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Two irresistible boys. One unforgettable summer. Lori can’t wait for her summer at the lake. She loves wakeboarding and hanging with her friends—including the two hotties next door. With the Vader brothers, she's always been just one of the guys. Now that she’s turning sixteen, she wants to be seen as one of the girls, especially in the eyes of Sean, the older brother. ButTwo irresistible boys. One unforgettable summer. Lori can’t wait for her summer at the lake. She loves wakeboarding and hanging with her friends—including the two hotties next door. With the Vader brothers, she's always been just one of the guys. Now that she’s turning sixteen, she wants to be seen as one of the girls, especially in the eyes of Sean, the older brother. But that’s not going to happen—not if the younger brother, Adam, can help it.Lori plans to make Sean jealous by spending time with Adam. Adam has plans of his own for Lori. As the air heats up, so does this love triangle. Will Lori’s romantic summer melt into one hot mess?...

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Endless Summer Reviews

  • Kaya
    2019-05-26 23:10

    SPOILERS:Oh God, this book was bad. I could tolerate the first book especially because it was told in Lori's point of view and I understand a little bit of the thinking behind her scheme to get the guy she wanted. But in the second book, oh gosh-it was crazy! First Adam and Lori went from dating with the support of her parents to Adam getting threatened with military school and the two being forbidden to see each other. Which Teen Parenting 101: was their parents first mistake. Although I do understand some of the reasons behind it, I feel like Lori's dad over-reacted and should've slept on his decision and gave Lori a lot of rules, Bella's dad in Twilight style. But after hearing the problems Adam had with listening to his parents, it started making sense to me the reasons his parents wanted to send him away.And regarding Lori and Adam's relationship? Oh man, you could completely tell that they were inexperienced and relationship-immature. I swear, I felt like they were in 5th grade or something (except for all the hormones going around)! They both were extremely stupid in their regarding towards one another.I know that the author was hinting that Adam's ex (I forget her name) and Lori were becoming friends at the end of the first book, but the way they just rapidly almost became best friends in the second and how Adam's ex conveniently gave up on her feelings for Adam in turn for his brother was completely unrealistic. I don't know how she and Lori are still friends after the little staged-shirtless scene she and Adam created! A plan, I might add occurred to make Lori and Sean jealous after Lori and Sean kissed in her latest plan. This current version of Lori's plan being to date a guy who was worse than Adam so that her father would see the error of his ways and beg her to start dating him again. But this backfired two or three times, I believe.Not to mention that the book was half in Lori's POV and the other half was in Adam's. Only I had to hunt for instances in which Lori or Adam were spoken of in 3rd person so I could figure out who was speaking.Anyway, the future I see for this couple is no longer the one full of the potential I saw after the first book. Adam has a lot of issues and his relationship with Lori just seems toxic now. I feel like the future that Lori painted in Book #1 with the two of them marrying other people is sooooo relevant.

  • Jasprit
    2019-06-12 23:58

    When browsing my local bookstore the other day I came across Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols, I literally had to do a double take as my bookstore never stocks books by Jennifer Echols, I picked the book up and went straight to the tills, no way was I passing this missed opportunity, who knew when they’d have some more books by Echols in? I was excited to have found this book (well actually its two books in one The boys next door & Endless Summer) as I’d wanted to read it for some time. But also because the blurb sounded quite similar to The Summer I turned pretty series (a series I held really close to my heart). Book one The boys next door tells the story of two brothers Sean and Adam Vader who live next door to Lori (there’s actually three brothers altogether including Cameron, but the story largely focuses on Sean and Adam) Sean is drop dead gorgeous, has most of the girls after him and Lori has been infatuated with him as long as she can remember. Whereas Adam is sweet, can be a little impulsive at times but is also more of a friend to Lori. Lori loves the summer vacation, as it’s the only time she gets to work at the marina all summer long with the Vader brothers. Since Lori’s mum passed away Lori’s known that she meant to be with Sean. After pining for Sean for so long she’s finally decided to go for it, after all this may be her last opportunity with Sean going off to college soon. Lori starts by trying to get Sean to notice her anyway possible; innocently swanning around in her bikini and trouncing the boys in wakeboarding. But Sean still remains as clueless as ever, the only attention she seems to be getting is from the wrong Vader brother; Adam. So Lori comes up with an ingenious plan to pretend to hook up with Adam to make Sean jealous. What follows is a comical ploy full of disaster, mistaken identity and endless fun. To me it was blatantly obvious that (view spoiler)[ Adam liked Lori more than a friend, the way he agreed straight away to their fake relationship, how he was always ruining the moment between her and Sean or discouraging Lori away from Sean and the fact that he’d still kept and wore her skull and cross bone pendant that she had given him when they were 12 years old (hide spoiler)]. But Lori was so besotted with Sean that she didn’t pick up on the potential in front of her. Adam and Lori’s fake relationship depicted what summer relationships are all about; it was sweet, warm, delicious, had a sense of forbiddenness about it and just left me with goose bumps all over. (view spoiler)[What frustrated me was how long it took Adam and Lori to realise how good their relationship was, Lori was too awestruck by Sean and Adam continually jealous of Sean. (hide spoiler)]I really enjoyed The Boys next door, it was a perfect summer read, it summed up perfectly what the summer should be like, it left me with a longing for the summer days, lounging around in the sun, goofing around with friends and just having endless fun. Book two; Endless Summer, kicks off straight after The boys next door, (view spoiler)[ Lori and Adam have finally got their act together and ended up together but end up staying way past Lori’s curfew, Lori’s dad who had been up all night sick with worry bans Adam and Lori from seeing each other.(hide spoiler)]Personally I think The boys next door would have been the perfect ending to the story, whilst the fake relationships and mind games slightly aggravated me in the first book, Endless Summer took it to a whole another level. I know Lori and Adam hated being away from each other, but pretending to date other people again? It just created a lot of misunderstandings which were fun at times but also unnecessary. I think this was my only real issue with the book, other than that it was a great read, but may be not as good as the first book. What I liked about Endless Summer was the alternative pov’s we got from Lori and Adam, before in The boys next door we had everything from Lori, it was interesting getting into the mind of Adam and understanding how he was thinking. There were also some absolutely hysterical scenes caused by miscommunication; Lori and Parker’s fake date McGillicuddy (I still have no idea how to pronounce this) and Adam assuming Cameron was trying it on with Lori. I loved the camaraderie and banter between the boys; Sean, Adam, Cameron and McGillicuddy. However both books were wholly focused on Sean and Adam, I would have liked to see more of McGillicuddy and Cameron. Jennifer Echols is one of many authors that I have discovered only this year. Her writing has a way of keeping you easily riveted and leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling after finishing her book. I look forward to more of Jennifer Echol’s books, I’m sure the next books Echols has coming out The one that I want and Such a rush I will devour with as much enthusiasm as I have done already with her books I’ve read so far.

  • Jennie Cha
    2019-06-07 22:15

    I liked the whole idea of the book but it is not something that I haven't already read. I liked Adam and his relationship he had with Lori but their relationship did not seem like a close friend rather than a flirting close friend thingy. Regardless, when they plot to date I was excited to see how it would turn out. The most problem that I had was that Lori kept kissing both brothers. I get that she wanted to make one jealous but man, if I was a guy and my girlfriend kept kissing my brother I'd probably be pissed off and annoyed. Adam changed toward the ending which was so unlike him, he said mean things he was just off. I did not like that at all. And most of all, when it finally ended I was like yay! But why another sequel? let me just say that while I did not like that there was a sequel, I guess this second part showed what would of happened. I liked that she went deeper into the relationship. It also showed that most happy endings aren't always going to stay happy. But anyways, I was also annoyed with the fact that Adam got controlling, Lori kept kissing Sean making Adam jealous and then Adam starts fooling around with another girl. At one point I was like IS ANYONE GONNA GROW UP? But after all the kissing and dissing, I'd have to say the story does all go well together, just some minor annoyance and some really stupid character decisions.

  • Nomes
    2019-06-05 21:14

    I love Jennifer Echols, who knows just how to write YA romantic comedy. It's the kind of book where you just settle in and go along for the ride - which is a rollercoaster kind of ride - fun and funny and a little bit wild.I loved Adam. he was really well done and very crush-worthy and a little vulnerable. I love how in touch with his emotions he is :) haha. Lori is also very cool - definitely blonde, but in the best of ways.Like most rom-com's you kinda know who the guy is supposed to be and what the happy ending will involve, so the main fun is seeing how it all goes down. Echols writes in such a way that keeps the pages turning.It has to be said - Echols is the queen of the make-out scenes. Whoah. some pretty hot stuff in there. teens world-wide will be fanning themselves LOL.This is a hard one for me to rate b/c I thought the first book was much more compelling than the sequel (second half of this book). The second book, for me, felt a little endless. I just didn't buy the premise (even though in this genre I will normally go along with most things) the conflict felt a little contrived and I didn't have that sense of the stakes being raised in such a way that it kept me turning the pages. it just felt more like a series of misconstrued events that frustrated me rather than amused me.Still, definitely a fun read and teens probably wont have the same frustrations as I did in the the second half (had to remind myself who the intended audience was). While I'm here though - giving a shout out to Going Too Far - which earned a huge 5 stars from me :) Echols is still up there as a fave of mine :)

  • Jessica Smith
    2019-05-22 00:52

    I bought this book on a whim before going on vacation since it looked like a nice read for sitting by a lake. The Boys Next Door (first half) was pretty good. I would probably give it 3 and a half stars. It sometimes fell into cliches (such as the overused 'childhood neighbor= one true love') and I felt like some of the plot was just random and not developed enough. However it was entertaining and pretty cute.Endless Summer was really a sort of unnecessary addition. It kinda ruined the whole thing for me to be honest, because I started to feel the urge to bash Lori's head in. Her actions and ideas bordered on ridiculous and petty, and when I start disliking a main character the whole thing starts to go downhill. The ending also seemed rushed, and I couldn't help feeling disappointed by it, not to mention the cheesy dialogue on the last page.

  • Mei
    2019-06-18 03:02

    I personally am frustrated with the entire book. I started reading it at a friend's suggestion that this book would change my perspective of teenage love. I read the first book (The Boys Next Door) quickly and thought it was entertaining. I'll admit it... I liked the prospect of having a guy sincerely head over heels with a tomboy turned hot. That being said, the writing style wasn't impressive and Lori, the main character, was frankly annoying. The one reason that I would recommend the book was the description of the hot guys and the ending (not to give anything away, but it fills readers with cheesy romantic gooiness). The moment I started the second book, I knew that it was going to be a bit more than disappointing. Continuing the use of a mundane writing style, the events and characters became more outrageous and stupid. I mean who thinks that kissing a boy's brother will get your father to agree to let you date the boy?-aside from Lori. The book honestly made me annoyed of the portrayal of teens (I know we have "raging hormones" but these teens take it beyond that). Enough of my rant (my mom and the readers who continue to read this realize I show detestation towards the book)... The book is an easy read that fills its readers with emotion- whether it be rage, reminisce or hope that out of a series of idiotic events a dreamy boy will stand waiting for you. I personally think that the book is a bad teen novel and is a regrettable purchase. If you're still wanting to fill the craving of reading about teen woes, here are my suggestions (which obviously doesn't include Endless Summer): The Lovely Bones, 13 Reasons Why, Looking for Alaska, The Fault in Our Stars, Along for the Ride, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight or Perks of Being a Wallflower. *I realize I am the worst a spelling and grammar, so please forgive.

  • Taylor Horan
    2019-05-21 00:20

    Endless Summer was one of the best books i've read in a long time. I don't really like to read and for me to actually finish a book that's over 300 pages long is saying something. There must be something interesting or intriguing about it. I highly recommend this book to people that like drama, love stories, or summer flings. Endless Summer can relate to any ages but mostly ages around 16. The novel is about summer love and a teen love triangle. Lori is ready to turn 16 and is ready for a relationship. She's had her eye on the older Vader brother, Sean. She's always been just one of the guys but now summer is here and she's getting older and she wants to be seen as one of the girls. One of her many strategies to making Sean fall for her is to use his younger brother, Adam, to make him jealous but Adam has plans of his own. Maybe Lori isn't the only one with a secret crush. Will everything end up happily ever after or will this love triangle crumble to pieces? Read the book and I promise you you won't want to put it down.

  • ~Tina~
    2019-05-26 04:02

    I'm already a huge fan of Jennifer Echols works, so I already knew that I would love this book. Endless Summer is the sequel to The Boys Next Door, but if you haven't read the first one yet, your in luck, since this books binds both, so you can fall in love all at once.And fall in love I did.Jennifer has a flawless flow to her writing, making an easy connection to her characters.I love the boys, Sean and Adam, both very yummy-worthy while Lori is rather an amusing and enthusiastic character.A sweet and irresistible romantic comedy perfect for reading outside on a long summer weekend.Boys next door & Endless Summer will melt your heart!

  • Caro
    2019-06-15 22:09

    At this point in my life, I've given up on young adult.Lori is the girl next door to a family of three boys, Cameron, Sean, and Adam. She's been in love with Sean since she can remember and will do anything to get with him. Like, seriously, anything. She pretends to go out with ADAM, the youngest brother, in attempts to make Sean jealous.Unfortunately, Adam has been in love with Lori since he was four or something. Also Adam had a girlfriend that he kept just to get Lori jealous. Also Adam has ADHD. And all five of them (including Lori's older brother) have grown up on this lake and can wakeboard and do all the water sports.The story only goes downhill from there. Adam also has anger problems, and Sean is the WORST older brother ever, so the two have fights nearly ever single time they run into each other.Then Adam confesses and Lori is confused, and I don't know how but they magically end up together.Yikes. Adam is not your typical male ya main character. And for good reason. He's angry all the time, he makes dumb mistakes, and does not think about Lori's good will at all.Also Lori is a terrible planner. She creates mishap after mishap, all for these harebrained schemes of hers. Not to mention I'm not exactly sure what she is doing, flaunting herself in front of Sean. If Sean wanted you for just your body, Lori, he would have had you a long time ago.So anyway, not much depth to this story. Main characters are honestly more annoying than they are productive at garnering any sympathy. I think because of that reason alone, they are perfect for each other.

  • Hannah-Linn
    2019-05-31 20:52

    BEST BOOK EVER!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! I WANT TO READ THIS BOOK OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! I LOVE IT! JUST THE TYPE OF BOOK I LIKE TO READ! you can like feel the way adam and lori love each other! i want a boyfriend like adam! :)

  • Amy
    2019-05-20 22:12

    3.5 stars for the two books together. I liked Lori and Adam, and I thought they were cute together when they were not mad at each other because of some sort of overblown misunderstanding. Sometimes, though, it felt like all of the characters were caricatures, and a little flat. Especially the secondary characters--Adam's and Lori's brothers, the parents. But Adam and Lori were better, as much as they might have annoyed me anyway. They both had negative qualities that were hard to swallow sometimes. And as much as I liked them together and happy, they couldn't seem to ever embrace honesty with each other and so were constantly telling little white lies (or sometimes not so little) or going behind each other's backs trying to inflict jealous pain on each other, basically following that age-old argument of "he started it" or "but he/she did it to me first". It got a little tiring after awhile. Adam at least had kind of a reason for his erratic behavior and temper (ADHD), but Lori...nothing. I had a hard time figuring out if Lori was supposed to actually be as clueless as she seemed or if she was really stupid like a fox. I have a feeling that it was meant to be the latter but mostly it came off as the former. It was as irritating as you might imagine. But, honestly, sometimes I'm guilty of forgetting the the characters in YA books are actually...young. Lori is just 16 in these books, and she acts like it. Her crazy-bad ideas were typical teen girl silliness, so points for keeping it real, I guess. I did think it was a bit of a stretch that she always fell back on the "fake dating" plan, which was really a total failure every time; that I didn't really understand. Could she honestly not come up with anything else? Did she really think that Adam wouldn't get mad about it *this* time? Especially when her fake dates often included his two older brothers (eew and DUMB)? Who he kind of hated? They both had some maturing to do, though, as most 16-year-olds do. Her dad's reaction to the whole "staying out too late" issue at the beginning of the second book that sets all of the shenanigans in that book in motion also seemed really harsh and a little out of left field. The reactions of all the adults at the beginning of Endless Summer seemed incredibly harsh for a first offense, I thought. I had a hard time believing how angry they all were and that they would go from 0 to 60, it seemed, when it came to demanding that two kids who lived next door to each other and worked together every day could not even speak or else one of them would go to military school. Teensy bit crazy. You know what's really crazy though? Despite characters that were annoying and shallow (mostly Lori, surprisingly enough, and Adam's brother Sean), I liked these books. The chemistry between Adam and Lori was really good and I could totally evoke the lake and their town and the atmosphere of the story in my mind. The first book, The Boys Next Door, was less annoying and a little better than the second book, mostly because the plot devices of fake dating and white lies with good intentions were not yet retreads. But they were both enjoyable. I guess that's the mark of a good story: even though I was giving the characters major eye rolls pretty frequently, they were still likable enough that I kept reading about them and wanted them to sort through their mess.

  • Alice
    2019-05-23 01:20

    Alors que l'été approche, Lori décide d'en faire un été inoubliable- elle adore le wakeboard, passer du temps avec les garçons d'à côté. Mais cette année, elle a décidé d'arrêter d'être vue comme l'un des garçons: maintenant qu'elle approche de ses seize ans, elle veut s'affirmer comme fille, surtout aux yeux de Sean, sur qui elle craque depuis toujours. Mais si le frère de Sean, Adam, a son mot à dire, cela ne risque pas d'arriver. Lori essaie de rendre Sean jaloux en sortant avec Adam, qui lui a ses propres plans concernant Lori.J'ai acheté ce livre après avoir lu 'The One That I Want', du même auteur, qui m'avait beaucoup plus dans l'écriture et la narration (quoique moins au niveau de l'histoire). Eh bien, laissez-moi vous dire qu'il était vraiment beaucoup mieux. Au niveau des personnages, tout d'abord. Celui de Lori est très attachant, beaucoup plus que l'était Gemma dans The One That I Want: elle a toujours été une sorte de garçon manqué, et décide de se transformer totalement. Au cours du livre, c'est un personnage qui évolue beaucoup, ce qui je pense permet de mieux la comprendre puisqu'on suit cette évolution après avoir lu les évènements la faisant changer... De plus, c'est un personnage qui a une vraie profondeur et du contexte, ce qui m'a permit de la comprendre encore mieux...Certains autres personnages, surtout les mineurs, manquaient toutefois de vraie profondeur et faisaient plus figure de décor, quand ils auraient pu être mieux exploités. Le seul point presque négatif est la trame; bien que celle-ci soit très bien dans le premier volume de ce livre, elle commence à devenir répétitive dans le second: Lori et Adam se tournent autour, sont constamment jaloux, pour une raison ou une autre, et s'embarquent très (trop) souvent dans des fausses relations amoureuses (à différents buts, certes, mais au bout de trois, ça devient légèrement lassant). Cette répétition rend l'histoire malheureusement un peu prévisible par endroit, surtout une fois qu'on connait les personnages... Mais l'idée de départ était très bonne, étant donné que ça apportait beaucoup de changements et de rebondissement à l'histoire. Et puis, je ne peux jamais résister à une tension amoureuse comme celle-ci. Au final, ça ne m'a donc pas trop dérangée. Il y avait un élément que j'ai toutefois trouvé peu crédible... (view spoiler)[ Le père de Lori interdit à Adam de passer du temps avec elle, et insiste sur ce point très fortement (ce qui me semble déjà un peu extrême étant donné qu'il le connait très bien), mais il ne lui prend qu'une très courte discussion avec Adam pour lever cette interdiction... Je comprends l'apparente importance du fait qu'Adam soit venu lui même lui parler, etc., mais ça aurait du être poussé un peu plus.(hide spoiler)]La narration était également bien construite... Le second volume était d'autant plus intéressant qu'un chapitre sur deux était narré par Adam, ce qui apporte un autre point de vue sur l'histoire... Surtout à des moments ou la tension entre Lori et lui est au plus haut. Le point de vue de Lori était également très bien réalisé, et assez drôle.Une bonne lecture d'été, assez légère et amusante à lire si vous aimez la romance pour adolescents/jeunes adultes sans trop de complications.

  • Alyssa
    2019-06-05 21:19

    This book drove me crazy. I mean I hated and loved it because I love Adam and Lori and I think it developed them and their relationship more and in a way the first book didn't, but I also hated it because Lori and her damn plans are so DUMB and so are some of Adam's. I also thought Adam was uncharacteristically silent for the middle part of the book, which struck me as bizarre, but not completely bizarre like it could never happen.But I guess I get Lori too. Her breakdown in the end with Sean made sense. I guess both books came to that, didn't they?I think there were some deeper implications in this book. I'm not sure if Echols meant for it to turn out that way, or she intended for it to happen but just didn't delve deep enough into it, but the bottom line is that Adam and Lori got together because of one of her plans. So it makes sense that when she continues her plans even after they're together, he would be scared out of his mind that it's going to backfire on him in the same way it backfired on Sean in the first book, since he knows firsthand that it's possible of happening. I think this was a key point that should have been explored deeper but wasn't.I also didn't like that bitter taste that the Nanny left us with either. I felt like she was consistently way too hard on Adam and I feel like half the stuff she says isn't true. It also pissed me off that like Lori felt, she seemed to change 180 after she started dating Lori's dad.Lori's dad also seemed a bit unreasonable to me. He was the one who suggested military school in the first place. His entire character honestly seemed to flip flop to however it would best suit the plot, which would be fine, if it was actually consistent and made sense. Maybe they do things differently in Alabama but seriously? He completely flipped out and was completely fine with Adam before. I know in the end he said it was Adam's personality that was the reason he opposed to him, but how could that be when before shit went down, he was fine with everything?So after this review I can't decide if I should change my rating back to a 3, as I originally intended while reading through the book, halfway. It would be a 3 because Lori's freaking plans and her insistence in them pissed me off half the time. But at the end of the day Lori and Adam's relationship is sweet and I love them together and they did grow in this book. So I guess we'll stick with the 4.EDIT: I have to give this a 3. There were just some things in here that weren't addressed, such as Lori's insecurities about Adam's feelings for her, her fears about his past relationships, the fact that Adam asked Rachel to lie and cover up for him.

  • Lena ♫ ♪
    2019-06-07 22:54

    ***Spoilery-ish if you haven't read The Boys Next Door***SO cute! Endless Summer is actually a combination of 2 books. It begins with The Boys Next Door. For those who have read it, you know how the story goes. It's summer and Lori decides to drop her tomboy ways and seduce Sean, the middle Vader boy. She goes out of her way to get Sean to notice her, but doesn't quite catch him. She decides the best solution is to make Sean jealous. Lori and Adam (the youngest Vader) come up with a plan and pretend to date. The only thing is, Lori ends up falling for Adam. Throw in a few complicated situations, awkward moments and teen angst and you'll have the jist of the story. In the end, Lori and Adam end up together.Now, on to Endless Summer. The story picks up right where The Boys Next Door leaves off. After spending a very long day at the Crappy Festival, Adam decides to take Lori to his secret make-out hideout. They end up accidently falling asleep. When Lori comes home in the morning, her dad flips out and forbids her to date Adam. The solution? Lori decides the best way to convince her dad Adam's a good guy is to date guys far worse than Adam himself. Take, for example, Adam's brothers Cameron and Sean. If you know Adam, you know he LOATHES this idea. He doesn't want to share his girlfriend with his brothers. So, what's the youngest brother with ADHD suppose to do? Come up with a sneaky plan of his own? Hmmm...Guess you'll have to read Endless Summer to find out.What I loved about Endless Summer is, instead of being only Lori's POV like in The Boys Next Door, it alternates between her and Adam. Booth voices are distinctive and transitions smooth. It's funny to see how Adam views everyone. From jealous moments, to ADHD, crazy love, Adam is never boring. He keeps you on your toes. It's hilarious to see Lori's very "blonde" and tomboyish moments through Adam's eyes. And lets just say I laughed the hardest during moments involving the word "monkey." One of my favorite characters is McGuillicudy. He's Lori's older, very protective brother. You can see by how Lori and Adam view McGuillicudy that he's just a great guy, good brother and awesome friend. He's very loyal and understanding. I would recommend Endless Summer to anyone looking for a great summer read. There is a handful of profanity, but not much. Very PG, thus making it suitable for teens of all ages. Grab a pair of sunglasses, towel, refreshing beverage, sunblock, and a copy of Endless Summer and enjoy it by the beach, lake or pool.

  • Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids
    2019-06-08 03:59

    3.5 starsThis edition of Endless Summer includes both The Boys Next Door and Endless Summer. As I mentioned in my previous review, I really enjoyed The Boys Next Door, the he sequel, Endless Summer picks up right where The Boys Next Door leaves off, which I really liked.In my attempt to keep this spoiler free, I will say I enjoyed reading more about Sean and Lori, though at times I became very irritated at Lori due to her lack of thoughtful planning. This stems from Lori's father, who becomes completely overbearing when Adam and Lori fell asleep together and ended up coming home at sun rise. I can understand the worry and frustration from her father, but he ends up going over board and I felt so bad for Adam and Lori, as no one believes them that nothing happened. I felt the worse for Adam, as Lori's plan always seem to back fire and she doesn't always take his best interest to heart, and no one believes him about the night he and Lori fell asleep. While some of the story irritated me, others parts were very enjoyable, as Lori and Adam are such a cute, inner nerdy couple who are learning to be together and transition from close childhood friends to being in a romantic relationship. I enjoyed the alternating points of view from Lori to Adam. I was able to understand some of Lori's thought process, as she really does love Adam and why Adam made some of the decisions he does. I liked seeing more of his relationships with his brothers. One of my favorite scenes are when he and his brothers are having a heart to heart brotherly talk. Underneath all the jabs and teasing, they truly are there for each other. Through all the things that Adam has to deal with, he really makes a surprising move that earns him the respect he's always deserved. If you're looking for a fun, summer read on cold fall day or to take to a warm beach, I recommend picking Endless Summer. You can find out more about these romantic-comedy books and Jennifer Echols by visiting her site here

  • Rosanne
    2019-06-11 03:59

    I really like Jennifer Echols, Going Too Far is a great read, and her romantic comedies are hilarious and adorable. This one is no exception, but I really wish the characters did not have to behave in such crazy ways in order to create the conflict in the story (make your dad angry by dating guys who he disapproves of more than your boyfriend, while your boyfriend has to sit around watching; forbid your kids from talking to one another based on a mistake, even though these kids are neighbors and work together every single day, etc, etc). If Echols was not such a good writer, and so great at dialogue and characterization, I would be rolling my eyes all over the place. To her credit, Echols does show some character basis for all this crazy behavior, plus these characters are pretty young which might explain some of it. Ultimately, I did love these characters despite their shenanigans, as I do in all of her books.

  • Sarah
    2019-06-10 03:09

    4 stars for the first book, 3 for the second. Unnecessary sequel, but enjoyable nonetheless.

  • Kelly Costa
    2019-05-20 21:18

    Oh how I love Adam!!!! Every time Adam was on the page my heart beat faster. I love Jennifer Echols. I loved this book.

  • Felicity
    2019-06-08 03:52

    The Boys Next Door and Endless Summer are going to get the same review, simply because I read both in one book which was called "Endless Summer". It wasn't until I was halfway through when I realized there were two parts to the book, "The Boys Next Door" as part one AND "Endless Summer" for part two. So in my mind, it's all kind of the same deal.So I really loved The Boys Next Door. I thought Lori was an exceptionally funny, bright, young girl. She sounded like a really cool girl that I would have been friends with in highschool, because like her, I didn't do the 'dress up thing' either. And like Lori, I mostly hung out with boys, and only a small handful of girls (one girl in particular I was super close with). So I could totally relate to Lori in her eager attempt to present herself as a "real girl". When you reach that age, which is different for all girls, you don't want to be seen as just the cool girl that hangs out with the dudes.. You want some legitimate flirtatious action! I completely understood her desire, and I really enjoyed reading about her plans of attack with different themes. First it was drop the tankini, and enter the bikini. Then there was short shorts and shoes with high heels. Then there was a plan with make up. All plans were hilarious to read, and I felt that the way it was written was exceptionally true and really relayed the mindset of a 15 year old female on a mission to go from tomboy to girlfriend material. It was well done.I think Lori is exceptionally lucky to have an older brother like Bill. Many of my friends had older brothers and none of them were as nice or as friendly sounding as Bill.And the boys next door... well, they just sounded like they were a dream come true, especially (obviously) Adam. The Boys Next Door is all from Lori's opinion, and at times I thought it might be fun to hear it from Adam's side, but that is neither really hear nor there. It was a fun book to read, and I enjoyed the super sweet love story that eventually happened between Lori and Adam. The characters were fun, most importantly they were real (like they actually seemed they could exist in for real - real life, which is something you don't always see). Can I just say that I would kill for a job like they had? Working with boats by water all day and then go off and wakeboarding for an hour or so? SWEET!Where I started to loose the happy-this-book-is-so-cute-feeling is in Endless Summer. Yes, I totally get that Lori and Adam are far too young to stay out all night. And as a single father, her dad acted rather appropriately in terms of being exceptionally angry. I didn't necessarily agree with how far he took it though. Forbidding Lori to see Adam? That's a bit much... Grounded? Yeah for sure, ground her! And then give her a curfew so she knows never to disobey like that ever again. But the whole "Adam is forbidden - no talking, no touching, no nothing" was too far for me. It was like Lori's dad completely forgot that these boys are his neighbours, and Lori and Bill have grown up with them their whole lives, and he has known these boys for their entire lives, and he's probably known their parents for even longer than that! None of these boys have ever purposefully hurt Lori, or were mean to her, or have ever done anything remotely awful. It's this one fretful night, which was an accident, and then it's the end of the world. "No more Adam from next door, he's a bad influence", etc. I'm not a parent, nor did I have an over protective parent growing up, so perhaps I have a hard time relating... Yes, Dad's angry and he has a right to be, but forbidding is a bit much. Which, of course, throws everything else into motion!Adam and Lori can't be together so they find ways to see one another. They go into the woods for a conversation together... they get caught. Lori sneaks out of her bedroom... Obviously, she gets caught! But none of it would've happened if her father had been a wee tiny bit more lenient in his sentecning for Lori. So throughout most of Endless Summer, I felt badly for poor Adam. First he can't see his girlfriend, his childhood friend who he's been wanting since gosh knows how long. They're only boyfriend and girlfriend for a few days before the whole incident of spending the night in the truck, and then they can't see each other anymore. Then he has all this brotherly tension to deal with between himself and his older brothes, especially the middle brother, Sean, who really isn't nice to Adam at all. Then there are his parents who are breathing down his neck, mostly because Lori's dad is breathing down their neck. Then there's the threat of military school. And I just feel so sorry for this guy. It must've been soooo frustrating for him. All the kid needs is a break! Adam is a good kid. Yes, he has a reputation for acting impulsively, which has caused himself harm from time to time, and yes, he probably doesn't always think through his actions or his words 100% before he goes through with them... but no one is perfect. I feel that everyone sort of picks on him (Sean incredibly so) because he has ADHD and does not have the easiest time focusing. There's this one moment between Adam and his father that is sweet, and I appreciate it, but I felt most of the book it was Adam against the world. No one was in his corner - not even Lori!To make matters worse, Lori becomes hell-bent on finding a different guy - a guy who is much less safer and crazier than Adam - to temporarily date so that her father can see how wonderful Adam really is in comparison. This idea obviously drives Adam nuts. And it drove me nuts too! In fact, Lori became significantly less cool in this half of the novel than she was in the first all because of this hairbrained idea. I get that she is only just sixteen, and thus a smide immature and rash at times, but I couldn't understand her reasoning. I wouldn't have seen that reasoning at 16 years old! She sees it that if she dates someone worse than Adam, her dad is going to come around. NO! It's only going to prove to her father that she doesn't really care about Adam all that much. Second, she has no regard for how that may hurt or affect Adam's feelings. Absolutely none. Obviously the plan backfires. What really needed to happen was what finally did at happen at the end, and that is because Adam is the much smater, more mature of the two. And Lori is careless, and foolhardy.It would be interesting to see Adam and Lori together again after college. I wouldn't expect them to stay together from 16 year olds to college graduates, but it would be really interesting to compare how they were in Endless Summer, to a different story where they're older. Perhaps a reflection of why they broke up, their life without each other, and then a romantic reunion... or something sweet. As it was, I felt that Adam really cared for Lori... but I never really felt that Lori shared the same feelings for Adam. In Boys Next Door, she's constantly after Sean but then realizes all her memories have been about Adam. Then in Endless Summer, she acts so insensitively, that it's really hard to see if she's into Adam, or into having any kind of serious boyfriend at all... Adam or not... since she just sort of looses that "I'm girlfriend material - not a Tomboy" mentality.Overall, an incredibly engaging, enjoyable read. It's only Lori's actions in Endless Summer that brings this 4 stars. It drove me mental that much. Imagine what it must've been like for Adam?!

  • Misty
    2019-05-21 05:17

    Adam Vader or what?This is a two-in-one book containing The Boys Next Door, and its sequel, Endless Summer. THE BOYS NEXT DOOR I absolutely LOVED this book! I read it in one day; I could NOT put it down! We hear the story from Lori's mind, and it just flows so smoothly. It was really fun being inside her mind. I could very easily imagine everything that was happening.There are two aspects of this book that just absolutely excelled - the setting and the characters! Lori lives on a lake next door to the Vaders, a family with three sons. She spent her childhood hanging out with them and her brother, being one of the guys. The Vaders run a marina, and during the summer, they all work there. After work each day, they go out on a boat and spend an hour wakeboarding. The setting is summer on a lake, and it is described and done so well! It kind of reminded me of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books. It makes you want to spend hours on end outside, on, in, or around water. It also makes you want to be sporty, doing summer sports like wakeboarding. (After reading this, learning how to wakeboard is now on my bucketlist.)The characters are AMAZING! The author did an amazing job of letting us in on the dynamic of these two families. I was fascinated with the Vaders! Three brothers!!! Adam or what?I FELL IN LOVE WITH ADAM VADER!!!!! ENDLESS SUMMER The sequel starts out exactly where the first one stops. Pretty much the only difference between this book and the first is that it is told in both Lori's and Adam's POV. I LOVE Adam, so I really liked seeing his perspective, too! There's no summary for Endless Summer on Goodreads or Amazon, so here's mine:After the festival, Lori and Adam have made up and are finally together going on a real date... only to fall asleep. When they wake up and get home, both sets of parents Pitch. A. Fit! They forbid them from seeing each other. When they get caught together again, Adam is threatened with being sent away to military school. Lori decides that in order to show her dad that Adam's not that bad, she'll go out with even worse guys to improve his impression. Adam, of course, despises this plan. Will they get to be together or will Adam be sent away once and for all???I guess this shouldn't have surprised me, but this book was pretty much exactly like the first. It starts on the very day that the first one left off on, so it's not like they've had time to grow or mature. It just baffled me a little bit how they were still stuck on pretty much the same schemes that drove me and them crazy before. I also guess I was spoiled with my parents and their style of parenting, because Lori's dad and Adam's parents made me sooo mad! My god, they overreacted. I hated the way they treated both of them - Lori like she didn't have a brain to make a decision for herself, and poor Adam like he wasn't anything but a criminal. Mrs. Vader even made snide comments to Lori, making me see where Sean gets his personality from. I felt so bad for Adam!Like I said, it's really like the first book in terms of their schemes, which aggravated the crap out of me. The parents wanted them to show an ounce of maturity, and Adam was actually the one to step up. Lori drove me crazy. I just didn't understand how she didn't realize how what she did would hurt Adam. On the bright side, the EPIC setting and AMAZING characters were back - Lori, Adam, Sean, and we get to see way more of Cameron and McGillicuddy. We got to understand Adam way better, which I, of course, loved! Even though they are not perfect, I love Adam and Lori together!! I am rooting for them FOREVER!LORI LOVES ADAM AOAN LOVES LOKI I liked the first book way better, but I enjoyed them both so much! It was such a put-you-into-the-story book, and I felt like I lived next door to three boys and spent days working and wakeboarding out in the sun with them. I was actually truly jealous of Lori's life! I also think the author did such an amazing job really getting into the characters, especially Adam, Lori, and even Sean, and especially their family dynamics! I'll probably be rereading this book again and again because it was just such a good read! Adam's probably one of my favorite characters ever! Epic book or what?I LOVED IT! And again, I AM IN LOVE WITH ADAM VADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bookworm1858
    2019-05-22 04:57

    DOUBLE REVIEW OF BOTH BOOKSThe Boys Next Door by Jennifer EcholsSimon Pulse, 2007YA; Contemporary; Romance5/5 starsSummary: Lori has always been one of the boys but this summer, she's determined to win Sean, the hottie next door. In order to do so she hatches a complicated plot involving pretending to flirt with his brother Adam. But what will happen if Sean remains immune and Adam seems to have more of a hold on her heart?Initial Thoughts: This book is pure sa-woon! (see Sarah Dessen's The Truth About Forever).Reread Thoughts: Lori is an idiot! The luckiest idiot around though as she gets the chance to flirt with two of the hottest guys I've ever had the pleasure to read about. Her plan is sooooo stupid. And the relationship between brothers Sean and Adam is complicated; I quite frankly didn't really understand it but I imagine that is because I only have a sister and most of my friends have sisters or are only children so brothers have never been a part of my life.Female Friendship (Minor Spoiler): Lori lacks in this, being as her good friends are the boys next door but her first attempt fails as the girl is using her in order to get closer to Lori's brother Bill. Luckily it seems like she will build some female friendships for the next book.Overall: My favorite Simon Romantic ComedyEndless Summer by Jennifer EcholsSimon Pulse, 2010YA; contemporary; romance4/5 starsSource: BoughtSummary: Lori and Adam are together! Except on their first official date, they stay out all night incurring the wrath of her father and causing him to demand that the two stay apart. Lori hatches a plan whereby she will date guys with worse behavior than Adam so that her dad will relent. Adam can't believe that Lori is actually interested in him and wants to make sure she doesn't fall for some other guy.Thoughts: I loved The Boys Next Door (my favorite Simon Romantic Comedy with sawoony boys) and I've been enjoying some other Echols books. I was excited to read what happened for Lori and Adam next.First this picks up right after the first one ends. And it uses alternating perspective between Lori and Adam to tell the story which is useful in order to see Adam and more of his interactions with his family especially his mother and brother Sean. Second Lori's plan is stupid, Stupid, STUPID! And it results in tangled webs of actions and feelings that confused and annoyed me. Adam, while thinking that Lori is totally awesome, still believes that she harbors feelings for Sean; understandable given that she spent most of the first book thinking he's great. Lori meanwhile is somewhat insecure given that he had just dated some other girl and in fact dated a lot of girls prior to her; understandable as she is just now seeing herself as a valid romantic partner.Families: I understand that Lori's dad worried about his daughter but I found him most even-tempered in TBND and thus somewhat unbelievable in his extreme treatment of Lori and especially Adam. I was hoping to see more development in the relationship between Sean and Adam, who has always been picked on by Sean and I am pleased to announce that there is some more maturity there.Some funny bits especially how Lori and Adam imply the use of a certain swear word without actually using it.Overall: It was really choppy (possibly because of the split narration) and I did not love it as much as The Boys Next Door and it ALMOST makes me love TBND less.Cover: I'm not pleased that they've stopped using the cartoon covers because I adore them as I've outlined before but this cover is fine. Lori is blonde and I think Adam has dark hair (I have a tendency to ignore the descriptions of the male love interest in books and just think of them however I want.)

  • Aly (Fantasy4eva)
    2019-05-28 01:11

    Now that she's sixteen Lori wants to finally be noticed by her neighbour Sean. She wants everyone to realise that she is evolving into a women, and hey, she's going to do everything it takes to make sure they notice. Plenty of batting lashes and bikinis are involved but for poor Lori - Sean doesn't really seem to notice in the slightest, or does he? She has practically grown up with both brothers and is sick of how they treat her like their little sister, and Lori has more than just the one plan to shake things up. But for any of this to work she's going to need the assistance of her best friend and younger brother of the two Adam. Now Adam is my kinda guy. Lovable, sweet and caring. However, he's a little ADHD ridden and slightly crazed. Crazy as in he will do the most dangerous stunts and not have a care in the world. He has a temper though and with his brother and his friends picking on him because of his ADHD - doesn't do the boy any favours. Adam also happens to be crazy in love with Lori. .Endless Summer is hilarious. I need to warn you about this aspect because it's not just hah hah funny but LMFAO *rolling on the floor* HILARIOUS! Despite looking quite daunting in size it took no time at all to get through and I spent all night engrossed which probably was a baaaadddd idea because I'm sure my crazy laughing woke up the mother! I seriously couldn't get past how funny it really was. It takes a lot to make a reader laugh, but even more to have them breathless and clutching their stomach. I knew I was an Echols fan for a good reason.There are a few things I must mention though. There isn't much character growth between the first and second book which is a shame; this was needed because of Lori's immaturity. She did some really silly things and during the second book her plans to get Sean were horrible and actually annoying. I mean the fact that she even thought of ever doing those things, and then thinking it was ok had me slightly perplexed. I understood his frustrations when she explained her ridiculous plans, I mean, if I was him I would have broken up with her right there and then, no matter what her intentions were. Also, I thought the reason behind why she even obsessed over Sean was ridiculous. I mean she liked him for the wrong reasons. How can you expect a relationship to work when you want to want to be with someone for personal reasons rather than because you genuinely really like him. It also didn't help that Sean was a jerk! He really got on my nerves. But then so did Adam. Adam was different though. I had my moments with him where he would really anger me but then he would say something sweet and turn me to mush- whilst Sean was pretty easy to stay annoyed at. Sean baiting Adam constantly and using Lori to get to him didn't put him in my good books either. Although Adam's temper got out of hand at times, and he did have his fair share of antics also; his heart, for the most part, was in the right place. Not to mention his strong feelings for Lori and the one liners he tended to pull when she was around were not only amusing but endearing.There's no denying that Endless Summer is a highly entertaining read which completely won me over. I don't think I have laughed like that in a long time, and although I had my days with Adam, Sean and Lori I found that after finishing the book; I missed them. If you want a fast, sweet, entertaining read then Endless Summer is the perfect read for you.

  • Soleil
    2019-06-06 00:01

    What can I say I clearly loved this book <3 <3 <3. I literally could not put this story down. This book contains two stories the first "The Boys Next Door" and it's long awaited sequel "Endless Summer".The storyline behind "The Boys Next Door" is the following: Lori can't wait for her summer at the lake. She loves wakeboarding and hanging with her friends- including the two hotties next door. With the Vader brothers, she's always been one of the guys. Now that she is turning sixteen, she wants to be seen as one of the girls, especially in the eyes of Sean, the older brother. But that's not going to happen- not if the younger brother, Adam can help it. Lori plans to make Sean jealous by spending time with Adam. Adam has plans of his own for Lori. As the air heats up, so does this love triangle. Will Lori's romantic summer melt into a hot mess?I extremly adored this book. Lori is a fanastic charcter, extremly funny, smart, sporty and can't tell her right from her left lol. She has always grown up as one of the boys with wakeboarding, football, team calisthenics, cutoff boy shorts, and locker room humor always surrounding her life growing up as the only girl in the little group of five which includes herself, her older brother Bill aka McGillicuddy, and the three Vader boys, Adam the youngest, Sean the middle, and Cameron the oldest. Some of my favorite moments of this book included when the gang was all together on the wakeboarding boat doing some insane tricks. I felt has the though I was right along with them and could extremly understand Lori has tried to find the balance of being a tomboy and shifting to be seen more as a girl(growing up as a tomboy and all guy friends myself). The tension between Adam and Lori was very steamy and so were her moments with Sean. But also it annoyed me a little of how mean they boys could be to one another with their constant fights and teasing. The book left me with a feeling of constant summer fun and a go to book when there needs to be a little summer fun in the long winter months. "Endless Summer " is the sequel to "The Boys Next Door" that takes place hours after the first left off and is in duel person so we see the insight of Lori and Adam. I don't want to spoil the first book so I will refer to the guy Lori ends up dating as Mysterious Boy . So the plot behind this story is that Lori and Mysterious boy end up staying out passed their curfews because the fell asleep and Lori's dad ends up banning them from seeing each other which seems impossible because they are always around each other either working at the marina or on the wakeboarding boat and Lori comes up with the not so brillant plan of dating boys worse then Mysterious boy to make her dad let her go out with him again. I loved this book just as much as the first and the ending left off on extremly beautiful firework note. So i suggest that if you are in the mood for a great summer romantic comdey then run don't walk to your nearest book store and pick up Jenifer Echols's fanastic book.

  • Brooke
    2019-06-02 21:55

    I was confused at first whether to give this book 3 stars or 4 stars. I realized eventually that this book is very well written even if I really disliked the characters. Endless Summer contains two books. The first is The Boys Next Door and the next is, of course, Endless Summer.Lori is a girl who has grown up next to the Vader boys her entire life, so she’s one of the guys. This is about all that I liked about her. I kind of perceived her as a slut. In the first book, she talked about Sean way too much and it got so annoying. She made me so angry with hr decisions. She just couldn’t see what was right in front of her and she really needs to grow up. By the end of the book, I still think she has a lot of maturing to do as well as the rest of the characters. The only boy that I somewhat liked was Adam. I didn’t like him from the beginning, liked him in the middle, hated him towards the end, and then ended up liking him at the end.This book is just like an emotional roller-coaster. It was crazy. One thing Jennifer Echols knows how to do is make scenes very interesting and detailed which I loved. I couldn’t stop reading even though the characters just got on my nerves. This is what makes a good book though. When the reader has such a high opinion of characters, it’s a good thing. In the second book, we saw the story through Adam’s point of view and Lori’s. I really liked that, because I could understand Adam a little more.Endless Summer is the exact kind of book you would expect to read of immature 16 year olds and that was kind of the whole point of the book. The characters needed to grow up and realize their mistakes.The Cover: I think the model of Lori on the cover portrays her perfectly as well as the boy who I am assuming is playing one of the Vader boys. It’s simple and sweet.

  • Janina
    2019-05-28 02:05

    Boys Next Door: Lori loves Sean. Sean loves himself and Rachel. Adam loves Lori but is dating Rachel. Until Sean and Adam, brothers, have a party and Sean and Rachel make out. Lori is devastated and concots a plan for Adam to get Rachel back and for her to get Sean: she and Adam will pretend to date. But, as one plan leads into another we learn 1. Adam is doing this for real and 2. Lori's plans always backfire. After a few more schemes and misunderstandings, Lori finally gets a clue and Adam gets Lori. Endless Summer: On the first night of officially dating Adam takes Lori to secret make out spot and they both fall asleep. The rents of both kids are NOT happy. Lori's father forbids her to see Adam, Adam is forbidden to see Lori or ever talk to her per his parents. But they suck at staying apart and get into further trouble by being caught together. More misunderstandings courtesy of Lori's terrible plans, that, of course, ends in a happily ever after. Or is it?Echols did something interesting here. She had an adult character, former nanny of Lori, tell Lori how her relationship with Adam is destined to be, well, a bit volatile. They will have a rocky road and that one day Lori might get sick of it and leave. I thought that was interesting because while reading Adam flipping out every time Lori talked to a boy that was not him I thought - crap, that would annoy the hell out of me! Lori and Adam seemed perfect for each other in every other way - they got each other in ways no one else had ever done. If Adam and Lori managed to do some serious growing up I could see them working out. And right here is where I can't believe I've given this much thought to fictional characters in a teen romance.

  • Shanyn (Chick Loves Lit)
    2019-05-28 23:08

    I read Forget You by Jennifer Echols not long ago and absolutely loved it, so when I got a copy of Endless Summer at my house, I basically started reading it right away (which is very rare for any book nowadays).The first half of Endless Summer is Jenn's old book The Boys Next Door - I really flew through it. If you couldn't tell from the cover, it's a romance based plot, which I love in YA. The second half of Endless Summer is Jenn's sequel to The Boys Next Door, Endless Summer. We continue with the romance from the first book (I don't want to describe too much if you haven't read the first one yet!), and the plot became more complex than I was expecting when I first started it. I really loved all of the characters and ended up wishing that Lori's older brother was my older brother, though I do not envy the situations she got herself in. She started to irritate me a bit in the second book with her 'solutions' to her problems, but in the end she learned and everything settled in my mind.I really, really love Jennifer Echols. Not only do I love the books that I have read of hers (which, by the way, I need to buy The Ex Games and Major Crush), she is possibly the nicest author I have e-mailed/Tweeted with (or at least tied for nicest). Which makes me want to read her books more... except I'm eventually going to run out... so I'm telling YOU to go read one. Forget You is romance/drama and Endless Summer is more straight romance, so take your pick. Endless Summer is also a zillion pages so it's a super book to buy if you need something to read in your hammock over many summer days!

  • Lala
    2019-05-23 04:09

    "But as I watched him, I saw he wasn't running away from anything. He was running toward me." ~ LoriADAM OR WHAT? Can I just say that this was freakin' awesome! What a fantastic summer read. I discovered that this was two books in one. THE BOYS NEXT DOOR and ENDLESS SUMMER. I enjoyed the first book the most. THE BOYS NEXT DOOR was nothing short of delicious. I loved all the boys that lived next door...but most especially ADAM. Right from the beginning I was crazy for him. And chapter 14...HOLY HOTNESS. Echols always delivers and I was not let down with this one. Lori was just the most fun. "But otherwise I found I had a very high tolerance for a handsome ass of a boy using me as target practice"I loved her crazy ideas and plans. Her flirty tomboy style was perfect for this story. She was a little silly at times but that's what I enjoyed about her. "ADAM VADER'S TONGUE WAS INSIDE MY MOUTH"As for the boys...what can I say? I love BOYS and I really really really wish these boys lived next door :) These guys were just the most. Echols writes HOT guys better than anyone! Fun, sexy, flirty, witty and full of surprises you won't be disappointed with this read. "Oh, wait, I already fell." He touched the tip of my nose with his finger. "For you." ~ Adam to Lori"You want me to use your toothbrush?" ~ Lori. He spit in the sink. "You might as well. You're about to do a lot worse." ~ Adam to Lori

  • Jessica
    2019-05-29 02:10

    So this is the second time I read this book, but I think it was even better than the first time! I love Jennifer Echols sosososo much, so it's kind of impossible for me to hate her books. I first fell in love with The Boys Next Door (the first book in this series) a long time ago and I've read it at least five times since then. When I heard that a sequel was being written, I freaked out because I love Adam and Lori so much. So, of course, when I read Endless Summer, I fell in love all over again. The best part about this book was that I was finally able to see Adam and Lori officially together. Yes, Lori has more stupid plans and Adam messes up with his temper, but they're so cute together and I LOVED reading about their relationship :) And their story never got boring because both of them kept on coming up with these plans that we all know are ridiculous and are bound to backfire. Even though they keep on being stupid when it comes to being with each other, they're so cute that I just can't get enough of them. So if you haven't already, pick up this book, or any book by Jennifer Echols for that matter. Her stories are so cute and will honestly keep you reading all day and night. So get one of her books. Now. You won't regret it :)

  • Nikki
    2019-05-21 21:13

    I was so glad when I heard there was a sequel to The Boys Next Door. I wasn't disappointed either. Endless Summer picks up hours later from TBND. I was cautious at first about this easy change, feeling like it was just a continuation from TBND. I grew frustrated at times with this novel, but that was probably do to how many times I had read TBND. Lori and Adam had become easy for me to understand and when I read Endless Summer I was startled by how a little drama seemed to unfold into an explosion of chaos.I would love to give every tomboy in the world this book. I always felt like I was the same as Lori and when I first picked up a copy of TBND [back when it was first published], I was the same as her. Surrounded by a pack of guy friends, struggling to understand the ways of girly-girls. I have a sentimental value to this book, which is why I own two copies.I was really disappointed to hear their would be no more Lori and Adam. Adam was the first male protag. that I ever really loved. Maybe someday, I can once again enter the world of Lori and Adam.

  • Tiffany
    2019-06-02 22:50

    This is the sequel to "The Boys Next Door". I enjoyed the story. Some parts I liked better than others. I love Lori's personality even though it didn't shine as much as in the first book. I enjoyed the fact that Lori's dad cared what she did with Adam. I didn't care for how they handled it. I also don't care for the relationship between Adam and his parents. They never seem to what to understand him and even though situation may have been resolved in the story the main underlying problems with Lori and Adams relationship as well as the relationship with Adam and his parents weren't resolved. Even the old Au Pair told Lori what would happen eventually in their relationship. I also found the relationship with Lori and Adam disfunctional. Yes some situations made things difficult. They had a cute friendship before hand. It seems like he will always go off the deep end even if a guy waves at her from the boat. None of that was resolved where you feel like they can have a somewhat functional love.I guess to surmise I enjoyed and didn't enjoy the book.