was read well enough, but the voices and vocal characterizations of the characters were not believable.