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Cross over to the night. Meet your knights in shining darkness.R to L (Japanese Style). Cross over to the night. Meet your knights in shining darkness. Cross Adademy is attended by two groups of students: the Day Class and the Night Class. At twilight, when the students of the Day Class return to their dorm, they cross paths with the Night Class on their way to  school. YuCross over to the night. Meet your knights in shining darkness.R to L (Japanese Style). Cross over to the night. Meet your knights in shining darkness. Cross Adademy is attended by two groups of students: the Day Class and the Night Class. At twilight, when the students of the Day Class return to their dorm, they cross paths with the Night Class on their way to  school. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are the Guardians of the school, protecting the Day Class from the Academy's dark secret: the Night Class is full of vampires!A war among vampires has started at Cross Academy, and even Day Class students are being attacked. Kaname finally reveals his hidden plan to Zero, and Zero must choose on which side he will fight. But in order for Zero to defeat the enemy, he will have to take part in an atrocious act......

Title : Vampire Knight, Vol. 9
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ISBN : 9781421531724
Format Type : Paperback
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Vampire Knight, Vol. 9 Reviews

  • Ivy
    2019-06-09 05:57

    5 starsGood to finally be able to see Rido Kuran. Hope they will be able to stop him. Poor Zero. Sad that he had to kill his brother. Also sad that he is basically a pawn for the vampires. Kaname and Yuki's relationship is very interesting. Hope they will be able to get to know each other better when they leave the academy.Can't wait to read Vampire Knight volume 10!!!!!

  • Gokce ~Muslin Myst~
    2019-06-11 02:31

    Poor. Poor Zero. It's a pity things turned out the way they did with Zero insisting he wants to kill all purebloods possibly including Yuki, not that I think he can manage that. But he keeps saying they're enemies now and that annoys me Zero -that's right! You heard me dude!- And I was sad for Ichiru -sp?- I kinda liked him, it was a pity he died. At least his death fed Zero new powers and made him the branch-arm. Again, I enjoyed reading the sidebars and I was pretty much like this, o_0, when Matsuri Hino listed the drawing material she uses.Can't wait for the next one, seriously. I got a bit confused if it was out already but we'll see. It was left off at such a scene that I'm dying with anticipation. -omgomgomgomg!!!- I'm glad Yuki decided to stay back in the Academy and was there to be on Zero's side, although, like I said, I don't like Zero's take on things very much now. And Yuki's sudden devotion and love to Kaname. I'm hoping they'll work things out, soon. It was quite funny the bit she put in the end where Yuki wants to sit down until volume 10 :DThe nxt one should be out yesterday!! :)

  • Arlene
    2019-06-10 04:45

    Spoilers from here on out!Wow!!!! Just when I thought the story couldn’t get any more dramatic, a whole new level is achieved!Zero has become the strongest vampire hunter of all time.1. He unconsciously stole the powers of his twin and was born into the family with one and half vampire hunter abilities.2. Shizuka made him into a vampire.3. He devoured Yuki’s blood many times.4. Yuki’s blood is now awakened so that it is suffusing in Zero.5. He fed from Kaname’s blood which contained Shizuka’s blood.War among the vampires continues to threaten the safety of the Cross Academy students. Kaname reveals to Zero what his plans are and Zero much choose a side and commit a horrendous act.These books are addicting. I’m moving on to VK10 because I can’t wait to see how all this ends.

  • Anna Faltracco
    2019-06-14 09:47

    Anche questo volume non mi ha convinto!La parte dei vampiri seguaci di Kaname non riesco a seguirla! Secondo me è confusionaria e non si capisce chi sta dalla parte di chi e cosa vogliano. La storia tra Kaname e Yuki è sempre piú creepy. Inoltre non ho capito cosa cavolo ha fatto il fratello di Zero! Ma non era cattivo? Mah..non ci sto più capendo nulla sinceramente

  • Alison (AlisonCanRead)
    2019-06-08 04:39

    I'm not sure how I feel about where Vampire Knight is going. Volume 9 exemplifies my ambivalence. It is a rollicking adventure. Rido Kuran, Kaname and Yuki's uncle has been awakened from a deep sleep. He was in love with Kaname and Yuki's mother and killed their father. He is now intent on killing Yuki.Zero has been imprisoned. His brother Ichiru visits him and shoots him with the vampire-killing gun, but it doesn't kill Zero. It turns out that Ichiru is dying and Zero devours his twin to increase his own powers. This sounds really twisted and disgusting, but it actually makes sense with the vampire hunter mythology. Twins of vampire hunters usually devour themselves in the womb and only one child is born. Zero partially devoured Ichiru in the womb, so he was born as a sickly, weak child. Now Ichiru encourages Zero to finish what he once (unconsciously) started.The Academy is in chaos with Rido's awakening. Evil vampires are popping up out of the woodwork and scaring the day students. The Night students are now protecting the Day students. Headmaster Cross was once a great vampire hunter. Yet he now insists that not all vampires are bad nor should they be killed. He is protecting his school.Finally, you have the big battles: between Yuki, Zero, and Rido and between Kaname and the Senate. It's all very dramatic.My problem with this volume and the way the series is going is that it's become so complex. There are so many characters who look so much alike that it's hard to tell what's going on. I had to read the summary in Volume 10 and read Volume 9 twice to really understand what happened. I also still find the fact that Yuki and Kaname are both lovers and siblings rather uncomfortable. I'm curious to see where Vampire Knight goes, but I'm not enjoying it quite as much.

  • Megan M
    2019-06-13 07:33

    No more. Just no. The first five volumes of this series are awesome. Read them. Enjoy them. Fall in love with Zero. Just don't read any further than that. Vampire Knight goes from being a fun vampire-human-vampire love triangle story to being a poorly plotted attempt by the writer to create a political world for her vampires. This is accompanied by awkward art, characters that no one can tell apart, and surprise incest - which is apparently so perfectly acceptable that instead of running to the bathroom to scrub themselves with bleach, they just keep making out. Epic battles are so stuffed with pretty artwork that the story just fails to keep up.I will not be looking for any more volumes of this manga. I've heard the anime is far superior so I may give a couple episodes a try, but in general, I'm done with Vampire Knight.

  • Martina
    2019-06-12 02:46

    ¿Qué carajos acaba de pasar?Yo me pierdo #toomuchdrama¿Y Zero? ¿El hermano? Puffff, what?

  • Kate
    2019-06-23 05:46

    This series has gotten weird and all the supporting characters look alike. After nine volumes, I have no idea who most of the people in the character list at the back of the book are.

  • Steph Su
    2019-06-15 09:39

    Why are these books getting so dull and slow in plot and misogynistic/uncomfortably incestuous in content?

  • Kaylee
    2019-05-25 06:39

    Absolutely amazing. The anime is good, but the manga is way better! Not gonna leave in any spoilers because I don't want to ruin it for those who haven't read it. This is highly recommended from me to everyone!

  • MissAnnThrope
    2019-05-28 09:28

    24 March 2013(view spoiler)[Really? NINE volumes into the series is the first time we see Yuki remotely kick any ass? I've always wondered how she got the job as Guardian. I think this is the first time she properly uses her staff. It took long enough, but happy to see it finally happen. (hide spoiler)]With as much drama that happens in Vampire Knight, Volume 9, I should feel pretty excited by all of the action. Instead, I just feel meh. The narrative has become so convoluted that it's more confusing than intriguing. The story has me so lost at times that it feels like I've accidentally skipped a few pages. Another thing that adds to the confusion is so many characters are drawn to look nearly identical. Is that Rido? No, it's Kaname. Oh, wait. It's Toga Yagari. Don't even get me started on Akatsuki and Hanabusa.In all honesty, I don't read this series for its quality writing or groundbreaking ideas. I read it because it's ridiculously cheesy, strangely addictive, and it helps me temporarily escape the seriousness of life. With that said, the direction this series has been headed in the past couple of volumes makes me reconsider whether or not I will continue turning to this as my guilty pleasure read.(view spoiler)[I am no stick in the mud and I've read my fair share of twisted stories, but the incestuous relationship doesn't set well with me. Every time I see those two share a kiss, I throw up a little in my mouth. I did really enjoy the bit with the headmaster returning to his hunter duties. I so wanted to see him turn into this badass hunter, but the moment was cut too short. I hope that we will get to see more of him in the next volume. (hide spoiler)]

  • Michelle *The Bookish Hobbit*
    2019-05-27 05:45

    3.75*I actually like Rido as a villian a lot. I don't get how Yuki can want to protect all the other students as a Gaurdian, yet she's acting so distant From Zero. Zero is angry that Yuki is (view spoiler)[a vampire now, but she only tried to visit him once since her awakening, and she said something very nasty about the old Yuki being dead ( in Vol. 9) (hide spoiler)]; if that was true, she wouldn't try to protect the other students. I thought maybe it was some attempt to spare Zero's feelings by having him angry rather than sad that things weren't the same anymore (if that makes sense), but it would be all Yuki's fault if Zero missed her because she was always pushing herself on him when (view spoiler)[ she was human. She didn't know she was a vampire when she did those things, but she could still try to SHOW Zero she cares instead of just jumping ahead to "We're enemies now!" (hide spoiler)]. 0.o{Reread}

  • Yv
    2019-05-27 09:31


  • Sirine
    2019-06-13 08:45

    J ai bizarrement lu ce tome très vite. .. Allez savoir pourquoi! :)Dans ce tome une bataille imminente se prépare et finit par éclater vers le milieu de l histoire. .. Comme d habitude j ai bien aimé et il se termine sur un énorme suspens! :)

  • Lady Entropy
    2019-06-04 05:34

    I feel I'm repeating myself a lot in these reviews, but here's the short version:- Art good- Concept good- Story bad- Characters okayIf you love this type of manga, you'll probably don't let that stop you. If don't (especially if you like good and well crafted stories) avoid it.

  • Valerie
    2019-06-17 05:57

    I have no idea what was going on or who was who. I couldn't remember anything from volume 8. Oh well... I have volumes 10 and 11 here yet to read.

  • ♥Nora♥ (Angel)
    2019-06-08 04:42

    Cada vez me deja más picada :3

  • Adalira Morningstar
    2019-06-22 02:34

    I have to fight my library to get books featuring LGBT characters added but there's no issue with stocking this series about shitty vampire politics and boning your own brother. Fuck.

  • Peter Barr
    2019-06-23 06:49

    Vampire Knight, Volume 9 by Matsuri Hino has hit the saturation point for me. The artwork has characters that look a lot alike and are hard to tell apart. Also, there are 2 sets of twins. Another character (or two?) have taken over the bodies of others. Frankly, I don't know what is going on in this series. The two main and most sympathetic characters are both lovers and brother and sister. The plot thickens but has not clarified. There is some kind of subplot where some want a senate ruled group of vampires and others want them ruled by the ancient families. The main scene, the school, has lost it's importance. I'm trying to like this but who knows.

  • Amanda Setasha Hall
    2019-05-26 06:32

    I haven't read this series in a while, but had stopped with Volume 8. Continuing with this one was pretty action packed and I enjoyed it. I had to remind myself what was going on in the series, but it was honestly pretty great. I avoided this series for a while because of how popular it became. I'm glad I picked it back up.

  • Claire
    2019-06-03 10:57

    A very action packed volume. Finally!

  • AcnologiaDream
    2019-06-16 10:52

    mmmmm too much weird unnecessary seens that aren't ment to look like what it looks like.

  • R
    2019-06-17 05:55

    Amazing. A little anticlimactic but I think it shows how strong one of the characters has become. I love Hino-san's sense of humor at the end! She leaves us in suspense but not without a laugh!

  • Alex Belinda
    2019-06-09 09:34

    Oh. My. God! Talk about cliff hangers! I am in LOVE with the fight scenes! So good!

  • Em Mirra
    2019-06-25 09:44


  • Krupa Sisodiya
    2019-05-31 03:38

    waiting for next vols. love you Kaname...(Rhys from Asia);)

  • Laura
    2019-06-02 04:42

    I'm so confused about what's going and half the time I'm having trouble following who's speaking. Gotten really weird and a lot of nuances that are really hard to follow.

  • Gabriela Paige
    2019-05-30 10:28

    Well, it's not over yet, but I feel like that one part went over quickly. Or is it??? This was such a sad one! Gah! Please let everyone survive!

  • Raquel Leite
    2019-06-25 08:36

    Opinião geral : história passa-se no colégio Cross, uma escola especial que divide os alunos em dois grupos: A Day Class (classe do dia) e a Night Class (a classe da noite). O que toda a gente pensa, incluído a day class, é que a única coisa que os difere é que quando a classe da manhã saí para os dormitórios á noite, é altura da classe da noite ir para as aulas.No entanto não é apenas isso. A Night Classe é na verdade uma turma exclusiva a vampiros. Um projecto do presidente Cross que quer que tanto vampiros como humanos se dêem bem, e por isso mesmo desfrutarem da presença comum.Verdade seja dita que as raparigas da Day Class não tem muitos problemas com isso, também proque não sabem que são vampiros, já que depois das aulas vão para os portões da Night Classe só para os verem e gritarem pelos nomes do aluno. Porquê? Porque eles são incrivelmente bonitos. Mas são vampiros.Para estabelecer esta ordem toda o presidente Cross conta com a ajuda dos seus dois filhos adoptivos, Yuuki e Zero. Eles sabem da verdadeira realidade do que se passa na academia, e tentam de tudo para que ambas as classes cumpram as regras, principalmente a da noite.Yuuki é a mais viva dos 2 e é de certa forma a preferida de um vampiro em especifico, Kaname. Isto porque foi ele que a salvou quando ela ia sendo devorada por um vampiro. E o mais estranho de tudo é que essa é a sua primeira memória, ela não tem qualquer uma antes disso. E isso faz com que ela se sinta em divida para com ele, quem sabe para sempre. Já que ele sempre a visitou na academia depois disso.Zero é diferente, é mais reservado e odeia vampiros. Isto porque a sua família foi ataca por um quando ele ainda era pequeno, matando os seus pais e o seu irmão gémeo. Um grande trunfo para os vampiros, já que a sua família faz parte dos Hunters, uma grande equipa especializada na caça de vampiros.A história tem um certo mistério que envolve o Kaname e o que ele realmente quer e sobre a sua ligação a Yuuki, que provoca muito desconforto entre vampiros e humanos. Porque haveria um vampiro da alta sociedade, um pureblood, ter tanto interesse numa humana como a Yuuki? Pois…Vampire_Knight_ch12_05Zero é um mistério também, não se sabe muito bem a relação dele a Yuuki, embora se tenha uma certa percepção, ela não é dita directamente.Rapidamente a história transforma-se num triângulo amoroso e não se sabe bem por quem torcer.O que acontece nos primeiros volumes é uma descoberta do mundo vampírico e humano e como estes estão ligados.Revelando que Kaname tem um acerto prazer em jogos mentais e que faz de tudo para chegar a um final próprio. Ele tem as suas razões para fazer o que faz, mas nem todos os meus explicam o fim. Mas Yuuki não o quer ver como um vampiro mau, aliás ele salvou-a de um vampiro mau, logo ele não é igual a eles.Zero obviamente não concorda. Mas a parte pior vem quando ele já não consegue esconder o que lhe passa nas veias, foram muitos anos a esconder e a lutar. Mas a sua sede vem ao de cima, para admiração de Yuuki que nunca imaginou que algo assim acontecesse a Zero.Este fica então a odeiar-se a ele mesmo. Tendo uma missão agora mais profunda, primeiro matar os vampiros todos e depois matar-se a ele, ou deixar que Yuuki o mate.Tudo isto num tom sério e profundo, mas como é próprio de mangá, tudo tem um lado mais cómico e tal como Matsuri diz numa lateral, ele gosta de escrever piadas, e obviamente elas estão presentes e ainda bem. Acho que faz um grande papel de importância na história.E confesso que inicialmente os desenhos não me chamaram muito a atenção, mas compreendi ser o estilo dela. Algumas parte faziam-me confusão como as mãos maiores que a cara e problemas anatómicos. Mas isso superou-se, e até melhorou bastante. Mas tal como disse é o género dela, logo não mesmo um defeitoSim, vou continuar a devorar os livros e bem terei de ver o anime que já anda ali guardadinho para ver, que entretanto seguiu com uma segunda temporada!

  • Γιώτα Παπαδημακοπούλου
    2019-06-04 06:38

    Στο ένατο τεύχος της σειράς, που έχει ακόμα ένα υπέροχο εξώφυλλο, είναι που αρχίζουν τα δύσκολα. Όχι μόνο γιατί η δράση και η αγωνία κορυφώνεται και χτυπάει κόκκινο αλλά γιατί, ανάμεσα στο manga και το anime υπάρχουν πολύ μεγάλες διαφορές. Ουσιαστικά, το 9ο τεύχος, ανταποκρίνεται στα επεισόδια 10 έως 13 και πιο συγκεκριμένα, μέχρι τα μισά του 13, και στις νύχτες 39 έως 43. Η Yuki προσπαθεί να προσαρμοστεί στη νέα της κατάσταση, πράγμα που δεν κάνει με πολύ μεγάλη επιτυχία. Η Ακαδημία βρίσκεται σε κατάσταση επίταξης και αν και στο anime βλέπουμε ότι αποφασίζεται αρχικά να απομακρυνθούν οι μαθητές, έστω κι αν αυτό δεν πραγματοποιείται τελικά καθώς δεν υπάρχει περιθώριο για κάτι τέτοιο, στο manga, απλά τίθενται σε περιορισμό στους κοιτώνες τους, με τους μαθητές τις νυχτερινής τάξης να έχουν αναλάβει την προστασία τους από τους επιτιθέμενους στην Ακαδημία βρικόλακες. Η Yori μαθαίνει την αλήθεια για την Yuki, αποδεικνύοντας περίτρανα πως οι πραγματικές φιλίες, μπορούν να αντέξουν τα πάντα, εκτός από το να υπάρχουν μυστικά. Ο Rido ανασταίνεται και συλλέγει όσο μεγαλύτερες δυνάμεις μπορεί, την ίδια ώρα που ο Kaname επισκέπτεται τον Zero προκαλώντας τον να κάνει αυτό για το οποίο γεννήθηκε και του χαρίστηκε μέχρι τώρα η ζωή, που δεν είναι άλλο από το να σκοτώσει τον Rido και να προστατέψει την Yuki. Από τα πολύ συγκινητικά και γεμάτα έντονα συναισθήματα κομμάτια της σειράς, είναι η συνάντηση του Ichiru και του Zero στο κελί απομόνωσης του δεύτερου. Ο Ichiru τραυματίζει τον Zero, ακολουθεί μια σειρά αμφίδρομων εξομολογήσεων και ο πρώτος, ζητά από τον αδερφό του να πιει το αίμα του, αποκτώντας την δύναμη που θα έπρεπε να έχει αποκτήσει απ' όταν ακόμα βρίσκονταν στη μήτρα και στο σημείο αυτό, μας προσφέρεται ακόμα μια σειρά από flashbacks του παρελθόντος τους. Όντας θανάσιμα τραυματισμένος από το χέρι του Rido, τον οποίο προσπάθησε να σκοτώσει για να εκδικηθεί για λογαριασμό της Shizuka και ο Zero, όντας ανήμπορος να πράξει διαφορετικά, ακολουθεί τη μοίρα του. Η Yuki, αν και ο Kaname της ζητά να εγκαταλείψουν μαζί την σχολή, αρνείται να τον ακολουθήσει, θέλοντας να λάβει μέρος στις προσπάθειες προστασίας της, ακόμα κι αν αρχικά το αντιβαμπιρικό της όπλο αρνείται το άγγιγμά της, για να καταλήξει να μεταμορφωθεί σε κάτι που αντιπροσωπεύει και τις δύο φύσεις της. Αυτό είναι ένα κομμάτι που ανάμεσα στο manga και το anime, περιέχει μεγάλες διαφορές, τόσο στις τοποθεσίες όπου διαδραματίζονται οι σκηνές αυτές, όσο και στην συναισθηματική τους φόρτιση, όπου στο manga κλειδώνει με το πρώτο ουσιαστικά φιλί, ανάμεσα στην Yuki και τον Kaname. Θέλω να τσιρίξω που το έκοψαν στην τηλεόραση! Ο Rido και η Yuki συναντιούνται και εκείνη προσπαθεί να τον αντιμετωπίσει, την ίδια ώρα που ο Kaname ξεπαστρεύει το συμβούλιο και ο Takuma, επιστρέφει στο πλευρό του για να αντιμετωπίσει ο ίδιος τον παππού του. Ο Zero από την άλλη, κάνει την δικιά του εμφάνιση, αποφασισμένος να σκοτώσει τον Rido μια και καλή με τις νέες του δυνάμεις, πράγμα το οποίο και πετυχαίνει ενώ αμέσως μετά, στόχος του γίνεται η Yuki, αφήνοντάς μας στην κορύφωση του προσωπικού τους δράματος. Σε σχέση με το anime, δεν έχουμε οπτική της μάχης του Kaien απέναντι στους αντιπάλους του ενώ και η ίδια η μάχη με τον Rido, διαφέρει αρκετά και ως προς την τοποθεσία και ως προς την εκτέλεση. Αυτές οι τελευταίες σκηνές, είναι και οι μόνες που σατιρίζονται στο τέλος, η μία σχετιζόμενη με την φούστα της Yuki και τι μπορεί να δει κανείς και η άλλη, με το αν θα μείνουν όρθιοι οι όχι εκείνη και ο Zero, μέχρι να έρθει το επόμενο τεύχος.